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227131227131B0012AN50EA2QC58T2D648OAinggi0521285804800not going to purchase it againI love to eat wakame and I am interested to try out this product. It is a huge packet and in terms of pricing, it is not expensive compared to the other brands.

However, I noticed there are many white spots on the wakame. I am not even consuming it, and no, I am not going to purchase it again!!
227132227132B000V4PW6MA3U6ACF89PWAYPB. Bratton "Bren Bratt"0051267660800Necco Banana Split Candy - Back To The Future!When I saw that Necco was still making Banana Split candies, I got so excited. My husband, who is from the Eastern hemisphere, fell in love with these nostalgic candies, too! In the 50s and 60s, my siblings and I bought Banana Splits - two for one penny in the Midwest. This delicious candy brings back fond childhood memories. I highly recommend these wonderfully flavored, chewy delights. And, I can tell you that once you have your second Banana Split, it will be very, very hard to stop yourself from eating many, many more. Enjoy!!
227133227133B000V4PW6MA1RRHET1QIP1YKDaniel Hill0051237161600banana carmelsSomething different for a change of pace. Nice texture and taste. Soft and chewy. Great product.
227134227134B000I5NAHWA1P4KUKN2UUEQUAdam Webb "adam"1151308096000Love these!I had been buying these in stores for a few years now, and suddenly it occurred to me to check on Amazon. Lo and behold, they are on sale here, and cheaper. They are delicious, and use organic flower. Like all Annie's food, they're not full of additives, and they don't use GMO products. I will eat these til the day I die, hopefully. I don't know who thinks these are bland, because they aren't. If you're used to eating crappy junk food, maybe they are.
227135227135B000I5NAHWA22C031K8HY3NVS. Fraser1151280534400Tangy and deliciously addictiveI love these even more than the regular cheddar bunnies. They have a little more cheese powder on them, making them slightly messier on the fingertips. Taste is subjective, looking at the older reviews. I'm a big fan of this flavor!
227136227136B000I5NAHWA1V6H7XMJ17TTTKrysten1141184889600Good snackThese are pretty tasty, but the white cheddar powder makes them a little messy, unlike the regular cheddar bunnies. I wish these came in little snack packs like the regular cheddar bunnies too.
227137227137B000I5NAHWAFD5Y6RO3OTF0Janet Metz0051348185600Delicious CrackersThis review is for Annie's Homegrown White Cheddar Bunnies that I buy in a Pack of 12 boxes. These little crackers are about the size of PF fish but much better. I often take a box of these on picnics and share. Everyone who has ever tried them love them. They are much more economical bought through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program and we don't run out of our favorite snack.
227138227138B000I5NAHWA2J3R2A3FIVQ1UGo Cats!0051344211200Favorite kid snack for years!We buy these for our kids but we love them, too. The white cheddar bunnies are more cheesy, the orange are more like the standard "goldfish" snack. We mix these with cranberries or raisins for the perfect sweet/salty combo.
227139227139B000I5NAHWA3KH8YJTOT9SKIL. Brown0021333065600Messy BunniesI thought I would enjoy these bunnies much more than I did. Instead, I didn't care for them. I was not a fan of the flavor and the cheese powder on the crackers is messy and gross. I do not plan to buy these again; however, I will never stop buying the Annie's Homegrown Organic Snack Mix, Bunnies, 9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)--they're delicious!!
227140227140B000I5NAHWA2T4SJTJAQ5AINa cook0021275868800pretty blandI did not like these crackers. The cheddar flavor was barely there and there was a weird aftertaste.
227141227141B000I5NAHWA38KP1POQ191WTJudy Schinske "Veronica"0111279411200Annie's Homegrown White Cheddar BunniesThese are god awful crackers, thay dont taste like anything close to white cheddar, they taste like a flavorless cracker. I am upset that I wasted my money on these nasty things. I love annies products but this is not a winner in my book. I have heard that the sour cream and onion are the best so I am going to give those a try next but word of warning, buy one box at a store first before purchasing online, you will be glad you did. The big reason I love annies so much is everything they make is sutibale for vegetarians, meaning they use renetless free cheese so thats why I love them.
227142227142B001IZBJCYA35942GPBDXBD3Diane L. Smith2241254614400Prompt DeliveryI order this product once a month for my best friend, she loves them and can't find them in regular stores. I usually order a large quantity and even when Amazon doesn't have the whole quantity in stock, they will ship whatever is available immediately. I am a prime member and I recommend this service to anyone who uses often you can recieve your product 2day air at no additional charge. The best!
227143227143B001IZBJCYA9BWUH9XKZ2DQGUSR19 "JimE"1151316044800Only available on-line.I buy these for my wife. She used to be able to buy them locally (Walgreens), but it seems the cinnamon flavour has gone out of fashion (or season ?) so I buy them here ... In bulk !
227144227144B001IZBJCYA1RR2F48GWH61BC. Schroder0051342656000Love theseThese are by far my favorite mint! I love them. They leave my mouth and breath so fresh and they taste wonderful!! I have a hard time just eating one or two! If you like cinnamon flavored candies, you will enjoy these.
227145227145B001IZBJCYA1K4AIPL0NFAGFConstance Cade0051316131200Cinnamon lovers delight!If you are a cinnamon fan, you will love these. Not too strong or hot, and the texture is very chewy. So glad I found this flavor in Mentos. Highly recommend!!!!!
227146227146B001IZBJCYACP4J4T4CL4JKZZ Top Cat0051311465600Great ProductCinnamon Mentos are Great. The only thing that would make them better is if they were sold in the small boxes.
227147227147B001IZBJCYA3JL1GYU1NYCZJhchafee0041301616000MentosPackage arrived promtly and in good condition. Candy was as you would get in the store, not as fresh as straight from the manufacturer.
227148227148B004ZKTC2IA56FCXCE6U7HMMisty3351339632000Great Value; but if you've got a BJ's membership, buy it there.Our daughter has been on this formula for about 7 months now, she will be 9 months June 30th. This is a great money saver, and contains all the same ingredients, nutritional values and everything as the major brands. The ONLY difference in the price. We buy the same sized can at our local BJ's for $19.99 a can. You can't beat that price. So my advice, do your homework and compare the store brands to the name brands; you'd be surprised to find they are actually the same. Also, "listen" to your baby. Some tolerate different formulas in different ways. I'm speaking for my daughter, but she has had no problems with this formula and she loves it.
227149227149B004ZKTC2IA1ZOUB5GO8ZTJRKira1151350864000Better!Our son has been on this formula pretty much since day one. It is much more inexpensive and more in a can than its main competitor. Even with coupons from other competitors, this stuff is still better. Our son doesn't spit up on this much, nor does he have much of a gas problem from it. I TOTALLY recommend it for the formula using family.
227150227150B000KOQI9SAKFC63TNHUPG4SWE "Suzy"2251266969600ECO Friendly TeaThis is about the only green tea product that does not come with all the extra packaging.
The tea is in round paper bags with no strings or additional paper. I use this tea to make iced tea and I put in one Tetley black tea bag to make the tea a little stronger. It is a great tasting tea.
227151227151B000KOQI9SA39O1GF4OJTW4RDurene H. Alter0051256083200green teaI was so happy to find this @ because our grocery store no longer carries it!!
227152227152B002PJSMX6A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis1131304640000This is something Grace Foods should be very good at.Unfortunately, they ain't!

