Amazon Fine Food Reviews

226141226141B0036X748EA1EJK0XDFAYAT2Nicholas A. Bertagnoli1151202601600Best you can getThis is by far some of the best dog food you can buy and it has such a high protein percentage. I wouldn't buy anything else.
226142226142B0036X748EA29U9JOS54XZCHOORAH Semper Fi "Devil Dog"1151189382400I'd give this food 10 stars if I couldI adopted a prison program dog Nov 22, 2006. She is a Lab/Poodle mix. (we won't go there with "Labradoodle") When I got her, she was 7 1/2 months old and was considered a light eater. She weighed 37 LB. I took her to the vet in December, 2006 to get the rest of her puppy shots and a micro chip and she had already gained about 6 LB. As an adult dog, she is right around 61-62 LB. She is lean, muscular and quite athletic. I put her on Innova EVO as soon as I adopted her and learned that "light eater" must translate to: she eats with the lights on. For a dog her age and size, she eats around 2 cups a day (1 cup for breakfast and another for dinner). The food might appear to "cost more" but you feed less because there isn't a bunch of toxic filler in it to make the dog hungry. Ever notice how junk food is yummy but it doesn't fill you up quite like a nutritious meal? You can equate that to dog food. Most commercial brands have their main ingredient as "corn" and it goes downhill from there. Seriously...when have you seen a pack of carnivores attack a field of corn when they got hungry? This is what dog food is supposed to be...grain free and based on a RAW diet, exactly like the way their ancestral wolves dined. Also...because the dog is eating less quantity and digesting more of its'll have less waste in the yard.
226143226143B0036X748EA542EZB1F445GS. Buenfil "Mike & Sue"1151184803200Best kibble money can buy!Finally, a dog food our dog will eat AND it's good for him, too! No grain, which is helpful during these times of "tainted pet food" in the news each day. Our dog is very picky when it comes to food or treats, but he loves his EVO (and we love feeding it to him because we know it's good for him).

Our dog was a "rescue" dog and he was very malnourished when we got him. We tried a few different dog foods, but he was not interested. A local pet shop recommended the Innova line of products & our baby has been doing great ever since -- he has even put on a few healthy pounds! This stuff is the best & I would recommend it to anyone & everyone, especially if you have had trouble getting your dog to eat dry food in the past.
226144226144B0036X748EA3E5A6EJZ249UUJanice "Janice"0051350345600Best dog food I've ever triedI've been feeding my three cocker spaniels evo turkey for about five years. I wouldn't trade for anything. Their fur is so soft. They rarely have diarrhea or loose stools. I used to be like the average dog owner buying grocery store brands. The dogs, especially one scratched all the time. Loose stools, mucous bloody stools were the norm. The vet thought the itchy dog was allergic to house molds. And the other dog was thought to have severe Autoimmune colitis. Evo cured them. No more expensive vet visits.
226145226145B0036X748EA2NSK7AP3HJLXWLilly0041337644800Quality Dog FoodThis is one of the few dog foods that my dogs will eat. One of my dogs sheds a lot and I have found that her shedding has decreased substantially since starting her on Evo.
226146226146B0036X748EABTZ99RBYU6EBTim "Tim"0041288915200The bestI feed my PICKY black lab/greyhound mix this and it's the only food he constantly will eat. It's also a great choice for him to help gain weight and maintain it since it's the highest calorie food I could find. It's a little expensive, but you really do get what you pay for. NO FILLERS!!

Minus one star for price, because we all know it really isn't THAT expensive to produce dog food.
226147226147B0036X748EA7ZN56AMJVVE3Anna00512680928004 paws up from my 2 dogsI got this item surprisingly fast. My two dogs, a Morkie and a Chihuahua, absolutely love this food. So much so, it is hard to keep up with buying the smaller bags. They used to hate dog food. My morkie hates dog food that is round shaped and big. This is just the right size and shape for him. Their coat is so much shinier and healthier.

The protein content is higher than most other dog foods but it fills my dogs up quicker with less dog food. I do not think the protein is an issue unless a dog is overfed the food. Go with the recommended serving for your dog's weight. Do not skip out on using a cup measure and set meal times so you know how much is eaten. Scheduled meal times are better for potty training too. Great deal for the price. This nearly 30 lb bag is much more economical than buying the smaller ones. It is not available in most pet supply stores like petco and petsmart.

