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226831226831B006BXV1H6A2CN73P0TKBYMXbwillb0051330128000Great cereal, but $5 a box is too much.I first heard about this cereal when it was only available in the UK, and I kraved it enough that I wrote to Kelloggs asking them to sell it here in the US. When it finally showed up in the US this year I was ecstatic, and purchased one of each variety. The Chocolate one was a bit bland, but the Double Chocolate one is like eating a bowl full of happy. The only problem is that it disappears too fast! The Safeway near me apparently stopped selling it now, so I came looking for it on Amazon, but $5 a box is too much for how small these boxes are. I've been buying it at $2-3 a box, and I'd say that's the perfect price.

One final note: I really wish Kelloggs would release the Hazelnut version here, as that's the one I was most wanting when I first heard about it.
226832226832B006BXV1H6A2H2FT8WV5X6SVPaka Paka0041330128000Delicious with Almond milkFrom the commercial this looked like a chocolatey cereal but wow, I did't expect it to be soooo chocolatey. I had it with Silk Almond milk and it was quite delicious. I love chocolate and this will definitely curb a craving for even the most gigantic Toblerone. My boyfriend said it belonged in trail mix because it was too sweet for him, but he couldn't put it down either, eating it dry. I can see this as a curl up on the couch movie-night cereal.
226833226833B006BXV1H6A3HOBP97RKKY0MJ. Wiles Parker0041330041600Warning: May Prove AddictiveYou can eat this cereal dry. Or you can eat this cereal with milk. The experience is, well, different depending on the situation. It's slightly crispy with a soft center when eaten on its own, but adding milk changes the consistency pretty fast, so be warned if you do not like mushy cereal.
However, the taste is surprisingly subtle. I'm not a fan of sugary cereals early in the day but I enjoy them later so I was surprised that when I ate it with milk the chocolate flavor was complimented by the milk flavor to make a delicious but not overwhelming breakfast. Likewise, I tried some later in the day on its own and Krave Double Chocolate provided a slightly crunchy, somewhat chocolatey, but not too sweet or too dry treat.
The only real quibble is that it's likely to get stuck in your teeth no matter how it's eaten and the texture has something to be desired after chowing down on several at once or after its sat in your cereal bowl for a few minutes; but, in terms of taste and flexibility, this cereal's a winner.
226834226834B006BXV1H6A1IOSNSY31L5EIRowan0041329955200addictingI'm a healthy eater with a closet chocolate addiction... I'd LIKE to be organic, but have to sneak in the cocoa puffs. Well, I don't have to do that anymore, this cereal can compete with cocoa puffs in every way. I was worried that the flavor may be off, even though it says 'real chocolate' I'm a skeptic, but nope, fills that addiction quite nicely with real chocolate flavor, and I knew this the first bite I took. yum!
My only gripe, which probably wouldn't bother anyone else but me is the name, "Krave" makes me feel marketed to, and I will go very far out of my way to avoid marketing, it makes me feel managed, and the name feels like it's targeting people who love chocolate a little blatantly... but the taste is great, so I give it a thumbs up.
226835226835B006BXV1H6A1U1ALQQMB6J22J. Beardsley0051329955200Chocolatey GoodnessI sat down to a big bowl of Kellogg's Krave just this morning, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I must say, at first I was quite skeptical about it, as it appeared to be just another sugary choco cereal of no distinction. While wouldn't classify it as my favorite breakfast cereal, for those who love chocolate in their breakfast, this is pretty darn yummy. Highly recommended!
226836226836B006BXV1H6A2E2PA6UNK1E05Labarum0041329955200A Nice Treat!I honestly did not have high expectations for Kellogg's Krave Cereal since chocolate cereal has never been a favorite for me. I did, however, take a chance on Krave since my family does like the chocolaty morning experience. Much to my surprise, it was very good: crunchy fiber with some chocolate taste on the outside and a smooth chocolate center. Best of all, it did not have the overly sweetened taste of its chocolate cereal competitors. My family, not surprisingly, loved it but I have found I like it best dry as it makes quite a good snack. I think they have a winner here.
226837226837B006BXV1H6A62R496DI8W34Lance M. Foster "Solvitur ambulando"0051329955200Best Chocolate Breakfast Cereal Ever MadeBest chocolate cereal ever made IMHO. Krave tastes sort of like Oreos combined with Fudge Pop-Tarts. It's weird because they aren't frosted really, but somehow the insides impart a sense of being frosted. More chocolate-y than Cocoa Pebbles or Count Chocula. Although they are in the shape of squares, they aren't as hard or rocky as Cap'n Crunch and Krave doesn't get soggy very quickly. Unlike Cocoa Krispies, the chocolate doesn't diffuse into the milk very quickly. With Cocoa Krispies, you very quickly get regular soggy Rice Krispies in chocolate milk. This cereal stays more as chocolate cereal and the milk as regular milk. And it doesn't give you as much of a "chemical-buzz" as a lot of presweetened cereal does.