Jamaica's climate makes it ideal for growing some of the hottest, sweetest, craziest peppers
known to man. However, Grace Foods doesn't seem to have its heart and soul in hot sauce, but rather
spread thin across a wide selection of typical grocery items; it seems that without a strong focus
on hot sauce, this "very hot" sauce falls very flat.

This runny sauce is almost a carbon copy of Tabasco. The spice is a wimpy drop in a salty, watery
bucket. Very conventional, very boring, and, unfortunately, a flavor that's dramatically overexposed
here in the USA already. Too much vinegar and water with anything can produce a bit of an unpleasant
smell, and that's what you get when you open this bottle. The spice is weak, the sauce is a little thicker
than water, and you won't taste any sweetness of the Scotch Bonnet. There's a chance they just used a
pinch of cayenne pepper like Tabasco does and subtly advertised otherwise.

Grace makes this and one other OFFICIAL Scotch Bonnet Sauce. Get that one. This sauce isn't worth your
time, effort, or taste buds. 3 Pods
227153227153B002PJSMX6A13T3J47TFJYKLJulia0051345334400myselfI have been looking for a hot sauce that was pure and good, I have no ideas where I bought the Grace hot sauce and I found what I have been looking for for many months. Thanks this is one of the best for sauce ever. please don't change them. My Walmart does not have them , but some store carry them.
227154227154B002PJSMX6A25NJC4QHJFEDRChel0051337990400Best Best BestI just returned from Jamaica yesterday and my bottles of hot sauce broke in my luggage I was so upset because it was the best I ever had. Good thing you can order almost anything on amazon.
227155227155B002PJSMX6A21DWPDSCN1TFKAvid Reader "hungryjenn"0051318982400The BEST Hot Sauce EVERThis is the best hot sauce I've ever had. I enjoy spicy foods, and I would rate my tollerance around an 8 on a scale of 1-10, with 5 being your average person off the street. This sauce is spicy, but the best part is its fantastic flavor. It's deep and satisfying; much more complex than the average hot sauce.