I wish amazon sold it directly so it would be eligible for super saving shipping. Other than that, great!
226148226148B0036X748EAFW15XOVL7PB0regbur "regbur"0041241395200Great productI have to say I love EVO-- my yorkie use to poop 3-5 times a day-- he is a small dog so you would think he wouldn't poop that much. I wasn't overfeeding him, that is for sure.. My dog trainer recommended EVO-- I resisted because of the added cost but my husband kept telling me to buy it. I finally gave in to keep peace in the family and I swear within days my dog stopped pooping as much-- now we are down to about 2 times a day sometimes 3. It's a great product and my dog really loves the food-- I would recommend it -
226149226149B0036X748EA1K6CTI54PM4ZJJohn Schilling0051238976000Better food = better dogWe used to use Science Diet, but after reading online switched to Innova EVO. Love the food, so does the dog. Less food per day, less waste to deal with. 42% of what's in this food is protein according to [...]. Can't find a cheaper place than Amazon to buy it.
226150226150B0036X748EA36NOYF1JWGCW7R. Anderson0051221696000Fabulous food for sensitive tummiesI started my dogs on this when Canidae switched their ingredient profile and we discovered that my Boston Terrier had severe allergies to Barley and allergies to a variety of other grains. She had had a 'sensitive' stomach since I brought her home 6 months prior as an adult rescue, with runny stools, gas and such, it turned out she actually had a milder food allergy to rice as well. After trialing 5 other dog foods with no success, she has had no issues since starting her on Evo! Stools are normal, no more gas, her coat has gotten even shinier, her energy level increased, and she's just a happier dog. Since she's a 'food stealer', I started my Miniature Pinscher on it as well, he, always a picky eater and thin, cleans his bowl now and wants more! He competes in agility and since the food switch, I now do not have a problem keeping his weight on, wheras before I was always trying to stuff him with higher fat foods. Though it is on the expensive side, it's nothing compared to the vet bills I accumulated as a result of the food allergies! I'll spend more $ on their food to avoid the issues I had before and have a happier, healthier dog.
226151226151B0036X748EAB05LT8MUOMFKJanr0111335830400IMPORTANT:DO NOT BUY NATURA PRODUCTS FOR DOGS AND CATS!!I put my cat on Evo for 2 years, she got a urinary tract infection.I had to change her food. Right after I changed her food. I found out Evo is terrible for animals, the food is causing alot of health problems.I got a letter in the mail stating there is a lawsuit against Innova Evo plus all Natura products.I'm currently in the lawsuit myself.. Evo lied about the ingredients in all their products...DO NOT BUY EVO AND NATURA PRODUCTS!!! (such as Innova Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature, and Karma Dog)Google it, it's called It's for a $2,150,000 settlement
226152226152B0036X748EA31PC7HVO3U4B0G. Vuppuluri101811191283200Too high protein - Kidney problemsFed my Great Dane+Rottweiler mix dog this food for 1 year. During that time, she would eat grass all the time, fart a lot, be hungry all the time, beg a lot, poop a lot and have diahorrea occasionally. My dog is a very high energy dog that plays fetch everyday for an hour and a walk for an hour. She started urinating in the house involuntarily and I took her to the vet. Vet said the protein levels are too high in the blood, kidneys are under a lot of pressure and asked me to stop feeding this food. My rationale: If 42% protein in this food is not for a high energy and athletic dog like mine, then what kind of a dog is this suitable for! Although the ingredients are good, protein levels are too high for any dog and most of it is not digestible. So this food is not good. Reviews from people who fed their dogs this food for more than 8 months have not been good. So please use the brain cells you got and analyse and stay away from this food.
