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226321226321B002T0NWKEA1YGCRGBPN12TRSara "SaraMac"0021330819200Yuck!I love the concept of the Sodastream, but the Cola flavor could be better, even more so when they try to compare it to Pepsi. I know with non-brands there will always be a difference, but this flavor is not good. Not horrible, but not something I will drink.
226322226322B002T0NWKEA313U53M5YUU3EM. Rossman0041330819200Great for floats, but not as good as A&WWe love our SodaStream and have found several of the mixes we like including the Root Beer. It is not as good as A&W root beer but it makes a great root beer float. It does not taste overly sweet, nor does it leave you with a chemical after taste. Plus it is nice that you can control how much syrup you add to play with the flavor a bit. I would recommend at least trying this syrup and definately use it for a root beer float!
226323226323B002T0NWKEA3LLWPY4AGBNL6Alliy Machit0051329609600I love itI bought the soda maker and the energy mix it's just like red bull but a little sweeter it saved me Money instead of buying red bull every day I just made it. it was great.
226324226324B002T0NWKEA12VMDYO7L1HURD. K. Peel "jstkdn"0051326585600Diet Pink Grapefruit Sodamix SyrupVery, very good. Refreshing and thirst quenching. I Love It. If you like Grapefruit, you'll like this drink. Just tried it in my SodaStream and it was delicious. When you don't want sweet and you want refreshed, this is the way to go.
226325226325B002T0NWKEA13C11C228TN5OGoldwing0031285545600With a little doctoring, very goodThis is better than diet but falls short of brand name cola taste. I feel the cola flavor is a little "spicy" and not fruity enough. I tried a few mixin's and now I think it is great. If it came as good as I can mix it, I would give it five stars. If you decide to try this product, get some True Lemon or Lime, True Orange, stevia packets (with a high level, 90% or better, of steviosides for cleaner,sweeter flavor, and a bottle of cherry snow cone syrup if you like cherry cola. I use a half packet of lemon and Orange, 1 packet of stevia, and a short squirt of cherry per liter bottle. Now the flavor falls between generic and brand name. Cheaper than using cans, but not cheaper than using two liter bottles. The calorie count is about a third of normal cola. You have to be comfortable with Splenda and Ace-K as Soda Stream uses those to offset some of the sugar (not corn Syrup a plus). Thankfully no Nutrasweet/aspartame as I get terrible headaches from that.
226326226326B002T0NWKEA1BZ9JH2MCH7WXpluvmantelo3511322611200False advertising?I chose the diet soda. Notice that the total amount of the product is not written. I was perplexed at first, but then discerned that the product image clearly says 750ml. So at $8.39 it seemed to be a decent price. However what I received was a 500ml bottle. Not worth the hassle of returning for a couple of bucks, but an annoyance none the less. So beware when you purchase. I suggest you assume that you will receive a 500ml bottle.
226327226327B002T0NWKEA1UROQBKMLU9Q3E.M.3531291334400Price is 2.6 times as high as sodastream directI am in agreement with several of the users. I can buy any of these flavors for 4.99 online, at the manufactures website. Why would I pay 8.99 to 13.99 for the same. This is nothing but a customer advisory. Buy the syrups direct and save a bundle. As for the product, its a great product. Spending 99.00 on the machine means I have to drink a LOT of soda to equal 99.00 of sodas but it is more fun and a lot less waste.
226328226328B002T0NWKEA3V4JOO0CG06DOAnnonymous "Globe Trotter"3551263859200Tastes like SpriteThe packaging could be better, i find it a bit messy. The bottle cap is the measuring device, kind of like a laundry detergent cap.

Flavor is pretty good, tastes like sprite.
226329226329B002T0NWKEA2XUR31NIZFYIKMichael1241325980800Tastes like Redbull, doesn't look so much like Redbull and smells a little vitaminyFirst thing, this does give you energy just like an energy drink. It also tastes very similar to Redbull. When I burp, it has the similar energy drink belch smell that energy drinks have for some reason. The color is not quite the same as Redbull.

