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226465226465B00016LA7KA24UY2BFLGK163Peter Besenbruch3351320883200Great Product, Bad PriceNo, this stuff doesn't beat boiling chicken carcasses, but it comes pretty close. Regular chicken bouillon can't compare. Mix this stuff with chicken breast, noodles, vegetables, and spices and you get a very good chicken soup. A crock pot/slow cooker really shines on this kind of dish.

The problem: I live in Hawaii, one of the most expensive parts of the country. The most expensive grocery store sells this for 6.59. I buy it for 4.79. Usually Amazon shines on this kind of thing, but not with the Better than Bouillon series.
226466226466B00016LA7KAXA0H30103XBNJuanita Dillard3351231632000Best Chicken Base Ever!I was first introduced to this product a year ago after watching a television cooking show and they used this. This has got to be the best product ever. It really makes a dramatic impact in everything you cook. Whether it's homemade chicken soup or using it in your Thanksgiving stuffing the flavor cannot be compared to any other on the market!
226467226467B00016LA7KAN0K3EZIGW9FGCathy Johnson "artist/writer/naturalist"3341226188800What a great kitchen staple...I'd seen this reviewed in a food magazine--where it got the highest marks, by the way!--so had to try it when I saw it available. It adds a rich chicken-y flavor I haven't really managed since I grew my own free-range hens!

SO much better than bouillon, they're not kidding--the only drawback for us is that it's a tiny bit saltier than my husband needs, but if I use a light hand it's perfect. Now I want to try the lobster base! Imagine finding things like these on Amazon...
226468226468B00016LA7KA27UFZ3M3QRW0B. Suri "lucky"5651314316800Only $2-3 dollars at Krogers. Don't get ripped off here.It's $2-3 bucks at Krogers and Walmart. Don't get ripped off here. Same amount. It IS really great though...very delicious and I am a definitely a fan! :) But, I just can't stand people being ripped off online shopping. So take that as you will ;)
226469226469B00016LA7KA1SKHKAWOH28RNCarole Liberman2251317254400EXPENSIVEWhy is this so expensive? The average price I have seen for this exact product is $4.99. I have never seen it for anywhere near this price.
226470226470B00016LA7KA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire2251300320000This is a staple for me!This stuff is perfect: affordable, delicious, wheat-free, and has a two year shelf life even when opened (though it must be refrigerated once open).

I also love the veggie, beef, and vegetarian beef and chicken substitutes. The beef is my least favorite because it's less versatile, but it's still delicious--it just goes poorly in rice and some other dishes I love.

The things I make frequently with this are broth to drink straight on bad tummy or bad cold days, rice, and "easy noodle soup." I like to either boil noodles and veggies with it or use hot water from the microwave or kuerig to make noodle and veggie soup. A little ginger and rosemary in the soups helps with a sick tummy, too! When I cook noodles this way it helps to use very thin ones or to drink off the first round of broth in the mug and pour a second bath of hot water over more bullion and the same noodles and veggies so they get enough time to cook.

I always have one of these open and one in reserve--it's great for regular cooking, but never be caught sick without some on hand!

I have yet to find a better stock, but I have to admit I quit looking once I found this stuff.
226441226441B002UVFZGGA10LWFKVC21F82David G1131326326400Only average marzipanI was hoping that these would compare to Niederegger marzipan potatoes which weren't available at the time I ordered. I was disappointed because they're very different. Niederegger marzipan is the most nutty marzipan I've had and tastes very natural. This marzipan is overly sweet and sticky/chewy--it's very typical and nothing exceptional. Pass on this and find Niederegger.
226442226442B002UVFZGGA3TLT9WG3GIYCLP.V.0031331942400I agree...This product is not bad but not the best either, and I actually didn't realize how small the Kartoffelns are. I had just tried Niederegger before buying this and it doesn't even compare to their quality. This product is VERY sweet and not the best Marzipan around, it's like the sugar is all you can taste. If you like sweet things you might not find it so bad, but be advised that the Marzipan quality is far much inferior than Niederegger. I gave it 3 instead of 2 Stars for the fast shipping and good product appearance!
226443226443B0000A1OEJA1BKNODZDL38PVJulie Ewert0111323043200Not what I was expectingI was looking for something else completely, don't know how I ended up with this. First off the bottle is SO small. It is only like an inch, maybe an inch and a half tall. And the sparkles are not what I was expecting. It's hard to describe. I was looking for orange colored sugar, this is NOT it! What is also disappointing is there is not much there, you would have to have several bottles to decorate a cake or a doz cup cakes....
I knew I didn't want them from the moment I opened the box, but I sadly forgot to do anything about it until it was too late, now I am stuck with them. :(
226444226444B004ZV91F0A29DNZCMDW1UFWSilver_diamond20773351329264000Good changeSimply Heinz Ketchup is the best ketchup with real sugar. No poisons like HFCS. I bought mine at costco and was pleased to see Heinz changed over to getting rid of HFCS. I can now buy ketchup again from costco. The only thing better then this is organic .