226153226153B0036X748EA36SXS4ME0K854pepper "pepper"4911292112000Acute renal failure in 3 year old dog after 3 months on EVO! Protein WAY too high at 40% I thought I was giving him the best...About 3 months ago I researched all the different foods and finally decided to purchase EVO because I thought it was what was best for my dog. He is 3 1/2 and healthy (or at least he WAS until recently). He has routine physicals including bloodwork for kidney problems so I didn't worry when I read that this food can cause problems with underlying kidney disease. One day he began having diarrhea and refused to eat... I thought, no big deal dogs get tummy upsets once in awhile, right? But he didnt get better. His Belly and hind legs started to swell so much that the skin looked like it would tear... multiple labs and fecals showed kidney disease of unknown cause. He has had ultrasounds, multiple blood and urine cultures, a plasma transfusion and is now on multiple medications. His BUN/CREAT has shot up and he now refuses to eat ANYTHING. His entire diet consists of water, pills and whatever vitamin paste I can force him to take. My heart is breaking for him... I can't do anything and feel helpless. If it goes on much longer without improving I will face the horrible decision of humane euthanization. I feel that it was caused 100% from the high protein diet. We can find NO other cause and he has no underlying kidney disease. Please choose a different food and save the pain that my dog and I are going through right now.
UPDATE>>> Not long after I made this review Ollie lost his battle to acute renal failure at the young age of 3. No other underlying condition was found and my vet feels that the extremely high protein content in EVO is what shut his kidneys down. RIP Ollie... :-(
226154226154B0036X748EAGIRRL41WDVCADanny Reed Jr.0341224806400good foodmy small dogs got sick at first from the high meat content in it but they seemed to get used to it. I will not buy again it is to expensive.
226155226155B001VNP0EQA1Z5LSGJTEDFG1Bettya884521263686400Basil LeafIt came in a large foil bag which is non-resealable. You have to place it in an air tight container. It will not last long after opened in this bag. Great fresh taste. Needs better packaging.
226156226156B001IZC1TYA1GP09IA7DLGPQpilot27k3351324771200ExcellentIn 2011, sugar cubes started disappearing from the shelves of my local grocery stores. I even went as far as looking for them in our large city groceries and still couldn't find them. Of course, I found sugar cubes at Amazon Grocery, YAY! After reading reviews, I selected Roland brand. It was a good choice. Found the same or a similar product on the fancy tables in Europe recently. So if you want a good product try both of Roland's white & brown sugar cubes.
226157226157B007WV3VNSA1ID1869MAA1NMBookish1151333584000German Shepherd with intermittent diarrhea CURED!My adopted German Shepherd is absolutely gorgeous, sweet and smart - but came to our house from the shelter with a VERY sensitive digestive tract. Recently, she had a very, long-lasting bout of diarrhea and I had a few days worth of Pro-Pectalin from the vet - but she still wasn't completely recovered. So, I went to our local alternative pet food store and they told me about this product. This stuff is amazing! You only need a little bit (even for a 69 lb dog) and it worked better than the stuff from the vet the first time I gave it to her. It's a green powder and doesn't look like something a dog would eat, but once you mix it in the food with a little water or chicken broth - she gobbled it right up. I think the slippery elm in it soothes the irritated intestines. Anyway, it works great. I highly recommend it.
226158226158B00142IBJ0A24P4U4CJL1SQ3Erin Glasnapp "astarnamedrin"2351250208000Fun codd-neck bottles with a marble lock.This is so far my favorite flavor of all of the Ramune flavor I have tried.

