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227011227011B002DOG6VSA1Q85CQIEIU71XBarbara Tanguy "crazy artist"0131291766400latte candyThis is delicious and enjoyed by others that I have shared with and they want to know how and where to buy so I have told them.
227012227012B002DOG6VSAQUZDZQ2WVFKZMichael D. Schlenkhoff "mds"0151267228800the best coffee candy that I have ever tasted.I was extremly happy with this purchase. These COFFE CANDIES Are THE BEST I've ever tasted. mds
227013227013B002DOG6VSA31WYM6JI4OKTYCharlene0211304035200Won't buy again.There is a little coffee flavor as soon as you pop one in your mouth but it disappears almost immediately.
227014227014B002DOG6VSA2W3KOTHFGVNMTSoylentGreen2611325635200Simply the worst coffee candy out there.I've tried numerous coffee candies and this is by far the worst I've ever had. I should have known, seeing the main ingredient as Glucose syrup. Not only does it break up in your mouth, but the texture of the center goop is nauseating like a blob of snot. It breaks into sharp shards first, then you get the gross inner surprise...bleh!!! If you like high fructose type syrup, then this crap is for you.
227015227015B007B9EMHKA1QJEAFOUCH5EIAer O'Head6651332028800The Best Snack EVER?!?I don't think I've ever seen so much health packed into one small, ready-to-go and easy-to-carry-around packet. (I have a couple in my glove compartment, and I've been keeping one in my briefcase too.) And I didn't see anything particularly unhealthy added (like salt, extra added sugar, unpronounceable chemicals, etc.*) I'm not an expert on the topic, but I wouldn't exactly call this an "energy bar" per se (like for "instant energy" with tons of sugar, caffeine, electrolytes, carbs, whatever). Rather I'd just call it a simple snack, something to hold you over, fill in the spaces between meals, that kind of thing. Plus, give you some healthy chia and acai!

Personally, I've had the bad habit of going all day with just one meal later in the day. I didn't realize it at the time but this put my body into a starvation mode and actually made me put on fat and gain weight, even though I was eating very little. I've been told by health and medical professionals -- and have read -- that it's best to have about five or six small meals or snacks throughout the day. So my problem has been finding GOOD, healthy snacks ... as opposed to junky snacks like Cheetos and potato chips, that kind of thing. Yes, these are a bit on the expensive side, but I'm thinking that one or two a day would be perfect.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Also, I'm going to order another box right now. :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, d'uh ... they taste good too!

*Okay, I lied. There's apparently a tiny pinch of sea salt in there at the tail end of the ingredient list. The total sodium listed is 45 mg. I'm guessing it's part of what's needed to hold everything all together, I dunno.
227016227016B007B9EMHKA2LCBLHZQDAC5YEric Meisgeier3351332979200LikeLike the new flavor. Great job, love the health benefits I receive from chia seeds helps power me thru long runs. As always delivery was prompt.
227017227017B007B9EMHKAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0051349308800Great snackAs much as I'd like to recommend this as 3pm snacks at work, they have the chia tendency to get lodged in odd oral crevices and expand - TWSS. Taste-wise these are top-notch, and though they appear small they're just the right pick-me-up.
227018227018B007B9EMHKA2SYWTV6GAENEFCatie Keiger0051348617600Yummy Acai Berry Chia BarsThis is my 2nd favorite flavor of Health Warrior chia seed bars. Coconut is my fave, but I keep one of these in my purse just in case I get too busy to eat! Only 100 calories and fills me up plus provides and energy boost!
227019227019B007B9EMHKA2SEE2XO291JGDennis Fredrick and Abbigale Bricker0051347926400Excellent change of pace from typical energy barsI had a friend offer a few of these bars to me while on a cycling vacation recently. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and how easily such a small bar kept me from feeling hungry after a couple hours of hard exercise.

The bar has a crunch (the seeds) and a slight pucker. This taste is such a welcome diversion from the overly sweet and or salty bars that have been on the market for quite some time.

Health Warrior has definitely earned a primary spot on my exercise nutrition rotation.

