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226591226591B000FFLTEGAIQU0KFEL4NH1hb8831274659200Quick, cheap and tastyAdd hot water, wait a few minutes and it's a decent hot and sour soup. About middling by Chinese restaurant standards, which is pretty remarkable for a dry packaged product. Its also fairly filling, although if one had a single 'serving' of half a container, it'd be pretty meager fare. Who consumes just half a container of instant noodle soup? So four points for the product, minus a point for absurdity in nutritional labeling.
226592226592B000FFLTEGAH7MLDP5HOIRQPEB8841180137600Simply DeliciousDry Soup, how good can it be? Quite Good. Ready in minutes. I buy this product on regular basics.
226593226593B000FFLTEGADEG9JA30TU5REdith K. Hollowell "Married Woman"4451291248000Love it!I absolutely love this soup! I was a little worried at first about the calories in one container, but when I received the package, I realized there are only 85 calories in 1 serving, so there are only 170 calories in one whole cup. The information is wrong on the nutritional information.

This stuff is the best hot and sour soup I have ever found outside an authentic Japanese restaurant! I had the flu a few weeks ago, and this is the only thing I ate for three days besides oatmeal. It's the only thing that made me warm inside, and it didn't make me feel worse like heavy foods did.

So so so so good is all it amouns to!
226594226594B000FFLTEGA3RB2ZRN3ZFJV6Unbathed3351243468800Delicious savoryThis is of course a prepared food, a clump of noodles and mysterious puffs plus an envelope of flavors, but it tastes enough like restaurant hot and sour soup that you don't feel swindled. The goal is low fat, meatless amusement, and it suffices.
226595226595B000FFLTEGA34IGZ989XN4ZHIsa H. Loeb2251307836800I love it!This soup is really tasty! It's easy to make, fast and healthy. It does have a big mushroom flavor, but I love mushrooms, so that is okay. I like that this has long noodles, unlike some other Dr. McDougall's ramens which don't.
226596226596B000FFLTEGA3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"1131339545600Could use some more heatThis soup was just OK, not bad, not especially good. I would have liked it better if it were a little hotter. After adding several drops of TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce - Original Red 12 oz. sauce it tasted better. I understand that a lot of people don't like foods that are too hot, but this was just a little spicy, not hot at all. If it were called "Spicy and Sour Soup" I would have given it 4 stars.

The amount filled the cup pretty well, unlike Dr. McDougall's Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Asian Entree, Pad Thai Noodle, 2-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) which contained very little noodles and didn't even fill half the cup. It didn't really taste like the hot and sour soup I get in some restaurants but I don't really expect fast food in a cup to be like the fresh version. It was easy enough to prepare: just pull open the top on the cup, add the included flavoring packet and stir a bit, add water to the fill line and then microwave for 1 minute and 45 seconds or pour boiling water to the fill line and then let it sit for about 5 minutes. It would be good for lunch at work or when traveling where often it's hard to find quick vegan soups.

The label on this cup says it contains 2 servings and each is 85 calories. The total weight of the dry ingredients is 1.9 ounces. The serving size is 27 grams or .9523 ounces (plus water, of course) Seriously? I can't imagine splitting this cup of noodles into two servings, particularly since it's a fast food with only one cup provided. But then, maybe I'm just a big eater.

I thought the Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Vegan Black Bean & Lime Soup, 3.4-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6) was a tastier choice.
226597226597B000FFLTEGA3EIOMC103PG7WHonestly1151322784000fabulouslow low fat, vegan and tastes great
honestly, not many food products in the entire world like this
wish i had found out about it lot lot sooner
no animal products - how awesome!!!
great for health, convenient, delicious - need i say more!
226598226598B000FFLTEGA1LEW4AOCFJLDOCalvin Clift1141252800000a good quick lunchI take this to work and just add hot water, thereby making a quick light lunch.
226599226599B000FFLTEGA1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"2331259193600Not as hot & sour as I expectedThis noodle soup cup is not as good as I expected. The soup is bland; it is barely hot and sour, contrary to what is described in the product page. The fried Ramen does have a delightful texture; it is firm even after steeping in the soup for minutes, but not good enough for me to buy this product again.

