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227731227731B0033HPPIOA2CHEDJ9C4A1FBCrazyLocco0051323129600Absolutely DeliciousI was looking for a sweet and delightful morning coffee and this is exactly what I was looking for. It is absolutely wonderful and I will be purchasing it again soon.
227732227732B0033HPPIOA2TFNWL29OOBFAlice W.0021321574400WeakThis coffee is way too weak for me, and does not taste "chocolatey" at all. Maybe it's my taste buds, but I don't find any hint of chocolate glazed donut flavor; it is not robust at all, and has an after taste that I can't quite describe. Sorry, this one's not for me. If you like stronger coffee, don't buy this one.
227733227733B0033HPPIOA37I36W0CVO6IVLiquid0051320796800Amazingly DeliciousThis coffee tastes exactly like the description and it is by far one of the better Donut House coffees. The light roast goes very well with the flavor. My wife simply loves the smell of it when I brew a cup, and she even asked if I could keep a cup in our bedroom at all times. If this sounds like something you would typically eat, you'll sure love to drink it.
227734227734B0033HPPIOA1W8D4FAMAKRQRL. Corp "Laura"0051320451200My favorite K-cup!When I first got my brewer, I bought a sampler pack of 30+ different flavors and this one was my favorite by far! I can have it every morning and not get tired of it. The aroma, the flavor - Top Notch! A little sweetner, a little milk - just like a mocha!
227735227735B0033HPPIOAAEQ6G5HXOUMMaddy0031320451200Smells good, but has a flavored coffee aftertasteI was expecting the flavor of a chocolate glazed donut when you take a bite, but I forgot that this is really coffee. It does smell good, but it has an aftertaste that I'm not crazy about.

I'm a person who doesn't like the instant General Mills? International Coffess that come in the rectangular cans. I've always described them as having a perfume-y flavor to them that is kind of fake in the aftertaste. So if you can relate to that, you'll understand what I mean.

I think I will stick with different coffee blends and roasts that are natural and leave any flavoring to the creamers and other additions that I make to my cup of coffee.
227736227736B0033HPPIOAXF0UDD12DOV5Adam_the_Great0031320364800Hit or MissI enjoy this coffee occationally, but the office is split right down the middle between Loving and Disliking it. I think it is worth a try. We order this regularly.
227737227737B0033HPPIOA3LWZJPEUHO73DDiana R. Hoy "dragonlady"0051320192000donut house collection choc glazed donut coffeereally tastes like chocolate glazed it...I'm diabetic, so it's like cheating without the guilt. Amazon works really quickly too, and got it here in less than a week.
227738227738B0033HPPIOA3MEV9NFC614NBCat Lover0051319241600A Calorie Free Chocolate Glazed DonutWith a bit of artificial sweetener and a burst of whipped cream, I feel like I am enjoying a chocolate glazed donut. A calorie free donut at that! You can't go wrong with this flavor. Great as a morning, dessert, or anytime coffee.
227739227739B0033HPPIOA30GEP1I3ZJABGJ. Thoman0041318896000Flavor!One of the few coffees I have ever drunk that actually tastes like it's supposed to! Congratulations on a good product!
227740227740B0033HPPIOA3PNSVSUXQLKPML. Cash0051318723200yummyreally does taste like the name. Not overpowering chocolate either. This is soooooo good. I will continue to buy this one!
227741227741B0033HPPIOA3NVN3Y1TL8QBWKelly A0021316995200False AdvertisingI was very disappointed. It is good coffee, but doesn't have any flavor of chocolate. It smells like chocolate and that is it. Better used to fragrance your kitchen rather than drink.
227742227742B0033HPPIOA3KSKC0HXFW94TPJ0051316131200ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!An incredible coffee that's a sweet treat on it's own. Combine a fresh brewed cup with some half & half, a dash of splenda or sugar and chill in the fridge it's a seriously chocolate delight. Turns an ordinary cup of joe into a yummy adult hot chocolate.

