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226309226309B002T0NWKEA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0051341619200The ENERGY drink is the only one I can tolerate, and I love that one!We got a Sodastream for Christmas. My kids have lots of fun making soda, and for them it's really become a passed-fad already and it's only July. For myself though, I think all of the sodas are totally gross except for the Energy drink one. They all have this creepy flavor, I'm not sure what exactly it is? You know how Coke tastes great, and Walmart Cola tastes okay, if you had to drink it instead of Coke you would live, right? Well these soda flavors are like three notches below the generic sodas at the store. Like I mentioned, they all have some weird flavor.

Except the Energy drink. WOW, if you like Red Bull, then you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It's like the flavor of Red Bull, bumped up ten times. Plus, I'd say it gives me more energy than Red Bull. Okay, not energy, but the shakes and the so-alert-I-may-explode feeling. It makes me so jittery, IF I drink a lot of it, that I can't think straight and my heart is pounding. If you like that, you'll love this.

To me, I look for the Guarna (sp?) in energy drinks, and this has the absoute most guarna flavor of anything I've tried. I LOVE IT.
226310226310B002T0NWKEA1UCGNCNK2VCBCInane0011340150400Splenda / Sucralose in all flavours...I'm not a fan of diet soda, and even the Non-Diet flavours have splenda in them. This does let them have a more concentrated product and therefore a smaller bottle, but I don't like the taste.
226311226311B002T0NWKEA1VOVSS040NHKDSlash6airhead "Slash6airhead"0051340064000Keeps me wired!This stuff is an incredible value. The soda stream device is a COMPLETE RIP OFF,But if you add up 50 cans of red bull the cost would be anywhere from $150-200 which pays for the cost on the machine and then some with the savings of buying this syrup. The purchase of the machine is worth it but only if you like the energy syrup, otherwise go to walmart and buy a two liter of regular pop for a buck.
226312226312B002T0NWKEA56B7PHLXGXN3Harp0031339372800Out of line prices.Check around your local chain stores.
Prices are about 1/2 of what they are on here and you dont have to wait to get them.
226313226313B002T0NWKEA2YAHDOYQK3JJJRoger D. Lauzon "coaterfreak"0051338768000great syrupi love this syrup no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame added great taste so easy to make buy it you'll love it
226314226314B002T0NWKEA1UWE64CPO197GDoug Martin0041337904000Tasty GrapeThis is a good sodastream flavor and tough to find locally. I've found a little less than the measured amount makes a better mix. Using the full amount is almost overwhelming.
226315226315B002T0NWKEA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0051337299200Some really great and some really really badDiet Cranberry Raspberry - The BEST flavor I've tried yet. It's just sweet enough, great flavor, and calorie free. I always have at least three bottles of this in my cabinet at all times.

Orange - Very sweet but good. I'm not a fan of orange soda so that's probably the only reason I don't love this.

Lemon-Lime - Again, very sweet. It has a good sprite-type flavor though so I went ahead and tried the diet version as well to see if that would be a staple in our house.

Diet Lemon-Lime - It's not an all time favorite but it's good. I have a bottle of this usually for whenever I'm craving something different or something a bit more refreshing and I'm tired of plain water.

Cream Soda - WAY too strong. I love cream soda and so I didn't expect any issues with it but just the smell when opening the bottle was enough to make me slightly sick to my stomach. And I'm not exaggerating. I actually threw out the entire bottle after one sip. It has an almost alcoholish undertone to it that doesn't help at all. Gross.

Root Beer - Not even close to as bad as the cream soda but slightly reminiscent. I did drink the entire sample that came with the Sodastream but do not plan to buy a bottle of it even though I am a huge fan of root beer.

Cola - I bought this to act as an emergency back up for when my husband wanted a rum and coke and didn't have any coke in the house. It tastes a bit like off-brand diet cola to me, probably because of the Splenda. This is very off-putting only because there is so many calories in this and you don't even get a calorie-laden taste. Hahaha. This will continue to be held for those emergencies but we won't be drinking it by itself at all.

Grape - This one actually surprised me because I was so prepared not to like it. It's a bit on the sweet side but still much better than many others. I've been putting about 1/4th the amount of syrup in less than called for and it helps cut the sweetness a bit but after that it starts to make the flavor taste watered down. I wish I could find a diet version of this. Not sure if it exists or not but I can't find it on Amazon if it does.

I'll update this as I try more. I am cautiously optimistic about the diet ginger ale so that will be my next purchase.
226316226316B002T0NWKEAA78TCLHXPJOKTimothy G. Berntsen "Guru of geekdom"0021336348800A fairly "meh" generic cola.I love my Soda Stream, and most of the mixes I've used have been quite good (pretty much any of their fruit flavors, their Dr. Pepper substitute, Root Beer and Energy Drink have all been quite tasty), however the one flavor that really stands out as a disappointment is the cola flavor. I can forgive the fact that it doesn't taste like Coke or Pepsi-- I have tried other "b-list" colas that tasted good in their own way-- however, this one is overall just plain bland. It's not sweet enough, and it lacks the "kick" that I expect from a cola. I tried making the most of it by adding additional ingredients-- once I used vanilla, and it made the soda even more bland. The other time i used some cheap whisky my room mate bought, and it was probably the nastiest mixed drink I've ever had (I'm not a heavy drinker though, keep in mind, and I blame the crappy alcohol more than the soda for that one).

