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227703227703B001FSJCPKA1PT9X3OZKV4BZIda's Adopter :)0051342656000Couldn't Be Without These Pill PocketsI have a cat that overgrooms and was recently put on Prozac. The though of having to 'pill' her everyday was really upsetting! I was reading a review on another site and saw that someone used these instead. I tried this Salmon flavor first, then the Chicken -- she liked them both! I've used tablets and capsules, and she'll take both in the Pill Pocket. I couldn't IMAGINE giving her a pill without these things! And I get them on Amazon for an amazing prize. The only thing I wish was that they made one or two more flavors so that I could switch them up, like Liver or Tuna. But I couldn't recommend this product any more highly :)
227704227704B001FSJCPKA1PT9X3OZKV4BZIda's Adopter :)0051342656000Couldn't Be Without These Pill PocketsI have a cat that overgrooms and was recently put on Prozac. The though of having to 'pill' her everyday was really upsetting! I was reading a review on another site and saw that someone used these instead. I tried the Salmon flavor first, which she liked, and then tried these. She loves these too! I've used tablets and capsules, and she'll take both in the Pill Pocket. I couldn't IMAGINE giving her a pill without these things! And I get them on Amazon for an amazing prize. The only thing I wish was that they made one or two more flavors so that I could switch them up, like Liver or Tuna. But I couldn't recommend this product any more highly :)
227705227705B001FSJCPKA201EYZDN51A0BEvol_Girl0051342137600Life Savers!!We have a Bengal. They are known to be smarter, feistier and more opinionated than the average cat. When ours was struck with a sudden mystery illness that caused acute life threatening anemia - after a week in the hospital he came home with a strict and huge pill routine.

For two weeks we fought, got bit, scratched, foamed on, etc. we tried liquids. Pills. Hiding them in food. Hiding them in other treats. Everything. He wasn't getting his meds - he'd throw them up. Foam them all out. Eat around them, etc.

As a last hope we tried the pill pockets. I figured he was WAY too smart for this trick. The pills he takes are huge and foul smelling - I couldn't imagine he'd not smell them or not bite into them whole eating it.

But - they worked!! And not just once - every time. He's going to be on steroids for probably a year, and into month 3 he still takes his 3 pills daily with pleasure! Talk about a literal life saver, we wouldn't have made it without them.
227706227706B001FSJCPKA3393V4SA7OTYRJudee0031342051200Okay for some catsThe concept behind the product is wonderful, so I tried it with my cat. He's normally a loving, docile kitty but turns into Cat-Kong when we try to administer medication. It worked the first time, even though he had difficulty chewing it up because of the pocket's soft consistency. The second time we met with less success. It ended up slipping out of his mouth, and I had to offer it to him several times before he ate it. Thinking it was too soft for him to grasp with his teeth, I left one out on the counter to let it harden up a bit. The slightly hardened pocket worked the first time but failed to work after that. I think this product meets with more success with cats who enjoy wet cat food. My cat eats only dry food, so he lost interest in it quickly when he couldn't grasp it with his teeth. You may want to keep this in mind if your cat has only enjoyed the dry food. Even though it didn't work for my cat, it might be worth a try!
227707227707B001FSJCPKA1OVKA7V323DXXC Hires0021341360000Wish it had workedOur 12 year old Siamese has always been finicky about any type of cat treats. We tried them first without a pill. She instantly turned up her nose, wouldn't even give them a second thought. Kept offering them for a week and she never changed her mind. It's very disappointing. But our 10 month old tiger cat loved them!
227708227708B001FSJCPKA42JYP3N93FOIN. Blevins "Amazon shopper extraordinaire!"0051339718400Pill time is not a problem now.It was a fight every day to give my cat a pill for her stomach problems. Now she comes running to take the pill. She loves these things I would recommend them to everyone.
227709227709B001FSJCPKA42JYP3N93FOIN. Blevins "Amazon shopper extraordinaire!"0051339718400My cat loves theseIt was a fight every day to give my cat a pill for her stomach problems. Now she comes running to take the pill. She loves these things I would recommend them to everyone.
227710227710B001FSJCPKA235PZXV5HES8CIEC0051339545600The greatest thing EVERSo my cat is very skittish and even though she is comfortable with me holding her head, I simply could not get her to take her pills. It was very upsetting for both of us: she'd start foaming from the pill residue after she spit it out and then run under the bed; and I was sad because she was now afraid of me! I waited anxiously for the pill pockets to arrive, tracked them closely (thanks Amazon), popped a pill into one as soon as they got here and she at it whole! Afterwards she came looking for more! What a brilliant solution to a very stressful situation.
227711227711B001FSJCPKA2QRFX07HO4GX1carmen0051339286400pill pocketsThese work great for vitamins cats dont like. My cats love the taste of these pill pockets and dont notice vitamin inside to much.
227712227712B001FSJCPKA3PPD9UN2JXH0Fcao104100051338940800So so awesome!!I had tried pretty much everything to get my cat to take his allergy meds and nothing worked. These little guys work like a charm, he gobbles the 'treat' right down. Less stress for both parties involved!
227713227713B001FSJCPKA248OM8HHVCTPCMasha0041337212800Works great for some catsThese worked great to hide pills for my cat until he discovered the pill...and would no longer eat the Pill Pocket. Easy solution--I just started mixing the pill pocket (containing the pill) into his wet food, and he's dumb enough not to notice.

