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227491227491B000VK2UDEAIZ3W5TB7X47VShayla Thompson1141298678400Great for Picky EatersI feel comfortable giving these to my picky son (6 yrs) who doesn't like to eat fruit. They have a serving of fruit and are great for packing in his lunch. I tried them and have a tart taste; he likes them, they remind me of those sour gummy candies (but not quite intense).
227492227492B000VK2UDEA1V8PFVOXWZNDYK. Dougherty "dankat 2"1151298419200Wonderful fruit snackI purchased the Strawberry and LOVE it. I throw them in my purse or lunch sack for when it want a sweet snack. Everyone I give one to asks where did you get this it's good. Kids will love them also.
227493227493B000VK2UDEA18ULUA04NGB7DDanandstef0051334275200Kids love them!These are a great, healthy snack that I can feel good about giving to my kids. They really like the taste and texture. I love the packaging too because I can just keep several in my purse for those "hunger emergencies!"
227494227494B000VK2UDEABZJHR7AXYZABCharlotte0051323734400Cliff Fruit TwistsGreat product to take with you on the go or to have as a snack. I would recommend this produce to people who like strawberry flavor fruit snacks.
227495227495B000VK2UDEA37MK6GFHFTB2Jannette marshall0051320796800srawberry clif kids twisted fruitI thought these were delicious. A good strawberry flavor. My children(2&5) for some reason did not like them as well as I although I think it was more because they were not bite sized.I would still highly recommend them.
227496227496B000VK2UDEA299GKTJC9YRM2Debra Secor0051296691200Great snack!These snacks are wonderful. My grandkids love them. I usually cut them in half and sometimes I get to sneak the other half :).
227497227497B000VK2UDEA1K5VOTZF8O6I1Brian K. Harrington0051294963200DeliciousThese are delicious. My son loves them. Seriously delicious... try them.

Clif Kids Twist Fruit Strawberry, 0.7-Ounce Units (Pack of 18)
227498227498B004BUU488A3OI0VIV6SARZUBrePBG232351295222400WONDERFUL HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE!!Yes, these do smell fishy straight out of the package but you just need to rinse them for a few minutes and the smell will go away. Also, whatever sauce you use will soak into the noodle and you will not taste any fishiness. I make a very tasty asian dish with these noodles, some cut up chicken breast and Liquid Aminos as the sauce and the total calories is about 100 for a serving! You cannot beat that! Not only that, these noodles will make you feel full afterwards. Definitely worth trying - keep an open mind & prepare them right and you will NOT be disappointed!
227499227499B004BUU488A332F6NI8P3AFUmfromtx121251297123200The greatest addition to our mealsMy husband and I have these noodles everyday. I can create easy meals with them. Love to stir fry onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes and add seasonings , taco sauce or salsa , chili powder, ginger all in water. Then maybe some meat 3.5 ozs . Can slice frozen chicken breasts in processor then stir fry till done. Just a few minutes then rinse noodles in strainer and add to stir fry when everything else is done. You have a plate full of food and most calories are from the meat. Very satisfying. My husband has lost over 40-50 lbs and I have lost over 30 lbs. This is one addition to the rest of our lives. We can make this meal in less time then going for fast food. And even better make double portions for lunch the next day.
227500227500B004BUU488A1DU5JB826BUL1L. F. Meyer994129876480050-50Made a Pasta Puttanesca last night to pour over the Miracle Noodles that I recently bought. They aren't a wheat noodle but they are a passable substitute. At least for me. My wife didn't care for them and I will be finishing up the remaining packages on my own. The texture is similar to a rice noodle but they have almost no flavor of their own. The sauce didn't stick to the noodles as nicely as it does with regular pasta and because of this, the finished dish didn't look all that appetizing.

I will try a red sauce next time in hopes that it will make for a better presentation. I give it a thumbs up for anyone trying to cut carbs. My wife a definite thumbs down based on appearance and texture.
