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226111226111B001SAQ7GMA2FVU2J4O0OSDVBabycog2241341964800Cherry Balsamic VinegarDelicious; very smooth! Very pricey, including the S&H, which was almost as much as the item. Probably wouldn't buy this product again for this reason.
226112226112B001FVLLEMANRJ7OJLB3NS1JM0021342310400No cinnamon flavorI thought that I had gotten a bad batch of cinnamon sticks when I got my order. There was absolutely no cinnamon flavor when I brewed a stick in a cup of hot tea. Then I tried to grind it in my spice grinder and got pieces that wouldn't get any smaller. I had to sift out the bigger pieces to get a very small amount of powder. And still there was no flavor. I called the company and asked about this problem and was told that that is the nature of Ceylon cinnamon .. it's a very mild taste compared to regular cinnamon. I relayed my displeasure with these cinnamon sticks and was graciously sent a packet of their powdered Ceylon cinnamon instead. I didn't have to return the cinnamon sticks, and they are still sitting on my shelf. I do use the powdered cinnamon they sent me, but I have to use more of it to get any flavor. I prefer cinnamomum verum, or true cinnamon, which is sold at my local health food store and which I normally buy.

I gave this product 2 stars because it's organic and does come from Ceylon.
226113226113B001FVLLEMAOBY21A2K4QU0Linda Williams1251334966400Amazon Verified PurchaseArrived vacuum sealed and on time. Will use to make vanilla extract for Christmas gifts. Can't wait to start. At least it is true cinnamon unlike what is avaable locally,
226114226114B004HPOKRIA1384SJ8I4HT43Water Lover2251296086400Best water - this is my new brandKiwaii is the best tasting water I ever had. Very smooth, no aftertaste - you can tell it is pure. The bad part is that once you try it you will never want another brand of water. The little bottles fit in a cup holder too. And no BPA! I highly recommend Kiwaii.
226115226115B004HPOKRIA1MZYDRCGFX0CYbusymom2251295568000What a find!Kiwaii water tastes amazing! It's so pure tasting and refreshing--no mineral taste to it, just clean and wonderful! My family loves it and the quality is better than any other bottled water we've tried before. I urge others to visit their website to get more information and once you try it--you will not want to drink any other water!
226116226116B004HPOKRIA1RBPJO4C0U32CJack Flack0011347148800Plastic taste overwhelms the taste of the waterI have bought individual bottles of this water 5 or 6 times at different locations and different times. But every time I buy it the result is the same, an overwhelming taste of plastic that is so strong I can't finish take more than a few sips. I will not be buying it any more. I have no doubt that if you buy this a day or two after it is bottled it might be very good, but the cheap plastic bottle ruins the water sooner or later. awhile.
226117226117B004HPOKRIASYLFJ5GNEA1D180051340236800Some good waterI really like Kiwaii spring water. It's refreshing when drinking as it tastes pure and goes down easily. Plus it doesn't give me an upset stomach like many other bottled water brands do.
