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226681226681B000XKCCV2A1MGP6GQUHZ24Brooke1321328400000Kitty Does Not LikeI hate to write a bad review for something, but after buying this product based on all the positive reviews, I have to share my experience.

Unfortunately, I did not have the wonderful results that many of the other reviewers have described. I purchased Blue Buffalo after doing some research on my current food (Science Diet, Healthy Coat Formula) and deemed that it must be a superior product. I've heard that SD is full of fillers, byproducts and unhealthy whatnots. Everyone bragged how their cats loved Blue Buffalo and became much healthier, happier, and prettier. This was not the case with my 1 year old Calico, Olivia. Not only does she hate it, but her coat is noticeably less attractive and she is shedding probably 10 times more than she did on SD. She's also lost weight because she hasn't been eating as much. She is a very petite lady, so she doesn't need to lose any weight. She's hungry, because come feeding time (twice daily) she runs up eagerly awaiting to be fed, but when she sees that it is not her "brand" she sticks her nose up at it. Granted I wasn't expecting miracles, but this has been a bit of a disappointment. I guess it's just not for every kitty.

I'm not saying you should go out and buy SD, that is not the purpose of this review, but I do want you to hear another side of this before you buy a large bag of BB.
226682226682B000XKCCV2A27SWWNLDV5G3DSasha51231301356800One of my 4 Cats ended up with a UTII have used Science Diet for almost 20 yrs. I started seeing bad reviews about it. The cornmeal, meat bi-products, etc... So I researched cat food and came across Blue Buffalo. It seemed to be a great food for my cats. So I slowly switched my cats from Science Diet to Blue Buffalo. One of my four cats is now taking meds to get rid of his UTI. He's 7 yrs old and has never had one before. I can't say for sure it's caused by the Blue Buffalo but the vet told us to be safe and switch back to Science Diet. Truth is, not sure why I switched in the first place, my one Persian lived 19 1/2 yrs on Science Diet. My other three cats seem to LOVE Blue Buffalo, more so than the Science Diet. But to be safe I have to switch back. So if you decide to try Blue Buffalo, just keep an eye on your cat(s) and make sure they don't start licking themselves a lot or peeing in places they aren't supposed to.
226683226683B000XKCCV2A2F73EYXBA52X6K. Heath "KAPH"22611296432000Hype.After reading the ingredients, I was not happy. I expected truly healthy ingredients, as with Newman's Own products. It's been a while, so I can't recall exactly what led me to believe the contents of the bag were not much better than most other commercial pet food. If I believed it were a healthier option for my 6 cats, I would have continued to spend the 35 bucks a bag. By-product, meal, and added vitamins turn me off. I will continue to feed my cats IAMS (which is not really better, in my opinion, just 13 bucks less expensive) because they always want food available to them as I search for a reasonably priced and truly healthy food. I only feed my dog Newman's Own treats and food that I prepare myself. Sorry BB, I'll pass forever.
226684226684B000FVMOW6AN0H6X2L9N71DCookbookaddict4451317686400Excellent SpiceI purchased this spice to use in a red lentil soup recipe and could not find it in Philadelphia. The vendor was great the spice is delicious. I never used sumac before (it has a citrus like flavor) and now have grown so fond of it that I sprinkle it on steamed vegetables and it perks them up with few calories. Since I have never used sumac before I cannot compare the quality of this to other vendors but I am so happy with this that I will not look for other vendors and will in the future order other things from Zamouri as well.
226685226685B000FVMOW6A1Z3XWG2W5GOHPNite Runner3351325808000Sumac SpiceSome people hear the word "sumac" and don't like it because they are thinking of poison sumac. This is not poisonous by any means. This comes from the middle east. You typically put a few dashes on top of hummus for presentation. It has a kind of sweet/citrus-y taste. If you're interested in middle eastern food then you should invest in this spice!
