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227764227764B0033HPPIOATY1J77C6E72VMelissa B0051304899200Chocolate Glazed DonutFirst let me say, I am not a huge coffee drinker. D**n you Keurig for bringing me to the dark side! That being said, if you like choc glazed donuts, you'll definitely like this k cup. I've tried many different flavors and this one is truest to its name. It tastes just like a choc donut. Other than saying "it tastes just like a choc donut", there isn't much more to say about the flavor. It's just good! It is not my favorite, but it is definitely in my rotation. My 9 year old convinced me to buy them (imagine that!). I'm glad I did, and will definitely buy more. I put a little big of sugar and a little bit of regular Coffee Mate creamer and its just perfect! No after taste, and I made it on the largest setting. YUM! Donut House Collection Coffee, Chocolate Glazed Donut, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig BrewersI've purchased 9 different boxes of k cups this week alone, and this one will definitely be purchased again! Simply stated: if you like donuts (who doesn't?!), then you won't be disappointed. Period. :)
227765227765B0033HPPIOA24STD27S7AQVEGail in NY0051304467200For chocolate lovers !!I love chocolate glazed donut coffee, especially when I add Bailey's (non-alcoholic) chocolate creamer to it. Magnificent flavor. I think I'll go make a cup!
227766227766B0033HPPIOA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0021303171200Not as strong as I hopedI love chocolate coffee, I was hoping this would be strong but its not. It has a small hint of chocolate, nothing like my favorite Mud Slide ( Which smells my kitchen up with lovely chocolate/coffee smell! ) The coffee flavor is also very mild. I won't be buying again, not strong enough for me!
227767227767B0033HPPIOA2MOWW62QNKXYMKathryn0041302998400Nice flavorThis coffee is true to its name, and actually smells/tastes like a traditional chocolate glazed cake-like doughnut. Unlike some of the donut house flavored varieties, this one actually tastes as good as it smells while brewing. It is a light roast, and is very low in acidity. There is no bitterness to this blend, and I find that it needs even less sugar per cup than I usually use to achieve the same sweetness. Great coffee.
227768227768B0033HPPIOA2C7ZH34XFQCNTBuster0051301961600So GoodI love this coffee! It is my favorite flavor of Kcups. When it's brewing it smells just like a chocolate donut. Who wouldn't love that.
227769227769B0033HPPIOA1QFZUSA73WMB1Judy Pietrykowski0051301961600Chocolate Glazed Donut K Cup CoffeeThis coffee is delicious and a great price too!!! It is second only to Island Coconut. I will keep buying both of them for sure.
227770227770B0033HPPIOA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041301184000Smooth Coffee - RecommendedThis Donut House "Chocolate Glazed Donut" K-Cup is very smooth and does indeed have a distinct Chocolate Glazed Donut flavor. The aroma while brewing is wonderful but the coffee is not too overpowering.

Being a Type 2 diabetic, this is as close to real donut that I can get, so taking it with Splenda and Half&Half is a real treat in the mornings for me. My son (not diabetic) likes it better than other flavored coffee, but he says there is a bit of a chemical after taste that I didn't notice and it hasn't stopped him from making several cups for himself.


227771227771B0033HPPIOACJT09EV9DM1XNancey R. Jones "-N"0051301097600Really nice flavorThis flavor is really yummy, it actually smells like hot donuts while it's brewing! It's a fairly mild coffee but the donut flavor is rich and delicious. Definitely recommended if you like sweet flavored coffees.
227772227772B0033HPPIOAN56STTLT0XGYSusan J Manwaring0051300579200Flavored CoffeeI personally have not tried this one yet - I got it for the guys at the office,
& they love it!
227773227773B0033HPPIOAGKM46GOQIJ9OM. Brockman0041299628800Love the aroma! Smells like chocolate glazed donuts!What girl doesn't love chocolate! This delicious coffee smells and tastes like a chocolate glazed donut. I don't eat the donuts because I'm watching my weight, but it is a great substitute! Enjoy!
227774227774B0033HPPIOA210QTAXVPACLPJoshua P Pellittieri3511329091200Bad chocolate flavoring (if you're generous enough to call it a flavor!)I am a flavored coffee person. When my wife and I go to Dunkin Donuts, she always mocks me for ordering sweet, sugary coffee (I think it's better if I can have a sugar rush and a caffeine rush at the same time!). When I bought my wife a Keurig (probably because I was tired of hearing her shtick every time we went out for coffee), I set out to try the different flavors, to see what sort of deliciousness was awaiting me.