Extra bonus feature: cats look hilarious chewing these.
227714227714B001FSJCPKA356ASPC7SFOB1Deb "enthusiastic reader"0051336694400Salmon Feline Pill Pockets at a great priceMy cats enjoy their fish flavored treats. The Pill Pockets are a great way to hide the medicine and provide a treat. My cats enjoy both the Salmon and Chicken flavored Pill Pockets. The online price was less than going to the pet store, and they were in stock. Shipment was speedy.
227715227715B001FSJCPKA2MP5ALLQKSQSArmily0051335830400Great product if your cat falls for it :)I love these little pockets. My cat gets medication twice a day and actually asks for his pill pocket. I've had some cats turn them down and others willingly take them so you may be surprised. I buy them by the case (of 6 bags) since we go through around a bag a month. I've been able to save around $1-1.50 per package this way.
227716227716B001FSJCPKAQZC15SPOD5AFlololsn0051334534400My cat loves the salmon flavor.I have to give my cat 3 pills a day. Pill pockets are the greatest! I have to use the Salmon flavor though. The chicken just didn't go over very well & once she tried the salmon she wouldn't eat the chicken. I use pill pockets for my dogs too. It so much easier than trying to shove a pill down their throats. It's also a lot less messier than some of the food products I've tried hiding the pills in.
227717227717B001FSJCPKAYGECESRGF4YBAllison B.0051334275200Kitty loves em :)I bought these pill pockets for my boyfriend's cat to make it easier to give her the flea pills I also bought her. She reallyyyy loves these pill pockets. She gobbles them up right away and whenever the bag is within her sight she starts meowing and pawing at me till I give her one.

Also, these pill pockets are certainly cheaper when you buy them online.

Couldn't be happier and neither could she :) She never hesitates to eat these pill pockets whether there's a pill in there or not :)
227718227718B001FSJCPKA26SSKNXGET39ESundancr12 "Sundancr12"0051334016000My cat never knewMy cat is very finicky. He eats only what he wants to eat and nothing else. He has, on occasion, practicably starved himself because he didn't like the brand or flavor of food that I bought. A short time ago he broke his foot, and while he is all better now, the doctors recommended an herbal supplement on days where his arthritis has really bothered him. Giving him this pill, however, has turned out to be more traumatic experience, if not making the pain even worse then before I gave it to him. Popping it into the Pill Pockets makes for a much better solution. He thinks he's getting a treat, and although the first few times he was unwary, he has grown to love the treats and never noticing a pill inside. I would recommend this to all finicky cats everywhere.
227719227719B001FSJCPKADEZPLZP1C4W4J. Keay0051333411200What a wonderful invention!One of my cat sitters told me about these wonderful products so I bought them locally so I could start using them right away. On another site there were some good suggestions for using them: 1) Before giving your pet one of these with the pill in it, give your cat one of the pockets just plain. Your pet will be so anxious to get another one, he'll gobble the second one with a pill in it without hesitation. 2) I think this is a key to success. As you get ready to put a pill in the pocket, be careful to handle the pill with one hand, carefully putting it in the pocket, then with your other hand close up the pocket and hand the treat to your cat - this way the smell of the pill will not be transferred to the outside of the treat. After a couple of days of success, I guess I got sloppy and didn't cover the pill up well enough. The pill ended up on the floor, but I scooped it up and put it in another pill pocket and gave it to my cat and she gobbled it up. I am sooooo happy not to have to stress my cat out any more.

