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226501226501B000M5JUC2A3KZNG4U49H1IWPat Smith2241293926400Popcorn seasoningWe like the popcorn with the Wabash Valley Farm popcorn seasoning since we have learned to put just the right amount on it. When we first used it, we were very disappointed because it was too salty. We tried it again, used less and now really enjoy our popcorn with it.
226502226502B000M5JUC2A16GWFWW54P41MDylan0051344297600Kid loves itWe bought this in a store somewhere but couldn't find it again in the stores so we bought online. My kid loves it.
226519226519B000A3I3BAA39D97PLIZ0GBNNoejas2251242604800The greatest thing since sliced breadI used to avoid using the last of my peanut butter just so I wouldn't have to stir up a new one, but now I no longer worry about peanut oil spilling everywhere. The rubber gasket keeps the mess inside and the hook stirs the PB up beautifully! Hurray for inventions!
226503226503B000M5JUC2A28VXHAJQS9ZKQKaren Anne RN001133202880012 oz of saltI am so sorry to have to give this a negative review, but there is absolutely no way that I can use it.

I salt everything people normally salt, and probably use more.

However, after lightly "salting the air" above the popcorn, it was too salty to eat.
WAY too salty. I can't imagine anyone being able to use this!

I cannot stress how little I used, and I tried it twice.
226504226504B000M5JUC2A2BCJNO7L5KKMULisa0021313280000disappointingno matter how little of this product I use, it is still WAY too salty. I'd like to find something with more "butter" flavor and less "salt" flavor.
226505226505B001PKUXSSAWBYY2HCZWE1VJanice L. Reeder5611268611200False AdvertisingI purchased the pink powdered sugar by Wilton, thinking since the list price was 9.99 that I would be getting a 16 oz size. The price had been reduced to 1.49, sale price. When a finally received the pink powdered sugar, I received 3 oz. No way was this originally worth 9.99. They did not list the ounces in the advertisement. It led you to believe that you would be receiving more. Not good. Bad reflection on Amazon and Jo-Anns.
226520226520B000A3I3BAA1WZDR5FV6T7DLD. Naccarato2231235433600Wittmer Old Fashioned Peanut Butter MixerThus far i've only used the mixer with the chunky variety of Smuckers Old Fashioned Peanut Butter and it does a great job of starting things off but it does not thoroughly mix the contents...I still have to finish off mixing the PB using a knife or similar utensil.
226506226506B000A3I3BAA235ZASPKBRZNGJoseph Z. Rukaj35536021260316800Great Idea, BAD MarketingI read most of the reviews (especially the negative ones) about this product before purchasing and knew of the possibility that this particular model may not fit the brand of natural PB my wife likes (16 oz Natural Organic PB from Trader Joe's in a plastic jar). I decided to get it because there was a decent chance it would fit. Without opening the package, I could tell it wouldn't fit. This could have easily been avoided if the specs were included in the product details.

Anyone purchasing this or similar models should know that there are 6 DIFFERENT MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM:

#100 -- crank mixer for 16 oz jar with 77mm lid
#200 -- twist knob mixer for 16 oz reduced fat jar with 77mm lid
#300 -- crank mixer for 16 oz jar with 70mm lid
#400 -- crank mixer for 26 oz jar with 83mm lid
#500 -- twist knob mixer for 26 oz jar with 83mm lid
#600 -- twist knob mixer for 36 oz jar with 99mm lid

The product considered in this review refers to Model #100. Those of you who want it to fit on the Trader Joe's PB that I mentioned earlier will need to get Model #300.

As I said in the subject, this product looks like a great idea, but the marketing lacks an important fact (which I find unnecessarily deceptive) so I am giving it a sub-par rating. It does NOT take much effort to list these very important specs that would help people buy precisely what they need, especially when this info is contained on the back of the product itself.

I found the #300 model on another site and am purchasing it separately. I'm also returning the one I got here.

If you're going to get this product, pull out a ruler or measuring tape and measure your lid to ensure you get the right fitting model. Thanks for reading.
226521226521B000A3I3BAAXBFNG4I93O3JMr Lapin81111247184000No vertical, all horizontalThis gadget is a great idea, and it does indeed avoid most of the mess associated with plain-ground-peanuts peanut butter. It's also made in USA, a rarity these days.

I just wish it worked.

I tried it a few times. Durned if I can figure out how all these folks writing glowing reviews are using it. No matter how long I crank it, the best I can get is runny, oily PB at the top and thick, unspreadable-when-cold PB at the bottom.

The problem is that on the store shelf (or mine), the oil floats to the top of the jar, and the peanut mass sinks to the bottom. However, the mixing rod just stirs the PB round and round. There's nothing on this mixer to mix the stuff vertically, nothing to pull the peanuts up and/or push the oil down.

It needs something like what my old electric-drill paint mixer has - vanes at a 45 degree angle that turn the cranking into forces that act vertically. Of course that would make it harder to clean, but at least it would work.