HFCS Here's why it's far more dangerous to your health than table sugar

High fructose corn syrup is a popular sweetener because it is chemically different from sugar ,it has a longer shelf life and mixes better into beverages. Yet the corn industry likes to downplay these differences, pointing out that sugar is 50 percent fructose and 50 percent glucose, while HFCS is 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose.

This framing glosses over an essential difference: sugar (sucrose) is a disaccharide composed of a single glucose molecule and a single fructose molecule. HFCS, in contrast, is a liquid solution composed of separated individual glucose and fructose molecules (monosaccharides).

To make HFCS, a 100 percent glucose solution is converted via enzymes into a 42 percent fructose-58 percent glucose solution. This solution is further treated until it is 90 percent glucose, then mixed with more 42-58 solution to yield a 55-45 concentration. So while the final ratio of fructose to glucose might look similar to table sugar, it is in fact a very different product. Is it any wonder that HFCS is processed differently by the body?
226445226445B004ZV91F0A2ZE8KMRGKARPJcanpro10031348790400it's ok but whyThis is a good change but why should we support Heinz that has been feeding us cancer GMO Corn syrup for years .

The newest GMO study found Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grew horrifying tumors .

Id rather put my money supporting a better company not one that is working towards UN agenda 21
226446226446B004ZV91F0AK0NBC2BMBAG5toddlermom0051339027200I LOVE this ketchupI'm not one of those people who put ketchup on everything, but this stuff is amazing. I bought it once to try it and never looked back. Great taste, nice thick texture, simply the best.
226447226447B004TBVQLSA2YWTPBAN7OP2PD. Kauper1141325203200Very GoodThese are actually very good. I had not heard of them before. I would describe them as as tart taffy filled with a sour liquid. Nice flavor and fairly tart/sour.
226448226448B004TBVQLSA1FQSA1RXTUZ61dina2351302480000attn candy lovers this is the best candy you ever tastewow i was shocked chewing this candy that i never got this candy!!! this the best sour candy i ever had!!!
226449226449B005HGJ2D8A2VCA1TXE1862UCharles Carlson6611349136000Tastes good but....When I received the package about 1 week today, opened the package and saw 6 pack of Jans All Natural Juice 33.8 oz each container. There was one container that has very little leak because the box was little too big that caused the juice move too much. I tried the taste of the juice was pretty good good but I was very disappointed with the expiration date. It was overdue, September 22, 2012. Imagine that I ordered the juice on September 18th, 2012, and received on September 25, 2012 while someone packed overdue expiration date, September 22, 2012. It doesn't make any sense and all business is want is MONEY!! They might not care about customer's orders. I really have no idea WHY they did it. I have the right to give 1 out of 5 star for that kind of reason! I am a long time Amazon member. Wake up!!
226450226450B005HGJ2D8A1YY5WKELN4UI5WillieB6651347494400Health Benefits!I am only just ordering this product, but today 9/13/2012 - an article I just received begins with the following data:

"Soursop is a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It also contains a long, prickly green fruit which happens to kill cancer up to 10,000 times more effectively than strong chemotherapy drugs, all without the nasty side effects and without harming healthy cells."

also in the article: "Besides being a cancer remedy, graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders."

It is called soursop in the U.S., graviola in some countries, and in Spanish guanabana.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering has much data on their website.
226451226451B005HGJ2D8A2JB0Z3PC8IAA4David W. Walker4421349308800~ Similarly Disappointed ~As with Mr. Carlson's review, my order was also received damaged, no less than one container leaking badly & messing up all other containers up (had ordered 12 liters total). This most certainly is due to Amazon's continuing long-term practice of inadequate packing for shipping. Inflatable, lightweight, flimsy plastic bubbles packs for 3 gallons+ of juice with lots of "slop" packing-wise? Of course they will arrive damaged! In fairness though, the seals of the caps are very lightweight too.

