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225961225961B005YHKS56A3HZQS78DFYM4YFireplug1a0051325462400WONDERFUL aromaBought as a Christmas present. My wife is a coffee drinker, but I'm not. Served to her Crochet club, they all loved it. I will probably have to try this, might make me a coffee drinker.
225962225962B000WFLXS6A3N2SAPL4Y9VMKTinamarie0051310428800Pups and momma dog loved itI used this formula on my lactating golden to have a little extra protein in her diet. She was able to nurse her pups and still have adequate weight. The protein is 26% with chicken meal being the first ingredient. After reading other reviews, I thought a "meal" product was a by product, but actually "meat meal" is the term used when ANY proteins just get tossed into the food. Chicken meal merely means that the water is taken out of the protein so you get a FULL dose of protein, as opposed to water down. From what I read, pure "chicken" contained like 70-80% water! On an ingredient list, the ingredients show by weight so basically the first ingredient is almost all water?! It's crazy what you find out when you research these things. Back to this food though- they use antibiotic and hormone free chicken... so my pups that I breed have a good healthy start... without any cancer causing agents! I started to feed the pups the kibble,soaked in water, at 5 weeks and they LOVED IT!
225963225963B005GR3MFMA1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...0051343952000This sounds like HEAVEN!Okay, we start out with Quakers' LIFE CEREAL.
We coat it with Maple Syrup.
Then, add some Brown Sugar.
Add some whole milk -- the 3.8% kind is great!
Get a big spoon, and just dig right in!
I suppose it's a lucky thing you CANNOT buy this stuff in
BUCKETS, because --- man! --- life just doesn't get any
better than THIS cereal!

It's MY favorite!

Life IS cereal.

I like to grind up a handful of this stuff [in my hand] and
sprinkle it on top of ice cream sundaes... mmmmmmm!
225964225964B001D6325KA3UOERS4LWP5WTK. G. Flippin0021317945600Way overpricedPreposterous. This is over twice the price of buying direct, even through Amazon's own Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate (32-oz.) listing. Even the other competing prices here are lower than this.
225965225965B000H23YWMA3H1WOIVWF979OJ. Price "MT"3351203984000A pantry "must have"We love this spicy seasoning. My pantry always has "Tony's" in stock. We use this for many different recipes. Great on any meat, seafood, vegetable, sauce or anything you can think of. For those concerned with sodium, they do have a reduced sodium formula. As with great seasonings, a little goes a long way.
225966225966B000H23YWMA3VDO5M0017V3ST. H. Stauffer3351192752000Great Creole Seasoning!Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning is great for all around usage, and is especially good on steaks before grilling. For those who like the flavor of the steaks at Outback Steakhouse, this seasoning has a flavor that gives your steaks a very similar "zing"!
225967225967B000H23YWMA1HLQQKGRXYT9OSASLW2251271376000Best seasoning everCooking secret: buy this, put it on everything, tell no one. Makes everything better. I bought the case of 12 so I can give some to friends when they ask what the great flavor is from.
225968225968B000H23YWMA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"2251201737600An Absolute EssentialMy friend and I put Tony Chachere's on everything except dessert and cereal! We do like the regular Tony's; but since we don't like to consume too much sodium, we often use the salt-free kind. (The salt-free type contains potassium and should not be consumed by people with limited renal function. Anyone who uses a salt substitute should check with a physician first.)

We like Tony's on our collard greens very much. It is a basic ingredient in our cookbook, The Collard Patch.

Usually we find it necessary to kick it up a notch by sprinkling some crushed red pepper on our food in addition to Tony's. We eat a large amount of spice. Here in Louisiana, Creole seasoning is an essential staple, part of a diet that is both healthy and tasty. We carry a shaker in our glove compartment of our pickup truck! We are very glad that it is possible to buy Tony Chachere's on Amazon.

One would think that using the same seasoning blend on almost all our food would make it all taste the same, but the truth is that a blend of Creole seasonings enhances the flavors of individual foods. A mixture of Creole seasoning and curry works wonderfully in vegetable soup and on meat.
225969225969B000H23YWMA2IF25NYF3V3AEEdwardjK1151298160000Tony's is Great!!!Our future sister-in-law introduced us to "Tony's" while we were down in Louisiana, where she hails from. At first we were skeptical, since the ingredients list salt, pepper, garlic, and "other spices".

