Amazon Fine Food Reviews

226411226411B004HELERIAEDINQJSTH1KQRebecca D.1211339027200Yukkkk!This item arrived thawed and leaking. The odor in the box was unpleasant, and no one in my family is likely to ever even consider sampling any similar product. No thanks!
226412226412B004HELERIA1E300I7GWW7OTC. Sheehy "Sound Seeker"1231320796800grilled chickenThere is really no grilled taste to the chicken which is disappointing. Good texture not alot of chicken flavor to the meat so it needs spices. The peices are nice size for wraps and stir frys.
226413226413B004HELERIA1FJSQ65M2PCQas30251322179200Great chicken alternativeThe chicken substitute can be used in many ways. I portion pack it and freeze it, so I can use it for each meal. I use it in any dish I would use chicken, stir fry, chicken dijon, etc. Tastes great, hard to tell it isnt chicken.
Great service from Amazon
226414226414B004HELERIA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0511328572800Expires in less than 6 months 4.4 pounds...Disliked the taste!Bought the beef and chicken Not for me....First off while the price is 64% off be aware that it'a industrial size....and it expires in June....I bought 4 of each the chicken and beef...HATE the taste....and THEY really should tell toy the expiration date...Probably why it's so cheap....I THREW them all out....just did not like the taste or consistency!

Manna Soy Gourmet Meatless Grilled Chicken, 4.4 Pound Family Pak, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf Stable, Pre-cooked, Pre-seasoned, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free,- Even Kids Love It
226415226415B003VYDE0UA263DRVW6SIFNCW. Munn0051314230400Great product and price. . .delivered. . .We like a number of the Thai Kitchen products as a quick and tasty side-dish. Local availability has been unpredictable with stores trimming inventory and dropping all but the highest volume SKUs. Buying on subscription makes it affordable and, so far, reliable.
226416226416B001AVMWJKA2GZG363BPADYCLarry Deemer1151325030400BEST FLAVOR ENHANCER EVER?Probably not. But close. I (reluctantly) tried the Whiskas Temptations regular chicken version, among about a dozen other "enticers", and detailed my experiences in a separate review of CAT-MAN-DOO BONITO SPRINKLES. This "natural" version may work even better as an appetite booster. Whiskas also makes other "natural" sounding versions with wild salmon, beef, and tuna. I have not tried these specific ones either and probably won't since I have a lot of test product leftovers to work through. I would like to echo the points made by the excellent review below.
226417226417B001AVMWJKA1M1BDJBIS2KUJa_compulsive_reader1151304035200Cats like 'em and they're all natural - what's not to love?I volunteer at a cat shelter so over time I've had some experience with what cats like and what they don't. With a few rare exceptions, it is hard to find cat treats that are popular with mostly all of the cats. So far, Natural Temptations Wild Alaskan Salmon Flavor, Natural Temptations Tuna Flavor and All Natural Temptations Chicken Flavor are proving to be three of the rare exceptions. Just about all the kitties love these things and will follow me around when I'm handing them out so they can cadge more. Because they are all natural and only 2 calories per treat, they are a reasonably safe and nutritious treat. Because they are inexpensive, I can afford to bring enough for everybody at every visit! And apparently they taste awesome. I can buy these at my local grocery, Target, Walmart or pet store for around $1.50 to $2.00 a packet and each packet contains enough treats to provide every kitty in the shelter with a generous serving of treats. There is one negative - these treats contain a lot of grains and as a result some kitties will vomit them up after an hour (some kitties tummies will not tolerate food or treats containing grain, or more than very small amounts of grain); over the last few months I've had 3 or 4 kitties through the shelter with this issue. Once I've identified a kitty who is grain-intolerant, I naturally do not feed it these treats or anything similar. Note that there are several versions of the Whiskas treats that are not all natural; the kitties like them also but I prefer to feed the all natural version.
226418226418B001AVMWJKA3GISNYG02O25VJean Drukas "Kris"1151248134400Yummy!I have always bought Whiskas Temptations cat treats. But never the 'all natural' kind.