It has a fun look to it and is great for those who love sweet drinks and don't like or drink caffeine.

I being one who avoids caffeine when possible was excited to find a drink I could add to me fridge to give me a change from the few caffeine free drinks I can tolerate.

I would recommend these to anyone. If nothing else you have to try at least one in your life time.
226159226159B00142IBJ0A29O79B2LS1ZQ7Karate Nerd0051332115200Very good drinksI bought the melon flavor for myself and this strawberry for my father. I was surprised that I really liked the melon, and my father had a great time opening the bottle of his strawberry. He's the type who HAS to know how things work, so after finishing the drink he went about taking apart the top of the bottle! Plus, he said that it "was a pretty good drink", which is a good compliment from him.

We enjoyed the drinks quite a bit, and the bottle made an interesting conversation topic. I'm sure that kids would love this.
226160226160B00142IBJ0A2YJ8Y9XVAG35CAndrew0041330646400Great soda.When I got these, I was so excited. They were great, except one thing. Make it cold before drinking. It does not taste good warm.
226161226161B00142IBJ0A3RFG4VH8KZXP3Reviewerdude0051326326400GoodishBefore buying this, I was unsure of what it would be. When I tasted it it was very sweet a little too much for my liking. Others may find it appealing, but only $1.99. Go ahead and try it
226162226162B00142IBJ0A7821UWSQ2OUPSylvie C.0051325289600Very goodNot sweet and syrupy like US sodas. Very refreshing with only 90 calories per 6.76 oz. Bottle (7% carbs). Zero sodium, fats and cholesterol. The weird glass bottle is a hoot. No plastic bottle aftertaste.
226163226163B002UL4XCIASLXW0OHPWKUJCarlo0051338076800Lindor TruffelsA high quality chocolate with quality fillings. Not your usual poor quality chocolate. Would recommend for everyone who enjoys quality foods.
226164226164B0017ODZL4A2EUTQQ0SOK5XQDavid Munson "dmunson14"141451259798400Great OatmealThis stuff is great. My family can not tell the difference between this, McCainns and Honeyville Farms. All three taste great. 10 pounds will fill a coffee can sized container and a gallon bag.

Bring 3.5 cups water plus pinch of salt in pan to rolling boil. Before you go to bed, add 1 cups oat groats plus two rounded tablespoons pecan meal to the water. Stir. Turn off the burner / remove from heat when it almost foams to the edge. Cover and lit sit on the stove overnight. In the morning, heat individual bowls in the microwave. I add a bit of milk and one tablespoon brown sugar. We prefer our oatmeal thicker than standard porridge and this is more than enough for 4. The thickest I have made it is 3.5 cups water to 1.25 cups oat groats.

The pecan meal adds nutty flavor. You can make meal using your blender to process nuts.
226165226165B0017ODZL4A3B22JV32RZI4JCoolest Kate8851222732800Fresh, fast arrival and a great valueI ordered the oat groats by mistake, thinking they were steel cut oats. (my fault not theirs) Actually, the oat groats were better and more flavorful. I cook them in a crockpot which is a time saver and much less work. The product was well packed, very fresh and a great value. I wont buy steel cut oats again and when I buy the oat groats I will by them from this seller.
226166226166B0017ODZL4A2ELJQCJ4OYBTNPhyllis J. Glessner6651234224000Highly recommend"I am so impressed. This is the best price I have ever seen for this product, The quality is awesome, and they had it shipped to me so fast that I had it within a week. Fantastic price, quality and service. Don't get no better than that !
Once you try this, you will never go back to the one-minute processed oatmeal. There is no comparison.
I cook it in a saucepan, for approx. 30 minutes.
Use a...... 4-cups of water, to one cup of oats, ratio.
Bring the water to a boil, add the oats, and a pinch of salt, lower heat to a simmer,(cover) and stir several times while cooking. It can be eaten right away or put in your frig. and re-heated in the microwave the next day. YUMMY !!!
226167226167B0017ODZL4A3FQ4WV6LCWVDMWendy Reinert "Hard Rock Girl"5551273881600Worth every pennyI have been eating this every morning for breakfast and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I make it in my rice cooker. I put 1/2 cup of this in my rice cooker at night along with 1 cup of water. The next day I plug in my rice cooker when I wake up and then I do my thing. But the time I'm ready for breakfast my rice cooker has just clicked to "keep warm". It works out great. I love that this is a crunchy oat meal. I don't like mushy oatmeal at all. It is worth a try.
226168226168B0017ODZL4A25U83FLY9ST1EBrenda L. Miller "Brenda"1151319241600Great steel cut oat mealIt's excellent oatmeal. I'll have it all winter long. I tried it in a rice cooker but it boiled over, it could be my rice cooker. Normally I cook it on top of the stove: 4:1 and it works beautifully. I can either reheat in a microwave or cook it in milk for 5 minutes on top of the stove for a really hearty, healthy breakfast. Yum!
226169226169B0017ODZL4A3GE1XWT50YZEJRandolph P. Summ1151295136000dependable company and first class groatsWe have been buying these groats for two years and find the company to be first class! They ship promptly and packageing is always secure....
226170226170B0017ODZL4ALW9FYJ9MO0G5ShoeAddict1151277164800Love these groats!This is my second purchase and I plan to stay stocked with this delicious breafast item. You can't beat this price! They store well in an airtight container or the freezer. Best if cooked slow for about 20 minutes or cook a batch ahead and store in the frig.

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