Update: After I spiced up the soup with my own seasoning and Tabasco sauce, I started to like this noodle soup cup. I am again buying it for my lunch pale. But the 3-star rating stands because a product should be able to stand on its own legs.
226600226600B000FFLTEGA1OLU0E1U1WX94Ashley Rust0041349913600YumI straight up LOVE this. Give it four stars because I can understand how not everyone would enjoy the taste - it is not the same as any hot and sour soup I've tried, anyway. But it is one of those foods you should really just try for yourself. It's ramen, nothing all that miraculous, but it's easy to make and this is a great vegan flavor. At my own local health food store, it's actually cheaper to buy it individually there (at $1.79 each) rather than in bulk on Amazon.
226601226601B000FFLTEGA2J4GVOYCSLKPJmaryanc0051345334400McDougall hot and sour ramenI love this vegan product.. it may not be to everyone else's taste unless you are used to healthy food.. This is especially good when you have a cold or aren't feeling well.. There are not many Ramens for vegetarians.. and I really like these and a few others from McDougall..
226602226602B000FFLTEGA1FBKCCN2ZCLHJDexter0041331942400Fantastic Ramen to go when it comes to flying & being a vegan!It is so difficult to find that flavour at the local groceries for that brand, I'm not sure what is exactly going on, but I cannot live without a vegan hot and sour noodle soup. It only appeals to me because I love anything with noodles and "hot-and-sour"! I used them for traveling, especially on long international flights where they don't serve the best vegan meals. There were couple of times that I wasn't served a vegan meal on my flights(oh, that was downright awful!), and I have this brilliant vegan hot and sour soup noodle cup to go (even packed an extra in case I'm hungry!). All I have to do is ask the flight attendants to fill the cup with hot water (that is just like filling a cup of hot tea or coffee!) The flight attendants complimented about it and said it was a clever idea for someone who is a vegan! And I am pleased that I have these vegan cups to go!

Few cons about it:
1. I wish there's more of that, please double that quantity! Sometimes I ended up eating two as a complete dinner meal!
2. I wish there are more cilantro or green onion on it especially more shiitake mushrooms! More toppings, please!
3. I like it to be a bit more spicier, maybe add an extra seasoning for "SPICY" for people who preferred a spicier soup.
4. Where are the tofu? I know they are dehydrated, but want more tofu or perhaps more mushrooms.
5. I want more. More. More.
226603226603B000FFLTEGA1GI767REW518DD. Weathers0021324425600mehMaybe having a cold when first trying this ramen has affected my taste buds, but I found that this tasted suspiciously like chicken and was neither hot nor sour.
226604226604B000FFLTEGA1393P06RSU4G0low budget student0031318118400Soup was good, smelled unusualThe whole ensemble was good, with organic ramen noodles and pieces of tofu. The only problem I had was that it smelled strange once ready. The smell usually went away after a while (or I got used to it) but was the main disconcerting part.

The tofu pieces are TINY and don't really taste like tofu....

I didn't try microwaving it, as the hot water option was good with 15 min sitting time.

After the first 3, I would separate the noodles and use them in other recipes but it would still have the same smell, so the problem was in the noodles and not the spices. A friend said that's normal in such noodles.

