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226629226629B00016LA7UA2BGO838YJ2YOR. Nelson1151291420800worth the price - bouillon with quality ingredientsI'll admit this product is pricier than standard bouillon, but after I compared at the ingredients list to others I decided to buy this one.

I recently found this after looking for some bouillon to make my food go farther on low calories. Comparing the nutrition facts and ingredients of this to the OTHER bouillon products are what led me to choose this product. Some of the read they had salt, sugar, MSG, beef fat, or partially hydrogenated oils. No way! So I appreciate when the manufacturer is considerate and leaves out the harmful ingredients in favor of quality ones.

Maybe the worst ingredient in this is corn oil, but it's the second-to-last ingredient. Roasted beef is the first. One thing I can tell you is, the 10 calories per serving of this product is going to made up of mostly protein, whereas the 10 calories from the other bouillon products is going to be mostly fat, trans-fat, starch, or sugar.

The pasty consistency is easier to use, in my opinion, than having cubes. Sometimes I like to use the stuff right out of the jar and don't want to wait for it to dissolve.
226630226630B00016LA7UATWW1FBJK2I1QTexas Mom1151287705600gluten free beef bullionI have used this product for over year and really like it. I have to eat gluten free and Better than Bullion provides me with good flavor in gravy, soup and vegetable dishes.
226631226631B00016LA7UACCXALLEZO4WDThomas E. Mulnix1151283040000Pot roast nirvanaExcellent prep product for pot roast, beef stew, etc.
I like it better than bullion cubes.
226632226632B00016LA7UA1PIRLA9GPCF7EEmmy1151254268800YUMThis stuff has a TON of salt on it, but what doesn't nowadays? I'd like to try the reduced sodium kind. Regardless, this makes my homemade quickie soups taste fantastic. I just throw in a tablespoon with some water, toss in some veggies, and simmer for 15 minutes. Nice, quick, delicious lunch to take to work. Can't wait to try all the other flavors! I love that it's so beefy tasting...very roast beef and very rich.
226633226633B00016LA7UA1PCXCE67AJFXWMary Wilson1141253232000Delicious but Salty!This bouillon is both delicious and too salty. I love it and use it sparingly.
226634226634B00016LA7UA3TQXCBXK23VBZL. Beebe1151231200000Beef BaseVery good to use to add beef flavor to food. Have given this product to family and friends to introduce them to it.
226635226635B00016LA7UA2LDDK9QWSHQT5Miss Kiki1151220227200Great for pot roast in crock pot!!!We use this as a seasoning for our pot roast in the crock pot and it's exceptional!!! Mix a couple tablespoons with a large glass water, and pour over the meat and carrots and let cook for 10 hours on low. HEAVEN!!!
226636226636B00016LA7UA3RAZ16FFW39MEMark4621198713600Too saltyTypical of the US food industry, they have to pack the product full of salt. By the time you you get the saltiness diluted out all the flavor is diluted out.
226637226637B00016LA7UA3KPFAHZGDK4KAjim o0041350950400better than bouillonI bought mine at costco. about the same of a little more than bouillon........Give it a try and see.... does have a salty flavor but i like the salt
226638226638B00016LA7UA1CRU2RDZ9YNHYM. Armstrong0051338336000Ya' gotta get this!My husband brought home this beef base. I read the ingredients, and the first item listed was "roasted beef." So, the next time I made a big pot of beef stew, I put a slightly rounded teaspoon of the base in it, thinking I could add more if I wanted to. Oh, my, Better Than Bouillon ramped up the flavor of my stew from delicious to gimme more!

Since all bouillon has salt in it, I cut back a little on the salt I put in the stew. But, BTB has far less sodium than other bouillons I've seen on the grocery shelf. Back at Christmas, I had tried a liquid chicken bouillon product, but it was so loaded with sodium, I had to throw out my giblet gravy.

Now, I even add just the tip of a teaspoon of BTB in my ground chuck for hamburgers. Whatever beef dish you're making will be enhanced with just a little of this stuff. Hmmmmm, wonder how BTB would work in my marinade for a slow-cooked beef brisket? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna try that!