I am not even going to try and make it anything about nutrition. People buy sweet cereals for the taste, and for their kids. Having tasted all the chocolate cereals out there since I was a little kid, my opinion is that this is the best chocolate cereal currently being made. Watch out if you like chocolate, because I think kids and parents who like chocolate might battle over this stuff. It could become addictive.
226851226851B006BXV1H6AH57QM6YHIW8MVascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome "Vascular Ehl...1241330387200tastes goodOnly 3 grams of fiber, maximum vitamin content does not exceed 35% on any of the listed vitamins, 160 calories with 1/2 cup of skim milk per serving, 30 calories from fat, not for those with milk, soy, or wheat allergies. Tastes good and does not irritate the roof of the mouth. Appeals to a broad variety of people due to the chocolate flavor so temps young and old alike. Great "adult" cereal to have around for when the grandkids visit as they will likely eat it. Not overly sweet.
226838226838B006BXV1H6A1S1JC7LTBZAH2Hal Jordan0041329955200Tasty, if you like chocolate at breakfast!This new cereal consists of little squares of multigrain, shredded-wheat type material around a chocolate center. I like the taste, although chocolate for breakfast is not necessarily that appealing to me. I have a suspicion that this cereal is meant as a way for parents to get kids to eat a relatively low-calorie, high-fiber cereal for breakfast. Kids who might reject regular shredded wheat -- I always hated it! -- will probably be willing to eat this cereal because of the strong chocolate flavor. For what it's worth, the cereal becomes very soggy, very fast when you add milk. Much more so than other cereals I'm familiar with, such as Cheerios.
226839226839B006BXV1H6A1MEZNNYI5MQHGDarshan "darshan1"0041329955200Almost Shocked How Good This Is, But Might Not Be For Every DayAs someone who unfortunately gravitates toward junk food, something that tastes like dessert while offering some vitamins and fiber is a nice find.

It is not a cereal that can be left in milk for a long time, but what I found neat (and a bit odd) was that some bites tasted good, but some bites were great, and I think that means there is a "peak milk exposure time" or whatever where the creaminess of the center actually does taste really creamy. This is not something I've tasted before in a cereal. Obviously it can't compare with the center of a Valrhona lava cake, but for a breakfast cereal, it was surprisingly chocolaty.

When comparing it a box of Red Berries Special K (not a totally apples to apples comparison - see below), Double Chocolate Krave doesn't do nearly as badly as most sweet kids' cereals. They both have 3g of fiber, and Krave has 25% US RDA of a large number of vitamins (even without considering milk). True, the Special K (which is touted as a healthy cereal) has 35% or 45% of most of those vitamins, but Krave as a bit of zinc which Special K doesn't. By the way, Special K has a chocolate variety which is also pretty darn good as long you don't mind feeling like you're having mini-Hershey Bars mixed in with your breakfast cereal.

The flip side: Krave has a small amount of saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and monounsaturated fat, which seems unusual for cereal. Also, I noticed that Krave's serving size is only 3/4 Cup while Special K is 1 Cup, so the fact that they appear to have the same amount of calories (120 per serving) isn't accurate. On the other hand, I suppose that means Krave is actually doing a bit BETTER with vitamins than it appears if you were to extrapolate how much it would give you in an equal-sized serving.

Also, there are wheat (Krave is multi-grain), soy and milk ingredients (the center of each piece of the cereal really is a bit creamy when moist) so people who eat dry cereal only because of lactose intolerance probably can't have this variety. Last, this cereal settles a bit heavy in the stomach, and perhaps it's slightly rich, or perhaps it's because the chocolate is processed with alkali. If you've noticed that chocolate donuts make you feel a bit ill when you normally can have chocolate just fine, I suspect it might be the alkali. (The same I think is true for the Chocolate Special K.)

So don't go crazy and have a bunch of bowls of this all at once until you see how it hits your system. Even though it is definitely tasty enough for seconds.
226840226840B006BXV1H6A3N27L13CWJ9HYD. R. Smith0041329868800A wonderful treat and a new wordI agree with most of the reviewers that this is much better as a dry snack than a cereal. However, Cocoa Krispies doesn't stay crisp long enough to get thru the bowl, either, so it's not a big minus. But the milk doesn't get all chocolatey like the other cereals do.