But having said all that I still find this to be an excellent value when you compare the prices of Redbull vs this mixture. At the store, Redbulls are $1.99 where as this one costs maybe $0.40 after all is said and done (cost of carbonation, syrup, shipping charged on carbonation, etc). I made that number up in my head though, did not use a calculator or even really think mathmatically about it so it is pretty much a made up cost I pulled out of the air and doesn't represent anything truthfully.

Anyhow, I know it is a much cheaper solution, I enjoy it and am drinking some now. Meow.
226330226330B002T0NWKEA1DKG4P9PVO32UOneEducator1241319241600I love it except for...This is a great product that I enjoy daily because I can adjust the fizz as well as the strength of the taste. I have my own formula for preparing this drink to meet my personal desire and I have no problem with the artificial sweetner. The only problem here is the value. Amazon sells it for more than Kohl's and Kohl's sells it for more than Bed Bath and Beyond. I look forward to Amazon having a more competitive price so I can "load-up" in the near future (hint-hint). Either way, I like the diet Lemon-Lime Soda mix better than diet 7up. 'Nuff said?
226331226331B002T0NWKEARUPTZMAN8CXJR. Taylor1251315785600Great substitute for named brandsTired of carrying cases of soda around? This is a great substitute and easier on the back. When you follow the directions on how to make up a batch it was a great find. I found trying to make a calorie comparison with canned cola's more difficult than it needed to be. They should have provided calorie information on a 12 oz. basis to match the info on a can of cola.
226332226332B002T0NWKEA2JLHQKYJYH4LLKen1241304985600Good Product misleading ad...Thought I was saving time by buying online. The image is of a larger bottle but in the description it is for the smaller bottler. The price was higher for the big bottle than I had previously paid at BJ's who had sold but was out last time I went to buy it there. Buyer beware these come in several sizes. They are becoming more available so I will buy locally from now on...
226333226333B002T0NWKEA2BGW2Y3LVAJHWShannon R Dement1241297728000Flavors from home and childhoodThe sodastream has been a real help to my family we are currently serving overseas and while there is an abundance of coke here the other flavors of soda are shall we say lacking! Some are so bitter that they are not palatable to my family. Rootbeer is a favorite and the sodastream has it nearly perfect to the rootbeer my dad made when I was young! I think that a touch more syrup is necessary to reach the true rootbeer flavor so it gets one less use for my family than the bottle says and I think there is an underlying mint flavor that is not overwhelming or unwanted but a bit noticeable to me. I did not give it 4 stars because the items arrived dented and not packed as well as I would have liked to make the journey overseas not punctured but close. It was however shipped quickly and without delay. I have not tried the diet in any flavor other than cola and with the significantly lower sugar count in the regular probably wont but wouldnt mind hearin how they are! Thanks for shipping to us folks overseas since the sodastream site will not and where they have international sites they will only ship the flavor varieties for each country! That doesnt help much for me!
226334226334B002T0NWKEA3TBOVKB3GM674L. Barrett "Traveling Lady"1251293494400ExcellentThe machine was delivered promptly. We opened it at Christmas and my husband is having a good time making soda for both of us. I am very pleased with the purchase.
226335226335B002T0NWKEAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1251288483200Diet Cola SyrupGood stuff. I wish they would run a special on it though. I liked it. it is all i can find. locally i cannot find any cola syrup. but it tastes pretty good to me. i always wait until the price is right then i grab a few. i enjoy drinking it.
226336226336B004M0ZX8SAK8J8YVESGDCBS. G. Preston4451317600000Quite good2 Things
You must like the flavor of ginger. It's subtle, but it's there.
Some folks act as if you've offered up a bowl of arsenic.

It's feels odd to come home and find a box of food on the porch.