I have not explored other options for cola syrups yet, but this is one I don't expect I'll be buying again unless they change the formula. I'm pretty sure there's got to be a better option out there that does not involve spending $150 on a 5 gallon bag of Coca Cola syrup (which would have the high fructose corn syrup that I've been trying to avoid anyway).
226317226317B002T0NWKEA3VKLBHDXSJADCginger2008petlover0051335571200tasty treatsThis is some really good ginger ale. reasonably priced, when you buy this it is safe to say good bye to store bought soda.
226318226318B002T0NWKEA3661TXK40JJKXMichael Evans0051334880000goodTasted great, I used another soda maker, not a SodaStream. Tastes much like my favorite name brand Diet Ginger Ale's.
226319226319B002T0NWKEA38F9Y3V0CNUZWPriscilla A. Griffith "Priscilla Griffith"0051334534400Soda Stream MixGreat product - it tastes like the real thing! I would recommend this product to my family and friends. Great delivery service.
226320226320B002T0NWKEA3SWHOX5ARNNXXnrouns0051332892800ExcellentThis cola and the energy drink are the two best reasons to invest in a soda stream maker, they taste excellent and if you only drink soda occasionally you will always have a fresh fizzy drink.
226291226291B002T0NWKEA1QIHNZHUHQV08Susan Gardner Bowers "Susu"111611306800000NastyThe non-diet flavors all have Splenda. In addition to sweeteners. Tastes awful. If I wanted artificial sweeteners I would've bought the diet sodastream. Ick.
226292226292B002T0NWKEA2BBPGVRFYRBJPJ. Huda4621300924800I LOVE this product, but don't buy it here....I agree with all the reviews about the price. It's really ridiculous that the appeal of this machine for our family was the cost of soda vs. the cost of this stuff. It' is 1/3 the price per serving of store bought soda, 1/2 the caffeine, 1/3 the sugar and calories, but it still tastes amazing. And we don't have bags and bags of recycling, and we can make whatever soda we want when we want. At this price, it's basically just buying 3 cases of soda on sale... what's the point??? When you can order it online from ANYWHERE ELSE for half the price, this is just absurd. Please just search for it, you'll find a better price in about 10 seconds.
226293226293B002T0NWKEA1VPXODUN52EDQThe Comedian "The Comedian"4621277337600Strong taste of artificial sweetenerThough it isn't the "diet" version of Sodastream ginger ale, this concentrate still has a strong taste of artificial sweetener.

I was disappointed enough in the taste that after the first glass I threw out the remaining syrup.
226294226294B002T0NWKEA3F8AS5A9CTFMAmobe2331329782400don't find the cost savingsI'm not sure what most of you pay for your sodas, but here they run around 85 cents a liter plus deposit of .05. When one adds the $25 for 60 liters of carbonation 25/60 (.42/L) and $6 for 12 L of flavor (.50/L) one is losing money with the home carbonation system. I do like the idea of making my own products though.
226295226295B002T0NWKEA1TSJR1YF6ORC0V. R. Heck2351311552000Just Amazing!It's so much fun to make my own soda with as much fizz and syrup I prefer! Hope it might bring others as much joy.
226296226296B002T0NWKEA3TEJX0EVDQNK5Wookie2351299888000Bang for your energy drink $ is here!!!Energy drinks are considerably higher price than coke/pepsi etc. Your bang for your buck is here on a product that tastes very very much like Red Bull. Not as much sugar as real RB as well :) Love IT!
226297226297B002T0NWKEA1FZXKTN68KBCBC. Horton0031349481600AftertasteI bought the Sodastream after just looking at it for a while. Then, decided to try it as I remember drinking "fizzies" many years ago and was shooting for that effect. Sodastream does indeed add great fizz but beware the aftertaste. I tried the orange and thought, while I was drinking it, that it was terrific. But, then, for more than a day, I had an aftertaste like some of the diet drinks leave. Same with the Root Beer. And, even though the machine says add carbonation only to water and then add syrup, I decided to try adding carbonation to my own drinks, like Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch. Other than being careful with the carbonation and making sure to clean the CO2 port afterward, it works very well. However, even with my own drinks I still get the terrible aftertaste. That part is very disappointing. Not sure if that can even be removed. Is it the carbonation itself? Regular carbonated drinks do not have it.
226298226298B002T0NWKEA34J59UACBK61Dknife nut asher0051349222400no need to buy the kit buy the syrup insteadOkay I am a soda drinker in some cases 1 litter a day plus. Then sodastream came across my tv screen. I was like okay it sounds great.When I found this my local store and saw the price for the unit. I said wow that is a big jump $130 plus to just buy the unit then you gotta buy the charging cartridges "co2" and bottles then the syrup all told it was near 200 to get me started and ready to go. So I said to myself hey I can buy soda water in my store for 88 cents per 2 liters and the syrup makes 6 or so liters per bottle depending on how strong you want the taste I buy the energy mix 2 or 3 bottles at a time and it lasts me about a month I still buy other soda buy much less and no more paying 3 bucks a can for red bull,oh side note if you are into jager bombs and so are your party friends buy a bottle of this and some soda water bottle of jager and have fun in my opinion it tastes better than real red bull
226299226299B002T0NWKEA2IEJQ8754BMSIWolfQueen130041349222400Some flavors OK , some questionableIve heard many reviews about Sodastream: most bad, a few OK. I understand that Sodastream sodas cant taste exactly like regular soda so im not expecting them to taste exact. With that said Im pretty pleased with or am OK with most of the flavors that ive tried. Bellow are my reviews of a few.