But we discovered that Tony's is great on practically everything. It goes great with potatoes, all beef, pizza, eggs, fish and much more. After a few years we "stepped-up" to the really spicy "Tony's" in the red and yell;ow container. Try either one - you will not be disappointed.
225970225970B000H23YWMAYT65MQ6DH9ATS. Sunderland4611272585600All salt no spiceBought this seasoning from a local store and used it tonight on chicken tenders. I was very disappointed. There was hardly no spice at all, it was just very salty. I would have been better off using ground red pepper and some of my own spices to reduce the salt. When I read the back of the cannister for the ingredients, the first one named was salt. I doubt if I will use this again for anything. Way Way toooooo salty....I like more herbs and spices to reduce the amount of salt.
225971225971B000H23YWMA2OKD1XQZJDPR1veganblank0051314316800One of my all-time favorite seasonings!I was introduced to Tony's during my graduate school time at LSU - Baton Rouge. I was a midwestern kid who was absolutely wowed by the incredible cuisine I found in southern Louisiana. I saw this Tony's stuff everywhere, including in the kitchens of many restaurants. This is one of the best general purpose seasonings on the market. Great on any kind of meat. Fabulous on your eggs. Want to make real southern green beans? Just add Tony's. The list goes on and on!!

For those watching salt, like me, or who just think this is TOO SALTY - try the LITE version. It's even better than the original as far as I'm concerned. It can be very difficult to find in stores lately (at least in my area), so you may have to order online. (It's not available on Amazon - but elsewhere.) Perhaps you could just take the regular and no salt versions and mix them together, but I haven't tried that. The NO SALT version is, in my opinion, lacking a little due to the complete absence of salt.