227501227501B004BUU488A12DCPGYH073EQBlue Spruce "Christophian"101151304467200Some things you should know!I didn't realize these packages are full of water (didn't read enough info apparently). It is best to cut a corner off and drain all the water out over a screen of some type. I warn you, the water smells a bit funny. However, that smell does NOT translate to the noodle when in the meal so don't throw it away. The noodles are really really long and don't break as easy as normal pasta in your mouth so it is best to cut them up with a pair of kitchen scissors (i made them about 4" or less). The package says two servings and I didn't think that would be correct when holding a package in my hand. However, the noodles really have a lot of substance and it is definitely two servings when you add other stuff. Not what I expected (thought I would get a package of dry noodles that had more servings) but they are great and I love them! What a relief to get a good noodle for soups, Italian dishes, and stir-fry without any carbs or calories. I just wish I could get these every month on a subscription like with other groceries.
227502227502B004BUU488A3U8YPEEXOL4PHTim6641302220800Miracle Noodles are great!I would highly recommend this product be used in any Asian dish. Love that I can have this on my diet. Personally wouldn't recommend as a replacement for Italian pastas.
227503227503B004BUU488AE7ZAG4BMAEVanne helmer6611296345600Tough to chewThis product was very strange. It says it is a plant root but why the fish smell? It was extremely difficult to chew through so some went down my throat whole. If you wake up at 1am feeling nauseous don't be surprised. I did not like this product.
227504227504B004BUU488A21KATZGXDM557D. Nuzzolo5521305590400WEIRD!Wow, wasn't expecting this! The noodles and rice products were like slippery little worms and fish eggs respectively. The only product I related it to is the noodles used in a Hawaiian soup called "Long Noodle". They were slippery and unmanageable like the noodles in this pack. Now I used to eat that soup quite often so my appetite is much more expansive than my wife who needs this product for diabetic alternatives. She gave them away immediately!
227505227505B004BUU488A4WBHCB54WZ82Mary Hamilton7851301961600Filling!This product is a lifesaver for us! We are on a strict form of the HCG diet and added these noodles to our maintenance phase. We missed pasta and it is a great alternative. I added meat and tomato sauce and found it very filling! I recommend these to others on the diet, or those who have gluten allergies. Remember to rinse, boil one minute and pat dry before using. You will notice a fishy smell when you open the package, but it goes away when you prepare them. Thank you for a great product...I just ordered the variety package and will make some more recipes with seafood and veggies!
227506227506B004BUU488A131GCT5CVG9CCTraci Neel4451315440000Great for HCG!While it is true that these stink right out of the bag, the smell goes away with a rinse and they are great after! We use them on the HCG diet - mostly with chicken and shrimp. They take on the flavor of your dish, so for us it has been Old Bay Seasoning (or a similar alternative), Garlic and spices and the chicken. We affectionately refer to them as "rubber noodles" but not because they are rubbery, as I might have thought. Just because they are more stout out of the water than run of the mill noodles and are really long! The kids, which are both still pretty small, really like them! They haven't figured out that they're not the usual whole wheat pasta we normally fix. :) And because they take on the flavor of the dish, it isn't hard to make something they won't eat. Great find and excellent choice for anyone on a diet or wanting to make a healthy alternative. A little more expensive than brand x in the stores, but worth it, in my opinion, for better health.
227507227507B004BUU488AGKTBRG9GCLWKJason Worm "Jason Worm"6751305072000I love them!I love em!
I just ate my first batch. I rinsed several times (they did smell) then boiled in Not-Chick'n golden broth (with other spices) for one minute full boil (took 2 minutes to start boiling again so 3 total). Next I'm going to try them with pasta sauce. This are GREAT!!!! Try them!
227508227508B004BUU488A1YTA3TBWBPCPGblondie6751303171200Good alternative to pastaI love pasta. I love everything about pasta except the weight I've gained from pasta. These noodles are a wonderful alternative to pasta. You get a similar (not exactly the same) texture and you can use healthy sauces. The noodles are little chewy/rubbery. However, when I'm craving pasta and I know I shouldn't have any, the shirataki noodles are the best alternative. These were a great find for me and my dietary needs/wants.
Note: you MUST rinse them. I put them in a colander and rinse them for at least 10 minutes.
227509227509B004BUU488A1IDEUX5TP4HNHMichael P. Boccarossa3311325116800Miracle Noodle Shirataki FettuciniWy wife saw the ad for this product and believed it was good,so she ordered the pack of five. It is totally disgusting. It is like eating SLIME. It is slippery and gives you a nautious feeling when trying to chew and swallow it.
