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227371227371B003OB6CGIA2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"2341309910400Ramen.What's to say about Ramen? Well the price was unbeatable and about to have surgery and will be unable to get out to shop, stocking up on easy to prepare foods. The sodium levels should be noted by anyone w BP issues.
227372227372B003OB6CGIA3VRHU25FY40PUOriginalName6670051350432000As expectedThe price per unit on these things is great: a college student's go-to meal. What's more, they're quite tasty, although not terribly healthy.
227373227373B003OB6CGIA7EZQK97FIE35E. Wenck "Spicy food is best food."0031342742400Ramen for my shelfI consume a lot of ramen. My typical choices are either Korean brands or some other imports. Maruchan has always been a cheaper option for those of us who just want a piping hot bowl of noodles on the fly. I order this just like my other Maruchan orders to mix with different food or to serve with additional toppings. The price I paid at the time was cheaper than the store which was great but it has gone back up.
227374227374B003OB6CGIASN78D9BW5M95H. Tseng0051340755200Great flavorThis is my favorite flavor of ramen, and as a college student, I can confidently say that this got me through a very sketchy part of my freshman year during which I ate very little. I would recommend this for the price and value for anyone who loves ramen as much as I do.
227375227375B003OB6CGIA2HSCA47573ZZ2kat "attack"71141314921600easy peanut noodlesI am giving it four stars and not five because yes, I know that I really shouldn't be eating this product.

that said, here's what you do: first, throw out that flavor packet.

boil water, place noodles into bowl and pour water to cover (maybe 2 cups) cover with a plate or whatever you have that will cover it.

in small bowl or mug, take a spoonful of peanut butter, pour a tb or so of the boiling water in to soften the pb, add some soy sauce, some dried ginger and a dash of honey or agave. mix that up.

remove lid from bowl, drain water from noodles, add pb mix and mix that up.

easy, peasy, yummy noodles on the cheap!

it's my go-to when I am tired, hungry and lazy.
227376227376B000V9L71QA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0051342656000I was surprised they liked this variety!Casseroles for dogs? That's right! Our dogs really do enjoy these.

Our little chihuahuas are picky eaters. I really don't find canned foods helpful, since they won't eat any that has been put in the refrigerator overnight. These are perfect because we can split a single package and mix it in with the kibble. Even better, when we travel, these are easy to open and carry.
227377227377B000PQTN66A2J73BLV75MICQzero "zero"0011235260800old fashioned sour apple candy stickscandy was horrible. nothing about tasted like apple. it was lime and it was horrible!
227378227378B005GWYH7YA1S8TJXZQSHDFPTracey0051330128000Simply Delish!!I tried this sauce on a whim, when I saw it in Whole Foods Market. It had a local label and I'm all 'gung ho' for trying out products made locally. I wasn't sure what to expect so I tasted a little bit before mixing it with my other ingredients, and was initially surprised that it truly tasted like its name as well as very authentic. But boy was I surprised after I used this with a stuffed shells recipe and really tasted the flavors! The flavoring of the herbs in the sauce were simply robust and just delicious, complimenting my other ingredients extremely well. I vowed never to buy commercial pasta sauces ever again, but this certainly changed my mind. This is very close to making a sauce from scratch, in my opinion. If you're skeptical, I would suggest buying a jar from your local health food store before buying in won't regret it!
227379227379B000MT27XMA2G0773XS6R763Linda S. Blyth4451259280000middle eastern cookingReceived my Sumac on time,in good condition. Price is reasonable,taste is wonderful!Sumac is indispensible for making Fatoush,and not always readily available at the market. Thank you! Linda
227380227380B001AS975UAVH6XB9T6FC9WJessica Billings0051329609600Just what I wanted!I couldn't find this in any grocery store around here, so turned to Amazon. This is just what I wanted and it turned out to be very tasty!
227381227381B00032GNEWA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin2341183507200Oooh, what donuts !!!Entenmanns's Donuts are the perfect solution when you need a sugar kick for extra energy when you're on the run; and they go very well with coffee or tea. I've been eating these for ages; and they never fail to do the trick!

The box is sealed so when you open the box for the very first time you will need to pull away the side and the front box covers; this ensures freshness and quality control. I would store these in a refrigerator either before or after opening. They are pretty tasty when cold. However, you can serve them or eat them yourself when they are at room temperature as well. In addition, these donuts are kosher if that matters to you.

These donuts offer variety: three of them are chocolate covered with a yellow cake filling; three are plain; three are glazed and three more still have sugary crumbs on them to really give you a treat! I love them all but occasionally the plain ones can be a little dry for my personal taste. Their small size makes them easy to carry when you're on the go; and the individual donuts easily fit into a child's school lunch box, too. I would recommend wrapping the donuts in some sort of paper or small plastic bag so that any donut crumbs won't go all over other food or anything else that a person is carrying.