Might not buy again.
226605226605B000FFLTEGAFE2GUIJJEED0Mark J. Rosen "hatetoshop"3631181692800yumIf your hungry and you like hot and sour without the chicken broth clap your hands
226606226606B000FFLTEGA59BC7H4T874HAnthony D'Atri "Anthony11"2531277078400Too shroomyI like a number of the other Dr. McDougall's products: they're a good size, many of them rehydrate well, and mostly they taste good for instant soup cups. Moreover, unlike most brands, they're free from anomalous animal products. This one, sadly, is pervaded with mushrooms. The noodles themselves are good, but the fungal flavor is impossible to factor out :( I'm sticking with the Pad Thai and Chicken flavors.
226607226607B000FFLTEGAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra0221310342400I really can't handle this one...I've eaten one of these so far, and one is more than enough. If this were the only food available, my weight would drop like a stone for not wanting to touch this stuff. My stomach's ok with it - just my mouth is repulsed. Sorry I'm not being more specific - I mostly just wanted to add my 2 stars worth.

FYI, without the flavor packet, it smells like cooked eggs and doesn't leave your teeth coated with gunk. I added a gallon or so of soy sauce and some fines herbes and managed to consume one more of them that way. But it's still not safe from thoughts of trashing the rest...
226608226608B000FFLTEGAX0H848UIQM6MNick L. Botti1411289779200Horrible!Honestly this stuff is worse than cup o noodles, it has absolutely no flavor at all. I thought I would give this a try because my favorits is Simply Asia Brand Hot & Sour and it is a million times better. I suggest people dont waste their time on this, glad I only bought 6.
226609226609B000FFLTEGA2A26QGMDL4QP3I. Inman "Farmer Ike"41031245196800Ok I guessI feel bad because all the reviews of people who like this soup but wow groce! I'm not sure if all the reviewers are vegan, and in fairness i'm not and didn't even notice this was vegan soup when I ordered it.

My main complaint is I don't think this taste like Hot and Sour soup. I have ate it at lots of places all over the conuntry from Florida to Arizona, no place has it ever tasted like this! Unless you like cloudy water with spices and noodles thrown in, then yes this is ok. Mabe Vegans don't like good food, I think they do, but from the reviews of this soup I wonder.

On the positive, why I left 3 stars is the noodles are ok, and they are filling. I had to pour some Terriaki sauce in this to make it have some flavor, probably won't order agian, but not so bad I can't eat the 6 that came.

In closing I believe if you like Hot and Sour soup from your local Chinese Resteraunt this might leave you wanting more. Just my opinion. But in all fairness I never eat vegan food, so this could be knocking it out of the park in the vegan world and I would never know. I admittibly like eggs swirled through mine like at the resteraunts, probably not vegan, and they probably use part chicken broth with their water, not vegan. So this may be as good as water and spices get! I wouldn't know. I just know if your not vegan, and enjoy a good piece of filet or enjoy some pork in your hot and sour soup like it is made at a buffet then something might be sorely missing for you.

One last thought, the soup says to let set with lid on 5 minutes after cooking, I left it on 9. I will say I let it set about 15 and it improved the flavor some. If you have the time to wait this definetely makes it better, to its credit.
226610226610B000FFLTEGA1CO0O5NGMY5BFR. B. Clark2711252540800It's awful!My spouse and I love hot and sour soup but this has got to be the worst I've ever had.
226611226611B000FFLTEGA3LF2SJ3U6LADUANK0611314230400Beware of the odd tasteI bought this product along with Dr. McDougall's Tortilla Soup and Dr. McDougall's Hot & Dr. McDougall's Curry with Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf and I must say that I waste my money behind Dr. McDougall's products. All three products I bought taste very awful and worst food I have ever ate so far. I have never experienced this kind of bad taste in my life. Now I going to throw out all 15 cups. if McDougall can give me money back I for sure return all my items.
226612226612B000PWIR12A1FX16U43P8T02anonymous1151264204800DeliciousI was introduced to quaker oats maple and brown sugar instant by a friend. I have found myself eating it on a fairly regular basis ever since. It is easy to make, tastes great and is a warm, hearty breakfast during this cold winter. I find that made with water it comes out perfectly thick and creamy.The only negative if you could call it that is that you need to watch it in the microwave should you choose to make it that way. I found a tremendous difference between my friend's and mines (all are different that's a given) in their's no matter what I did I always had a spillover in mine the 2 min is fine with no spillover or mess whatsoever.
226613226613B000PWIR12A3R1VLB33JEJMIandreas27 "andreas27"1151187049600Great stuff, easy preparation, seemingly healthy, kids love itWe all just love this Quaker oat meal. It takes 2 minutes per bowl in the microwave (so if you are 5 people it takes a little time), is seemingly healthy, and our junior (3 years) loves it, too.