The center is a touch of creamy chocolate that was a pleasant surprise, and I even learned a new word from the box. "Chocovore." Isn't that great? I have always said I was a choco-phile but this is even cooler.
226841226841B006BXV1H6A1M8AYAL3L8ACPAmanda L. Davis0041329523200Good to Munch on, not Good in MilkI love this as a snack. I eat it dry. It's sweet enough to satisfy my cravings but not too sweet or unhealthy. I don't like it with milk because it falls apart and becomes syrupy and gloppy. The texture definitely gets compromised.
226842226842B006BXV1H6A22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0041329436800My kids crave KraveMy kids love Double Chocolate Krave Cereal. It's very chocolatey. The only thing I don't like about it is it will get soft in milk pretty quickly. The crunch just won't be there if I let it soak just a little too long. Otherwise, it's quite tasty.

Also makes a great dry snack. Just grab a handful for a quick pick-me-up.
226843226843B006BXV1H6A3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo5831329696000Tastes like Chex + NutellaI was pleasantly surprised that the Kellogg Krave cereal was not as sweet as I thought they'd be; I imagined they would be just another cloyingly sweet kid's cereal. The sweetness is held in check, fortunately, and the amount of sugar per serving size is acceptable. The exterior whole grain shell reminds me of chocolate Chex, and the soft interior reminds me of Nutella. They tasted better as a dry snack; once I added milk, they turned into a mushy mess in my bowl. One annoying characteristic that I did not like was the tendency for bits of Krave to lodge in my teeth after eating. I believe this is due to the textural difference between exterior and soft interior filling.
226844226844B006BXV1H6A3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...1221330819200Very Disappointing!These are small bite-sized nuggets of cereal with a chocolate center. I got them thinking it would be a good snack when I had a chocolate craving. The whole grains give the cereal a healthy aspect. And I figured with the chocolate center there would be plenty of chocolate that I should be in a chocolate induced coma after eating it. Sadly, this was not the case.

I first ate this as a dry snack in the afternoon. From the picture on the box, I thought the cereal pieces would be bigger. They were slightly more crumbly than a normal chocolate cereal. Then I bit into them and couldn't find the chocolate filling. I broke several apart and found a hollow space for the filling but found nothing. After munching on a couple handfuls I thought I detected a filling. I broke another piece open and found this super faint layer of chocolate inside the piece. Here I was expecting a nice blast of chocolate and got a super light hint. They were also gritty. The only thing I can think of is that is from the whole grains.

When I had them with milk, I was not impressed. The first thing I notice is it felt like eating super puffed up dirt. The only chocolate taste I got was from the filling to the puff. The rest had no taste and was super gritty, which was probably the whole grains.

I have to say that this is one of the nastiest tasting cereals on the market. The only way it is healthy is the whole grains that taste and have the consistency of dirt. Yes, when you eat the cereal dry you can taste the chocolate, but soaked in milk is horrible.

Some people subject themselves to all of the above in the name of healthy eating, which, if you are one of those people, you will probably like this cereal. Otherwise, save your money and buy some Cocoa Puffs Cereal. They have the exact same concept but with a real chocolate taste and better consistency.

Shawn Kovacich
Author and Creator of numerous books and DVD's.
226845226845B006BXV1H6A1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"1221330819200I am a chocolaholic but this is not satisfyingIt doesn't have good chocolate flavor at all, if I were blind folded I would not know it was chocolate. It is sweet but the flavor is very lacking. This cereal is way over hyped, if I want chocolate I certainly won't be getting this. The outer texture is kind of flaky and if you let it sit in milk too long it loses it crunch and is just a sweet yuk to eat. I can't recommend this when the idea is to be the chocolate flavor and it has no flavor that reminds me of chocolate.
226846226846B006BXV1H6A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet1241330646400Tasty as a dry snack great with ice cream
226847226847B006BXV1H6A2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"1241330473600Chocolate Whammy!Kellogg's new Double Chocolate Krave is more like a dessert than a breakfast cereal. Seriously, that is how I eat it. Instead of some slightly more decadent alternative after diner, a bowl of Krave satisfies my sweet tooth nicely. And it isn't that unhealthy if you manage to keep it to the 3/4 cup serving size.