226118226118B004HPOKRIA1ARHNFGG7J7CS3boy mom0051322524800Amazing stuffI love this water and my sons love it, too. They think it the best tasting water they have ever had. Its hard to get sometimes and when I have to use another brand my kids complain b/c they don't like the taste nearly as much.
226119226119B004HPOKRIA2JCS564EDJBOZMike0051297209600Actual differenceAfter trying Kiwaii water for the first time I could not believe the difference in taste. I never understood how people would say they could taste a difference in water. This water is just so smooth. It is hard to put into words, but as soon as you try it you'll understand.
226120226120B004HPOKRIA99OGBZSMDMY3Ron0051296432000Kiwaii is Best Natural Spring Water I ever tasted!Kiwaii True New Zealand Spring Water, 16.9 Ounce Bottles (Case of 24)"Kiwaii water is the best water I have every tasted! It is crisp and clean with no funny after taste. Water this good and natural is not common in the bottled water industry. This product delivers water from the best source on Earth--100% PURE NATURAL SPRING WATER FROM NEW ZEALAND! In a market where there are so many choices you really need to know where the water you drink comes from and what is in it--do the research--Kiwaii water from Premium Healthy Spring Water is Best in Class--you need to drink this pure natural spring water!"
226121226121B004HPOKRIA14SGU9HBR11AUVHrules0221299024000Far from FijiI purchased this product in the hopes of giving Fiji a run for it's money. I, however, was truly dissapointed. While not bad, I found this water to be more on par with all other bottled water. That is to say several steps below Fiji. And considering it costs more than Fiji, I must recommend sticking with the best... Fiji.
226122226122B001680NWKATFBNG7FYLAD4John F. Mickey McRoberts2221322611200Almonds? Tiny pieces! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!I just ate half of a 4.25 ounce Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar and found ZERO, ZIP, -0- WHOLE ALMONDS. In fact, I found nothing close to an entire almond...the biggest was maybe a third of one half of a single nut! REALLY?! That is nuts! I am sick of companies cheaping out on consumers. For my entire 58 yr. life, my favorite chocolate, without exception, and including the likes of other crowd favorites like Godiva, has been Hershey's. But this cost-cutting stuff by Hershey's? How can this be true? Okay, maybe it's acceptable to put "pieces" (taste like stale floor sweepings) into Halloween-sized very small bars, but, please, NOT into the larger candy bars that earned Hershey's such a great brand name! Keep it up and you will lose customers like me who know quality from crap. Charge more but don't listen to the corporate idiots telling you it's okay to sub almond pieces for almonds. Please chime in if you know what I am talking about!
226123226123B001680NWKA2H8ZLKTZJVYIZcarlos1151297555200CarlThe cost of 12 bars is approx $40. Walmart everday price is $1.25 per bar. Not a good deal
226124226124B001680NWKAJZY07BK8NFANGreg0311303257600MeltedIt arrived my place in liquid state.
Don't buy any chocolate from internet if you live in Florida.
226125226125B001680NWKA1Z7XV6JU0EV8MBarbara "Barbara"31811280793600Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 4.25-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds, 4.25-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)

