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226051226051B0040WAM5CA2NNL7GWNVXEWBChuck in Los Angeles012131587200015% price increase in one month!Though I appreciate the vegan, low-calorie, low fat credentials of this soup, the recent monthly price increase (15%) is unreasonable, considering the inflation rate in the US is currently only about 3% annually. After being a longtime purchaser of this soup, I will now look elsewhere for more reasonably priced food.
226052226052B0030LH4N2A2S9G2IRA33LHWKathleen Proctor0041334880000Thin enough to make a sandwich!Dealing with food allergies/sensitivities can be challenging. Regular rice cakes are too thick to use two at once to make a 'sandwich' but Rice Thins are the perfect thickness. It is sooo good to have lunch alternatives available. And at only 46 calories per 2 thins, it's also a sensible food choice!
226053226053B005ZUS3G8A2VIKHLFSOD6MYDP "Concerned parent"2251321488000Delicious, nutritious, EASY for kids and me.I have probably read 10,000 reviews on Amazon and I'm embarrassed to say this is one of the first (the first?) one I have written.
And in the interest of full disclosure, I am related to the founding team so I sort of HAD to give Weefulls a try. But now? I'm hooked. They are so good and so easy. Weefulls, Plum organics, Justin's nut butters, smoked salmon, Planetbox, where would I be without you?
Eating healthful food is a huge priority in our household, but I have NO TIME, with work and two small kids. Knowing that I have a bag of Weefulls mix in the cupboard allows me to pull together a last minute breakfast, lunch or dinner that is both delicious and healthy for my whole family.
My son really only wants pancakes, waffles, or bagels in the morning for breakfast, and the other alternatives in this category are full of junk!
It took me a few tries to get the right ratio of water to mix, and to make pancakes that cooked all the way through in a reasonable amount of time. (They suggest making it more like crepes with more water so they taste better and cook faster).
I am going to get a waffle maker for the holidays because I've had Weefulls as waffles and they are even better than the crepes / pancakes.
Anyway, it is definitely worth buying a few bags to see how Weefulls might fit into your weekly routine. A breakfast here, a dinner side there (I usually do a protein and a weefull and a few other fruits and veggies) and you will be hooked. Keep up the good work guys!
226054226054B005ZUS3G8A2V7BJWTL1UV0CMarc1151333324800Happy first time eater!Hello all from a sunny morning on an island in Maine. Had Weefulls for the first time this morning, in the waffle fashion. Topped it with a little Maine maple syrup. my girlfriend and I loved them, and agreed to make more after the first few bites. Love the taste, and don't feel bad about going for seconds. Move over pancakes (and your empty calories and zilch nutritional value), Weefulls are taking over!
226055226055B005ZUS3G8A1YUTCDSA1LDP7Dara S Kravitz1151323907200Great product...Especially for kidsMy kids love these pancakes and they don't like anything. Great way to get them to eat their fruits and veggies too.
226056226056B005ZUS3G8A3CW7LNEE1C0FYed1151323561600a vegan waffle mix that tastes great!Someone in my office gave me the waffle mix to try. When we finally did, the whole family loved it! It's got to be the most healthy mix on the market and it's vegan to boot! We will be back for more.
226057226057B005ZUS3G8A32PUB76V2BNIINew mama "<><"0051344816000Great surprise, son loves this!I happened to stumble upon a bag of Weefulls at Homegoods and decided to give it a shot. My son isn't picky, but I'll take any opportunity I can to give him a boost of nutrition so these were perfect! Of course, you can tell these aren't your normal IHOP pancakes, but they truly do not taste "healthy" with some maple syrup drizzled across the top. If my 1 year old could give two thumbs up, he would!
226058226058B005ZUS3G8A1M2KE07B2KVH9WatchLover0051321747200This stuff is great!So easy to make, nutritious, and they taste great. What more can you ask for?!?! Can't wait to get my hands on these.
226059226059B005ZUS3G8A3TQXDQSUJFZJKLancaster Vin0151324944000Great Treatwe bought the Weefulls not knowing anything about them. seemed like a healthy waffle. since I didn't have a waffle iron, I just followed the directions for the crepe on the package and cooked them up like pancakes. I added one egg to get the addt'l protein. Pretty good. better tasting than a normal pancake and from the ingredients on the label, much healthier. I'd recommend to others...
226060226060B002JWLZOMAWI6M1HEOV01ZD. Witt0021339718400The brown rice flavor is very strongI love Mochi. Love, love love it. I've never had brown rice mochi, but I thought it would be fun to try it. I couldn't finish the pack because the brown rice flavor was so different from the white rice mochi that I love. And when I cooked it up, it was a bit chewy, but if I cooked it longer, it became very hard and difficult to bite. I wish Amazon had white rice mochi available because it is a long drive to our nearest Asian store.
226061226061B002JWLZOMAPSEYNXYUQE0Qanalyticonsciousness1331315094400Delicious but unacceptably overpricedI would order this every month if the price wasn't so unreasonable. For now, this will be a one time thing.
226062226062B0006BHU06A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"2251112659200Dreams of Orange Chocolate PerfectionIf a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time. ~Marcel Proust