226686226686B000FVMOW6A1LHO3VOXTKZRBCanukgal2211335312000Poor QualityI love using sumac in my salads and the quality of this product is very poor. I think it must have been an expired product because it had no scent to it and to get any flavor I had to use 5 times as much. Will not buy from again.
226687226687B000FVMOW6A2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB2251331856000Sumac...Sumac is a single spice not a mixture of different spices and majority comes in a black or very dark colour unlike this brand which is a lighter colour. It is used mainly in Persian dishes with rice and kabob. I use sumac in majority of my dishes since I love the taste and the smell of sumac so much. It is not hot at all. It is not sweet. It is a different spice but absolutely a necessity for me. Once in a while you will get a very small seed that you can not consume but that is the nature of this spice. Bravo.
226688226688B000FVMOW6A3JSSRY7E19VROJoan Weinstein "Book Worm"1151331942400Very interesting!I've seen this spice listed as as ingredient for a while and wanted to try it. However, it's pretty scarce here in New England. Now I find many more uses for it beside Middle Eastern cuisine. With it's citrusy, tart taste, I can substitute it for many places that call for citrus zest. Sumac is now a permanent part of my spice rack!
226689226689B000FVMOW6A3KK89M211SGJIRiders of Rohan "RoR"0051325203200Glad to see Amazon sells thisSumac is great for some particular salads (potato and onion salads in particular), or some dumpling meals. Those who get accustomed to sumac miss it dearly when absent, I am glad Amazon sells this product, it is of great quality for a decent price. Safely recommended to sumac lovers.
226690226690B000FVMOW6A31UNTU5XJU7C1CLR0051325030400Sumac spiceThe spice came in a timely manner. It tastes great and is just what I wanted. I got two of them, one to give to my son who really loves sumac.
226691226691B000FVMOW6A3L4V513WCVWNDNate0041322524800Nice and tangyWell this came just as expected nice and tangy lemon like flavor and scent. The only reason I rate it 4 out of 5 was because the grind was just a little to course for my taste.
226692226692B00413ABH4AUD4098GAZWZ8Greenbriar1141292371200Card not delivered with giftAs far as I can tell, the product quality was fine (these were gifts). I sent the dried fruit package to 4 recipients at Thanksgiving. At least 2 did not receive the card message that I had included and thus they did not know who sent the package (which I just recently discovered). Not sure if this was the fault of the supplier or of
226693226693B00413ABH4A2TNTY0JVQGGBJPeter R.3411316563200The Items in this Gift Box were not edible - old and staleAfter making effort in purchasing this GIFT BASKET, I was shocked to find the contents were "old and stale." The people who got this called me to give the news. Nothing could be salvaged. Oh, my I thought.
226694226694B004AE1FHYA1GWJQLX1LSZF0Larry G. Rogers3451334016000First Cup in the Morning is now Iced.I grew up with "Folgers in my cup" as the company line goes, but it was so true. My parents purchased Folgers regular grind coffee and brewed a big pot every morning. The next morning, my dad would drink the left over cold coffee while he waited for the new pot to brew.

In today's fast paced world, I seldom have time to wait for a pot of coffee to brew so I tried instant coffees. Folgers tasted like that brewed coffee I grew up on but without all the wait. And I discovered something extra, when I put the crystals in 1/4th as much hot water and then add ice, I have the best Iced Coffee. It actually tastes, like fresh brewed coffee smells.
226695226695B004AE1FHYA1CQ6CV0CZ3WZPRobert Wong "Dine like a Diplomat"0031347926400Comparable to fresh coffee and easy to makeGreat Folgers taste and aroma, comparable to fresh made. I like the flip top lid, and the more streamlined look. I don't have a lot of space so the taller container saves some shelf space, plus the "coke" bottle shape makes it easier to carry and pass around.
226696226696B004AE1FHYA2ITY3O2UPJLN8J. Alec West0041347408000New look to an old product.At first, I thought Amazon sent me the wrong product since it didn't look like the picture. But on the front of each jar were the words "New package, same great taste!" The new plastic containers are thinner and taller with an hourglass shape to them. Ultimately, though, it's the same product.

