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226725226725B004MTWQ4SA1JXKGZFD3ZVHLJamie "applegirl505"0031342742400alrightI got these for first suckers and the handle falls apart so fast that they aren't really enjoying them, they taste ok no real complaints but I wanted something to keep from swallowing a whole sucker or hurting themselves with the stick, they don't hurt themselves with the stick.
226726226726B0025UOODCA149A7EJQT6IQHso12mo5511318118400Terrible After TasteI make pumpkin spice lattes at home and wanted a quick shortcut. Don't make my mistake. This has a terrible after taste and smells horrible. I will continue to make my pumpkin spice lattes the old fashioned way, with quality ingredients.
226727226727B006BXV1H6A3DFH4CKPIT0N9Suzanne Amara1241329868800A surprise treat in the middle!I tried this cereal first as a dry snack, and that was quite a treat. Each little nugget of cereal is shaped roughly like a shredded wheat biscuit, only much, much smaller. When you bit into the nuggest, you find a tiny center of chocolate---like a small, small piece of a chocolate bar! It's enough so you can taste it separately from the cereal part, and it made this feel like a real snack treat.

This morning, I tried them in milk, and that wasn't quite as much of a treat. Somehow eating them with milk made the chocolate centers not stand out as much, and they just tasted like your standard chocolate cereal, which to me anyway always seems a little overwhelming in the morning. I like how cereal like Cocoa Puffs makes the milk into chocolate milk, but this cereal didn't seem to have the powdery type chocolate that did that quite as much. The milk was mildly chocolatey by the end of the blow, but not severely. They stayed pretty crunchy in milk, and were a good average cereal.

So, if you like a little chocolate pick-me-up snack, I think that's what you'd like these for. I would guess they have a lot less calories dry than most chocolate treats, and they satisfy! A pretty cool idea for a cereal.
226728226728B006BXV1H6A12D1F0XB6E4POBEN61051326672000Delicious ! Best Cereal Ive Ever HadI was surprised as well how good this cereal is. It has the perfect chocolate taste and I'll be buying it regularly. I can't believe a cereal is this tasty. A whole grain addition makes it a plus.
226729226729B006BXV1H6A31VDZOEJACIHHM. Morim2431331769600Not as good as it can beWas very excited to get this chocolate cereal but after several bowls, I don't think I'll buy it again.

- Cool package both in terms of looks and in feel, you can feel the cubes :)
- Crunchy
- Feels like it's filled with some chocolate

- Sticks to your hands (when you eat from the box) and to your teeth
- Has a slight sour after taste, though I expected a sweet one
- Does not turn the milk in the cereal bowl into chocolate flavor (as I reasonably expected)
- Loses flavor when not stored ideally. I had to put it in one of these Glad plastic box, 9 days after the taste had radically deteriorate

If I were you, I would try it once, but probably not repeat.
226730226730B006BXV1H6A1MVU3Q10NY05ASteelcody362421330819200Disappointed in this productHonestly, with the hype on this product right now I expected a lot.

I'm a chocolate fan and this cereal looks great in the commercial and on the box. They did a great job advertising it because I bought it, but I won't again unless I decide to try the original version. The cereal has an awful texture and loses a lot of flavor in milk. It seems to be instantly soft and soggy.

I was prepared to give it one star and then I saw some reviews that suggested to try it dry. I did and it has a good taste and texture dry which earned it another star.

Honestly I can't see why this made it to stores. There should have been improvements made before this was released, could have been great and ended up below average.
226731226731B006BXV1H6A384DLXD0474VHBob S. "Classical Music Fanatic"2421329782400TURNS TO MUSH IN LESS THAN A MINUTEI tried this cereal dry and rather liked it- it had a dark chocolate flavor that, to my surprise, wasn't too sweet. It had the consistency of a high-fiber cereal on the outside and a tiny smear of smooth chocolate cream inside- quite pleasant.

However, when I tried it in milk to write this review the cereal got mushy in about 30 seconds or less in milk. Great for the toothless crowd, I guess, but not for people who like their cereal to stay crunchy while they eat it!
226732226732B006BXV1H6A1HFML4SFJP7W7HeatherB in TX5951327363200My entire family loves it!I wasn't paid to give this cereal 5 stars and I didn't even receive a free sample. I saw it at the store and thought it looked good. I must say, it is even excellent to eat dry! My husband is not a cereal person and he loves it too. I would definitely buy more in the future.
226733226733B006BXV1H6A18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0121334188800This much sugar isn't for every dayUnless the purpose of this cereal is that it be a vehicle for milk, I'm confused as to why anyone would choose this over a healthier, less sugary breakfast food. The first ingredient is chocolate filling, and the filling's first ingredient is sugar. Then the next ingredient is sugar. You get the idea.
By making the "serving size" 3/4 cup, a "serving" of this cereal is only 120 calories, but clearly most bowls would hold twice that, at least, and most of them are from the sugar--there is almost no protein in this cereal. The impressive array of vitamins and minerals could be obtained from a less-sweet enriched cereal or a one-a-day vitamin pill.
226734226734B006BXV1H6A1VTBADV3JS1ECRandi Morse0131333324800Better Without MilkIn our family we all love chocolate, but my children are pretty fussy when it comes to cereal. I was hopeful that this would be a new cereal that we all would love. Unfortunately I was wrong. We tried it first without milk and it wasn't too bad. But for some reason when you add the milk the flavor almost seems to change a bit and the sogginess doesn't do it any favors. While it's a decent little snack and would be, I'm sure, great for younger children, our family will not be purchasing it again.
226735226735B006BXV1H6AYNTULRNAIPNYrealnaynay "realnaynay"0131332374400Good taste, not crispy enoughI liked the flavor of this cereal, but somehow the outside is just not crispy enough.
The chocolate had a decent taste, with minor off-notes.