Amazon listed this as A Manager Special, I purchased The candy bars on April 08,2010 Today is August 03,2010. Where are the Hershey Bars, I'm still waiting. Why do you list items for sale that you don't have?
226126226126B0036X748EAFZ0DGIVJNLC4Lexi Lou191951214265600Safe for small dogsI read a few reviews on here as well as on other customer review sites that said that EVO was meant for working dogs only and that small dogs don't do well on it because of the high protein level which could lead to kidney problems. I have 3 yorkies doing very well on EVO, but I emailed Innova with these concerns anyway. This was the reply:

"Dear pet lover,

Thank you for contacting us about our products. In long-term feeding studies, EVO has performed extremely well and no adverse conditions have been detected. Further, there have been a number of myths promulgated regarding links between protein and kidney failure, aging, and other health related issues. Repeated research studies have simply not been able to substantiate these myths: Quite the opposite. Much of this work has led us to a better understanding of the role that high quality proteins have on health, disease prevention, and even recovery. The EVO is perfectly safe for smaller breed dogs as well as being suitable for puppies.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or if you have any questions.

Veronica Moreno
Natura Pet Products

My advice: Feed the Evo. I did the research and there is no better food.
226127226127B0036X748EA3OE837O602A2GScheherezade Afghans "Carol"131351155081600This food is terrific....I have an elderly Afghan Hound with colitis. The vet suggested that I feed him Science Diet Light for the excess fiber content. Well, I absolutely refuse to feed him any of their products, so I did some investigating on my own. He now gets the Innova EVO with Benefiber added, and he loves it! His hair coat is coming back and has finally put on some weight. He will actually finish his dinner when I set it down. I started my toy poodles on it. They love it as well. Innova EVO may be difficult to find, but is worth looking for. It is also a little pricey. I have been extremely satisfied with this product. I have recommended it to several people over the last 3 months I have been using it.
226128226128B0036X748EA3LCNSMEBMGVWQwhitey anderson192231209427200another dog with kidney problems hereinnova products are great but, the EVO line IS too high in the protein range. we have 3 dogs and switched them to EVO light after feeding them regular innova. taking one of my dogs to the vet, we discovered he had a tooth infection. the vet needed to do bloodwork to determine if he would be ok for the proceedure. the vet also was concerned when we told her we were feeding him EVO- stating it was TOO HIGH in proteins for the average dog. upon the return of the bloodwork we found that my 4 year old dog had ABNORMALLY high protein levels. we then discovered that the EVO light is 52.5% protein and double the phospherous. we have since switched back to the standard evo light (18.7%) and all is back to normal. this particular dog HAS NEVER had an allergy or illness in his life. we only switched to innova when the big dog food poison scare was going on last year (2007).

there are even stores in the L.A. area that will no longer stock the EVO line. innova is great and WE FEED IT TO ALL OF OUR DOGS! but , the EVO line can be very dangerous to your dogs kidneys. google around the info isn't too hard to find.
226129226129B0036X748EA1FTIGRWO6IHYQD. Engle9951172707200Best dog food you can buyMy 9-year-old toy poodle has been eating Innova for the last three years and Innova EVO for the last year. In six months, the pain he'd been experiencing in his rear legs had disappeared and his gait was back to normal. He also has more energy than he's had since he was a puppy.

Innova may seem more expensive, but the returns in better health and continued companionship from your dog make it a true bargain.
226130226130B0036X748EA2NPF2TZWXX5RTDoug Lawton7751183593600We love this dog food.....We are well into our second month of feeding our 70 pound black lab this excellent high protein dog food.

He doesn't shed as much as before, his coat is shiny and very healthy looking. He has much more energy than when he was on his previous food. And he eats about 1/2 as much as before per serving. One bag (28.6 lbs) easily lasts him over a month. He only eats what he needs and never gorges himself.

It is a bit more expensive than regular dog food but because it doesn't have the grain and fillers, you get what you pay for. And besides, our boy is worth the very best.

All in all, we are VERY satisfied with this product and we'll be ordering again soon.
226131226131B0036X748EA2FIPAOTNTV9PFReader named Reeder6651186531200Miracle food for pets with skin conditionsI cannot say enough good about this dogfood - it is nothing short of miraculous. We have a Westie with the classic bad skin, itchy, hot spots. We have tried untold types of medication for month on end from the vet. We even tried lamb food, garlic tablets, brewers yeast - everything under the sun.

It was so bad that she carried her right foot up off the ground and hopped on 3 feet, she slept a lot and didn't interact with us much. In desperation, my husband bought this food. Thank goodness, because I know I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have believed that just switching her diet could make such a dramatic change.

Before we made it through the first bag, the hair was growing back on her foot, she was running and playing with her buddy, and "talking" to use again.

She is a different dog after 2 bags - I've never seen anything like it, and I tell everyone about this food.

If you have a pet with those coat conditions, just try it - its cheaper than the meds from the vet!
226132226132B0036X748EA3CU386Y1UR4FIMom to 45551183766400Fantastic stuff!My almost-11-year-old lab (who still believes he is a puppy) struggles with a food allergies and hip dysplasia. We've tried every premium dog food under the sun and just found Innova EVO about a month ago. In that month, his energy is up, his hips seem to be stronger, his coat has become thick and shiny and he no longer scratches... at all! This stuff is amazing! He used to have redness on his stomach and in his ears and that's all gone too. I am thrilled with the results - our sweet boy is feeling good and happy again and I love knowing we've found something that works so well for him. Thanks Innova!
226133226133B0036X748EA3ANARK6FVMQBVElizabeth Lumpkin "Cooking Girl"4451198972800Itchy skin/goopy eyes/hyperactivity...GONEMy poodle always seemed to have some kind of allergic reaction going on...his skin itched and his eyes were always tearing and would frequently crust over. He was also seriously hyperactive with a definitive ADHD-type component to his personality. My vet wasn't a lot of help, and suggested a different breed was the answer!