These donuts, predictably, have their drawbacks. They are loaded with sugar; and sugar can turn to fat inside your body if you don't get enough exercise. Check the nutrition facts label before buying to see if the carbohydrate content is "OK" for your diet. As for me, I would not eat these donuts every day because of my diet.

Overall, however, these donuts are some treat! They make for the perfect snack when you're on the run; and they can be an after school snack, too. They even go well with coffee or tea when company comes to visit! Pick up a box and enjoy these tonight!
227382227382B000EDG3TUA1R58LWNVV94NAToni T. "AboveAstar"6851265500800A Very Delicious, VERY Versatile MULTI - TASKERI like to make my positive reviews as educational, encouraging, helpful and authentic as possible. My sugar-loving, ultra-nit-picky, processed-food-loving family members have all flown the coop so I'm FINALLY re-learning high-nutrition cooking (like Mother Earth News had inspired me towards 20+ years ago) and these Bob's Red Mill products are making my transition super-easy, tasty, creative and fun. This Natural Granola was the first `Bob's' item that I had tried out because I knew it would be more versatile for adding into other recipe's and I could simulate his other granola mixes because I always keep spices and dried fruit bits on hand (for adding to foods AND ESPECIALLY to reconstitute for natural sweeteners).
~ THE #1 THING THAT I"VE LIKE THE BEST ABOUT THIS GRANOLA is that it seems so filling to me that I've naturally and effortlessly reduced my portions, which is important for getting our stomach's back to a healthy / natural size without unpleasant brain associations or, in my case triggering my hypoglycemia). THE #1 ADVANTAGE FOR EVERYONE ELSE WOULD BE HOW PHENOMINALLY VERSATILE THIS NATURAL GRANOLA IS FOR COUNTLESS DISHES & MEALS, SOOooo NEVER assume that healthier eating has to be tasteless, bland or boring !!
~ Breakfast Suggestions: For my taste I didn't need to add much sweetener at all, it's great either with just cold milk, or when I cook it I add in a little ginger and/or cinnamon (VERY health-benefitting spices) plus either a bit of honey or a sparse touch of molasses (bolder flavor and much cheaper than honey), or I sweeten it with a touch of stevia leaves or reconstituted dried fruits (in winter). BUT, I also add some granola to my pancake mix, muffins and sprinkle it into my cooked 10-grain cereals to add some interesting texture.
~ Snacks: After realizing how filling (AND nutritious) it was, I tried out several of the easy, home-made granola-mix recipe's that I found online and saved it in the smallest Rubbermaid containers; it always filled me up when I was debating between a snack, a sandwich or a `meal'. It's so much-healthier-than-cookies and far more environmentally friendly than the over-priced 100-calorie snack-packs, I also learned to add it to yogurt cups to make it more filling and to feel fuller longer, and I've begun trying some very-healthy low-cal cookie recipe's which I've added this granola (only making them about the size of most cookies)
~ Cooking: You can add this granola almost ANYWHERE you use fillers or bread crumbs, including (but not limited to): adding some to the coating for your veggies or meats before frying, definitely add some to your stuffing / dressings to add flavor to FINALLY retain a better-than-mush texture, experiment by adding some to soups, stews or even chili for more substance and for a passive thickener (no kidding!), it made my sloppy-joe's and meatloaf more awesome than ever, it can add healthy nutrients and texture to almost any casserole (replace those unhealthy French-fried onions!) and it definitely goes great in goulash;
~ Baking: FIRST, if there's any chance that anyone is allergic to nuts, use granola for a fabulous substitute. I've been having so much fun, success and getting raves by adding this granola to muffins, breads, graham cracker crusts, carrot / coffee cakes, BREAD PUDDING, cookies, pies (again acts somewhat like a mild/passive thickener), into the filling of bundt cakes, it's phenomenal in carmel/sweet-rolls, IT'S FABULOUS in frostings like caramel-coconut over german chocolate, and I'd better stop before your drooling shorts out your keyboard :)
#1): When whole-grain portions are adjusted DOWN to natural, nutritional-needs-sized portions (and you'll see this echoed across numerous product revives) these cereals ACTUALLY ARE LESS EXPENSIVE than the mega-processed, bloating cereals we've been media-blasted into becoming addicted to.