Sometimes it's the first thing I think of when my beedy leetle eyes pop open in the morning. Smooth, smooth, smooth. Great in the winter when you know you've got to shovel snow. Great in the summer for a quick, cool pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Get ya some!!! =D
227743227743B0033HPPIOA8NLJEVF765MLMBGdC0051315440000YumI crave this coffee! I didn't expect to; I never order chocolate glazed donuts. But, for my tastebuds, this hits all the yummy coffee, yummy chocolate, yummy donut notes. I will be ordering more!
227744227744B0033HPPIOAIQCIQFJO95NQC. Hollingshead0041315353600EhhThe coffee wasn't as sweet as I had hoped but it was great with a little creamer added in. Not a bad choice.
227745227745B0033HPPIOA1E8HD4K9HZDIRCynthia L. Ferrin0051314316800YummyIt was yummy and much much cheaper than purchasing at the store. Additionally, the coffee was shipped right to my front door step. Thanks!
227746227746B0033HPPIOA3FLZCOLQMZ6J1MrsKaraT0051314144000My husband loves this Kcup!My husband is the big coffee drinker around this house and he's the one that ordered these specific ones. He absolutely loves them and has them all the time even though we have many other flavors. He says they taste exactly like chocolate donuts!! Would recommend!
227747227747B0033HPPIOA1BJZN1EF50JM5Matt0051312156800Aroma is unbelievableMy only complaint is I wish it were a bit stronger but I do like my coffee strong so it's just a preference thing. This coffee smells fantastic, and always makes me wish I HAD a chocolate glazed donut when I drink it. Definitely my favorite K-Cup. Love it!
227748227748B0033HPPIOA1VR9II0HC7ZQ6Della Street0051311984000This is the Junk!!!My favorite coffee to drink, it is good tasting and I love it, all of the K-cups are over priced but what is new? You pay for the ease of use. Wish it was cheaper.
227749227749B0033HPPIOAKI2P8NSJT59TMommyto30021311638400If you enjoy coffee with any sort of coffee to it... this is not for youI am not a dark roast person typically but apparently I need something richer than this. The coffee smells wonderful right after it brews, but I don't think that the flavor carries over nor is there much coffee to the brew. For the most part I feel like I am drinking decent smelling colored water. This is the first flavored k-cup that I have not loved.
227750227750B0033HPPIOAOKFZ0ZT7B69TStephanie0051311206400My very favorite k-cup!I recently got a Keurig for a wedding gift, and I've tried a few different flavors and this one is my favorite! I like a mild coffee, and many of the k-cups I have tried were pretty strong and bitter. This one was the perfect blend of mild coffee and chocolate flavor. It really does taste like a cup of liquid chocolate glazed donut! If you like a strong coffee flavor, you may not like this. But for me, this k-cup is perfect.
227751227751B0033HPPIOAILI5DN3IT8IXJohn Treble0031310947200Aroma is true to the name, but lacks the punch of a morning joeI got this flavored coffee to supplement our regular favorite, Donut Shop Coffee. It's a light roast, so it lacks the boldness that we look for in a morning cup of coffee. But the aroma truly lives up to its name. It smells great while brewing and has a more than subtle chocolate flavor to it. Would I order it again, probably, but only as a novelty coffee, never as a mainstay.
227752227752B0033HPPIOAX70O2GB1O5M8flavoredcoffeelover0051310860800Best flavored coffee for a keurig!This coffee is fantastic for anyone who loves flavored coffee, esp chocolate. It's the best one I've had and I think I've tried them all!
227753227753B0033HPPIOA25IN8E5N6HJ16Charles G. Read0051310083200mid-afternoon taste break!Delicate chocolate comes through. Pleasing taste. Fine product for that mid-afternoon break. Recommended purchase in initial small quantity since taste is subjective.