And, can't you just imagine how a little of their ham base will taste in a pot of ham and beans?! I'm ordering the chicken and ham versions from Amazon.
226639226639B00016LA7UA33JE9EEYUM3R8Jesse Knight0041327190400GOOD FLAVORING FOR BEEF STEWCooking beef stew from scratch is time consuming, hence I take two shortcuts: pre cut carrots and bouillon. Better Than Bouillon Beef Base, while not entirely free of artificial ingredients, produces a better stew than pre made stews in my opinion. I have several food allergies but for me this product is not a problem. Salt content is high, but this is not a problem for me as nothing else in my stew has added salt. If anything else had salt added then the salt content of this beef base would be too high. Fresh raw meat and vegetables soak up flavor as the stew cooks. Some frozen vegetables are full of added salt, so I don't use them. Roast beef from a deli can have added salt and MSG. I have not tried Better Than Bouillon low salt version yet.

This item is getting harder to find as people are forced to use fast food, as work pressures increase. Cruising around looking for a few items, in my experience, wastes enough time, gas and car wear to erase the sometimes higher cost of buying online. So far our stores are only out of stock for two weeks at a time, but in many areas supplies for cooking from scratch are very limited. hence it is good to see products like this on Amazon.
226640226640B00016LA7UA301C799TBU97FCleo "too sassy for my shirt"0041301961600nice flavori have to warn you, this bouillion is pretty salty. it's not a bad thing depending on the recipe you're cooking. if you want to make stuff like sauces or glazes, this isn't quite right, but it is nice for stuffing and broth. it all really depends, i wouldnt recommend this for gourmet cooking but i find it pretty handy when preparing simple meals for my family, they like the flavor and i do too. cheers!
226641226641B00016LA7UA3NGZIUR7TIKYVSusan Dahl5811298937600RIP OFFBoy did I feel silly when I found this exact item at a specialty store downtown for $5.00. I paid $11.45 on Amazon.
226642226642B00016LA7UA186O3T7ZFK1HILaura Young "momof4youngs"81311217980800NOT msg free!I was so excited to find this product. I have used the beef and chicken. Both have very nice flavor but can be too salty if you use too much. My main reason for buying these was because they were suppose to be MSG free. Silly me, I saw msg free on the label and didn't even pay attention to the ingredients. Two of the ingredients are just another name for MSG! Autolyzed yeast and Hydrolyzed protein. What a bummer. I have major health issues and try to avoid msg at all costs. I will not be purchasing these again. In fact the jars I have in the house now will be tossed. It isn't worth the health issues! I would like to find a bouillon product that doesn't contain any hidden msg.
226643226643B001PKUXSIA3KO14DHBMTFTTLoreste81111291161600Overpriced!!You can buy just half price at A.C. Moore or Michael's.
I am shock that Amazon allows to sell products at such a unfair price.
226644226644B004JQR612A2UH1IXXNH2BVFMichele G.0051323475200Perfect for the coffee lover with a sensitive stomach!This is great for the coffee lover who has a sensitive stomach!
Regular coffee upset my system, and low acid coffee is hard to find in regular stores.
This is a great price, and this sized bag lasts a long long time!

Thanks again Amazon!
226645226645B004JQR612A6PKUCPFYY57QLee Filer "Yorkstermom"0031316736000Dont Expect a Great Coffee TasteDisappointing to say the least. Tasted like strange dirty water. Not the true rich flavor of regular coffee in the least. Threw it away.
226646226646B007TH1I5IA2Z4DYOTHVO2I6Jeff T.2251341964800Aweseome!Packaging arrives safely and well packed. Great taste on all three flavors, however I find it funny that each flavor has its own different shake. "Shake well, Do Not Shake, Shake Lightly" LOL. Only thing I don't like about em, they're so good, my Uncle finishes 80% of the 12 pack. :)
226647226647B007TH1I5IAZL9LR16C6UIPFLAVIO FILHO "propeller hat"0041346457600Tastes great!I bought this pack from Amazon as I had one of the flavors at the local market and wanted to try some new ones.
It tastes great. Make sure to follow the recommendations. Some flavors say "do not shake" and some flavors say "shake slightly".
226648226648B007TH1I5IA1N8V9RUK5SXT6Anthony Gannon0151341014400Great Little Coffee!This Variety Pack is perfect to keep around for that morning you need a quick coffee but don't have time to make it. The variety of flavors is perfect and while it has a slight taste issue (instant, strange creamer taste), it is very nice and smooth and I do enjoy. Product of Denmark for those that are interested, despite the page saying Made in the USA.
226649226649B000B8UO9IA2WBZ53LSOIUPQKathy K0051252195200Sam's Yams - dogs love themGreat healthy treat for our two golden retrievers, much better than rawhide chews. They love them. Both dogs know where their treats are kept and go to the kitchen counter after dinner to wait for their Sam's Yams.
226650226650B000B8UO9IA3OHY88AYCBDJGJanis0051232668800I think my dogs like theseMy german shepherd dog is allergic to all meat except pork, and the vet recommended I add pumpkin to his diet to help his very sensitive stomach. So, I mostly feed him vegetarian treats. These treats keep him busy for a few minutes and add needed fiber to his diet. Both my dogs' eyes light up when I hand them one of these, off they go to devour it in private. My sister's small poodle dog doesn't seem to like these nearly as much. But I have to buy 6 bags at a time, they go pretty quick at my house.
226621226621B00016LA7UA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"7851168473600Beef Stock Paste - Way Better than BouillonIf you love buying roast beef you can layer slices on fresh French bread, then dip the sandwiches in a delicious flavored beef bouillon. The flavor can be greatly enhanced by using this stock base.