#2): We humans DO have the adequate brainpower to begin incorporating healthier ingredients into our families diets within your means; such as: we can purchase JUST ONE PACKAGE of most of the Bob's products at most local grocery stores for trying them out, experimenting and adjusting to them, then save money by ordering, pantry-ing and saving money via the larger quantities here on Amazon. I've now purchased several more of the `Bob's' products like the 10-grain cereals, Flaxseed, etc., WHICH I've also been adding into my recipe's; the point is that WE CAN find numerous ways to add a little more nutrition to our meals.
#3): IT'S FUNNY how my family members (and their boyfriends/girlfriends) have been liking my healthier recipe's so much that they've begun to ask more about the recipe's and ingredients. And after their initial shock that they actually liked things that were very nutritious, they're needed to address their negative prejudices about genuinely healthy ingredients and foods and have begun opening their minds (I WISH THAT I HAD INSISTED ON MAINTAINING MY VALUE OF NUTRITION BEING THE HIGHEST PRIORITY WHEN MY CHILDREN WERE SMALL).
#4): I'm betting that Bob would agree that whether we choose his products or a similar product or the most nutritious that we can afford, we've all got to realize that there are countless reasons (the health care crisis being only one reason) why we absolutely must improve our eating habits AND try to be as environmentally considerate as we do so.
#5): I have successfully tried several of the recipe's that are printed on the `Bob's' packages, but while I was at the library the other day I noticed a Bob's Red Mill Cookbook and `Baking Book'! Although I was too short on time to investigate them, I knew that if I had found dozens of ways to successfully incorporate these healthier ingredients into my dishes and meals, imagine what they could offer with all their experience and resources, I ordered it here on Amazon and I'll recommend that everyone at least consider look into their cooking books if you're serious about learning to incorporate healthier ingredients into your dishes and meals.
227383227383B000EDG3TUAPNOO4OJ72ONDBonesighNYC1151266451200Delicious and fillingThis granola is great tasting and filling. I enjoy it cold with skim milk. It is sufficiently sweet tasting so that I do not need to add any other sweetener. I will order more when I finish the 4 pack.
227384227384B000EDG3TUA2F5JMHCQ4VTCRkinzie "buck"0051322438400my favorite granolaGranola is either too fruity, to sweet, too nutty, to hard, to powdery. There is never just the right, plain, simple granola. Until I found this. Unfortunatly, its difficult to locate in supermarkets and health food stores. I'm now buying this online, in bulk.
227385227385B000EDG3TUA2PRS5ZZZ1HABIJohn Owen0051313712000Very good!!!I got the Gold Box deal on this granola and found it to be very tasty on its own and mixed with yogurt.
227386227386B000EDG3TUA1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"0051313712000Great-Tasting GranolaSo many granolas are high in fat and calories. This great brand tastes wonderful without fat and is not too high in calories either. It has a pleasant vanilla flavor which I love and I will surely purchase it again.
227387227387B000EDG3TUA3F03U8T5B2QPYKevin0011311292800Just four small bags of plain hard oats.I have tried many granolas. This is not like a granola at all. It is just plain hard oats. That was a lot of money for four small bags of plain hard oats.
227388227388B000EDG3TUA2355OU5YC88QHJ. Spencer0051311292800Tasty snacking!Love this stuff. Not overly sweet, but packed with flavor. I keep mine in the freezer, and it's a quick, cold snack on hot days. I will never buy the crappy big box granola again (you know what brands I'm talking about). For me, the taste, quality, and health aspects are well worth the price.
227389227389B000EDG3TUA8PZY64S1CF3OTimothy Graves0051304812800Delicious & HealthfulI love this granola! It is true that if you have been accustomed to those sugar-loaded granolas that it may, at first, seem less flavorful. Once your palate gives up the sugar granola, your tastebuds find that there are actually other flavors to taste and you won't go back. This natural granola is crunchy and rich in flavor. When I want a sweeter addition to my granola I add fresh blueberries, strawberries, peaches, or bananas to my morning bowl of Bob's Red Mill whole grain natural granola.