Note: there are at least two box sizes available on Amazon; 11 and 14 Oz.
226337226337B004M0ZX8SA3EXZQHKWQ512NMs. Vicki Lowerre3351335312000Peace Raspberry Ginger CerealMy husband's favorite cereal. It mysteriously disappeared from the markets a number of months ago. When I found it on Amazon I ordered 3 boxes -- my husband thought it was Christmas!
226338226338B004M0ZX8SA3GPIIYFRIWJW4eaglepub "Fred"3341332115200great tasteI really like the taste and texture of Peace brand cereals and raspberry-ginger is my favorite. I can't always find it in stores so I'm glad amazon has it and makes it available for Prime shipping. I do wish the cereal had more fiber (only 3g per serving, quite low for a health cereal), and there's some fat content (3.5g per serving) that comes from the granola-like clusters. Overall, though, it's a great tasting and nutritious choice.
226339226339B004M0ZX8SAV5VKVK0EQAXZCat mama "Gail"0031350432000Not as good as it used to beThe Raspberry Ginger Peace cereal used to have a pepper taste to it that made it very tasty. The flavor has changed, and it is less flavorful.
226340226340B004M0ZX8SAU6890Q08RKEGV. T.0031347580800Family likes itI am not a big fan of cereal but it is nice to have it at the house. Both my husband and my kid likes this. I personally prefer protein shake for breakfast.
226341226341B004M0ZX8SA3DYA3Y3O6X0BQPatricia Sebastian0021347321600peace cereal ginger rsapberryThis cereal is terrible. It is stale, heavy, and tastes like cardboard. The flakes are thick and tasteless.It is also very overpriced for the quality.
226342226342B004M0ZX8SA3JN7ODNWM9PLNKimmie0041316736000DelishWe love this cereal and have found no other like it. We just wish they hadn't shrunk the packaging. These are tiny boxes. (I add corn flakes to make it last!Peace Cereal Raspberry Ginger, 11-Ounce (Pack of 3)
226343226343B002GWMP0SA1U2VI8HX5ZXC1Sky Dragon9911287446400Other products taste better and healthierI used this product for many years. I favored them for high quality ingredients, excellent flavor, reasonable price, and wide availability. I find milk and soy products cause digestive distress, rice beverages have no such effect, no cholesterol, very little fat, and taste great. I prefer the vanilla flavors of all the rice beverage milk replacers. It's sweet, if you like that.

However, Rice Dream now uses the cheaper canola oil in all their rice milk products (except a few items, like the Healthwise rice beverages). Canola oil contains erucic acid, a toxic chemical. The FDA has limited canola oil to no more than 2% erucic acid to protect our health, and do not allow it in infant formula. In addition, studies show the erucic acid it contains is toxic (see below). I have not been able to find any long term longitudinal controlled studies on humans to prove its safety as far as all the adversely affected organs.

The Healthwise Rice Dream rice beverage is much healthier, it has half the sugar, no canola oil, and plant sterols (which may reduce serum cholesterol). Good Karma Whole Grains Ricemilk is organic and also canola and sugar free. It has a thicker, richer and creamier body and flavor, less watered down. The vanilla flavor is a delicious drink, it tastes more like fresh whole milk straight out of the cow (if you have had that) than what is sold in cartons in the US. Westsoy Rice Beverage has similar consistency to Rice Dream, but is canola free.

The same canola issue (as well as added table sugar in some products) also applies to the Imagine frozen desert products.

Because there have been Internet rumors about Canola that are based on misinformation, I provide some citations of scientific papers and government publications. Studies on erucic acid in rats and piglets show heart lesions, decreased red blood cell count, and other tissue and organ damage. Erucic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier and is known to affect nerve cells. It's not safe for infants. Check out this small sample of government and peer-reviewed medical journal articles documenting my statements, available online.