P.S. my 3 and 6 year old daughters love these too!
227020227020B007B9EMHKA2IIVBURVJT30UAmy Staub "charlie's mom"0051344297600Delish snackI love chia bars as a quick energy boost and only 100 calories! It's perfect for right before a run - I highly recommend.
227021227021B007B9EMHKAE83ZOKA8FQQkr0031343260800I love Health Warrior Bars, these are not my favorite flavorWhile not bad, these are not my favorite Health Warrior bars. I absolutely love the coconut flavor. If you are in a bind for a low-calorie nutritious snack, the acai berry will definitely do the trick. For a more tasty low-calorie nutritious snack, opt for coconut!
Health Warrior Chia Bars, Coconut, 13.2 Oz, Pack of 15
227022227022B007B9EMHKA1VRVJYTXQ9QD8BlackOutBrian0021343174400These really don't taste goodPreviously I ordered the coconut Health Warrior Chia Bars and really enjoyed them. These just don't taste very good unfortunately.
227023227023B007B9EMHKA928UBOVKN78JChee-waa-waa0051338854400These are yummyHealth Warrior Chia Bars Acai Berry. I purchased these as a late afternoon healthy snack. I also purchased some other Chia items from other companies (Fruitchia) - yuck. These wer MUCH better. While only 100 calories, they tasted like eating something indulgent, like a cookie. I liked the taste, tecture, and content. They were slightly smaller than I expected, but the taste was outstanding. I am a little worried to see that they are suddenly not available - what's up? I want more!
227024227024B007B9EMHKA1EMVMPL7AYEQYCoolMom0051338768000Love the taste!My family is a big fan of the Health Warrior Chia bars. This particular flavor is my all time favorite, and I have tried all 3 flavors (chocolate peanut butter, and coconut). The berry flavor is tangy and sweet and its very satisfying as a snack. Highly recommend!
227025227025B00645NBLAA3KZIQ00Q3SNH7Angie W0041323993600Yummy, healthy snackI really enjoy Somersaults Cinnamon Crunch. The small pack is nice because it's easy to take on the go and they are a filling snack. They are a bit high in calories BUT I know that it is from healthy fats, so it doesn't really make you feel guilty. The cinnamon crunch is a nice flavor - mix of slightly salty and sweet. I'd definitely recommend these!
227026227026B00645NBLAA2Z3EDGYBA75F5Jeanne R. Michon0051323129600CINNAMON SOMERSAULTSGreat balance of sweet and cinnamon flavors. Right amount of crunch and the 2 oz bag is actually very shareable. especially with a very hungry,fussy 5 yr old. Great filling snack with great crunch and nutty appeal.
227027227027B00645NBLAA2ZZD5MGOEAY9RLaura0041323129600Yummy snack!This snack bag has AMAZING nutrition. With 3 g of dietary fiber and 6 grams of protein in each serving I was very impressed. I told myself I would have half the bag to not overindulge but then realized the whole bag has less than 300 calories and is a perfect morning or evening or even dessert snack if you are trying to watch the sugary sweet desserts. HIGHLY recommend this product!
227028227028B00645NBLAAIZ1PL5DD5V8SMarjorie Whitehurst "m&m"0041323129600great tasttried the cinnamon crunch and really like it. iT KEPT ME FROM GOING TO A DANISH OR CANDY BAR! GREAT TASTE!
227029227029B00645NBLAA1N2CCV1O60RQFJoe Kolarz0051323129600Great TastingGreat size for a quick snack and not only do they taste great but are good for you. I think they are also great for kids.
227030227030B00645NBLAA1KL1PISZHDLSKAmyK0041322870400Great Tasting Natural SnackI am so glad to have been able to try this! Wow, am I impressed! While I'm not a big fan of cinnamon, these had just the right combination of sweetness & crispiness. The bite size nuggets are 100% natural too! Made from sunflower seeds,and toasted grains, but have a nutty taste!
227031227031B00645NBLAA3BN7508F31C07EJP0051322784000Great Healthy, Filling SnackThese crunchy little circles of cinnamon goodness are very filling and healthy. They taste great and you can hardly tell that they are made primarily of sunflower seeds. The only drawback is the 2 oz. bag contains two servings for a total of 280 calories for those seeking a lower calorie snack. Definitely buy the 1 oz. serving to control portions if that is an area of concern.

Overall, these are a great alternative to chips or cookies and everyone in the family will enjoy them!
227032227032B000LKU8A6AITJEE1W71ZXE. Bennett "e8"0031328832000Mediocre product from a great companyI'm normally a fan of Simply Organic products, but find their Alfredo to be bland in flavor, and with a somewhat grainy texture.
227033227033B000JSQKOIATWDSBW7K1O0Ecup o tea3451232841600A tiny tiny bit goes a long wayStraight out of the jar this stuff is overpowering, (Most people wouldn't take a bite of a fresh lime and expect it to go down easy.) but used sparingly to accentuate any dish it adds a wonderful complexity and delight that will leave you craving more even while there is a fork-full still in your mouth.

I always mince it and then...
Mix (a dime sized amount or less) with ranch dressing for salads.
Spread a little on a tortilla with cheese and hummus... then pan toast.
Mix a little in your chicken or tofu salad for sandwiches or wraps.
Mix a little into any curry dish you like.
Mix a touch of it with oil then spread on roasting meats.
Pretty much any savory dish you like chili or lime in can be substituted with hot lime. A small amount adds the Indian spice and tang I crave.