Followup: A few days later I fell asleep in front of TV. When I woke up the package of pill pockets was on the floor torn to shreds (this cat is declawed by the way). She had probably eaten 25 pill pockets. After that I could not get her to eat one - with or without a pill in it. Soooooo, put them out of reach until you need to use them.
227720227720B001FSJCPKA80LTQK9GX5UP3cats0051333324800Fantastic, Tosca loves them :-)My cat Tosca has developed a medical condition requiring pills 2 x daily. She is the sweetest cat, however, not too agreeable when she needs to be medicated. With these pill pockets she comes running for her meds. I now have to give the other 2 kitties a treat each time she gets her meds or they feel left out. Terrific product if you need to medicate a cat and want a hassel and/or stress free way for both the cat and you. I'm very happy with the results, well worth the $$ and quite a bit cheaper than any of the local retailers anywhere in the area that I've found, living in CT.
227721227721B001FSJCPKA2YZWNXZKX6LULJJ0051333065600So far, so good!!!!!My 16 year old cat, little bug has joined that ever growing club of hyperthyroid cats. While she is super easy to pill, is was clear that hunting her down twice a day to drop a pill down her throat was hurting our relationship. In addition I wanted it to be easy for someone else to pill her when necessary. These so far have worked like a charm. As she only gets a quarter tablet I tear the pocket in two and that cuts the cost down. Amazon's price on these smokes the pet store and the the vet.
227722227722B001FSJCPKA2L1SDA7E1QHELZee Cubed "ZeeRN"0051332892800Awesome for Picky Cat!Our picky cat, Roxanne, was ordered buspirone for urine marking. She WILL NOT eat wet cat food. On a friend's recommendations, I bought these pill pockets but was not terribly hopeful. But JOY! Roxanne takes it right down! This is especially wonderful as she has to take the pill twice daily! This is an awesome product. It has been a week and she still hasn't figured out that there's a pill stuck inside. Thank you!
227723227723B001FSJCPKA2GYCGJVT1TC4OD. Cruz "crafty heart"0051332633600My cat loves it!This is the best for those bad flavor pills that your cat hates so much!
You just insert the pill inside the pocket, then pinch it softly to close it.
(I mix it with her dry food, she eats it first like a yummy treat!)
Your cat will eat it because the flavors are good and tasty
for them (you can pick from a variety of flavors)
he or she, won't notice that the medicine is there!
227724227724B000MXTMXGAL80PGC61F2IZTim Brooks0051342569600The bestA friend gave me this as a present....Wow, it truly is the best. In addition to using it to make a meat or seafood curry, I add a little to Pot Noodles and chicken soup and even my favorite drink, a beef OXO cube. The flavour is fantastic.
227725227725B000MXTMXGA2BDKOIV1Y4JTNogcolorado0051332720000best curry powdercurry lovers search no more. Rajah Madras Curry Powder is the best. have been using it forever both in England and the US. Best flavor, best heat!
227726227726B004XRJ5R0AEB9OE4PS1NT3N. Seupersad1141346630400Very niceThis was a present to someone who loves Green. They enjoyed it very much. Will buy again should the need arise.
227727227727B001IZIB2AA2RLLXP336M68Ksmatsushima17751273017600Never had any problemsI bought this cheesecloth to make whey and cream cheese from raw milk (recipe found in Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions) and never had any problem with it whatsoever. I don't expect to use any cheesecloth with just one layer so I believe I folded twice when in use, but it won't hurt to fold it a third or even fourth time. The best part: it comes in a pack of six so you save money.

I had no problems with it whatsoever.
227728227728B001IZIB2AA8BNRTZ8HWLTQLaurie C. Kruczek1151348617600Great Natural Cheesecloth!If you are looking for unbleached cheesecloth, If You Care works great! Make your greek yogurt and cheese with ease. Be sure to fold over to get full straining effect. You can reuse it by washing, if necessary. Nice product!
227729227729B001IZIB2AA1ZCRVDS8WTZ4Se89360011348617600Useless for both yogurt & ricottaThe weave of this cheesecloth is very loose; at least an 1/8" between strands of cotton. The weave also deforms so that 1/4" objects can easily slip through. I thought I could compensate with multiple layers but 8 layers proved inadequate to strain greek yogurt. The yogurt simply oozed through the layers. Same with ricotta. I was reluctant to return this item, but I simply couldn't think of anything to do with it. Maybe a hard cheese, but I don't make these.
227730227730B0033HPPIOA2MDPP00NTNE5LDeluXXe0051323734400Tasty coffeeBoth my wife and I like this coffee. It really does taste like youve dunked a chocolate glazed donut in your mug! Doesnt taste "chemically" like some flavored coffees do. Its light and tasty.
227701227701B001FSJCPKA3ODV5VQ5DI716Crowe0980051343260800A miracleMy cat was recently diagnosed an epileptic, and will be on phenobarbital pills for probably the rest of her life. My cat loves to eat, especially table food, so I thought getting her to take her meds would be easy, crush the pill up, mix it in milk or sour cream or any of her favorite foods, and viola! But I quickly found out it was not so easy! I would be up at 6am chasing her around the house trying to get her to eat it, or force-feeding it to her, which me and the cat both hate to do! I discovered these pill pockets while doing research online and decided to order it. Let me tell you, medicine time is a piece of cake now! I dont even have to crush the pill up. You just stick the pill in the predesigned pocket, pinch the top together and my cat eagerly chomps it down! She loves both the chicken and salmon flavor, medicine time takes less than a minute to accomplish, and both me and the cat are happy! She has been enjoying these "treats" for a few weeks now, twice she ended up biting into the pill, yet the flavor of the treat was so appealing to her that she didn't pay any attention to the pill and kept chomping it down! We love these things, they really were the answer to our prayers, especially for my boyfriend who had been responsible for medicine time in the evenings while I am at work. My cat has always been more hesitant to take her meds when he is giving them to her, but since trying these pill pockets it has been absolutely no problem. We are all very thrilled with this product--mom, dad, and kitty!
227702227702B001FSJCPKAVQRQIA5IWW3PM. Kehoe "BookLover"0051343088000Our cat loves themOur cat, Leo, has to take two pills a day, every day. We'd seen the vet force the pills down his throat which was traumatic for both him and for us, so when we found Greenies we were thrilled. He LOVES them. We call them "treats", and when I ask him if he's ready for his treat, he runs to the spot where I feed him. It's really very cute. I don't know what we would have done without Greenies because I wouldn't have been able to force pills down his throat. As it is, he happily takes them every single day.

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