United States Legislation on Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed Oil, Federal Department of Agriculture, 1985, article 184.1555, sections 3 and 4.
Growth Rate, Lipid Composition, Metabolism and Myocardial Lesions of Rats Fed Rapeseed Oils J. K. G. Kramer et al., The Journal of Nutrition, 103 (12):1696-1708, December 1973.
Dietary factors affecting the incidence of dietary fat-induced myocardial lesions. Clandinin MT, Yamashiro S., J Nutr. 1982 Apr;112(4):825-828.
Nutritional characteristics and food uses of vegetable oils, R.O. Vles and J.J. Gottenbos; In: G. Robblen, R.K. Downey and A. Ashri, Editors, Oil crops of the world, McGraw Hill, New York, USA (1989), pp. 36-86.
Uptake and metabolism of plasma-derived erucic acid by rat brain, Mikhail Y. Golovko and Eric J. Murphy, The Journal of Lipid Research, 47, 1289-1297, June 2006.
226344226344B002GWMP0SA1W6ED58ZSBO9QJ-N2251283731200Great product, but shop aroundWe just found out our little one is allergic to both milk and soy, so we started on rice milk. It's a great alternative. Since we'll be buying a lot of this, I came to Amazon to check out the prices and was astonished how expensive it is. I just bought this same thing, a case of 12 32-oz cartons for less than half this price at my local grocer. You'll definitely be doing yourself a favor if you shop around.
226345226345B002GWMP0SA19ZBGINY31IPRI Love My Kids1151268006400Great product but expensiveThis is a great product. My son is allergic to milk and soy. I thought buying this product online would save some money since it is so expensive in comparison to regular milk. I ordered this and did the subscibe and save program and per 32 oz. with the program I ended up paying $1 more than at my local Kroger store. So for one pack of 12 units I overpayed by $12. The product itself is great just watch the price and compare to your local store.
226346226346B002GWMP0SA2EJX6SYEMNRGCDArenas0051346112000Lactose IntolerentDairy products do not agree with me. I have tried soy and almond milks but have found that the taste and consistancy of Rice Dream rice milk to be the best. I use it in coffee (hint of vanilla flavor),cereal and just to drink. I like to add a little cinnamon and it taste like horchata.
226347226347B002GWMP0SA35U6BHTW4JZ16Janet0011326758400Incomplete and DamagedWhen I got this order I noticed that the box was wet, one of the containers was leaking. I opened the box and found that there was only 8 containers of milk so I started looking for a packing slip so I could see if the product had changed or that there was a backorder for the othe 4 but there was not a packing slip. I will be canceling my future orders, this was one of my suscribe and save and I was receiving it ever 2 months. This is the milk that I give my daughter because she is allergic to milk so it was great to have this shipped and know that I would not run out. To bad the vendor messed this up.
226348226348B002GWMP0SA1SOF7Z2ZO2H9RH. A. Schroeder0031295481600PricingThe product is fine. The price is ridiculous. A single box can be bought at any local supermarket for $2.99, which is less than you're charging.
226349226349B002GWMP0SA3MYVJFWHCLEOVDr. Essie W. Bruell "tempeh"0051284854400A Keeper in My HouseThis review is based on more than five years of use. My family is lactose-intolerant and we eat mostly a vegetarian diet. We avoid dairy products at all times. We have tried a lot of substitutes, as we like a milk-like product to use in cereal and coffee and for cooking. This Rice Dream Vanilla has a wonderful taste and works well with cereal. It doesn't taste like rice to me. I love that you can keep extra cartons on the shelf and order it infrequently. Only the open box needs to be refrigerated, and shelf life is very long. When I cook with Rice Dream I have to keep in mind that this particular product has some sweetness and a slight vanilla flavor. That is a plus when I'm baking, and I can actually cut back on the sugar in recipes, but I cannot use it in a savory sauce where I don't want any sweetness. Otherwise, it cooks well and can be substituted ounce for ounce for milk.
226350226350B002GWMP0SAJ5COGATAU3UCBaileysMom0051267315200Great alternative to cow's milkMy son is allergic to milk and soy. We have tried hemp milk, almond milk, and rice milk. By far this is his favorite. We use vanilla for almost all purposes and keep some 8oz boxes of original on hand for mashed potatoes and the like.

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