I was pleasantly surprised when the 'all natural' bag contained more treats and the treats were twice the size of the normal Temptations treats.

My cats love it! And it's great, healthy treat for them.
226419226419B001AVMWJKAJSRB3GD1AGTUJ. Latham0041346544000My cats like them which is very helpful..My little diabetic kitty comes right over for his shot when he hears the jar lid coming off of these (I decant them into a jar from the envelope they come in.) They help make what could be a difficult, but still very necessary chore a much more pleasant event for both of us.
226420226420B001SAUZJ2ADSF9DUZQPFPETK0051286409600MM GoodI've been waiting a long time for this product to reappear. I only wish I could have ordered more.
226421226421B0047LYY9QA27B3GYLSDU7Y6N. Vandemark "neeter888"0041323820800Nice LITTLE Christmas GiftGot a few of these for co-workers so I have not tasted them but they're packaged nicely for gift giving. They arrived within just a few days. They're an 'OK" presentation for the price, but are in a smaller tin than I thought they'd be, therefore the 4 stars.
226422226422B00374QOE2A3MFYVE6BD05NGe r antoniak2211308355200dented cans - every oneOrdered these for relative in another state. Every can arrived severely dented. We are both worried about food safety issues because of the dented conditions. This is NOT the quality we normally associate with Amazon PRIME.
226423226423B00374QOE2A3CUM67TS9BBBSN. Antoniak2211308355200Very DisappointedI received a case of the gourmet early june peas and was appalled when I opened the sealed case. EVERY single can was dented and unusable. I had to chuck the entire case out. I'm assuming the warehouse just dumped all their unusable cans in a case and shipped them out.
226424226424B00374QOE2A2G5WG9B1NRSX9Magic Toy Box1121328400000Not what was ExpectedDisappointed as we purchased these in December as a subscription. These arrived, but were not the caliber of product we thought they would be - nothing "special" about these peas and the cans were mostly dented, etc - labels were off several cans, which makes it FUN later to try and determine what is being consumed. With zero warning, the subscription with Amazon was cancelled and *magically* now it is back, but at the DOUBLE the price we paid in December 2011. Nice. We can of course, re-subscribe, but NOT at the same price we did in December. My calendar shows it is less than a month ago and they DOUBLED the price. Have or will cancel most of our subscriptions. No need to pay .30 more per can than what it is on the store shelf regular price with no add or coupon sale. Very disappointed in how Amazon handled this.
226425226425B00374QOE2A15YKAU16ZEGBWBaltoBel "gingerbread"1151306972800Libby's Tiny Early June PeasThis is a consistently reliable product, at an excellent price, especially when ordered as a subscription. These larger packs are a convenient way to stock up a pantry. We also use these for food drives and soup kitchens. Amazon is a great way to shop staples such as this.
226426226426B00374QOE2A2REMAWGATL67XLaura Wooters0051327104000Libby's tiny peasThese are the best peas you can buy. I did have a couple dented cans but that's to be expected with something that's shipped. These are still at a great price with subscribe and save and straight out of the can you won't be disappointed.
226427226427B00014HS2SA2U84A32KQTVL2M. L. Blair "Ticket Gal"111141205107200Premium Oolong TeaPrince of Tea brand teas are great. The premium oolong tea is good, but I found that I like their organic oolong to taste better than the premium, and it generally costs less too. Prince of Tea is a well known and environmentally concious company and you'll do well to buy their products.
226428226428B00014HS2SA2MOJANFPX353GKen M8851214870400Excellent Tea, Good PriceI started loving Oolong tea after I discovered a bottled product called 'Tejava'. That product is over a dollar for a 12 ounce bottle. I needed something less expensive so I tried this 'Prince of Peace' brand Oolong.

After a few brewing experiments, I now love this stuff.

What I have learned; If brewing as 'sun tea' this type of tea seems to come out very weak. If you put this tea in boiling water, it may come out bitter.

