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226651226651B000B8UO9IA2RV0DEM8OEISDS. Roarke0051212105600Sam's YamsI love Sam's Yams! Our dog has been enjoying these since we got him and knows exactly what time he's supposed to get one. No mess (they don't stain), made in the USA, healthy and safe. Great product!
226652226652B000B8UO9IAP8Y95P3HM1MNTara Goldin0051207094400yummymy dog loves his sam's yams.. safer than raw hide, and so good for him, too..
226653226653B0000XQQO6A3PZIVRF1FTKI8cmoor0051213056000Delicious, unique and aromatic!Delicious coffee with a wonderful aromatic fragrance. It's difficult to find wonderfully flavored decaf these days but we'll be purchasing more of this!
226654226654B000XKCCV2A1B2K08ALXVWNSKenneth F. Anderson "kfander"212251304208000I don't think you'll find any betterI have been feeding Blue Buffalo almost exclusively for about eight years now, and couldn't be happier. Prior to switching to Blue, one of my cats, who was twelve then, was losing fur to a point where she was bald nearly everywhere that she could reach, as she was licking and chewing constantly. She looked like she had mange, except I don't think that cats get mange. I took her to a couple of veterinarians. One insisted that she was overly sensitive to fleas, although we weren't finding any fleas. That didn't make sense to me since I had inspected her carefully and I knew that, with five cats, if one of them had fleas, they'd all have fleas. Another vet put her on steroids, which seemed to help some, except that it changed her personality, and that wasn't something I was willing to leave her on for life. Then someone mentioned food allergies, particularly to corn, soy and wheat. Not knowing any better, I had been feeding Science Diet, which was recommended by the veterinarian.

I looked for something without corn, soy and wheat. At first, I tried some other premium food, and her fur started to grow back. I tried a few different premium foods, always making sure that they did not include corn, soy or wheat. Some my cats liked better than others, but I didn't find any that all of my cats liked. Learning more about feline nutrition, I began looking at what the foods did have in them, as well as what they did not have.

When I came across Blue Buffalo, the idea of the Life Source Bits made sense to me. We began feeding Blue to our cats and all of them loved it. My wife came across one of the Blue representatives in a Petco store, and she and I both ended up working for Blue for a few years, both in Maine and in North Carolina. It was nice to be able to represent a product that I believed in entirely. I no longer work for Blue, but I continue to feed Blue Buffalo to my cats. The only kibble that they eat is made by Blue Buffalo, and about fifty percent of their canned food is also made by Blue.

Three of my cats are twenty-one now, and a fourth is ten years old. The fifth died of cancer when she was a few months short of twenty-four years old. Given the age of my three older cats, I am a little more concerned about their hydration now than before, so I feed them more canned food than I would if they were younger. They appreciate variety in their canned food so I mix some other brands of premium canned food whose ingredients I approve of. Even with the canned food, however, all of my cats like the Blue Buffalo selections, and at least one of my cats will turn away from nearly every other brand that I have tried, the exception being Petco's premium house brand, Soulistic, which has good ingredients and all of my cats like it.

I rarely feed them kibble other than Blue. Although I alternate between the Blue Buffalo kibble selections from time to time, my cats never tire of Blue Buffalo, and I wouldn't want to be without the good results that I have seen from it.

All three of my twenty-one year old cats are healthy and active. Veterinarians who haven't seen them before invariably guess their ages as being a third to a fourth of what their ages really are. One of them has arthritis but you'd never know it as long as she's taking her supplement - another reason for feeding them canned food each day, since I can hide the supplement in the canned food. Other than that, they have no issues whatsoever. They play, they fight, and they climb. Being cats, of course they also sleep a lot.

Their fur is beautiful, even the one who was once bald. Here's another huge plus, one that I wasn't allowed to talk about while I was representing Blue Buffalo. Although my cats are allowed to go outside whenever they want to (in Maine, it's not as if they're playing in the street), I have not had a problem with fleas since I began feeding them Blue Buffalo. This has been true even in summers when neighbors are complaining about fleas being a particular problem. If they are outside in the summer, I take sensible precautions and comb them out frequently, particularly if I see one of them scratching, but I haven't seen more than three fleas in eight years. My cats are not treated with poisons, either. Blue Buffalo is not a remedy for fleas, but good nutrition assists the cat's natural defenses, I believe.