Imagine you are drinking coffee or a chai tea and your mouth is warm from the heat of your beverage. You then take the smallest bite of an Orange Napolitain and suddenly your mouth is filled with the exotic flavor of melting dark chocolate busting with the flavor of orange. It is similar to the flavor of a candied orange peel so you have the flavor of orange zest mysteriously escaping from what could only be described as the silkiest dark chocolate in the world.

Definitely an Indulgence that reveals culinary genius! Each piece is individually wrapped in a beautiful orange wrapping displaying the shield of the Greek warrior Leonidas, King of Sparta. The chocolates are actually named after the founder Leonidas Kestekidis who immigrated to the United States and then moved to Belgium.

I first tasted Leonidas chocolates while in Brussels, Belgium. Since then, I have wondered about where I could purchase these delicious chocolates without having to fly to Belgium. I must say that once you taste a Leonidas praline filled chocolate, you will remember the taste for life! Since reviewing at Amazon, I discovered chocolates in gold boxes that resembled the boxes I remembered from Belgium. Enlightenment!

Leonidas now has over 1700 stores and sales locations worldwide and they offer over 80 varieties of fresh chocolates. The chocolates are air freighted weekly from Brussels so you will always find the quality to be superior. My chocolates arrived fast and were as fresh as if I had purchased them in Belgium. They were carefully packaged in the famous gold boxes with signature wrapping and a ribbon. The boxes were then placed in protective Styrofoam containers to protect the chocolates during shipping. The expedited shipping is recommended from May to early September.

If you wish to try all the Napolitains, I'd suggest the 1 pound sampler Ballotin with six varieties. You may also want to look for the new Palet d'Or. A deeply delicious and strong bitter chocolate filled with ganache. The center is made with butter, cream and chocolate and the outer coating is a masterpiece with gold decorations. If you prefer milk chocolates, look for the Milk Chocolate Assortment. They also have a dark, white and milk chocolate assortment. The chocolates can also be ordered in smaller party favor boxes and they will definitely impress your guests.

If you have been dreaming of the most delicious orange flavored chocolates in the world, you have to try these chocolates. You can nibble on them while drinking hot chocolate, chai tea or coffee. If you fall in love with the orange flavor, wait until you taste the cinnamon Napolitains.