Well, as someone who bought a poodle because of her own allergies, I knew what it took for me to stay symptom-free. And with ADHD among my nieces and nephews, I knew that food allergies and food preservatives and high carbs were a problem for them.

On a hunch, I looked around for a food that was all-natural, with meat and vegetables and fruit instead of grain-carbohydrates and fillers.

After a couple of mis-fires, I tried the Innova Evo. Oh what a difference! My poodle never again got the eye crusties. His skin and haircoat improved dramatically. And best of all, he has a much better attention span and more directed energy. He even earned his first AKC Agility Title in only two weekends of trialing...this from a dog that was so hyperactive before that he kept flunking beginner agility!

I can't say enough good about this food. And he eats so little of it that he doesn't have nearly as much stool in the yard. He also doesn't need to go out nearly so often.
226134226134B0036X748EA8S5VNS7FZIIIE. Lewin3311259107200Not a good choice for my 2 small dogsI have a 3 yr. old pomeranian and 2 yr. old mini schnauzer. I switched the pom from Nutro to Innova Evo slowly and he was fine for about a month, all I noticed were slightly looser stools, but unless I mix his food with some plain rice, he get's very sick and doesn't stop having diarrhea. I adopted my schnauzer more recently and she can't handle the high amount of protein in this food AT ALL. They both get sick on and off so unfortunately I'm going to have to discontinue feeding my dogs this food. I strongly do not recommend Innova EVO for smaller breeds.
226135226135B0036X748EA1NIZTXJI170F4Queen Bee "Kitchen Gadet Queen"3351218585600Best, dogfood, ever!This is my ONLY choice for any present or future dog that I will have! I have a 10-year-old Pomeranian, which is a rescue. I got him when he was 2-years-old. He was raised on Diamond, which isn't the best of pet quality. At the time, one of the best foods was Nutro Max, even then I never seen a dog puke [diarrhea too] so much on his food. I used to think it was the fact he scarfed it down too fast, but if I knew then what I knew now about them. :[

I had gotten a rescue chihuahua, and he was the cutest little guy! Of course he was a rescue too. Over the course of two years, he developed some major skin issues. It was too the point where he was self-mutilating, and all he wanted to do is hide in his crate. We had switched foods over to Natural Balance, thinking that was the best option. While we went from vet to vet to vet, with no results to his issues. Immune blocking medications didn't work, steroid shots helped temporarily. While on N.B, my Pomeranian got huge from all of the potato content. He had portion control, but could hardly walk because of his loose kneecaps were aggravated by that high-carb food. With dogs, even with an allergy food you have to feed them the exact same things, or they will try to each other's food. Dogs are just as bad as toddlers.

It was the recall of 2007, that opened my eyes to proper pet nutrition. My chihuahua was put down that summer as well, was it due to the poor food brands over the years, was it genetic? I will never know. The vets couldn't figure anything out.

Toward the end of that time I found out N.B was of course part of the list for food recall. They had formulated the ingredients without telling the customers, they were using a rice protein that of course was imported from China. At first that was denied by the company, but they finally fessed up about it. I was totally appalled by this brand that I trusted and used for about 5 years.