One thing that many people are concerned about when considering Blue Buffalo or another premium brand of cat food is the price. Yes, you will pay more per pound for Blue Buffalo than you would for a store brand. When you look beyond that, you will see the cost savings, however.

Cats don't digest corn, soy or wheat very well. When you feed a cheaper cat food (and even some of the more expensive brands) that consists mostly of stuff they can't digest, much of what you are paying for ends up in the litter box. I can assure you that my litter boxes don't fill nearly as quickly now, as they did when I was feeding Science Diet to my cats, and what is in there doesn't smell as bad. The last time I checked, Science Diet was even more expensive than Blue Buffalo. Whatever you are feeding your cats, if the chief ingredients are corn, soy, wheat, or something else that isn't meat, poultry or fish, you might consider that you are feeding the litter box, so you should add in the extra cost of cat litter.

I don't know how many people I have come across who talk about their cats, half the age of my own, as being old. Many people are paying high veterinary bills for health problems that may not be necessary if they were eating a healthier diet. With three twenty-one year old cats and one ten year old, my cats see the veterinarian rarely, and only for preventative checkups. Even the one with arthritis is successfully treated with Cosequin, an over the counter supplement that I buy here on

I won't go so far as to say that Blue Buffalo is the only cat food that you should feed to your cat. In canned foods, there are several other good choices, some of which I buy as treats for those of my cats who like them. There are other dry cat foods that use real meat as the first ingredient, and which avoid corn, soy and wheat. My cats prefer Blue, and I think there is something to be said for the Life Source Bits that are found only in Blue.

That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
226655226655B000XKCCV2AQG23HKSNH14Kkaonicks6651300147200Much softer kitties!Ever since I started feeding my four cats this food:
1. They've all stopped shedding 80%, still a bit during the winter and summer but not PILES of fur like before.
2. My 2nd oldest cat used to rip his hair out and hes stopped this, and his dry skin has cleared up completely.
3. All of my kitties are SO SOFT now it's ridiculous.

They also look so much healthier and seem a LOT happier. I totally recommend this food because the change in their visible health was SUPER DRASTIC in the best way possible.
226656226656B000XKCCV2A27DTT45LU84BIJane834451325548800Great value!Blue Buffalo is pretty pricey, especially for a first-time switcher from cheaper store brands. However, I cannot say enough good things about this product. The person I adopted my cat from used to feed him premium organic food (not Blue). Thinking it was way too expensive (especially on a grad student budget), I gradually switched his food to IAMS. I immediately noticed troublesome changes: he started shedding like crazy, his poop was watery and sometimes even bloody, his fur lost its initial luster and became "stiffer." He was still the same cat, running around, all skittish and crazy, but he wasn't quite what he used to be. After trying several other "better" brands---none of which turned him around---I decided that I was going to be wasting more money bringing him to the vet and adding other weird supplements to his diet. Checking the ingredient list on the other premium foods, most of them listed random by-products, corn, and wheat as their primary ingredients. So, you are basically plunking down loads of cash for these supposed "premium" brands which are pretty much the same as the cheaper store brand ones. I had a hunch my cat was sensitive to corn and wheat, so I looked for a better brand of cat food where there is none of these ingredients whatsoever. I finally decided on Blue Buffalo, as I liked the fact that it had minimal ingredients and had high levels of protein. Within a couple of days, my cat stopped shedding loads of fur, his poop, while still stinky, is no longer watery/bloody, and his fur has become so soft, lush, and luxurious that it's impossible to stop hugging him (he hates being squeezed so much!). As for my cat, he loves is so much, and as one reviewer has already noted, he is eating less of the food, which means you don't really end up paying that much, as a little does go a long way. My cat's on the bigger side (almost 20 pounds and a little over 2 ft from tip of nose to base of his tail), and he used to eat more than the recommended amount of the other ones we've tried. For Blue Buffalo though, he seems to eat less than the recommended amount but has maintained a healthy weight for his size.
226657226657B000XKCCV2A1AP6QNHUADR87NL4451290816000Excellent Dry FoodI bought this 15 pound bag for my single cat. It's lasted several months and has been worth the cost. I transfered it to several Ziplock freezer bags and the food's maintained its freshness quite well.