227510227510B004BUU488A1MSE4LW2XPM2XCrystal Squitieri3351308268800Love them!If you are expecting them to taste like regular pasta then yes you may be disappointed. They don't have much of a taste at all but they do absorb flavor pretty well and they are filling too! I have heard some people say they have a fish smell but I did not experience that. There is an odor when you first open the bag that is not so pleasant but I didn't think it was fishy. Once you rinse them off the odor is gone. I saute some garlic and peppers with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and add the noodles in. They soak up the yumminess. I have also tried them with soy sauce and some Asian stir fry veggies... Delicious and satisfying!! I am definitely a fan =)
227511227511B004BUU488A2TRUVNFXEVIW2L. Vahanian3311307923200InedibleI tried the angel hair and the fettucini. They are well packaged, and no doubt a fine version of shirataki noodles. I am a pasta lover, and no matter how many suggestions I tried, nothing was appetizing. The texture is odd, and off-putting. I read the other reviews and was persuaded to try it. I am writing to warm others that it is not remotely like regular noodles.
227512227512B004BUU488A3E3YJO2V3YZUMLidgemeister5611305072000Like Eating a TapewormLike others have said, I really wanted to like these. While I didn't expect anything approximating true noodles, I was not prepared for these. This is only a noodle (or fettucine in this case) insofar as the shape is the same. But that's where the similarity ends. This is a translucent slimy tapeworm-resembling product that does not remotely resemble food. I tried it with spaghetti sauce and cheese and the only thing that made it edible was mixing it with true pasta. But of course that defeats the purpose of the zero calorie angle. While I was thinking perhaps this could act as a filler or stretcher for pasta to lessen the calories, I have to say it is not worth it. I rather just eat the one or two forkfuls of real pasta than mix it with this.

P.S.- You may want to put on a DVD of Fear Factor to give you courage to eat this-
or just that old Charlie Chaplin movie where he eats his shoe.
227513227513B004BUU488A3NV44STYHTR5YE. Waggoner "pupsx's6"5611296604800SlimmyI had great hopes for these noodles. I prepared the noodles as directed on the package. I thought these would be great with spaghetti sauce. Was I ever wrong! They were so slimy I gagged. I won't try them again. The other 4 packages are to be thrown out. A miracle noodle it isn't.
227514227514B004BUU488A38HDW0Z31ALT3Rose2251306800000Miracle NoodleThese noodles are awesome. 0 calories and easy to cook with. They take the flavor of whatever sauce you cook them with. I used them instead of spaghetti. Yummy!
227515227515B004BUU488A3MANX4ZZXBP1CSquirley1141332806400Miracle noodlesThey are great for the low carb diet, they are easy to cook with any sauce and absorbs all the flavors you toss in with the noodles.
227516227516B004BUU488A120C8LQRZNMPTB. Stich51011294444800BadThis was smelt of fish and were tough to eat Im was very disappointed in them not at all what I have seen on tv I will not buy them again
227517227517B004BUU488A34B4PFXGBWDMSKaren J Donegan61211297728000body cannot tolerate glucomannanLearned after eating these I have a food intolerance to the konju root/glucomannan.
Purchased to help lose weight. Got opposite affect. Major water retention throughout
my whole body. After several months of eating noodles, 5# weight gain. Stopped eating
the noodles and dropped 5# in 4 days.
No complaint about the flavor or texture.
227518227518B001FSJCPKA2RPUFHBHSD3KKllag0051332374400No problems getting pills downThe best invention ever! If you've ever tried to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult it can be. Our cat is now on a daily pill, and she LOVES the Greenies Pill Pocket!
227519227519B001FSJCPKA8TKT8F7KFW6Akitkat77740051332201600GreatMy cat loves these! He has to take medicine twice a day and these pockets make medicine time so much easier.
227520227520B001FSJCPKA2ST2QVVMHSWN8Nita0051332115200Pill Pockets for Cats, ChickenI found these to really help with dispensing pills to my 4 cats. I was skeptical at first but they worked great! Just pinch it around the pill and they take it just like regular treats. I also will give these without a pill in it so they don't get skittist about the treat. Thanks!

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