Now, comes the point of EVO. I did my research, and found this to be a great high-protein, no-filler dog food. The only reason why I didn't know about it before, was the fact distribution around here with the brand, there's not many places this is really carried at. Even though, now that has improved greatly. Even though my chihuahua got this towards the last season of his life. His skin never improved, but he was a tad feistier. My Pomeranian that could barley walk [yelped when he did], now runs around, and jumps with ease onto the high couch. His BMI is back to normal, and his energy for a 10-year-old is still amazingly puppy-like. He wrestles with our Persian, and places with his toys. The kibble is small and round, which is easy for smallest of dogs to chew. My Pomeranian treats the food like it's a steak. So, I won't ever plan on changing his brand ever again. When he's gone, I plan on using this for other future dogs. I highly recommend this and the cat version [for the cat owners of course].
226136226136B0036X748EA3OUBVTE8ZPCZ2S. Carroll5631187740800Great concept but my dog won't touch it! :-(I love the idea of this food and I thoroughly believe in the EVO concept. I wish I could support them by continuing to buy their food. The problem is that my dog will not touch it with a 10 foot pole. Admittedly, she can be a little fussy, but honestly I've never seen her dislike any food this much - seems she'd rather starve. Usually if she doesn't like a food, she'll just ignore it until she becomes too hungry and then she'll eat it. With this food, she won't touch it no matter how hungry she gets. The only thing she likes less than this food is the EVO biscuits. Normally if she doesn't care for a treat she does this funny thing where she carries it around in her mouth for quite awhile and eventually hides it somewhere. With the EVO biscuits, she won't even carry it in her mouth - she just drops it immediately. Sigh. I had such high hopes for this great-sounding food. I'm sure it's fabulous, health-wise, if your dog likes it, but based on my experience I can't really recommend it, unfortunately.
226137226137B0036X748EA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta2241292112000If your dog can handle the protein, this is a fantastic foodThe good news: If your dog's stomach can handle the protein, is preferably a performance/working dog, and if your dog doesn't have kidney problems, this is a fantastic dog food. My two shetland sheepdogs love the flavor and inhale it as fast as they can. Great ingredients, there's nothing questionable in it and there's no "junk food" ingredients in it either.

The bad news: Both of my dogs couldn't handle the protein, even though they got only 1/4 cup of it a day. (The rest of their meals are raw turkey necks and veggies, and their stomachs handle those meals just fine.) This kibble would give them liquid poo, I kid you not. To finish up the rest of the bag I had to do a 50/50 mix with a 34% protein grain free dog food by another brand, and that worked fine, no runny poo problems then. So, I'll be sticking with the 34% protein kibble from now on, although I might buy small bags of this Evo Turkey & Chicken small bites to blend into the lower protein kibble again, just to give the furry kids a taste of something different.
226138226138B0036X748EA2F8C89NQ5QK1QCecilia M. Toomey2251213401600Excellent diet for any dog -- no cheap stuff hereI've been feeding my dogs EVO for 4 years and will never change... until my dogs become seniors and need the senior food. My American Eskimo used to be on the cheap food and her health was poor. She shedded a lot, had horrible breath, and not very energetic. Since she's been on EVO, she has been more active, sheds lest, and I have to say her poop is much less than before. Every vet she's been to has been very impressed with her age (she's going on 9 years old) and health and when they ask what food she's on, they're very pleased.

Of course, we do get picked on because we spend more than 40 bucks a bag on dogfood versus the $15 many owners like to spend for crappy quality.

I love this dogfood and did a ton of research before I initially chose it. I am very happy with it.
226139226139B0036X748EA1RAUK06FSIBO1Baldev Singh "Seelight"1151271548800sale price is bullLove the product . BUT sale price is what you will pay at local store minus shipping. The prices quoted by some dealers are sooo fictitious it borders on either we are mentally challenged or their trickery is working.
226140226140B0036X748EA1315ZK1VKHJArjun Subramanian "Arjun Subramanian"1151221350400My pet's food of choiceI used to feed my dog the usual dry food from the store. He barely used to eat and when he did it was very reluctantly. I decided that something had to change and about a year ago switched to Innova. I haven't looked back since. My 2 year old aussie husky
just loves this thing. He is healthier, happier and has a softer coat.

The only snag is that I never buy this from Amazon. I am a prime member and just don't believe in paying close to $20 for shipping. Once this gets on Amazon prime, I will always buy from Amazon. Until then, its a better deal for me to drive to a distributor near my house and then buy it.

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