227754227754B0033HPPIOA3VXW2LRLWHHTVEmz0021309910400Not for "bold" coffee loversI was hoping for a delicious cup of coffee that tasted rich and chocolatey...unfortunately, that was not the case with the Donut House Collection Chocolate Glazed Donut. This was my first keurig k-cup purchase so I was new to the game and did not know about all the different "bold" and "extra bold" terms. This k-cup provides (what I would call) a "light" cup of coffee, as opposed to a "bold" cup of coffee. I tend to prefer the "bold" coffees, so this particular product was not for me. If you like a "light" coffee, then you will like this product (although I do not think the chocolate flavor was very strongly noted at all).
227755227755B0033HPPIOA1HRMH11XQ0LMRchica100041309219200Good FlavorI like this flavor alot, some people complain that it has a "chemical" after taste but I didn't notice that. I would recommend this flavor for chocolate lovers.
227756227756B0033HPPIOA31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown0051308873600Wonderfully ChocolateMy family absolutely loves this flavor of coffee. We have tried many of the flavored coffees since purchasing our Keurig brewer in October of 2009,and while we enjoy many of them,the Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut is one that has become a staple in our house. It is simple and straightforward for a flavored coffee, wonderfully rich and chocolaty. The aroma that fills the kitchen when someone is brewing this coffee is tantalizing. To me it is a blend of good coffee and lush chocolate.
In the Summer, my daughter makes a divine Iced Coffee using the Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee along with Vanilla Creamer for an extra added lusciousness. It makes for a wonderful afternoon pick me up. Then in the Winter, we dress up a cup with a candy cane for a lovely minty, chocolaty after dinner treat. A splash of Kahlua or Creme d'Menthe in either makes it a rich cocktail for entertaining.
My one wish for the Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee would be for it to be available in a Bold Blend as well as the Regular blend.
227757227757B0033HPPIOA3F8CKYZ70FY5EDana Conrad0051307491200I don't get all the bad reviews...I loved this one so much I bought it a few times, I just get bored with certain flavors after a while (I actually stop tasting the flavor) and the store I get it from didn't have it anymore, so I switched to Hazelnut for a couple months... But I've been missing the hell out of it, it's by FAR my favorite flavored coffee, so I'm really, really shocked to see so many people give it 1 star reviews... Maybe if you drank this on its own it isn't as good? I like strong, flavored coffee, but there aren't any, they're all lights or mediums, so I always combine a large cup of flavored with a smaller cup of Green Mountain's Dark Magic decaf (the only coffee I can drink without any flavoring), making basically a big cup of strong, lightly flavored half caff, which doesn't exist apparently. I could never stand to drink it alone, but I can't drink *any* flavored K-Cups alone, as they're ALL woffee (water/weak coffee). I could say take a chance on this, if you don't like it, mix it with a strong cup of coffee (decaf if you don't want to be wired all day) and you'll like it!
227758227758B0033HPPIOA22XRFRVRTNT7WS. Horton0051307404800DeliciousJust received this coffee and had to try a cup right away. It smells wonderful when it is brewing and tastes delicious, too. This is going to be a favorite. It's not overwhelmingly chocolate - just enough to make it taste like you've dipped a glazed doughnut in it :)
227759227759B0033HPPIOA1IFW9KEJFEAMDA. R. S.0051307145600One of the best tasting cups of coffee I've ever hadI don't know where some of these other reviewers are getting their coffee from, but this is my favorite K Cup and is one of the best tasting cups of coffee I've ever tasted.
227760227760B0033HPPIOA215DHBW92O47NHDM0041305763200Best as ICED COFFEEMany chocolate flavored coffees tend to leave a unique 'fake' aftertaste. This Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut K-cups are no exception, if brewed hot. For some reason when this coffee is brewed as an iced coffee (either directly into ice or placed in freezer for 20 minutes after brewing), this weird flavor goes away. It is a great summer iced coffee drink.

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