We made it through this batch of Donut House Collection Coffee, Chocolate Glazed Donut, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count, but barely. We came close to throwing out all of our unused K-Cups several times, because the taste of these pods is that bad. It was like drinking a big cup of chemicals. Chemicals that barely tasted like chocolate. Look elsewhere for your flavored K-Cups.
227775227775B0033HPPIOA1GDA3WH7SI79FJill Davidson1211320019200HorribleI love the other Donut House coffees but this one is aweful. It tastes like watered down coffee with a hint of chocolate.
227776227776B0033HPPIOA3BJ9NS09YGQT5Atl Chris "Atl Chris"1211306713600If you like stale donuts...These were fresh K-cups, far from their "best by" date, not old ones. But to the extent that there was chocolate flavoring, it just wasn't pleasant, tasted stale to me. I won't buy these again.
227777227777B0033HPPIOA30U4YPAXGC92LMamaHahn1211305590400DisappointmentI was very disappointed with the taste of the coffee. It was nothing like I expected. Did not taste like a chocolate glazed donut at all.
227778227778B0033HPPIOA3F8CWZ4ZKW861Daniel Schaffer1211304467200Horrible TasteI ordered a box of these and I think I got a bad batch. They taste horrible and I have tried all 3 size settings on my brewer. There isn't even the slightest hint of chocolate flavor. I have cconsumed over 30 different varities of KCups and this is by far the worst one yet. It is completely undrinkable.
227779227779B0033HPPIOA3PIIBG41YM6UDCJ10831251294358400OMG! This is sooooo good!The name of the flavor sucked me in to try it, but this is even better than I expected! I'll be ordering much more of this very shortly!
227780227780B0033HPPIOA2K0FCG3I0PRPCMom to 3 J's1251293840000One of my new favsCan never be enough chocolate for me and this coffee is quite satisfying to my need for coffee and chocolate!
227781227781B0033HPPIOA2ERUCOWLUEUSVE. Cordes "E.C."61011268697600Would not buy again.Sadly, the flavor is very artificial and the smell is not much to be desired. Disappointing and not worth the money IMHO.
227782227782B0033HPPIOA3L435IGOVFCA7natahoa "natahoa"2411316563200The WORST coffee I have ever tastedThis sounded SO good I ordered a double box. It is bitter, doesn't taste anything like chocolate, much less glazed donut. It has a TEENY bit of aroma of chocolate glazed donut but all those sweet vibrations get blasted right into the dark zone the MOMENT your tongue touches this coffee ... hard to explain how awful it is. I thought maybe it was just me but my husband actually came after me wanting to know what was wrong with that coffee ... I packed it up the same day and sent it back.

Just don't buy it, that's all I have to say.
227783227783B0033HPPIOA1JS5YEH6J0PUGConnie2411297036800worst coffee everWas so disappointed in this coffee. I gave several k-cups to my family for their use and not one of them liked it, nor did I. Tried using the small cup and large cup size, but was still very bitter and had a funny aroma.
227784227784B0033HPPIOA3JO3ZTRKY2223mommyof2girlies0111343433600DisgustingTastes horrible. Its too sweet and it tastes very artificial. I got this k-cup flavor in a variety pack. I will not buy this flavor. Its really gross.
227785227785B0033HPPIOA2BQHX0CB0FRRZG. Mackey0141342310400Chocolate Glazed Donut!The purpose of my review is simple: Know that you are buying a coffee that is flavored. It's 'chocolate glazed donut' flavored coffee. I bought 48 of these thinking it was 'donut house' coffee. Well, it is. But what I didn't realize is that Donut House is apparently a brand, not a flavor. The good news is that this flavored coffee doesn't completely suck. Don't get me wrong, if you like 'Donut House' regular coffee, you probably won't like this flavor. I don't. But it's not their fault that I buy things on amazon without reading the fine print (or in this case, reading the primary description). I will suffer through 'chocolate glazed donut' for the next 3-4 weeks so that I might learn this lesson: Read the description of what you are buying! Who would buy chocolate glazed donut coffee, anyway? ;-)
227786227786B0033HPPIOA2XNJFXO89PKMWHKL830111321056000Worst K-Cup of Them AllThis has to be the most disgusting K-Cup I've ever tasted. I've had instant coffee that tasted better than this. Zero chocolate flavor, but even worse coffee. Would not recommend this one at all, don't even bother trying it.
227787227787B0033HPPIOA1DC8ZQOCYUZJXJGF "judy448"0131307577600somewhat artificial tasteI've been experimenting with flavored coffees and this looked like fun. I feel it has a little bit of an artificial aftertaste but it is tolerable. Don't think I will order it again.
227788227788B0033HPPIOA2AQ5PFYCXWN0Skristin0131300060800too sweet, even for me!!!I am an admitted sweet tooth and thought I would love this coffee, but the flavoring is too strong and it has a funny after taste. My husband will only drink the regular donut shop blend, and I'm in love with the cinnamon roll k-cup, but I won't be buying this one again. I didn't hate it and drank half of the 24 count box but donated the rest to the stash at work. I recommend the Green Mountain Mocha Nut Fudge for chocolate is much more palatable than this particular flavor.
227789227789B0033HPPIOA2IDI1Y0YOZ0YOBlissful_in_TX1311294963200Didn't care for itI got this in a variety back, and this flavor was my least favorite. I can't describe what it tastes like, but it is not chocolate or donut.
227790227790B0033HPPIOA2T5Y84ZTY0F7FCafe14811294358400Nope, Nice try though...I really wanted to like this flavor of K-Cups but it's just not that good. It smells incredible when it's brewing but I think that because this isnt a true flavored coffee you come in thinking its going to taste sweet. Its bitter to me and even the undertones of the chocolate seem a little tart. I tried even putting creamer and sugar and still found it to be way too bitter. Ive even tried to drink it over ice and still a no-go. The chocolate flavor is too artificial tasting. I love the regular and deacaff versions(unflavored) of Donut House coffee but this is not good.
227761227761B0033HPPIOAMQ3RAQ8K3GL1S. E. Scott "sandie4jewels"0051305504000Yummy!Who doesn't like chocolate glazed donuts, especially in the morning! A nice sweet flavor of chocolate with a hint of frosting. Not too strong.
227762227762B0033HPPIOA8N7OUFDKTK1ECaroline Ann Martin "CAT"0051304985600My favorite of all time!Truly chocolate smell and flavor that has become a favorite of mine. : I do wish it were available as a decaf coffee as well, but otherwise it is perfect...
227763227763B0033HPPIOA2CBCLZVZUY6GOS. Jones0051304985600Great coffeeLove this coffee and ordering from Amazon is extremely convenient. Can't beat the flavor or the service I get with Amazon.

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