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226531226531B000A3I3BAA235VRHWIROB28L. Stamm "stam0030"1141243900800PB EasyThis works pretty well to stir the peanut butter. You really have to crank for awhile to get all the oil mixed in, but once it is it is really easy.
226532226532B000A3I3BAA1XJA4T1S5HOW0C. dalton1151241308800Excellent toolExcellent tool for those who cannot stir natural peanut butters without painting the kitchen in it.
226533226533B000A3I3BAA30IH1RDEH5VCVLaura A. Doherty1151240531200Great ProductThis is the best gadget that I have ever purchased. It is the first time that our peanut butter has stayed moist to the very last drop.
226534226534B000A3I3BAA3T7BNTY4R9I6ALD "Discriminating Shopper"1151238544000great inventionFinally, a product that lets families enjoy natural peanut butter without the oily mess that goes along with opening a new jar. I love how it works and the ease of cleaning it up.
226535226535B000A3I3BAA1O8VPG34QKTZ8DENNIS VANANDEL1141232236800Peanut Butter MixerThe product works well, but it is the wrong size for the type of peanut butter jars we normally purchase. The size of the peanut buter mixer was not specified in the ordering information.
226536226536B000A3I3BAAVQB3J7E7Q0BDSelwa1151232236800A stirring success!My husband laughed at me for buying this but after using it, he agreed that it was a great tool. No more squabbles about; "Did you stir the peanut butter enough?". Anyone who buys natural peanut butter should own one of these!
226537226537B000A3I3BAA18OTWIDHU4NHLSC "cheermom"1151229731200Definately an award winning product!Why didn't I think of this? This product is fantastic!We used to try to stir our natural nut butters and tahini with a butter knife. All we accomplished was losing all the healthy oils down the side of the jar.What a mess!This product works perfectly.The universal lid so far has fit all the jars the we have purchased.If you eat natural nut butters, you need this product!
226538226538B000A3I3BAA2UP4XDX2PRSKQGreat Hunter "Jim"1151229126400Got to love itIf your a natual peanut Butter lover, you will love this, and a great gift, makes the mixing soooo much easier, easy to clean too
226539226539B000A3I3BAA22T6MIMCNCVI6katie h1141229040000a handy itemNatural peanut butter tastes so much better than the homogenized versions. But the separation of the product requires you to have to stir and stir. That can get messy and time consuming. This device makes that task quicker, easier and cleaner. It works pretty well, altho depending on how fussy you are, you may have to still stir it with your knife to completely mix it up.
226540226540B000A3I3BAA1KQ31B1998R79Laney1151221782400How did I live without this?I tried every utensil to mix natural peanut butter and it was always a mess. Hard to blend well, oil dripping down the sides, and a lump of "clay" at the bottom from insufficient mixing that I couldn't even eat.
This apparatus is genius.
226541226541B000A3I3BAAHKX6EJ0SDK90T. Coffman1151219881600Love this item!Couldn't be any easier to use. I was trying to stir my almond/peanut butter with a knife and didn't realize how much was never really mixed. Now from top to bottom it is fully mixed and once you pull the handle out it is virtually mess. Love it and would definitely recommend it.
226542226542B000A3I3BAA31HHO73ARB9NEBusy Mom of 51151219017600Greatest thing since sliced bread!This thing is absolutely amazing! I had to go through the company website to get the right size for the jars we use, but I could not be happier. With 5 kids, we go through a lot of peanut butter and I used to hate having to open a new jar. Silly as it sounds, I now look forward to it because this little doozie makes it a breeze! Definite must-have!
226543226543B000A3I3BAA3PIBNI3LKTP6AF. T. "Fred Taylor"1141204588800Peanut Butter MixerThe peanut butter mixer is a good product, especially for those that don't want partially hydrogenated oils, palm oil and trans fats that the manufacturers stir into their peanut butter to keep the peanut oil from separating. This peanut butter mixer makes it a lot easier to get started to stir up your peanut butter. You don't have to get the oil all over the place when you first start stirring and it is a lot easier to turn a crank instead of sticking a fork, spoon or knife in and trying to turn that in the hard peanut butter. The small thin stirrer rod did manage to break up the hard peanut butter and get the oil incorporated into it. After stirring it for quite some time, the rod could not get out all of the lumps. I had to go back in the jar with a flat knife, like a butter knife, and stir some more to get it to the consistency that I like, but the peanut butter mixer made the hard job of stirring a whole lot easier. I am recommending it because I am glad that I bought it and I like it a lot.
226544226544B000A3I3BAA3O0EJ3BUNTZSCRose "Nana"1151202428800Excellent!I love this product, we now have three so we can leave one at our children's homes!
226545226545B000A3I3BAA2D63F3EER47O4Jesse A. Noell1151202428800Excelent product, make stirring peanut butter easyThe mixer works much better than a knife with very little effort. I enjoy natural peanut butter and finally I have a great companion for better enjoyment.
226546226546B000A3I3BAA3CVB7YWXS2TB9Jill Veitkowski1141199577600good purchaseIf you use natural peanut butter, then this mixer is a must have! Initially, it takes awhile to get the peanut butter mixed but if you use it often it doesn't take as long in subsequent uses. The mixer definately cuts down on the mess of mixing peanut butter. The paddle really does come out clean!
226547226547B000A3I3BAA2JJYJNYTF1MW9J. Earle1141168300800Clever little tool!The only thing I wish it had was a set of variable sized lids. I buy Trader Joe's peanut butter, and the lid is smaller. It works great, even by just covering the smaller lid with the larger one, and we don't dread opening a new peanut butter.
226548226548B000A3I3BAA3AQSF45E5EO5DSafta55 "Carol"5711262476800Better order directly from WitmerThe Witmer company website offers 2 models and various combinations of lid width and jar height. I also had to return the Amazon item because I have Trader Joe jars. I have just ordered from Witmer directly.
226549226549B000A3I3BAA1E5AX7R8PMFD8Wiley Hodges "Gadget Freak"71021193011200Lovely idea, except for not fitting on any of my peanut butter jarsThis doesn't need to be a long review. I was intrigued by the concept of this mixer, especially since I love natural peanut butter but hate the stirring. I suspect that if I could find a brand that used a jar of the correct diameter I'd be in love with this thing. But that's asking a lot of me as a consumer.
226550226550B000A3I3BAA1J51466LFL1JOTeamonger0031350000000Seemed a great idea, but...This product works. However, so does an ordinary table knife... you know, the knife you'll be using to spread on the bread. The slightly easier stirring wasn't worth the additional cleanup of the stirring rod and lid. Get a grip!
226551226551B000A3I3BAA1B98W6U43QLZ2Michael A. Berkowitz0051350000000Fits Trader Joe Almond Butter JarsI saw this item in the Lehman's (Amish) catalog and got it from Amazon Prime to save postage. Very nice quality. My measurements indicated that the Model 100 would fit and it did. I'll never have to mix up the Almond butter with a knife again. No effort or mess.
226552226552B000A3I3BAA1BWOWIK64QZGPJaime "mykidsmom2002"0041349395200LOVE this product! Makes mixing my PB so much easier!!This product made it so easy to mix my Smucker's natural peanut butter!! Don't know how I've lived without it. I would have given it 5 stars, but it's a little bit of a hassle to clean due to it being 4 pieces. (not a huge hassle, and unless you eat a LOT of PB, you won't have to do it that often) The hassle is worth it...I hate mixing with a knife and having the oil and peanut butter run over! Plus, this mixes it much more thoroughly than I was ever able to do with my knife. Just be careful to order the model that will fit the jar for your fave brand, and you'll be on your way to peanut butter perfection!!
226553226553B000A3I3BAAPL78H0X2TLHBLinda V.0051349308800The best things are simple!This is such an improvement over trying to stir 'peanuts and salt' peanut butter with any kind of utensil.
And it's cute!
226554226554B000A3I3BAA12XORX15A2IFYOld Uncle Dave0041348272000No More Oily MessesI can't seem to stir up a jar of peanut butter without some of the oil oozing over the sides of the jar and down onto the counter. This little gadget eliminates that problem! I find a little hand stirring is necessary at the end, but it gets you 90% there.