Folgers makes good instant coffee. And, for the last few times I've purchased coffee, it's always been Folgers. But, this was primarily because my "truly" favorite brand couldn't be found locally (or on Amazon). That's why I took away one star - which is no reflection on Folgers quality or taste. My favorite brand?

Chase and Sanborn Instant Coffee, 7.0-Ounce Jar

Like Folgers, they're one of the old brands that have been around since I was a kid (and I'm 62). But for me, Chase and Sanborn instant coffee tastes better. From now on, I'll order that brand even though it's slightly more expensive. And I'll likely give it a full 5 stars (grin).
226697226697B004AE1FHYA3NWDL41IO54IGPeachy!0051346803200Love Folgers in my cup!I like a quick cup of coffee in the morning (this is before I given a Kerug), But I will still I have quick Folgers.
226698226698B004AE1FHYA29N66WIWNN8JKOne Reviewer0051337299200My Personal Favorite Instant CoffeeThis is my personal favorite instant coffee. To me, it has a fuller flavor than other instant coffee brands I've tried. But, since taste varies widely from person to person, it's subjective to the drinker. I prefer my coffee with creamer and sweetener. If I didn't use creamer, I think that it would be too bitter for my taste as opposed to regular ground/perked coffee. I began using instant coffee for a couple of reasons. First, I would either perk too much, or perk too little. It was just too difficult for me to predict how much or how little coffee I would want during the day. The second reason is, it's quick. We have a hot/cold water dispenser and it's super easy to fix myself a quick cup. The majority of my friends are non-coffee drinkers and prefer tea. So, when I visit them, it's easy to carry along a premeasured amount of instant coffee to enjoy while visiting. I still perk regular coffee every now and then (Folgers), as there is a distinct difference between intant and perked coffee. Strangely, since I have been drinking more instant than perked, I have found that I am slightly favoring the instant over perked. If you have never had instant coffee, or tried Folgers Instant coffee, I imagine you could request a free sample packet from the company first to see if you like it before making a big purchase.

This is much better than dirt and water, by a long shot.
226699226699B004AE1FHYA2SJSAYUQL358FE. Petter0051334880000Good ValueClassic flavor. Packaged in plastic jars which allows for shipping to hospitals and similar institutions. Perfect for camping too. Great price at the time of purchase.

A great cup of coffee with minimal fuss regardless of where you are.
226700226700B004AE1FHYA3RHKETHH418KXhonorable_human0111336521600bad qualityi burned through several jars and they all sucked. folgers instant used to be effective stimulant. what a waste of time and funds!

this is my complain!
226701226701B004AE1FHYA2211XUAO701D7Baroke0121335139200Yuck! Bitter and unpleasant tasteI usually like instant coffee, but this doesn't do it for me. Maybe with sugar it's potable, but I drink my coffee black, and I can barely get this down. Back to the drawing board.
226702226702B000KCYFFYA105Y1IU5YRF9BKathy Freeman "Kathy"0011339113600AWFUL SUBSTITUTEWhile I didn't expect this to be nearly as good as the real thing.....I did expect it to somewhat resemble potatoes. Someone had to work really hard to make something that tastes this nasty!!! Absolutely awful!!!!
226703226703B000LKTZZAA1XFODKSKQD3D7worthalook2251180224000the bestI added dairy-free, soy-free mini choc chips and chopped pecans to these cookies, and they were super! I heartily recommend the mix to anyone who wants/needs to go gluten-free.
226704226704B000LKTZZAA2FNYB5M6IQHM9bar11 "taiji player"1121212192000Not so greatI have to say that I am new to the gluten free diet, so my experience with gluten free cookies is limited, however, I was surprised at the flavor of these cookies (which I added vegan chocolate chips to). There was a kind of chemical taste, almost like melted plastic, that my whole family noticed. So, I was disappointed.