It can be prepared with water, milk, or a mixture of the two. More milk makes it thicker and smoother.

A kind of downside is that the consistency ("thickness") depends on the mixture of water and milk, the microwave's energy, and even the bowl shape and size (probably it's all about the diameter). One needs to experiment a little with the timing the microwave is set to to prepare it to one's liking.
It mixes better if you stir it after a minute in the microwave.

All in all, we all love it, and in particular the brown sugar flavor.
226614226614B000PWIR12A37WMVOF3RVETArabic Learner0011295740800New and Improved Recipe anything BUT improved.I have been eating this stuff since the '70s or shall I say HAD been. They now only have the New and Improved Recipe which is terrible! I thought it went bad-- then I see on the box, new and improved. Who approved this. Anyone remember New Coke--- well, I see this happening again only with Quaker, Inc. I will no longer buy this stuff until they go back to the old recipe.
226615226615B000K9X17AA3VXOIY2NLMFPSTiffany Deary0031346544000Too hot for chocolateI know it's probably my fault for ordering chocolate in the middle of summer but I thought they would at least pack it dry ice our a cold pack of some kind. By the time I got it I got 48 pieces of melted balls of chocolate. It was still yummy but messy as all get out.
226616226616B00679LIWMA9FLWNMXBOJFDJvarner "jvarner"0031332979200CappucinnoOk espresso, nice flavor but a little on the bland side, and I don't get what the little white grinds are in it . When I lived in Italy I don't recall the grinds having white grinds in it.
226617226617B00016LA7UA2RS7KB6D3TKPKFCB71151551151625600You will never use dehydrated bouillon again!I discovered this product about a year ago and have not used dehydrated boullion since. It's so convenient to make -- just boil the amount of water you need and add the appropriate amount of base. It blends quickly too. No more undissolved bouillon pebbles in the bottom of the broth!

We're a family of 2 so I was worried that they'd go bad on me before I had a chance to use it all, but I've had open jars stored in the fridge for a few months at a time and have never had a problem. I've also purchased the chicken base and am just as pleased. Wonderful products!
226618226618B00016LA7UA3LJTHCGBU5TQATeresa131421193788800Way too saltyThis may be better than a bouillon cube, but it's still not great. This Better Than Bouillon isn't absolutely terrible for straight stock but if you try to then use that stock to make sauces or demi-glazes, instead of getting a richer flavor, ugh, they just get saltier and saltier and saltier as the reduction occurs. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for Minor's.
226619226619B00016LA7UA282CDOYIYPA5DMeagan McGovern9951073779200Amazing stuffThis is so much better than canned stock or boullion cubes that it's unbelievable. It's really like making your own stock. I never use anything else for making French onion soup or vegetable soup. It can be a little salty, and you have to dissolve it in a little hot water before you add it to the soup, but this is one of the things I keep in the house at all times. The lobster stock is great for gumbo, too.
226620226620B00016LA7UA1YRSEAN5CQPSNG. Sparks "fearwig"5541255737600Good for soups, but salty--it's NOT concentrated stockThis is indeed better than bouillon--as we all know, that's not saying jack, but it's a truly decent product. The beef flavor is definitely nice and rich, but you should taste everything you add this to as you add it so you don't throw off the salt levels. This stuff is sal-tee, with a capital salty. On the other hand, it keeps forever, and the flavor is perfect. It would just be nice to be able to make the beef flavor a little stronger without turning your soup or stew into a brine, and the amount of salt in this stuff makes it hard to find a good balance.

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