My cat transitioned to Blue Buffalo without any trouble. I mixed it with her previous food only once and she was fine.

She maintained a slimmer profile before Blue Buffalo however. I used to let her "free feed" her, but now I am considering regimented meals. I am guessing that she enjoys the food enough that she is eating more than she needs just because of the taste.
226658226658B000XKCCV2AD65IUV9AVRZ7Texas Rose3351341100800Rejuvenated!Kitty's been eating ONE for several years and started throwing up her food pretty often right after she'd eaten... no evidence of hairballs. I thought it might be a food allergy. After reading a lot of reviews, I tried Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Dry Food.

Since we started Blue about 3 weeks ago these are some changes I've noticed:

She eats EVERY BITE and licks her bowl clean. She never finished her ONE before she asked for more. It lost its appetizing smell pretty quickly.

She hasn't thrown up.

She's 10 years old and slept almost all the time. After a few weeks of Blue, she's started making her hunting rounds like the old days, checking the walls and hide-y holes for geckos, bugs and whatnot. Didn't find any, but she's on the lookout!

She started initiating play-fights with my husband when he walks by.

Last night she threw a toy mouse out of her bed and chased it around for 15 minutes. No catnip was involved! I keep finding her 3 mice in different places so she has been entertaining herself while we're away.

The only change has been the Blue. She's re-energized and engaged. I thought she was bored, old, and sleeping her life away; who knew it was a nutrition problem? Thanks BLUE BUFFALO for reviving and rejuvenating our sweet Kitty!

update: 8/8/12

When I first read Kaonick's review I laughed out loud, "3. All of my kitties are SO SOFT now it's ridiculous". But now MY Kitty is ridiculously soft! She's also put her weight back on since she was sick in March. We've cut back on the amount we feed her at once and just give her little meals several times a day and she's happy. No more vomiting and she is still licking her bowl clean. ;-B
226659226659B000XKCCV2AQFL5IEFPA6Y7Tiffany Oliveras3351296000000Cats love it!I had been looking for a new cat food for my 10 cats---yes 10---for awhile since the quality of Iams (which I had been feeding them)seemed to have gone downhill since P&G bought them out. The cats seemed to start throwing up more and their poop was getting stinkier. We have all types of cats in our house...some purebreed, some shelter mutts, some young, some old, and a couple overweight so it was hard to find something that EVERYONE could tolerate AND not have them throw up or stink me out of the house.

We landed on Blue Buffalo after taking a trip to PetSmart to once again try to find a food for everyone and the rep from Blue Buffalo was there and suggested the food. I didn't have anything to lose since the other high quality foods (Royal Canin, Nutro, Eukanuba, and Science Diet) that we tried has failed in one aspect or another.

We have been feeding the brood Blue Buffalo for about a year now and so far so good. They haven't gained any weight (and we let them eat whenever), their coats look great, no one has been sick, and throw up is few and far between. I will admit that in the beginning when we switched them over, their poop did stink horribly, but after about two weeks their bodies got used to it(and yes--we mixed their food when we switched) and it is OK now. It will smell, of course when they first poop, but once they cover it, it is fine. Some of the other food we tried made the whole house smell like a barnyard and gave the cats gas! Nothing like a cat jumping up into your lap and farting...LOL!