Unless there is a storage problem at Amazon's warehouse, the cereal should have been fresh, so the not crispy enough cereal is probably just how it was made, and not a shipping/storage flaw.

Conclusion, if it is on sale and I have a coupon I would buy it again
226736226736B006BXV1H6A156P4FPL8OGXBTim Drake "Author and Journalist"0131332201600Doesn't Live up to Its NameTo put it bluntly, neither my children nor I craved Kellogg's new cereal "Krave." What can we say?

It's crispy and it's chocolatey. If that's what you're looking for in a breakfast cereal, you won't be disappointed. Think of it as Cocoa Puffs on steroids. This cereal is for chocolate lovers.

The photograph on the box makes it appear as if there's a chocolate fudge oozing out of the center of each bite of cereal. The reality is a bit different from the image. Each bite does have a fudge-like center, but it doesn't ooze out of the cereal, and there's not nearly as much as the image shows.

The cereal was a bit rich for our family. Honestly, it's more like a dessert than it is a breakfast cereal. It's hard to imagine anyone eating this first thing in the morning.
226737226737B006BXV1H6A3GIQO59ELLU8YRichard C. Bingham0111331856000Chocolate OD?I like chocolate, but this is really over the top. I imagine there are people out there that would say "What a way to go!" if I suggested that they might over-dose by eating Krave, but I truly believe that most people would not find this product to be an enjoyable experience. It claims to be a double chocolate cereal, but I would say it is more like quadruple. After pouring milk on this "cereal" it turns into a pasty mush. The most irritating aspect of eating Krave is that it sticks to your teeth like glue. And, finally and perhaps more importantly, isn't "cereal" supposed to be at least somewhat nutritious? Krave, in my opinion, is a disaster as a breakfast cereal product. How about nuking it for 45 seconds and using it as an ice cream topping? That would be my suggestion for an alternate use of this product. It is really better suited to a desert.
226738226738B006BXV1H6A33VI944SO2YCNSqueal0131331769600Not very tastyI love chocolate in all forms, including good chocolate cereal. So I had high hopes for this cereal. Unfortunately, it just was not that tasty to me. It has a slight artificial taste, especially after the first few bites. The artificial taste faded a bit as I continued to eat, but I still felt that for a chocolate cereal, it just didn't taste that chocolatey. There are much better chocolate cereals out there. This cereal seems to be trying to be a healthier chocolate cereal which is an admirable goal, but personally if I am going to eat a healthy cereal I would just rather have Cheerios. No artificial taste there!

Overall, I found this just to be an OK cereal, nothing special.
226739226739B006BXV1H6A2MOD50IHEDH3GIAMSLICK0131331769600Can't Believe My Kids Said This...My kids, who survive on pretty much any food you would find at a circus or carnival(eg. Cotton Candy, soda, ice cream, etc.) say this cereal is way too sweet. I have been mixing a little of this in with the new Pbutter Cheerios and telling them it is a reeses peanut butter cup cereal, and they seem to like that OK.

This cereal is so chocolatey and so sweet that it is probably a better ice cream topping than cereal. I still have more than half a box and will probably end up dumping it if my new idea that I just thought of doesn't work. I'm going to try making rice krispy squares out of it. Maybe a snack for their school lunches.
226740226740B006BXV1H6A2LIPLT5LJTN5Bautumnphoenix20121331164800Not impressedI love chocolate, especially chocolate cereal, and was very excited to try this new product. I really like keeping chocolate cereal on hand to snack on when I want something sweet; it saves calories compared to eating a whole chocolate bar (as long as you don't overdo the serving size!).

As a cereal, as the product was intended to be consumed, it wasn't very chocolatey. It reminded me more of the amount of sweetness you'd get from dark chocolate rather than something as sweet as Cocoa Puffs or other chocolate cereals. For some people, this might be appealing; however, for people with an intense sweet tooth, this might not satisfy you. I didn't really have the problem of it getting soggy like other reviewers mentioned, but I eat fast, so maybe I just never let it sit long enough to get to that point.

As a snack, I was even less satisfied. I could taste the dry cocoa powder more than I could taste chocolate flavor. It definitely is best as a cereal (again, I realize that's what it was intended for, but so many cereals are great snacks too) because the milk takes away some of that powder-y texture and flavor.