I grew up a Tobasco lover and discovered Grace only a few years ago. Since then, it has replaced Tobasco, Texas Pete, Frank's, Cholula, and every other hot sauce I've ever tried. It's the only thing I buy, now!
227156227156B000SARJM4AWU5CYGRTGSRed Fox4451271289600Great tasting teaThis tea is very good. It's perfectly balanced. The lemon doesn't overpower the tea taste but compliments it nicely. The tea leaves much bigger than you'd get in tea bags which use powder but it's not whole leaves that are dried that you can get with premium tea. This is more like chips of tea leaves but that's understandable at the price and this taste great regardless. There's a good range you can brew the tea leaves too without it tasting bitter.

As others have mentioned, this is a lot of tea. I've been drinking 3 or so cups a day and this will probably last 2 months. Be sure you have a proper way to store it cause it's not a good idea to leave it in the bag it comes with for that long. Overall this is great and I'll be trying other Davidson's tea.
227157227157B000SARJM4A2S60091KO5VYXMark Phillips3341305072000Average green teaI must preface this review with one thing: Taste is subjective. I believe reviews for edible or imbibe-able products on amazon should always be taken with a grain of salt. Having gotten that out of the way, let me also say that I believe this tea deserves more in the way of a 3.5 or 3.7. The price per pound is very good for the quality of tea. After having drank this tea for a couple of months, I must admit that I am quite tired of the taste.

- My typical experience with this tea has been to brew a large pot, to fill my 24 ounce vacuum thermos, and to bring it to the library for long hours of studying. It suffices well for this. Due to the large quantity, I never have any issue making too much as I can just pour it out with little harm.

- It is very easy to over brew this tea. For the first two weeks I did this constantly; the tea is awful when overbrewed. Take care with the quantity of tea and length of steep. Better to under steep than over steep.

- There is a very fine powder along with the rest of the tea. Be sure to use a decanter with a fine weave or simply shake whichever decanter you use with the tea in it to get as much of the powder out as possible.

- The taste, when brewed correctly, is good. The lemon comes through and adds a nice olfactory touch to the experience.

All in all, a good product, and recommended for green tea lovers. Do not judge the tea off of the first brew, like I did, but fiddle around with the quantity of tea brewed and the time steeped until you decide whether or not you enjoy this product.
227158227158B000SARJM4A1PI8AHBY93501landry3351294704000Fantastic Tea!This tea tastes wonderful and one bag will go a very long way! Great hot or cold, our whole family loves it and we make it by the gallon daily. I was never much of a green tea fan until trying Arizona brand green iced tea with ginseng. After enjoying that tea so much I started searching for a tea with a similar taste that I could brew at home. First we tried lipton brand Lemon Ginseng green tea bags and although it had a great taste, dealing with tons of small single serving bags to make a gallon each day was a pain. Then we found this particular brand by Davidson's and it was perfect, just what we were looking for! As some other reviews mentioned, this tea has a distinct lemon flavor. If you enjoy lemon in your tea, you will enjoy this as it compliments the green tea and subtle ginseng flavors perfectly. Quick and easy to make in a home iced tea maker with a filter. This is definitely a staple in our home.
227159227159B000SARJM4A3IWYIS5M2CJZIG. Gutierrez "G"1121323129600I wanted to like thisI've tried many different green teas as iced tea in an electric brewer, all with good results. This seemed like something worth trying, since I've always liked jasmine green tea, so I'd probably dig lemon flavor as well. And if any of ginseng's benefits for the body are real, why not? But while this one was brewing, the entire kitchen smelled less like lemons and more like Lemon Pledge furniture polish. I figured that was a fluke and the flavor would probably be subdued after it was chilled. I was wrong. The flavor was practically caustic, beyond bitter, making my lips numb afterwards. I ended up pouring out the pitcher and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the bag. Based on an earlier review, I'll probably buy an infuser and try using this for hot tea at a lower temperature. Unfortunately, I can't control the temperature of my brewing machine, so if you're doing the same this tea may not be the best choice.
227160227160B000SARJM4A2YFCHH9PR70FEJ. Calhoun1111313020800Zero stars if I couldThis smells, looks and tastes like HAY - not like any tea, let alone green tea, not like Ginseng, and not like lemon. The weird smell is overwhelming! I've never thrown out anything before, but this goes into the trash. I cannot find a decent green tea from Amazon anywhere- I'm going back to importing my own. This is the first tea I've rated below 2.5 stars- I would rate it a zero if I could. Does not look like tea leaves, and it looks oxidized. Maybe it's extremely old. Maybe they gave me barn sweepings instead. Who would have thought green tea is so difficult to produce? Please take this off the market.

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