I've gone back to the old method. I dump the jar's contents into a large bowl, mix it up (using that vertical folding motion!) with a big old wooden spoon, then glop it back into the jar.
226507226507B000A3I3BAA7GXT5V1VL5UTJ. Leigh "jleigh7"747551136073600Major time and effort saverREMEMBER THE OLD WAY OF STIRRING PEANUT BUTTER?

I think you've all experienced trying to stir a fresh jar of viscous separated peanut butter before. You stick a knife in and stir and stir and stir. In about a minute your hand starts to cramp so you try to use more of your arm. That's when you get clumsy and the oil starts to spill over the sides. The jar gets slippery making it difficult to grab onto its side; plus you've left a mess on the countertop. 10 minutes later you're still stuck with big clumps of peanut and a pool of sludge on the top.


This gadget eliminates the mess and gets the job done in about 5 minutes.


- Place the jar on a oven mit when stirring so that it doesn't slip.

- After the peanut butter is mixed (and of course after you've taken the stirrer+lid out) just store it in the fridge to prevent separation. To use the peanut butter just nuke in microwave (without the lid of course) for about 30 seconds.

- If you typically buy the larger peanut butter jars, go to Witmer's web site and order the larger stirrer. The deluxe kit comes with lids of both sizes.
226508226508B000A3I3BAA2240J73FTPR21Robert C.353551174521600Works great!I use this with 16oz jars of Stop & Shop Natural Peanut Butter - it fits them perfectly. I would think that it would fit most standard 16oz jars of peanut butter. It works exactly as described. It makes mixing natural peanut butter quick, easy and mess free. It's very easy to use! Cleanup is also easy... I was shocked, but it does actually clean the rod almost pefectly when you remove it from the lid. There's also a thin, removable, plastic inner lid which is a breeze to clean. Do be sure to lube the mixing rod with either peanut oil or olive oil prior to use, as per the instructions.
226509226509B000A3I3BAA3PSVI1D7LQ4GNstinhoutx212151175299200If you eat natural pb in a jar, you need this.Unless you are buying your peanut butter fresh ground in the little plastic tubs or some smaller brand, you probably get one of the Smucker's/Laura Scudder's jar from your super market. This fits those perfectly and greatly simplifies/enhances the mixing experience. It does a much better job than I had with a butter knife or a plastic chopstick, not to mention the mess it avoids. I would even say it made the peanut butter taste better since the consistency throughout the jar was more even from the mixing. To store and protect the device, I just saved one of the empty jars and keep it on there in the cupboard. That way, too, my wife will remember what it's for and not toss it in the next garage sale. ;-)
226510226510B000A3I3BAA3AZT3WUKXINP3E-shopper "Serenade"9941235779200Great idea, wrong sizeThe item rates 5 stars... it does a great job of mixing and I am very happy with it. However, the supplied lid size was too big to fit 16 oz Trader Joe's peanut butter jars and required a relatively easy modification before we could use it. I drilled a hole in the center of a TJ lid (plastic) and then threaded the rod portion of the mixer through the hole. Works fine now, with the supplied metal lid resting on top of the plastic lid for stability. MIXERS TO FIT DIFFERENT LID SIZES ARE AVAILABLE from the manufacturer, so you might want to check that out first.
226511226511B000A3I3BAA2G1R6BIEB7LRGJames Oleary8841178668800decent mixerThe mixer works quite well once the overall jar has been mixed a bit. It does not work well to initially mix the whole jar. The bottom nut butter needs to be stirred up and loosened slightly first
226512226512B000A3I3BAA8EDTKSPOMRWKhyperbolium6641225756800Gives you a tidy head start in mixing natural peanut butterThose who enjoy natural (that is, non-hydrogenated) peanut butter know that a new jar will present itself with the peanut oil mostly separated from the ground peanuts. Getting the two mixed together, with a knife or chopsticks, can be a messy affair, with peanut oil slopping over the side of the jar. The solution is Witmer's peanut butter mixer. This item is comprised of a metal screw-on lid that fits standard 16 oz. jars (e.g., Adams, Laura Scudder, Smuckers), and an arc-shaped stirring rod-and-handle that fits through a small hole in the lid. You simply screw the lid onto your new jar, insert the stirring rod through the hole and turn the handle a few times. The result is not always completely mixed (especially for crunchy peanut butters), but it's sufficiently started to finish up with a knife - about the same work as re-stirring after you've let a jar sit for a day or two. Clean up is a breeze: a rubber gasket on the lid's hole cleans the stirring rod as it's removed from the jar, and a polypropylene insert inside the lid pops out for easy washing. Amazon lists only the standard model (the #100) for 16 oz. jars that are 4.75 inches high and have a 3 inch diameter lid. Additional models for reduced fat, small mouth, 26 oz., 36 oz., 60 oz., and no salt jars are also available from the manufacturer. Replacement parts can also be purchased separately. [©2008 hyperbolium dot com]
226513226513B000A3I3BAA16708KPWT33A9-JR6641180396800Works great!This product honestly does what it promises and makes stirring natural peanut butter inside the jar so much easier and cleaner. The only fault is that the lid is not completely universal in fitting all jars, but I had no trouble holding it in place while stirring and it still did the job. I am thrilled with this product and wish I had found it sooner. -JR
226514226514B000A3I3BAA346RZH3TE5IPB. Ott "Peanut Butter Lover"4441173312000Peanut Butter MIxerThis mixer is so simple, yet works so well!I wish it came in a shorter version for the smaller jars, but this is great!
226515226515B000A3I3BAA3C8N94MKH0P2KMr. FG4451170633600Peanut Butter StirIt really works and clean up is much easier than using a spoon. The lid didn't fit our store brand plastic jar (too big), but it was still a better option.
226516226516B000A3I3BAA19JNYVOC2TNUAArt Vandelay "Art"3351200528000the better mouse trapThey need to sell this right next to the peanut butter in the grocery store.
Best invention since TIVO.
226517226517B000A3I3BAA1ARZ781F0L73FPMB3351156032000No more oily mess!This mixer is easy to use and makes using natural peanut butter so much pleasurable. It mixed the peanut butter thoroughly and clean up was easy. The peanut butter was much better mixed than when we attempted to mix it ourselves with utensils.
226518226518B000A3I3BAA2OFQTFZJYZDWHal Rager3311304380800DisappointedMy review is 'don't bother.'