I like the fact too that they use great ingredients and not by-products. We will be sticking with Blue as long as it works for us.
226660226660B000XKCCV2AOKEIEAJIKWNJessica Covarrubias2251332028800My cats and I all love this food!I used to feed my cats Purina and after doing research on cat food and its ingredients I instantly felt horrible for what I had been feeding my babies for years. Basically corn and garbage.
This food is made from good wholesome ingredients such as real chicken and NO CORN. My cats really like it and are eating less amounts of food each day because they are filling up on protein and not only on fillers. I wish Amazon still carried it so I didn't have to go to the store and buy it and could have it delivered to my house for free with my Prime membership.
226661226661B000XKCCV2A2AT1OX4I5UZS0Tanya Merezko2251324857600Best Cat food!I love this cat food! It beats out all others for quality ingredients. Also, my cats eat less of this food than the other brands (Iams, Purina, etc...) due to the quality. They also poop less. Now, who can beat that? :)

This is a solid company with solid principles. Although the price is a little bit more expensive, it is worth it. Also, since the cats eat less of this food than the others, it ends up being about the same price for a month's worth of food. Maybe only a little more $.

I recently went through a couponing/tight budgeting phase and was giving my cats the cheaper, discounted, coupon-deal food. After a few months, I switched back. There are only a few brands I am loyal too, and this is one of them without a doubt.
226662226662B000XKCCV2A3AD38S4Q1FN2OMG2251320624000AWESOMEI have an 8 year old cat that I am sad to say I have been feeding Iams her whole life. In the past she got sick once in a while after eating, Recently she started getting sick every single time she got done eating. I switched to Blue Buffalo and she loves it, has not gotten sick once after eating and cannot get enough. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quality Cat food.
226663226663B000XKCCV2AKXQAYT3SJXMUBeatriz A. Viera2241319155200Great quality!I was looking for something high in protein with minimal corn and byproducts for my new kitten, but it's hard to find it at a low price. However, I was willing to pay a bit extra to make sure my kitty was getting an appropriate diet. This was a great find. I got a 7lb bag on sale at PetSmart for $15, which I considered a great price, especially for higher quality food. My cat absolutely loves it and gobbles it up as soon as I put it in his bowl. I've noticed a lot less shedding and his coat and soft and shiny. My only complaint is that it makes his poop stink to high heaven! I have a feeling that's a product of any high protein diet, though, so I'm not sure I can do much more about that.