A dipping sauce can be made with ¼ cup water, 2 bay leaves, ¼ teaspoon beef base, 1 teaspoon Italian tomato paste, ½ teaspoon dried parsley, ¼ teaspoon dried minced onion and 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme. Heat in a saucepan and then simmer for a few minutes until slightly reduced and it tastes rich and delicious.

Better Than Bouillon is a stock paste or more like a beef base than a bouillon cube. Dry bouillon cubes are famous for being overly salty and that is why beef base is a much healthier, not to mention, tasty alternative. This beef base also contains garlic, onion and spices.

One teaspoon of bouillon blended into one cup of hot water makes one cup of beef stock. To make gravy, I use two tablespoons butter and two tablespoons flour plus the stock and a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and various dried herbs and spices. Melt the butter in a small saucepan, whisk in the flour and then the stock.

~The Rebecca Review
226622226622B00016LA7UA39RMEXRQABVDHMary Morales6731295308800ok, but use sparinglyI've always hated bouillon, I'm a person who just craves the real thing, and this did help in a pinch. I had both the beef and the vegetable products in my fridge for quite a few years as a staple. If my homemade soup ended up a bit flat tasting, I'd add some of this. Or, if I needed beef or veg broth for a stir-fry, I'd whip up a bit. It is easy to just make a little bit, as you need it. However, I started to notice that if I made a soup which depended on this as the foundation base, I would get quite sick after eating a large bowl of the soup. I actually think that I was having some type of high blood pressure bout as a result of the extremely high sodium. The soup tasted good, but for my body, it's too much sodium. If you use it, use sparingly!

Do yourself a favor...make your own. This is what I do now to get the best "base" imaginable at NO cost: everytime I pan fry a steak, pork chops or chicken breasts without any plan to make a pan sauce, I deglaze the hot pan immediately with water, let it reduce a bit, pour the result into a small 1 cup plastic glad/ziplock container, and pop it into the freezer. Any fat floats to the top and gets removed when I go to use it. Sometimes, it is pretty salty, if my meat was more highly seasoned, but the meat flavor is very potent and is mixed with water when I make soup, so it's never been too salty for my needs, and I always wait until I've used my broth stash before adding add'l sodium. Honestly, this is a wonderful technique. I keep one little plastic container for chicken, and another for beef and pork, mixed. I just keep adding to the little container each time I cook (topping it off) and if it gets full, I start another one. I get maybe 1/4-1/2 cup of liquid from each deglazing but it is quadruple the flavor of a can of broth. This is the best trick I've ever come up up with in the kitchen and now when I make soup, the broth is always my favorite part and it never tastes like bouillon. Besides, you have to wash the pan anyways, so it's easiest to just deglaze it asap.