I now heat up my water in a microwave until it is, very hot to the touch, but no way near boiling. I then put in the tea bags and let it brew for about twenty minutes (I like strong tea). I have, to my taste, duplicated the 'Tejava' brew at a fraction of the original cost.


226429226429B00014HS2SA1PBO90FMY86D6Rosewood8851194912000Great productI drink three cups of this each day, made with one Oolong tea bag and one green tea bag, in a large mug. I believe this has helped me to lose about 8 lbs. in the last five months. I drink it without sweeteners, and also cold. The price for this is very reasonable, and the taste is mild.
226430226430B00014HS2SA2ZY23X9IKXMONEntronaut7751179619200A Terrific Find !Unexcelled as to price and equal in quality to the best !
226431226431B00014HS2SAZFFSBRIADPM0L. Shuler4451209686400Great TeaI have been drinking oolong tea for several months now. I find it quite a nice morning beverage instead of coffee. It is also a great pick me up in the afternoon. One of the benefits of oolong tea is increased energy, which for me it works. This oolong tea is great tasting and light flavored. I will definitely continue to purchase it.
226432226432B00014HS2SAAYEMQQIFBA2JA. Black3351190505600Very good tea!The tea tastes great hot or iced. Very good for the price. I recieved the package fast with no problems.
226433226433B00014HS2SA2OAYU1SUQC94Xlittleretta0031308009600Using because Dr Oz saidI'm drinking oolong tea because Dr Oz said it would raise metabolism, the jury is still out.......really how would you know? I have lost weight but that's because I quit drinking coffee which I added too much cream to and started working out a lot more. It does not taste the all that great so I add 3 equals and drink it after it cools.
226434226434B00014HS2SA385HIX12YXQ5maggiemay0051290384000A definite "yes!" productSuperior flavor, not too green, not too black. Loved it from the first cup.I put a hint of Splenda/Sugar blend in mine and am substituting it for coffee these days. Stumbled on it in a shop but will be getting it thru Amazon in the future. I am here now because after tasting it I wanted to be sure I could buy it on line and have it delivered to the door. Again, a definite yes product! maggiemay
226435226435B0009P688OA17VWL15XCBZBWHM "Happy Mama"0051261785600Apple Pie PancakesGreat price from Amazon and great product from McCormick. We use about 1 1/2 tsp in our pancake recipe with a good, crisp appple like Granny Smith or Braeburn chopped up. We all love it!
226436226436B003ZXG4VIA2Z8Q64753B2AMShopaholic0051348963200Banana granolaThis granola is a good tasting and very crunchy. I like to eat it as a quick snack on the go or I put some on my cereal. I would recommend this granola.
226437226437B003ZXG4VIAKDIVDBWIL42MTodd Glover0051340409600deliciousThis is by far the BEST doggone granola i have ever had. I cant get enough of this stuff!! It has a unique buttery, flavorful taste. As my title says..DELICIOUS!
226438226438B003ZXG4VIACELC7PJJLJGPA. Elliott0041326931200Great Snack or BreakfastThis granola is great both as a dry snack and with milk. I first bought this at World Market, and then googled it to find out where it could be purchased online. It gets 4 stars instead of 5 because it is way too expensive. You can get other granolas for about 30% cheaper.
226439226439B002UQ6VHIA3STDXK0XHKD60G. Newsom "Wigi"0051335571200What can you say? It's Kraft MayoThe reason I got this from Amazon is because with the Amazon Prime it was cheaper than the price in the store. The price fluctuates on Amazon so keep checking though.

It tasted just like Kraft Mayo should taste and it arrived with no dents in the product.
226440226440B008216UAIA2AF26KM2JIPWUM. Wagner "Channelzoey"0051348876800Can't find elsewhere any moreThis product is no longer sold at the store, so I so appreciate the vendor selling it this way, it's my only 'water mix' and fantastic with no calories, no carbs or sugar, and calcium! My second case of this flavor.

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