All in all, though, I think this is a great find and a good price!
226664226664B000XKCCV2A3U4FCEAT75XLSCynesige2251315872000My cats like it and are healthyThis is a good product. It's more expensive than typical supermarket cat foods, but you get what you pay for. Blue Buffalo is one of about a half-dozen upscale, healthier, more expensive cat food brands. Though there are proponents and detractors of each brand, honestly, they seem all to be on a similar plane in terms of the quality and healthiness of the food (Blue Buffalo, Evo, Innova, Wellness, etc.). After reading a gazillion websites, I concluded that Wellness Core is probably the healthiest dry food out there, but our three cats don't like it much - it's like feeding string beans day after day to a kid; they just won't eat it. They *love* the taste of Blue Buffalo. So we mix 1/2 Wellness Core with 1/2 Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Dry to try to get the best of both worlds. I can't overemphasize how much all three of our cats like the taste of the BB dry. They will eat it as a meal, or mixed in with wet food, or even as their 11 pm snack-treat, when they are at their most finicky and demanding. All three of our cats like a wide variety of the Blue Buffalo flavors, but this particular product (for whatever reason) has really worked out well as the core of their diet. There's no question that a lot of things improved with our cats, from digestion to fecal habits to coat shininess and smoothness, when we transitioned them over to Blue Buffalo. I'm very satisfied with Blue Buffalo and with this product.
226665226665B000XKCCV2A3NJRLRGI0AFY9chevyman1151330128000Blue Buffalo believerMy 2 cats love this food.I switched them from Iams kitten food(a great food) to the Blue @ just shy of 1 year old.In just a short time a few things were quickly apparent.They were growing(quicker it seemed),their bodies were getting solid/muscular and their fur was shining.They are more alert and active even though they are only just over 1 year old.I have always given my pets the best and this food lives up to the ads of all natural ingredients,high protein etc;.You can still get a good quality food cheaper than Blue but this food is worth every penny!!!!!And the free shipping saves me a 40 minute drive one way to the nearest pet supply store.
226666226666B000XKCCV2A1YLIZTF5FJBK4Amanda L. Riggleman1151310515200Chester Loves It!!Chester, my indoor cat, has always eaten dry cat food because canned food makes him nauseous. He had really dry skin which would make his fur twitch and cause him to run through the house at random hours of the day. After doing some research, I found that "Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Dry Food" was better for indoor cats because protein (chicken) is its main ingredient. When I opened the bag, I was put off by the strong smell, but Chester was in heaven. I thought he was going to jump in the bag!! He LOVES this cat food, and so do I because his fur is shinier, his skin is more moisturized, and he's not shedding as much. Definitely 5 stars for this cat food!
226667226667B000XKCCV2A2YRQ5JHHWXDTUshopgirl5721141304380800Cats seem to like itMy grandmother's cats are so overweight. Tried to find a good product that would be healthy for them and slim them down a bit. This product seems to be going over (with some adjustment time) well with the 3 kitties. Mixing in a little wet food to get them used to it helps. Will keep buying for her.
226668226668B000XKCCV2A34DDJD09KVTB6Winnie Lai1151300233600Cat loves itMy cat loves this food. He is also noticeably healthier. He is somewhat of an older cat (9 years) and when I first got him from a friend who could no longer care for him, he had dandruff on his fur and was extremely overweight. This food has helped his dandruff problem and he has also lost some weight since (he's still fat but not as fat as he was). I definitely plan to continue feeding him this for the rest of his life.
226669226669B000XKCCV2A4P2GCJCVLHQ7E. Harris2351298505600This food is a godsend!This was the fourth brand I tried due to my female shorthair cat's frequent vomiting without any sign of hairballs. She started out with original Cat Chow, then I tried Eukanuba hairball formula, and eventually Science Diet sensitive stomach formula, which was by far the most problematic, causing her to throw up at least once daily. My vet recommended a natural brand, and a Petsmart employee suggested the Blue Buffalo indoor formula specifically. That was about three weeks ago, and knock on wood, she hasn't vomited once since. Not only that, but she's actually become more affectionate now that she's not in a constant state of discomfort and stomach distress. Her chronic dandruff has also almost completely disappeared, and both of my cats are shedding quite a bit less. Their coats are softer and shinier than they've ever been before, and to top it all off, since Blue Buffalo has no fillers, they're actually getting full while eating less of it, and are defecating less frequently. This food was truly a godsend for my sensitive-stomach kitty, and the additional coat benefits were amazing and completely unexpected. I will offer the warning, however, that although my cats took to BB immediately when it was slowly mixed in with their old food, my mom's cats refuse to eat it. I recommend buying different flavors one at a time in the smallest quantity available until you make sure you've found one your cat(s) will eat. Definitely worth the price, especially if, like me, you've been buying expensive Eukanuba or Science Diet already!
226670226670B000XKCCV2A18HEKY3U3QQUVBobb "Bobb"2351296604800The best you can buy peroid.Blue is the best you can buy period.