Cola: 5/5 stars Doesnt taste exactly like Coke but is close. One of my favorites.

Orange: 5/5 stars If youve tried different brands of Orange soda you will notice that some taste better than others. This tastes like cheaper dollar store orange soda, so is similar to Sunkist, but it still tastes pretty good & does taste like a known orange soda.

Lemon Lime (Sprite): 4/5 Tastes like Sprite at first but leaves an odd after taste. Ive noticed that if you open your mouth after each drink the after taste is minimal. If it werent for the after taste I would give it 5 stars.

Cranberry Raspberry: 5/5 Not sure what to compare it to, but it tastes great with no weird after flavor.

Energy: 5/5 This came in the trial pack, & since im not into energy drinks I sipped it & had a friend try it. It gets 5 stars because it tastes just like Red Bull according to both of us.

Dr. Pete: 3/5 Its OK but it tastes pretty vanillaish & not all that close to Dr. Pepper. You can sort of taste the similarity but not enough to say "WOW! JUST like or very similar to Dr. Pepper!!!".

Overall Im still a big Sodastream fan, & most of the flavors ive tried I would buy again.
226300226300B002T0NWKEA3F99SMDNEMYR1Derek0011349136000Terrible bitter tasteFirst, I'd like to say I'm a soda enthusiast,and enjoy a variety of brands - store brand regular brand. It's not that I can't tell the difference. I like to.

However, diet lemon-lime is not different, it's NASTY.

It has an incredibly bitter aftertaste. I drink diet sodas all the time and nothing has a bite like this. I kept trying it thinking I would like it or I did something wrong, but it tasted nasty every time.

Having said that, I think it's worthy to note that SodaStream makes a variety of flavors, some of which are unique and delicious. In addition, I have made some drinks with this base by mixing in some tastier flavors.

As another review stated, SodaStream does NOT save money. But it is pretty fun.
226301226301B002T0NWKEA3SVNVNMCJW1FNBarbara0051347062400Amazing!It came a day early and tasted just like the brand stuff! Now I can make it exactly how I like it, even if that means a little watered down!
226302226302B002T0NWKEAQJGMD2KTN4FZA. V. Smith0031347062400Ok for dietI did not really dig this flavor, but only because of the diet aftertaste common with most all diet drinks.
226303226303B002T0NWKEAF1WN7WJRQ1DXNicole A. Sauerwald0051346544000Better than name brandWe love this orange and actually prefer it to store or name brand orange soda. It has a nice, bright orange taste with a tart finish and is our favorite flavor of all the mixes.
226304226304B002T0NWKEA25DBHIPJI0FSNVengeance "Vengeance"0011346457600Diet Cola tastes horribleIt is hilarious to me that they say to compare to Diet Coke. It tastes nothing like Diet Coke, and more like crap.
226305226305B002T0NWKEA16ED4VBYI719DNVGPS0051345248000Definitely ColaThis product smells like cleaning fluid in the container, but definitely tastes like Cola once you add it to the carbonated water.

- Enjoy!
226306226306B002T0NWKEA1PHNBHBQEDFTMGwen Hunter0011344556800Not the originalThe energy drink that they sent had a different color label. It did not taste as good as the one I ordered and it gave me digestive problems. I don't recommend their changed energy drink formula. The original tasted great & is the reason I bought the machine.
226307226307B002T0NWKEA1ROCTSOWQRF25gamingfamily0031344384000Not the best grape...not even 2nd or 3rd bestI keep reading "No Aspartame" but there is artificial sweetner in even some of the non-diet drinks. Gives them a funny taste in my opinion. I love the idea of the Soda Stream...and we like some of the flavors. Just hope they improve
226308226308B002T0NWKEA3CZNNTEY657TEC. Gardner "SgtCheeseNOLS"0051342656000ALMOST Dr. PepperThis product is no Dr. Pepper, but tastes close enough to make me happy with it. I will get it again.

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