The expiration date on my juice was 2013, much better than Mr. Carson experienced. Have also appreciated the taste as well as the juice's truly amazing amount of vitamin C as well as the total price comparatively... but c'mon, Amazon! For years I've written to report damaged items from inadequate shipping practices, a few just this past year counting this shipment.

So far as the Soursop fruit being 100 or even 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy, my thought is that this is simply from the great amount of natural vitamin C available in the fruit/juice & may be nothing more than that. One liter of this juice contains about a half dozen times the FDA's suggested adult male's necessary intake of vitamin C (about 7 times of an adult female's needs) & this alone would likely be dozens of times more effective than taking dozens of times more of a synthetic vitamin C in pill form.

Amazon simply must do better in packing this product for shipment as well as do much better packing many other items for shipment, though my honest opinion is that even if Amazon were to amp up their packing of this product that the flimsy outer seals on the containers may well not be adequate for shipping even then though they certainly must be better packed if Amazon has any hope of these arriving to customers undamaged. Thank you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Edit, weeks later: Ordered 2 more shipments of the same with worse results. One package did not so much as make it out of Nevada it was leaking so badly & undeliverable as a consequence. The other arrived as the last one had, except this time 2 of the 12 liters were leaking. Amazon used the very same totally inadequate large air bag packing in a box with lots of slop for the heavy liters of juice to crush & pop, resulting in the containers getting tossed around during transit. No wonder some leak. Not UPS friendly packing for shipment.

Frustrating, having written the review, even directing Amazon to it as well as expressing myself thoroughly as has been done for the better part of a decade & Amazon has yet to change their packing system. Folks, the juice is very good, 4 of 5 stars. It's Amazon's continued predilection for lame packing of so many products over the years that is so unnecessary, in my estimation, 1 of 5 stars, that reduces this fine product to my rating of 2 of 5. Again, thank you.
226452226452B005HGJ2D8A36M3SWH3DD59G~DJ Faz~ "Love My Kindle"0041350518400Delicious!The juice was deliciously sweet and exotic tasting. Sort of a cross between passionfruit and coconut. All of the containers were within the sale date marked on the cartons, with plenty of time for me to consume. Great stuff!
226453226453B0015E110IA4ZP64ZUELA7SBernd H. Reimers1151331424000Pure Jalapeno PowderExcelent product. Smells and tastes just like it is supposed to - jalapenos. Adds great flavor to any dish requiring jalapenos. I've added it to hamburgers - very good flavor!
226454226454B00016LA7KA3B4P720KCGOZR"the_rockman"333351075334400Truly much better than bullion!I found this product in a gourmet grocery store, and since I like to make sauces, but don't have the time usually to do it from scratch, I tried it. I taste tested it against three different canned and boxed stocks I have used, and it was better. Depending on the concentration you mix it to, it is always chickeny, just a hint of sweet, and looks just like regular stock. I have even tried putting a quarts worth of the concentrate into a cupful of sauce and it doesn't make it salty, just taste richer, and it doesn't seem to affect the chemistry of sauces, thick or thin, no extra tendency to break. I have since tried all the other flavors with equal success. These are great for gourmet camp cooking too, and can be used any where you need a stock but don't want ot haul all the weight and bulk. Makes great soups too, friends and family rave about my Greek Avgolemeno soup which only uses this as the stock, along with some orzo, lemon, egg and diced cooked chicken.
226455226455B00016LA7KA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"151551168473600Savory Gravy EnhancerIf you love buying rotisserie chicken you can layer slices of chicken on fresh bread, then dip the sandwiches in a delicious homemade chicken gravy. The flavor of the gravy can be greatly enhanced by using this stock base. This chicken base also contains turmeric and soy protein.

Better Than Bouillon is a stock paste or more like a chicken base than a bouillon cube. Dry bouillon cubes are famous for being overly salty and that is why chicken base is a much healthier, not to mention, tasty alternative.

One teaspoon of bouillon blended into one cup of hot water makes one cup of chicken stock. I use two tablespoons butter and two tablespoons flour plus the stock and a sprinkling of poultry seasoning, freshly ground pepper and paprika. Melt the butter in a small saucepan, whisk in the flour and then the stock.