Remember its better to start with too little and add some more than to over do it.

I wish Patak's website offered more uses and recipes for this stuff, I need to do some more research to find other good things to do with it.
227034227034B000JSQKOIA3D0HB2T1K20Y3J P. Rich "jprich1227"1251242777600If you like pungently spicy pickles, this is for you!I like both the regular and hot lime pickle, which goes not only with Indian food but also rice, sweet potato, and regular roasted potatoes, as a mouth-tingling condiment. I also add some curry powder to tuna salad and then spread some hot lime pickle on it.
227035227035B000JSQKOIABLKO3TSRPKPPKristina Thompson2521226102400Similar to eating a really spicy citrus wet wipe...I had the opportunity to try this product when an error was made in my order for Patak's Hot Mango pickles and several jars of these Hot Lime pickles arrived instead. (The design on the jars is almost identical.) Since I absolutely love the Patak's hot mangos so much, I opened up one of the jars of hot lime.

I wished I hadn't. The closest thing I can compare the experience of eating spicy pickled lime rinds was eating a chili-dipped citrus wet wipe. UGH!

I suppose that if you have already developed a taste for eating lime rinds AND for really hot stuff, then this may appeal to you. Otherwise, steer clear.
227036227036B000SAPXWCA91BK8S5QH98KCelticWomanFanPiano161651215561600Delicious!I wholeheartedly recommend this most delicious tea. I started drinking herbal teas for the health benefits, but this tea is so good I would drink it whether or not I were health conscious. The Rosehips come in a bulk form (i.e. they aren't in little tea bags), but I've discovered that does not affect the making of the tea at all. They just sink to the botton and it is easy to drink. The taste is very much what one would expect of an herb that is so rich in Vitamin C, which is a taste I have to admit, I love. The taste is pure and and delicious. I definitely recommend this one!
227037227037B000SAPXWCA3QNBD3AX403IPJib111141299024000Good PriceThese are the only rose hips I've had in my life, so I don't have any standard of comparison.

Tastes good to me, though. I became interested in these because of joint/gum problems and hearing that vitamin C could help with that. I figured that bioflavonoids/other compounds may be important for absorbing vitamin C and I'd probably be better off getting it from a whole food than from a supplement (not that there's anything wrong with supplements - just my way of thinking!).

Anyway: I mostly use these for making 'soaked tea.' Or just iced tea? :D Basically I just put a good amount of these in a bottle filled with a couple cups of water (around 3-4 tablespoons), shake it up, stick that in the refrigerator, then shake it up really well the next day when the rose hips are softened. That's when the water takes on a rich orange/light amber color and noticeably thickens up (maybe from the pectin that I'm assuming is in the rose hips?), and also tastes great. Shaking it really well helps to disperse all the flavor - keep that in mind.

I eat the rose hips too (after soaking overnight) and they taste good as well, but a little strong eating a lot of them.

I've made tea with them, and I enjoy that a lot, but I thought that heating it up so much would destroy a lot of the vitamin C. If you're drinking it for enjoyment, it doesn't really matter what you do, and the rose hip tea I made with these rose hips tasted great. You have to use a good amount of rose hips to get that tangy/sour flavor; for making 1 cup I'd at least use a couple tablespoons, but that's just me - everyone has their preferences.

Overall I think it's very pleasant and refreshing, though I prefer it unheated, and just "soaked and shaken." I make kefir and adding these to the 'ripening under airlock' phase can make an interesting brew. There's a lot you can do with these things, so don't be afraid to get creative.

As for this specific brand, as I said, it's the only one I've tried, so I don't have a standard of comparison -- but I'm satisfied with these, think they taste fine, and they were sold for a great price. No complaints here :)
227038227038B000SAPXWCA2ISJBJ2XEHPOKD. Charette "chrtte"101051254441600Delicious!This tea has the most fruity taste of any herbal tea I have ever had. It tastes wonderful hot or cold. It is slightly tangy but very flavorful and the color is beautiful! A little goes a long way - the price is unbeatable. Plus it's organic and healthy.
227039227039B000SAPXWCA2V66VFSBPXPVMM. Huang151741233100800NiceThis tastes like orange tea bag except that the tea is much lighter and refreshing. The tea are in "whole" dried, flatten rosehips not crushed. Very nice.
227040227040B000SAPXWCA3RJ4ZJWI66YN5Barbara L.8851275609600good teaI am glad to have found this source for rosehips tea. The tea is very good, authentic taste, what I was used in my childhood, clean, nice pieces. I drink it pure, let it steep for about 6-8 minutes. My friends think it tastes also very good with some honey. The residue is composted and my worms like it too;))
Can't praise it enough, recommend it to anybody who likes this kind of tea.
Pure product without the usual mix with hibiscus, will order it again and again.

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