Give this stuff a try, and you really will use it on everything!
225972225972B000H23YWMA2GKVNM4XUWS3KMaxwell0051310083200excellent seasoningHas just the right amount of spices, but don't over-use it on meat as it can get too salty. Test the amount on chicken-just sprinkle across lightly top & bottom of chicken & cook the chicken slowly. The tenderness with the seasoning is soooooo good.
225973225973B000H23YWMA2ACECVWMJTU2QDad0051297814400Seasoning par excellence.This is the best tasting compliment for everything that comes out of my skillet. I have replaced the Lowry's seasoning salt with this one because it tastes better. I give it as presents.
225974225974B000H23YWMA1TSB68BJI1WQ9Jane Austen "Gladys"0051295913600Yum YumI LOVE this stuff! It adds so much flavor and is good for dieters as it does not add any hidden sugars. Most all seasonings have some sugar in them, but this is just good old unadulterated seasoning for ones who want a bunch of flavor without the added calories. Like I said.....I LOVE it!
225975225975B000H23YWMATOD6FKLE2K2LVince Garbarino0051286064000Cajun in MDExcellent overall spice for most meat dishes. I use it on my eggs every morning. Nice to be able to find economical pkg outside of La.
225976225976B000H23YWMA3LBG80YFSMBCBJanice E. Brown0051284940800Best creole seasoningI used Tony's when I lived in Texas and my son and I love it!!! My daughter in law is from the Louisiana.TX border and she turned us on to it. I moved back to pA and it is VERY hard to find so I love Amazon for finding things like this. Thanks!!!!
225977225977B000H23YWMA8JCUFUDCBTPKJ. Hochreiter0051260921600I couldn't find this product locally so I bought a caseI love this creole seasoning, and have used it for years. When i recently ran out and could not find the product locally, I went on Amazon. I had to buy 12 cans, but its Christmas time....and I've decided that Creole Seasoning will make great Christmas gifts!
225978225978B000H23YWMA1CNWIY3IL6VAQAl B. Mcvicker0051250985600The Best !This is the best spice. Great on everything. Not as easily available in the northeast. I use it as a secret in many dishes. MMM
225979225979B000H23YWMA2DQ1DGT10T5ERMark0051245542400Great stuffWe have used several types of mixed seasonings and in my opinion this one is the best. We use it on all of our meats (steaks, pork, fish, chicken) and many other things such as potato salad. It gives just the right bit.
225980225980B000H23YWMA4U8F56WIDL9MAnthony A. Sulecki "ted lange"2421276300800Sacheres Salt SeasoningSacheres "spice blend" should be called "salt seasoning". Its nothing but salt, with a hint of flavor. It even says, "use like salt". Why? Because that's all it is. Not buying again.
225981225981B000H23YWMA17A0Y3HA0B4ZA. Hobbs1511216944000Our favoriteIf you are concerened with the amount of sodium , try the "more spice" version. more spice =less salt.(pretty sneaky huh?)
If you are plain scared of salt intake , than you probably shouldn't be spreading seasoning on everything to begin with , the key is moderation.
people have been eating salt since nearly the beginning of mankind, again moderation.
225982225982B000H23YWMABEIC8RL10GFZmawmaw01011204416000nice flavor but----When my husband was told to restrict his sodium intake I bought Tony's salt free seasoning. We like the way it flavors foods but we have both found there is something in it that causes us to sneeze and cough whenever we use it. I have asthma and have had to use my quick relief inhaler several times when I used the product. My husband is not asthamtic but it did cause him to sneeze and cough. I don't what might cause this reaction but it happened more than once so I don't believe it was just a coincidence .
225983225983B001EO6FNMARWZ9OZVE0QMQMr. Christopher L. Van Zwoll3351201305600Yummy and moistI tasted this product and others from the same company at a g/f food fair in Farmingtonhills, MI last year and they were fantastic. They tasted "normal" and were very moist. I've also tried the bisquites and found them very tasty as well. I highly recommend this brand!
I also bought some for a neighbor, who is g/f and soy free. She liked them too.
225984225984B001EO6FNMA3VFW55A3N2WNKA. harrington1151197331200So far the best gluten free dessert I have found.We discovered 123 gluten free at a gluten free food fair in Chicago late October. We sampled and purchased several of thier mixes. I have to say, the brownies & cookie mixes are truly delicious and extrememly moist!! I was glad to find something my children liked for a treat since regular cookies are out.
225985225985B001EO6FNMA1YZQWDEUOQWHKmonique0051342137600best gf mix out there!I have tried many gluten free brownie mixes and this brand is by far the best. I have also tried 123 cake and pan bars which were also delicious. I will not use any other brand from this point forward!
225986225986B001EO6FNMA1WTCNENSLZXE3bogglefan0051285804800DeliciousThese are the best tasting gluten free brownie mix I have found and I have tried a lot of different brands. They do not taste gluten free at all. They are very simple to make, just the brownie mix, butter and eggs. Try them and you will not be disappointed.
225987225987B001EO6FNMA19J4QLHMNUVMIFaye0051268006400Best of allSince going gluten free, I have tried several gluten free brownie mixes, and many of them had a strange texture or tasted fake in some way. This brand is by far the best. The brownies are moist and have a rich chocolate flavor. The texture is just like regular brownies. I added the optional chocolate chips which made them even richer. I have found the perfect gluten free brownie and will definitely buy this mix again.
225988225988B0087GGLSEA1PQPF9XBN34ANJMason6651320969600Starbucks rocks!I have waited for the Starbuck's K-cups. Finally, they're here! I've only tried the Breakfast Blend and it rocks! If you want a stronger brew then use the middle brew button but I find that the larger cup (3rd button on the B-60 and B-70) to work for me. I'll try the others in the near future. I've been drinking Gloria Jean's Capuccino (middle brew button) and Coffee Barista's Columbian. They are excellent! I like a strong cup of Joe but not bitter and these 3 are great! You pay a little more for the Starbuck-s K-cups however, I feel it's worth it. I'll pay just about any price for a "GOOD" cup of Joe. People, stop your whining and enjoy your coffee -
225989225989B0087GGLSEA26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose2231329696000mild but weakI prefer a bold coffee. This one has a nice flavor but is mild and weak. It doesn't have the dreaded "conference coffee" taste.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold
225990225990B0087GGLSEA2I2A7N3OCPNW4T. A. Daniel "Alex"1141343520000Great Way to Start the MorningStarbucks' Breakfast Blend is a tad more bitter than their ubiquitous Pike Place Roast. If you are looking for a good K-Cup to start your morning, this coffee will work just fine. At times, it feels a bit acidic (more so than other brands), so I would recommend some form of creamer here. For whatever reason, these K-Cups do NOT taste quite as good as the bean version you can buy in stores.

It seems that Amazon is now offering a decent price on these K-Cups, but you may be able to find them elsewhere for cheaper.

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