The stock base is also perfect when you are making soups and one to two tablespoons is enough to flavor an entire pot of stock. You can also put the leftover rotisserie chicken in a stockpot, cover with water and simmer with vegetables and herbs/spices to make a delicious homemade stock. I love enhancing the stock with Better Than Bouillon and the possibilities are endless after you learn to make chicken stock and then use this product to enhance the flavor.

~The Rebecca Review
226456226456B00016LA7KA10TAB23T7TBYBD. D. Falvo141451295222400Terrible pricing!This is an awesome product. I've used it for years and wouldn't make my soups with anything else--it is the closest thing to homemade stock that comes in a jar. I would even go so far as to say better than homemade because it makes a more flavorful broth than I can get from using two chickens. Having said all that, this pricing is awful. I buy BTB at my local grocery store (and most carry it now, although that wasn't always the case) for about 5.39. I came to Amazon hoping for a quantity break but no such luck. My advice is to check your own grocery stores first before you pay twice too much.
226457226457B00016LA7KA2RS7KB6D3TKPKFCB71111151151625600You will never use dehydrated bouillon again!I discovered this product about a year ago and have not used dehydrated boullion since. It's so convenient to make -- just boil the amount of water you need and add the appropriate amount of base. It blends quickly too. No more undissolved bouillon pebbles in the bottom of the broth!

We're a family of 2 so I was worried that they'd go bad on me before I had a chance to use it all, but I've had open jars stored in the fridge for a few months at a time and have never had a problem. I've also purchased the beef base and am just as pleased. Wonderful products!
226458226458B00016LA7KA1UKZIW6LF9898kh99 "kh99"101051299801600Huh?This is very good - I know because I bought a jar for less than $4 at Walmart last week. Is someone really trying to to charge $11 for one jar, or am I missing something?
226459226459B00016LA7KAWYTQ23DGA0ARclsxmas8851319328000Excellent but OverpricedI use this base all the time but buy it at a local grocery for under $4. If it weren't overpriced on Amazon, I'd buy it.
226460226460B00016LA7KAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson5541211155200Forget bouillonI used to depend on the powdered bouillon for cooking--or the little cubes. No more.

For chicken bouillon (or vegetable or beef), I now use this product. "Better than Bouillon" is much richer and has a far more textured and better taste.

Something like this is often called for in recipes. This is so much preferable to the cubes or powder that I would recommend to anyone using those to give it up. There is no comparison.

Even better, of course, is using stock. But for many people, that might not be an option. Short of that, this product does well enough to work and is so much better than what I used before.
226461226461B00016LA7KA2XT0LCY1DCIV8Faedorah Jones "faedorah"5551209254400Very Good ProductI've been using this product for quite a while now. I order it online because, unfortunately, it isn't available for me to purchase locally. It makes a really rich stock. It's easy to use just the right amount to make what you need. It's a thick paste so it's easy to measure. It's a little difficult to get off the spoon, so measure it with one you can stir in the hot/boiling water with to get off all the paste.

This is by far the best boullion/stock product I've ever used. It tastes better than the dry cubes, dry powders and canned/packaged stock products. There is less fat swimming on the top of your mixture than with the canned products as well. It tastes as close to homemade stock as I've ever seen in a packaged product. I've also used the beef as well and it is an equally good product. It also does not taste as salty as the other products.
226462226462B00016LA7KA29WOWF7GNCTBRJV "Chicago Shopper"4451323216000Great product, but WAY cheaper at the store.This is a great product and stays good for a long time in the fridge. But you can get it for way, way cheaper in the grocery store. I get mine at Jewel or Dominick's and pay only about $6 for it. I can't believe how much they're charging for this on Amazon. Save your money, buy this product, but get it from the grocery store.
226463226463B00016LA7KA2SCL3FSG8EBA4Debbie G.4451208736000I'll never buy canned broth againThese products are great to have on hand, and I won't let myself run out. (I'm ordering some right now) I've used the chicken and beef bases, and both are so much tastier than boullion or other powdered products. Unlike cubes, this is a paste and disolves in water immediately, with a texture that's less watery than regular broth. They need to be refrigerated once opened, but they take up hardly any space. Definitely worth a try.
226464226464B00016LA7KADQGF68CXJOTXMaxine "Max"3351321747200Only $4.99 at Stop & ShopI think that this item is over priced on Amazon. It's an excellent product, however, I have purchased this same product on sale for $4.99 at Stop & Shop (Peapod). The price difference is significant.

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