I put this on my wish list after seeing it on (I think) the 'Cool Tools' website. I wish I would have read Joseph Rukaj's review so I would not have received the 'almost right' size as I prefer the Trader Joe's PB. Regardless, I have sufficient hand strength to hold it securely during use but, I still need to finish mixing the PB with a knife, spoon, spatula, whatever, like before because the peanut butter is merely 'stirred,' not really mixed.

What use is a tool that requires you to finish the job with the tool you bought the first tool to replace? Clever doesn't count for much if it doesn't solve the problem. I'd return it if I could.
226522226522B000A3I3BAA10RPLT4LN5893Tom1151331596800Great mixer!!works perfect with the Smuckers 16 oz bottle. As usual, my wife sniffed at it, but even she commented later that it worked superbly. I almost fell over that she agreed with me. Honestly, this is an immense improvement over using a spoon to stir up the natural peanut butter. Easy to clean because the stirrer is a bent prong that fits neatly in the bottle, and not some type of beater attachment. Buy it, it's worth the money over having to stir over and over again!!
226523226523B000A3I3BAA28JL8J70X4DJ7Hardly1151322697600Very Nice ToolI like Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter but the struggle with mixing it in the jar was annoying. Smuckers advertised this item on their site but Amazon has a better price with free shipping.

this takes most of the sweat and time out of the process and all of the mess.
226524226524B000A3I3BAA36JQAXDLSYPK0Star Command1151319846400THIS PEANUT BUTTER MIXER REALLY WORKS!i have always wanted a convenient way to stir the oil at the top of my peanut butter into the rest of the jar without fighting with a blunt kitchen knife and fork, sometimes splashing peanut oil on me during the struggle. finally someone invented a simple yet efficient way of easily stirring the peanut butter while the jar lid is closed. try it, you'll be glad you did! there are larger stir lids for the larger jar sizes.
226525226525B000A3I3BAA2A9KOO44P3ZBNJP in Florida1151287100800Great, fun tool!This peanut butter mixer works great - I have used it on both Smuckers and MaraNatha organic peanut butter. I think it would work on OnceAgain nut butter jars too. Not only does it make stirring peanut butter more fun, but it prevents you from spilling the oil over the sides of the jar. I used to dump the contents of a new jar in a mixing bowl to stir it before returning it to the jar just to avoid the mess. But this does the trick right in the jar! Also a great gift for other nut butter lovers :)
226526226526B000A3I3BAA3A36FLPAH159Zclh1151266796800You must have this!Fantastic product. Works like a charm. And easy to clean. If you use all natural peanut butter, you will love this product!
226527226527B000A3I3BAA9B01HRKM33F3Brian Cooper1151261180800Peanut Butter MixerWhile others in my family are still a bit skeptical about this purchase, I absolutely love it! I don't usually like unitask tools - they are generally a waste. Usually you can get the same thing done without the extra clutter. But this tool sold me. If you are the one who has usually had to deal with stirring each newly opened jar of natural peanut butter, this is for you! No more mess - seriously! And it's ridiculously easy. Swap the cover for this one, slip in the stirrer, and turn a few times. That's it. Then swap the covers back. Nicely mixed peanut butter. Best purchase I've made in ages.
226528226528B000A3I3BAA1YTQJEFTERLJRH. trotta-brokars1151252886400Easy to use.Easy to use. No more oil splatters all over the counter and the front of my shirt.
226529226529B000A3I3BAA15BM9LQQE6IO5M. Stever "kitchen tool lover"1151252800000Witmer peanut butter mixerThis is a neat kitchen tool. It fits perfectly on Smucker's natural peanut butter jar. I store it on an empty jar in my cupboard as suggested by another customer! I love it!
226530226530B000A3I3BAA22H1ZU3JY4B5YB. Lardner1141246406400No more oily messThe peanut butter mixer works well. Although it does take more time to get it thoroughly mixed than I thought it would. It sure beats cleaning the mess I made on the counter stirring it with a knife.

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