All you have to do is go to their site & it's obvious.
All human grade ingredients.
No one else sells food of this quality.
And the person that gave the bad review, obviously never read anything.
And compares it to crud like Newmans? Hey it's cheaper, you get what you pay for.
226671226671B000XKCCV2A1ZRI3JEEYB6TPChatteryTeeth0051349913600The absolute best!I can't say enough good things about this brand. I love it so much I emailed the company to let them know. My cat's coat is so glossy, smooth and she rarely sheds. She LOVES this food. I can't free feed her because she will eat all of it! It also has seemed to help regulate her weight. She put on a few pounds after being spayed and now she's starting to look slim again. Her eyes are clear and her energy levels are through the rough. Seriously, give this food a try. I did after researching foods here on amazon and I won't switch to anything else. The only drawback is the price-$20 for a 13 lb bag, but I have just the one cat and this bag lasts a long, long time. I'm going to switch my dog over to Blue Buffalo-the company kindly helped me choose a diet through a series of emails. I can't afford (nor do I really want to fool with it) to feed my animals a raw food diet but this is probably the next best thing. I also feed my girls canned food from the "Wilderness" line as a treat---they go absolutely CRAZY over it, especially my cat. They don't give that same reaction with grocery store brands. Also, this is kinda gross, but she very rarely leaves a gross litter box smell while on this food.
Please if you love your pets and want them to be healthy, try this food!!
226672226672B000XKCCV2ALMPG00YKGU3YSam0051326067200To door with no hassleIt is less expensive and easier than hopping in the the car to go to a pet store. I am really pleased that Blue Buffalo is avaialble from Amazon.
226673226673B000XKCCV2AOP5TUC7TTEY0J0051322352000Blue BuffaloFeeding this to three cats who all love it. Ingredients are great and this has somewhat lower calories than other brands. One of the cats is a bit chubby so this is helpful. Overall, excellent product and less expensive than Wellmess (on Amazon).
226674226674B000XKCCV2A1TDJ55YVT20FAMegan Jordan "megan_jordan1793"0041317686400My pets are healthier and more active...I love this brand. I love that the ingredients written on the back are things that I would use in my own cooking and that this food is not just a bunch of crap filler, like other, less expensive brands. My dog and cat eat Buffalo Blue and both their coats are shiny, they are active , and I don't have to worry about them not getting all the nutrients they need to make them feel their best. I don't have any 2-legged kids yet, but I know that I would feed them as much all-natural/organic/clean food as I could, and I just feel it necessary to give my 4-legged kids the same kind of advantages : The reps at Petsmart are the reason that I made a change from regular store-bought pet food to this brand. They are very knowledgeable and able to thoroughly answer any questions I had for them whenever they are at the store. I have also had to call the customer service # regarding my dog's food at one point a few years ago. The food that I bought ended up being from a pallet that was not supposed to be shipped out b/c it wasn't as fresh as their QA deemed it should be. When I rec'd the bag, the food looked a little odd and my dog wasn't interested. I called the customer service line and not only did they allow me to exchange the bag for another, but they sent me two $50 off coupons for future pet food purchases. I really appreciated them doing what they could to make things right and that is why I will be a continued customer of theirs for years to come.
226675226675B000XKCCV2A15SFAP40H57QLPaula F. Fuhrman0051314748800Great cat food!!Since switching to this cat food my cats are healthy and fit and aren't throwing up all over the place like before. Would recommend to anyone who cares about what their cats eat.
226676226676B000XKCCV2A3ABFI1CTAUYE0Beau0051303862400Great Cat FoodThis is the best cat food that we've found. While it is indeed more expensive than other brands, the quality is topnotch. There is considerably less filler in this food so the cats eat less and as a result, there is less to scoop in the litter box! Litter box odor has been greatly reduced as well, thanks to this food.

Amazon has the best price around!
226677226677B000XKCCV2A3OI99R6PSHULNApril D. Mcmullen0051291507200Yum!My cats love this food...and i love it as well because i know the ingredients are all good for them!
226678226678B000XKCCV2AOF7YS12PZAYIBarbara Orr0051287532800Blue Buffalo dry cat foodExcellent cat food that cats actually enjoy. My cats love this stuff and I feel confident I am feeding a quality food.
226679226679B000XKCCV2A2OCKB1N0KBH00Seth2411331164800Get a sample first or try a small bag.I read all the positive reviews and was very confident when I got this 15 pound bag for my cats. Big mistake! Both of them started having wicked diarrhea the next morning. I figured they need a few days to adjust. Three days and about 30 clean-ups all over the house later we went back to overpriced Science Diet and lived happily ever after.
226680226680B000XKCCV2A21C09WOM8ZRQ5Lady Kohaku "Enviousness"0151294876800So far so good!The moment I brought the bag in the door they were excited. I'm switching them from Meow Mix cause of how horrible it is for cats (sorry I didn't know!). But not I feel really good about giving them something good for them. My DSH LOVES it, and my maine coon seems to like it too. =]

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