~The Rebecca Review
226063226063B005Z2IK9QA1QLPXFD05AMOUSmallBizOwner "Focused on Results"5551156723200Wonderful Product - Lots of EnergyThis is a great product, great value. I take bottles per day, it gives me a nice boost of energy, like to take it first thing in the morning and at 3PM or after lunch. Great taste.
226064226064B005Z2IK9QA1CBGLRIRZ79EUmumzie2251299369600Awesome ProductAgain, this is a great product and company. Other brands of this type do not come up to my standards, and this actually tastes good.
226065226065B005Z2IK9QA1IMFWHV6OYTDGMary K. Manuel "Dragonfly Reader"1151339113600The real power boosterI have been using this brand of Ginseng/royal jelly for several months, both when I need an energy boost and in my morning smoothies.
It has a pleasant flavor, compared to pure Ginseng, and I love the way it perks me up without caffeine.
The price on Amazon is lower than anywhere I have found and I get it quickly.
226066226066B005Z2IK9QA3CT38P2WM4HPHR. Woolley "bahB"0041349568000Broken vials.This is one of my favorite coffee additions. Starts the day off well. So I was very sad when I got the box, not properly packed in the outer box. Eight of 30 vials were broken and unusalble. The spill of sticky liquid was fortunately contained in the product plastic wrap. Just another week of not feelling as good as I'd like.
226067226067B005Z2IK9QA35LHGTGHA87QEMolly0041349136000Pretty goodI got this for my husband. He has tried other ginseng products, and he doesn't like the taste. He said this one with the royal jelly tasted much better, and he still felt the energy benefits.
226068226068B005Z2IK9QA1KOB8RCJESEE6monika0051345939200works for meI have been enjoying product a lot so far. helps me to focus and makes more calm and relax. I did not observe any side effects so far.
226070226070B0006NI1PCA3MZO1YF8K0JZCBCA Inc3351265500800Awsome CookiesScott's cookies are nothing short of spectacular. I enjoyed every single one as did my friends.
Would highly recommend to any cookie lover. As i actually purchased this product on Amazon, I feel comfortable giving it 5 stars
226071226071B0006NI1PCA1ZS56PSIVUWJ6Jenna1151326240000Great cookies!!Got these for Boyfriend, He loves them.. They are huge cookies ! Totally YUMMY, He loved them so much I just ordered him some more!
226072226072B00061DBE0A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme1151299801600Amazing pretzelsThese pretzels are one of my favorite snack foods. I like the shape, texture, and honey wheat taste. I have tried other brands, and like the Rold Gold brand the best. This is a very tasty pretzel.

Shop for price. I buy these on sale at my local supermarket for less than the price on Amazon.
226073226073B00061DBE0A2W56A4VWIW0XMPeggy L. Ellis0151296864000Great with ChocolateI have prepared Chocolate Fountains for different occasions including weddings, and have found these honey wheat pretzels are a great hit to dip in the flowing chocolate fountains!
226074226074B001FQ0Y04A2106GE8NG8ZJ0MOM0051247097600amazingThis is amazing mixed with plain Greek style yogurt!! I can't wait to try some of the other flavors.
226075226075B001QWEL1UA17RFKCYS69M3YTall Paul0011344297600AWFUL! TOO BITTER!Terrible bitterness that lingers. Had to rinse out my mouth. I threw the rest in the garbage. I'll keep buying regular Altoids which are the best
226076226076B001QWEL1UAUP02P23LXB8PMe.0021339027200much too strongWell i bought a pack of these at the grocery and as soon as i got out the door, i popped open the tin and ate one. I wanted cinnamon as that is my favourite flavour. However they didnt carry cinnamon smalls so i got these. They were horrid and much too strong, so i just spit it out.
226078226078B001QWEL1UA1UEW353JWNV7IR. Lombardi0051334275200WELL DONETHEY MAY BE GOOD BUT MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE ONE YOU WANT DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE Altoids Curiously Strong Mints, Cinnamon, 1.76-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12)Altoids Smalls Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints, 0.37-Ounce Tins (Pack of 9)
226079226079B001QWEL1UA1L7KELEUAFC42Elayne Gassett0051314403200FANTASTICreceived shipment in VERY timely manner ... thanx --- I call these "dance pills" ... I do competitive ballroom ... and one of these "baby" Altoids is in my mouth every time I walk on the floor! .... nice to get them shipped so fast.
226080226080B001QWEL1UA23RBE8FR825QGMark Chrismer0051313107200Strong, sugar free ,My wife eats them constantly, loves them!
I found them a little strong but have quit smoking
And now like them more, sugar free will save you
In dental bills. When I quit smoking gum and other stuff
Did a number on me.

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