I will try some of the other products that Namaste offers and see if I have better luck!
226705226705B000LKTZZAAQROT2DLAP20VJ. Huff "Platinum Inc."0051349049600Kids favorite cookies!I make this with enjoy life chocolate chips and make it into a bar, kids LOVE it! Our favorite cookie mix by far!
226706226706B000LKTZZAA1FL73ANQ2VZNCGFCFgirl0021346025600StrangeI typically prefer to make my own Gluten Free Casein Free cookies from scratch, but sometimes it's nice to have an easy mix already made up. I have not had luck in the past with other brands cookie mixes (Bob's Red Mill, etc.). So I decided to try this one. Ummmm... The smell was the first thing I noticed. Very powerful smell... Which I was guessing was the Sorghum..? Either way, it's not a great smell by any means. Then the dough was unworkable! Too dry and gritty. And I have been baking/ cooking Gluten Free for a few years now so I'm used to the grittiness in products but in my cookies?!? No!! Once baked, they looked like biscuits! The consistency was way off, not to mention the smell. I've learned my lesson, just stop being lazy and make my own from scratch. :)
226707226707B000LKTZZAA3KO427QI9BIAIcookielover0011325116800YUCKI have tried several delicious gluten-free cookie mixes and this was by far the worst. I knew something was funny about this mix when I was adding the ingredients. The dough smelled exactly like Play-doh. The dough was extremely sticky and wouldn't come off my hands when I tried to mix the dough manually. After baking, the cookies were grainy and had a chemical-y taste. They were stiff and not gooey, like I prefer. I would not recommend this brand - if you are looking for a delicious, soft, GF chocolate chip cookie mix, try King Arthur brand cookie mix and add your own chocolate chips. I will not be buying this brand ever again.
226708226708B000LKTZZAARBU6QZTXZZY6Lucy-Goose0011313366400Disgusting!We have been gluten free for about 4 years now and this is the first I've tried this product (I usually make everything from scratch or use my go-to premade mix: Pamela's). This is the worst cookie mix I have ever tasted. When I first bit into the cookie I would have sworn there was a bean flour in the ingredients, but after looking at the list, I don't see bean flour. I'm not sure what the "taste" was, as the ingredients in the mix are the same ingredients I use in my own recipes, but there was definately something off. I notice another reviewer called it a "chemical" taste. Whatever it was, no one will eat the cookies- even though I put a ton of dark chocolate and peppermint chips in them. Definately not something I would recommend!!!
226709226709B000LKTZZAA1Y5WREZW89KKQMacca "Macca"0021298678400hmmmmI'm not gluten intolerant but all I could find in the store - Whole Foods - were vegan this, gluten-free that and when I weighed up the cost of buying all of the ingredients to make cookies, with my daughter, I figured this would be an ok route to follow.

Overall, they're not that bad - I've read some poor reviews on other sites. They are a million miles away from something you could make from scratch though.

They do have a slightly odd chemical taste, but it's not dissimilar to cinnamon so it's not off-putting and they are grainy - as if sand was used rather than flour.

The instructions say 'add oil', which oil though?

Overall, my daughter is proud that she made them and likes them, but next time I'll do it from the raw ingredients as I have no dietary considerations.
226710226710B000LKTZZAA11LMUWYAOVBDSAmy Sloane "Amy"0021284854400Very gritty and tastes funnyI was disappointed. My darling child has been diagnosed gluten intolerant, so I bought her cookie mix. This mix is made from sweet brown rice flour, which makes them VERY gritty -- like they have sand in them. Also, it gives the cookies a weird flavor -- kind of plasticky.

My sweet child won't eat them because of the texture, so it's useless to me. I've tried putting cocoa and chocolate chips in them. I've tried putting chocolate chips, butter, and a little molasses (to simulate brown sugar). They always taste funny, and of course, they're sandy.

I made her some brownies with Gluten-Free Mama's almond blend flour, and she scarfed them! We froze most, and she's scarfing them from the freezer!!

I suppose that, if the texture wasn't as big of a deal to someone, this'd be a pretty good quick treat.

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