I got the Model 100. It fits on Laura Scudder's 16 oz jar. Don't know what else it fits. They should say which model fits which brand and size jar.

All in all, a cool little gadget, and a must for sloppy stirrers like me.
226555226555B000A3I3BAA2SEJZ4E8N675NAraxiel0031348099200Could be betterBought this Witmer Company Peanut Butter Mixer, Model 100 back in 2009, and now that I have over three years experience with it, I have a few observations.

First I have have used it exclusively with Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter, both creamy and chunky. As far as the curved mixing part that fts inside the jar, it does a pretty good job. My real complaint is with the white rubber washer that fits inside the lid. After about a year it dislodged and does not function as it was intended. After mixing, it floats on top of the newly mixed peanut butter. Actually, it is a bit easier to clean but that is not the way it is supposed to work. The cranking handle works exactly like a cranking handle should work.

One other thing that help this work better is to turn your jars of peanut butter upside down for about two weeks before you do any mixing. It helps to distribute the oil and makes the mixing much easier and certainly more uniform.
226556226556B000A3I3BAA11M9SLCAV4QHZFifitrixiebelle0051340841600Love this GadgetI like the natural nut butters, and I store them in the fridge. Didn't want to microwave them, tho, so I now store them upside down, set the jar in warm water for a bit and crank away. So much easier!! Obviously there are different size jars of nut butter, so get the right size.
226557226557B000A3I3BAA3613GPPLVB1O7Litey "Litey"0041330732800what a great little inventiontakes a lot of the mess out of the Natural PB eating procedure .
I had been eating Natural PB for about 10 years now but sometimes ...just didn't feel like dealing with the mess
now I can never shy away ...worth it product .
226558226558B000A3I3BAA29HBDKTR7H3T8Pickett0051306800000Enables me to eat more pb than ever!This product is great! So easy to use: mixes up the pb and oil perfectly. The nuts don't mix in as well, but compared to trying to mix everything with a spoon, this is heaven! Easy clean-up
226559226559B000A3I3BAA3QNUH7YKZDIH0Dan Keith "Dan in Mexico"0051306540800It really works great!I love natural peanut butter, but it is pain to mix. Until I got my new Witmer Peanut Butter Mixer. It works so easy and does a great job.
226560226560B000A3I3BAA1E588DKEQ8ISFKestrel0041306368000Gr8 mixerExactly what I was looking for. Mixing PB was always a messy job no matter how hard I tried. Just crank the handle, it's so ez you think it's not working, when you pull the mixer out it's absolutely clean!

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