I give it 2 stars because it wasn't horrible, but it's not something I would buy again or recommend to others.
226711226711B000LKTZZAA3CB4SXPO5T290LSS "LSSea"0051227657600TERRIFIC cookies!I like to make these cookies bite-sized -- on the small side. They are great with dark chocolate chips as chocolate chip cookies. Also great to roll in sugar/cinnamon to make snickerdoodles. You can add grated ginger to make ginger cookies. I often use coconut oil (from Tropical Traditions) instead of olive oil, when I make the cookies and they come out perfectly.
226712226712B000LKTZZAA2GTW6FM6DRZSZGo Steelers0051207526400YummyEasy to make and yummy to eat. We made chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies. They were one of the best gluten free cookies we have had. Highly recommend.
226713226713B000LKTZZAA259MPG6SOL02PJosh Daniel S. Davis "xaminmo"0041205625600TastyNamaste mixes really are quite tasty. The texture is smooth and in general they are as good to me as a gluten eater as those made with wheat. Having such good quality mixes would help the transition to a G/F diet for those who suffer mildly from gluten sensitivity and also for their families.

One thing that is inaccurate in their packaging is the meaning of the word namaste. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Draft Revision June 2003, taken literally, it means "I bow to you". The word is derived from Sanskrit (namas): to bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, and (te): "to you".

Some Hindus believe that this greeting recognizes the divinity in eachother, while others feel it is only a sign of deep respect.

Despite the inaccuracy ("no literal translation"), the name of the food is apropos to its contents. They are showing respect to those who suffer gluten sensitivity, and are evoking respect for their product through its name.
226714226714B000LKTZZAA1W46C4YM9VOM3Lauren0051167609600Namaste Cookies for ChristmasThis mix is a wonderful versatile cookie mix! Our whole family enjoys these cookies including my husband who is not celiac and a very picky eater. When I make the cookies I tweak the mix recipe a little. I use 2 large eggs, 2/3 cup apple sauce and 2 Tablespoons of oil instead of what is listed on the bag. I also add 1/2 cup each of mini chocolate chips, raisins and coconut. This Christmas I deleted the chocolate chips and coconut and added 1 cup fruit cake mix. The cookies turned out super!
226715226715B003DD6GVSAALK8CMP72KS5M K Anand4451314835200MK AnandMouth watering amazing Kraft Pasturized Cheddar Cheese in can. The unique thing about this cheese is feeling of its dryness but very good in taste. You will love to eat this. It is being sold at on line shopping site.
226716226716B003DD6GVSA25I58FQLWM8KHRiki S. Dennis "RikiPDX"0051349308800This is a good addition to emergency supplies.If you have a "bug out bag" or just like keeping emergency supplies, this canned chese is worth considering. Also, it melts really well.
226717226717B003ER2XGAA3RMO2PKQT4590sagit12210031345939200A little pricey, but good qualityGood quality product, though a bit pricey! Taste was quite good as was the texture of the andy. Will shop around for a more economical product though.
226718226718B001QA2Q8MAFOV2K4F0MDTZZoeeagleeye7741269820800Heavy but tastyThis is quite tasty chocolate delivered in a gold foil box. Each piece is nicely decorated so the overall effect is very attractive.

Just know that the chocolate is not particularly creamy or buttery. In other words, you are getting hard liquor rather than a fine wine. To me, a heavy chocolate means a darker flavor with not so much sugar in it. If you enjoy that, you will love these chocolates.

The best way to eat them is to let them warm up. Then you will get their full flavor.
226719226719B001QA2Q8MA2BUFIZ3APL7Q7Joseph Rose6751261008000Great chocolate and serviceOrdering from Olde Naples Chocolate was great. The chocolate was for my mom and she loved it. It arrived exactly when they said it would.
226720226720B001QA2Q8MA350EKKR7ZWBFEMichael Bigger3351269216000My Wife Loved it!My wife loved these truffles. They are good looking and they taste great. It was a Valentine success.
226721226721B001QA2Q8MA3C6WRBR05IPCSuzanne Root "monkeymome3"0051342483200Was a giftI never saw or tasted the product, it was a gift to my mom for mothers day but she says they were very tasty.
226722226722B002GWH6XYAJCAVTHZFM0J3G. Eguia "gaber"1141331251200Tasty and at a Great Price for Loose Leaf Tea!i can drink this medium bodied green tea for a long time. And ill have too - i have 2 lbs worth!

Highly recommended.

Please use the tea infuser - Finium Brewing Basket (medium)
226723226723B004MTWQ4SA24IEIZ7E014FIkris1151320451200Great companyThanks for the great service, price and next day service..These suckers were a big hit for the kids. The box came and the candy was wrapped really good so all suckers were in great shape.
226724226724B004MTWQ4SA3SL0L7B9BTIEj. lacoss0031344729600too few flavorsthe flavors included in my 100 were apple, grape, and cherry. i never saw the flavors listed so i was expecting the old flavors that i grew up with: cherry, grape, lemon, and lime. not really an apple fan. i went for the 5 flavor basic lollipop pack next. it has lemon and lime. and orange, too.

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