I have a subscribe & save subscription for this product so that I never run out!Bob's Red Mill Original Whole Grain No Fat Natural Granola, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)
227390227390B000EDG3TUA8WEXFRWX1ZHHGoldengate "Goldengate"2521269820800Too sweet...and the flavor tastes "off" to meNow that I'm stuck with 4 bags of this stuff, I'm trying to muscle through it (can't bring myself to throw it away)... but I really miss my old granola. This product is too sweet, and has another taste (vanilla?) that I can't quite place but I find distracting from what should just be a good granola taste. On a positive side, it's of good consistency and arrived tasting very fresh. But usually I just can't eat enough granola, and with this product I feel like I'm taking medicine - it's not tasty.

I'm mixing this in with cereal... perhaps this granola would be better suited for baking. Sorry, I can't give this oatmeal my full endorsement.
227391227391B007FRD2PQA3ODGAW5Z2EJ1MKevin Currie-Knight "Education Grad Student"2251261440000Delicious Earl Grey!I am not much for Earl Greys; to me, they tend to be average. This one is not. It has a great, but not at all overpowering, bergamot flavor. The bergamot flavor is smoothed out by the slight hint of vanilla and cream that is barely noticeable, but effective). I normally drink tea with milk but prefer this one on its own because it is so tasty, smooth, and absolutely well balanced. It avoids the bitterness often gotten from black tea and from lesser Earl Greys. Because of its flavor and its (relatively) decent price, I think this tea will become a mainstay in my house.
227392227392B008ADBP3AA3DEX5KEVQKNTXstillettoz1151343001600The Devil's snack - addictive and amazing!These little bits of nuts and dark chocolate have to be the WORST thing for me to keep in the house when I am dieting. I am sure they are pretty good for you, but because they are nuts and chocolate they are high in fat. I will eat these little gems until I am ready to burst. They are absolutely wonderful, and I HIGHLY recommend them to those of you with will power. :)
227393227393B008ADBP3AA18K6JU3N0Y9MWFiction Writer1151339632000Incredibly Good and CrunchyI was a little hesitant to try these because of the price, but I am so glad I did. These are incredible! The almonds, pistachios, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and cashews are roasted in a way that makes them almost crispy. They are bound together into little bites with a fragile coating of delicious toffee, and then dipped into dark chocolate. I wish I could describe how they almost shatter in your mouth with a very pleading crunch. The combination of the different nuts, toffee, and dark chocolate was much better than I expected too. These were just too delicious! The four of us ate the whole large bag in one sitting. They were that good! They aren't inexpensive though, so save them for holidays or special events. I found it amusing that they came in a resealable bag. I challenge anyone to not finish them once they open them!
227394227394B005GXMDY2A2620P385UBXCPkeith pennington1211339113600not as describedthe jelly beans came in a flimmsy plastic baggie with tape/it did not come in a container as described/not sanitary at all gross
227395227395B005GXMDY2A2MTRRTUXWKT2IJB Fan0141342569600Yummy Jelly BeansBeans arrived in a plastic bag instead of plastic container, no big deal.

Same quality as the ones in the grocery store.

Other reviewer has no idea what 'sanitary' means and should be ignored.
227396227396B006WW84YOA2F2507ZOZ0AGXD. PADILLA0051340928000Finally a wet food without meat by-products!I have been giving my 9 year old Min Pin Beneful Dog Food Prepared Meals. My Min Pin gets constipated and sometimes will not even eat her food. I bought the new Rachel Ray Nutrish at WalMart since it is all natural and the main ingredient is NOT meat byproducts (trash meat) like beneful. Way to go Rachel Ray, my dog loves this food and so do I. My Min Pin is like a new dog, she eats this up and has more energy!
227397227397B004KKXI0UA2ZWYQOW8GT0K6Sarasayshi2251309996800Most Amazing Sugar-Free Syrup Yet!I recently bought a sno-cone machine to help me cut back on calories yet cool me off when the weather heats up over 100 degrees outside. To save even more calories, I wanted to use sugar-free syrups. I have tried the Back to Basics Sugar-free syrups and they are pretty watered down tasting. I was pleasantly surprised how sweet and tasty the Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Apple was! I am in love and will be buying the 3 pack next time to save money.
227398227398B004KKXI0UA14MKGCLKUB5J8jadegirl3981141339545600Good stuffKids love the syrup but you can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2.99. We have also tried blue raspberry and green apple. Nice thick syrup.
227399227399B004KKXI0UA1GMTRJ769DMLULow-Carb Lover1151339027200Jelly Belly Knows FlavorWe recently bought a snow cone machine for my daughter. I wanted to join in the fun, but I have been on a low-carb diet for almost 2 years. I noticed there were a number of manufacturers making sugar-free snow cone syrups, but I chose Jelly Belly because I assumed that they would make a great-tasting syrup. I was not dissappointed. This one tasted as good as I have ever tasted a sugar-free product. I have since ordered several other of their sugar-free flavors. Thank you Jelly Belly.
227400227400B004KKXI0UA3O52P7WIXD3M5David Noonan0011347667200Ack! Did they not test this flavor?I bought Very Cherry and Berry Blue from a local retailer and they were horrible. I tried the Cherry twice and the Berry once before I dumped them in the sink and refilled the bottles with home brew syrup made with Kool-Aid. Don't waste money on this, especially at this price.

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