Ok, if you're reading this far, you probably liked my you will not believe when I tell you that you can make the BEST chicken broth from the chicken SKIN scraps that you remove from chicken. I know, I know, it sounds terrible...but there is flavor in that skin and fat which can flavor your water, and then you remove the fat when it cools. You can save up the skin in the freezer and do a big batch, or just do little bits at a time...put the chicken skin/fat trims/any raw bones into some water. Bring it just to a boil, then immediately turn it down low and let it sit for any amount of time you feel least 1/2 hour, all day if you want. Then, strain it. If you want to reduce it, cook it some more, then you don't have to store such a large quantity. Put it in the fridge, the fat will float to the top, skim it off, and put the broth in the freezer. (I often use quart-sized ziplock bags.) Free, No Sodium, HIGH Chicken Flavor like you won't believe. Virtually no work. If you use a lot of garlic in your cooking, throw a whole garlic clove or two in the pot at the onset. I never throw away chicken skin anymore and regret the years of Swanson's chicken broth that I bought, watered down stuff that, to my opinion, has virtually no flavor. (The reason you don't boil this, is your broth will be more clear if you don't...but it'll still taste fine if you accidentally let it boil.)
226623226623B00016LA7UA2I2DE1DJUVQOODarthRad152021174780800Some beef flavor, tons of saltSince Amazon didn't post the nutritional value of this product, here it is, straight from the back of the label:

Serving size - one teaspoon (6 gm):
Calories - 10
Total fat - 0.5 gm
Sodium - 710 mg
Total carbohydrate - 1 gm
Protein - 1 gm

The numbers do not begin to give you an idea of just how salty this stuff is! If you put a small sample in your mouth, you can feel and taste the individual salt grains.

I looked on the back of a can of Morton salt - 1.5 gm of Morton iodized salt has 590 mg of Sodium, which comes down to 393.33 mg of Sodium per 1 gm of table salt.

Which means that this "Better than Bouillon" Beef flavor has 1.8 gm of table salt per 6 gm (teaspoon) serving size, which means that SALT is the single largest ingredient in this product.

The beef flavor is pretty decent, but it is just overwhelmed by the salt.

Sorry, but for people that can't take or don't like so much salt in their diet, this stuff won't work.
226624226624B00016LA7UA1G5MHFUSL6C9Zy. chang3331302652800It's good but too expensive.I've bought this before at a local health food store, and thought I would get a better deal from Amazon like I always do, but I found the same item for a lot less at my local grocery store yesterday. I was very disappointed..... Check with your local store before you buy it from Amazon.
226625226625B00016LA7UA1MVMVXEZGHBSOJohhny A. Pfeiffer1151327017600Buy locally. MUCH better deal.Buy these locally if you can. The local store was reorganizing and the place was such a mess that I couldn't locate the product when I needed to, so I tossed several into an Prime order that i was placing. I ended up paying twice the price. :-( Pretty bad deal really except the the actual product is excellent and much better than the MSG laced garbage from other bullion manufacturers that comes mostly in dry cubes.
226626226626B00016LA7UA29YFIOQ4VEB30Thrifty Shopper1151315612800Beefy - Not Too SaltyBetter Than Bouillon was #1 in the PBS "Test Kitchen" cooking show. I finally found it at Amazon but it is pricier here than at your grocery store. I used my rewards points on my Amazon Visa Card and Super Saver Shipping.

This has a very good beefy taste. You can make an Au-juis or boil it and it becomes thicker.

I made a pot roast. Cook the meat, potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic in a watery gravy and let it thicken up during the cooking process adding water as needed. Don't add salt when cooking, just pepper. Taste to see if you should add salt once cooked as it adds a salty taste but not overly so. I also lightly mash some of the potatoes and mix it with the gravy.

I then made a thinner gravy to pour on top. Very good.

Delivery was fast.
226627226627B00016LA7UA1JYWPOREFOVAHcliffy1151310428800beef base is greatI love to make soups and other recipes that require beef boullion, substituting Beef Base instead. It's great tasting and easy to work with.
226628226628B00016LA7UA37O4F8I1EO1HORolexGMT1151299888000Newsflash: this product does advertise as MSG free!Okay, I love this stuff; it's great to use in numerous dishes as a flavor enhancer. So, why am I writing this review? Because some people on this site like to rant and rave about a product technically having MSG. For the record and I have six different flavors of this product, there is no mention of this product being MSG free on any of the packaging. Okay? So, stop giving bad reviews to this product because you claim they advertise as MSG free. They do not do that, and you are spreading lies. You know who you are! Stop giving this product bad reviews for made up reasons. Read the label!

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