That's the trick though. This cereal is addictive. After polishing off a bowl it is very tempting to go back for a refill. 16 grams of sugar becomes 32, then 48 get the idea. This is not a diabetic or diet friendly food. Freshly doused in milk the cereal "pillows" and a satisfying crunch followed by the release of the creamy chocolate filling. I wish there was a bit more of the filling, but ironically the label indicates it to be the primary ingredient. Krave does get mushy rather quickly, but I've found that I inhale a bowl so fast that it isn't an issue.

While not as over-sugared as some, Double Chocolate Krave is your standard fare Kellogg's breakfast cereal geared towards kids with a sweet tooth or adults who want to indulge. It does have a slight aftertaste and the usual assortment of over-processed ingredients, preservatives, and vitamin & mineral additives. This is a cereal that I would only serve or eat as an occasional treat and not something I would carbo-load my kids with in the morning before school. If sweet chocolately flavor is not your thing in a cereal, then Krave definitely isn't for you. Chocovores, however, may have just found a new favorite.

~ Kort
226852226852B006BXV1H6A1C6ZJNWKYK485R. Johnson1231329955200Tasty Chocolate CerealKellog's Krave lives up to it's packaging. It has a crunchy chocolate flavored outer layer, and a creamy, chocolate flavored center. It's actually tasty as a dry snack, and fine in a bowl of milk (if you don't allow it to get too soggy). It doesn't have a "real" chocolate flavor, but it's a reasonable substitute. Although the calorie count is 120 per serving, keep in mind that it's for 3/4 of a cup when many other cereals are based on a one-cup serving. AND, there are 10 grams of sugar in one serving of Krave... perhaps a reason why you might start to crave more servings. I wouldn't eat this for breakfast, but it might occasionally satisfy my desire for dessert in the evening by having a small bowl to snack on with a glass of milk. As a replacement for a high-sugar and high-calorie treat, this is a winner, but for a morning cereal... I'd keep searching.
226853226853B000Y3KWV0A59128KLN4BQKMadelene Caselli "Taarna"0051203638400Read further.....Your dogs will love these. These come individually wrapped with plenty of chewing time on them. Being a "cap" bone, there is no splintering to harm your dog. I do take them away once they start to try and break up the large bone to minimize the wear on their teeth.

There was a small problem with my order and the company responded right away and I received no argument or hassle getting the problem resolved.

I can recommend this company and item to humans and pets alike.
226854226854B004VDH5BEA2086U79RG16LZHartwell1151346284800Delicious and Nutritious!Seriously - I like the lemon and olive oil version of these suckers, but the marinara sauce ones take the cake. They're delicious, they're chock full of healthy fish oils and calcium (you eat the whole fish, bones and all), and they go great on a salad or in a grilled cheese.

As a fairly strict Paleo eater 29 days a month, these are a lifesaver for easy lunches and snacks.
226855226855B00017JL84AD7CVEBA0WKJCBar 7R Ranch0051344902400Delightful pop!This salmon roe caviar is both affordable and delicious. Each little pop of salty roe atop a blini or water cracker is devine. Also good paired with raw quail egg, ponzu, sake, scallion, sea urchin roe and tobiko for an "uni shooter"...Yummmmm...
226856226856B000XME5AQA3J5BZHTNRPPSMMom to be4411342656000Are they serious?I sent this as a gift and am embarrassed. For $24 I was expecting a full size basket, this thing is tiny and doesn't include more than a few bucks worth of bath products. I could have put this basket together myself for less than $10. It doesn't come with 75% of the pictured items. It is not overstuffed as you see in the picture. I am disappointed in this purchase and would not recommend this to friends.
226857226857B000XME5AQA277N7UZGX408ESherri Pedane1111341273600Not Worth The MoneyWhat a disappointment this was. For $25 I was expecting a nice sized basket. It arrived and I just could not believe I spent all that money on such a small bucket. I had to run out and buy more gifts as I was too embarassed to give this as the main present. Not to mention the picture is very deceiving. It shows more items than you actually receive. What I recieved was worth only $10 at best. I could have done better making it myself at the Dollar Store! Lesson learned.....
226848226848B006BXV1H6A1FPQ54AIB26L0Mike Wallace1251330473600Chocolate flavored cerealThis cereal was a little different than I had expected, from the commercial it looks like there are pieces of chocolate candy bar or maybe some type of liquid chocolate filling inside, but if you eat a dry piece the inside almost seems hollow. The magic seems to happen when the cereal is combined with milk. Once the cereal has milk on it the chocolate inside does become creamy and smooth. It is not like eating pieces of candy bars, but it has a very delicious chocolate flavor.

There are so many different cereal flavors available, I would think creating a new one that would stick would be a challenge. I think Kellogg did a good job with chocolate Krave. It is different than other cereals out there, and after a couple of bites the chocolate flavor becomes addicting. The cereal claims to be whole grain and nutritious. Having a bowl of this cereal, instead of a bowl of ice cream could be a diet improvement, but it is a sweetened processed cereal, although it does taste chocolaty and yummy.
226849226849B006BXV1H6A2UEB48LAWFUCWJoseph "jck09"1241330473600Super Chocolaty Sugared CerealBasically, if you're looking for the most chocolaty breakfast cereal you can get, this is a contender. If you're not a fan of sugared cereals or of chocolate, then this probably isn't for you.

Double Chocolate Krave is composed of crunchy chocolate pillow-shaped bites, with a smoother chocolate filling inside. The outside tastes a little bit like slightly burnt brownies to me, but not offensively so -- sort of like the crunchy leftovers in the bottom of a brownie pan. The inside has a smoother chocolaty taste. In milk, this cereal comes into its own -- the filling tastes smoother and more pronounced, and the cereal very tasty overall, albeit VERY chocolate tasting for a breakfast cereal.

After trying it, both of my kids demanded that we buy more, and prefer it to Cocoa Puffs. I'm not sure that I'm happy about that, but they give it a thumbs up regardless.

Nutritionally, it's similar to other sugared cereals - 3/4 cup dry cereal is 120 calories, with 10 grams sugar, 3 grams fiber, and the usual vitamin fortification. The ingredients are mostly natural (but of course highly processed) with some chemicals for color and flavor.

All in all, if you are interested in eating chocolate for breakfast, this is definitely worth a try.

Update 3/20/12: This is now both of my daughters' favorite cereal. They go through two boxes a week and have probably eaten ten boxes since the date of my review. Take that as an endorsement or a warning, as you choose.
226850226850B006BXV1H6A3JGIXQPX65TGJDr Mike1221330387200Eat fast!I named this review Eat Fast! because after pouring milk over the chocolatey nuggets, they quickly lost their crunchiness and turned mushy, gritty, and sticky. The cereal sticks to your teeth and you'll be chasing little gritty bits with your tongue. Imagine taking the chocolate wafers of Oreo cookies and soaking them in milk and you get a sense of the taste and mushy texture, but the grittiness is added. It is kind of like a cornmeal grit sensation (not in taste though). Also the nuggets are not nearly as chocolatey as the Oreo wafer, but it reminded me of dunking Oreo chocolate wafers in milk. There is a bit of an aftertaste, but that is typical of many chocolate-flavored products. The milk doesn't turn chocolately like it does with some other chocolately cereals. I actually like it when the milk turns to chocolate milk, but you won't get that here. I actually liked these better eating them dry than in milk. So I also scored them when eaten dry:

Ability to stay crunchy in milk: 0/5
Chocolatey taste in milk: 2/5
Chocolately taste eaten dry: 3/5
Texture in milk: 1/5
Texture eaten dry: 3/5
Sweetness in milk: 1/5
Sweetness eaten dry: 2/5

Overall Score: 12/35 or 1.5 out of 5 stars, but I'll round up to 2 stars.

Recommendation to Kellogg's: Make the cereal much, much crunchier! Do something to it to keep it crunchier in milk. Also increase the sweetness a bit more to bring out the flavor.

Forensics: The box shows a Krave nugget cut open to reveal chocolate oozing from inside. In reality if you cut these open, nothing oozes out. They are hollow with no oozing chocolate at all. Instead there is an internal chocolate-flavored coating that once you start chewing on the nugget, it melts and gives the sensation of a liquid center.
226858226858B000XME5AQA12WNIUP962H4Icowgal_roper0051342569600RUB A DUB BASKETGreat, I just loved the baby rub a dub pail! It arrived in a timley manner in great condition and looked even better than described in the ad.
This is really a cute baby shower gift!
226859226859B000XME5AQA2B0RNCAQ7S8H5Layla Moran "Have a blessed day!"0021337040000Very small/cheap looking!i ordered this for my daughter who is expecting. it is smaller than it looks and it is filled with stuff that looks like they came from the dollar tree. (there is nothing wrong with the dollar tree) just the fact that i spent 20 plus shipping for it and could have made it myself cheaper! next time i will just make a basket before i spend almost 30 bucks on one that i could have filled with the same items for about 12 bucks!
226860226860B003ZXHDSQAD99KE64AXC6VJames Green "Internet Consultant"4411308960000Contents CrushedMany of the crackers were crushed in the individual packages. We prefer whole crackers. Would not buy from this source again.

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