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227791227791B0033HPPIOA3OORIZGOQSLT0Room for Improvement "Craig"4811289865600One of the weakest coffees I've ever hadEven on the 6 oz setting this coffee is so weak I can't drink it. I've had at 20 flavors of K-cups and this is the worst.
227792227792B0033HPPIOA25I2AZZ4CYZSXOliveanneny4811289520000Chemical taste and smellThis has been my least favorite coffee purchase so far for the Keurig. My husband came into the kitchen and thought I had been conducting a science experiment as it smelled like chemicals. The flavor is also a combination of plastic and chemicals. I would have been happy if it even had a cafe mocha flavor like other reviewers have called it, but I don't even begin to get that. Very disappointed.
227793227793B0033HPPIOA7BOOOR8N7PLWD. Gibrick3711291161600Did not like this flavor.I picked this flavor up based on lots of positive feedback. I did not like it at all. I gave away what I had left to a few friends and family and they all agreed that this flavor is not good at all.
227794227794B0033HPPIOAUJZEJ5KJU6OQDebra Carr "Peace and Good Health"3711289433600Weak Coffee with Lestoil!This is the absolute worst flavored coffee I ever put in my mouth. I took several sips to be sure I hated it. On the fourth sip I had to spew it back into the cup. I thought possible the shipment was tainted with chemicals. Please don't buy a large quantity that you'll have to pawn off on someone. For those who like it, enjoy.
227795227795B0033HPPIOA3G6AQPJD2K74Red State Guy71411275436800Attention Chocolate Connoisseurs: Avoid Like The Plague!I should start off by saying that I have never understood the appeal of artificial chocolate flavoring. Even when I was a kid and a total junk food junkie, the things that were artificially flavored chocolate always tasted strange.

Fast forward to my life as an adult and I find that neither has the technology behind artificial chocolate flavoring improved, nor my opinion of it. It still has a subtle (and sometimes, not-so-subtle) metallic taste and an obvious artificial one. So do many artificial flavorings, but most seem to replicate the real thing about 75-80% of the time. Not so with artificial chocolate.

So then, it will come as no surprise that this K-Cup variety is equally disappointing. Imagine the most mass-produced chocolate doughnut with a laundry list of ingredients (and unpronounceable ones at that) and one pretty much has the taste of this coffee flavor---at best. It's not the worst chocolate flavored coffee I have ever had, but when most are pretty bad, that's not saying much.

For the life of me, I can't understand the reviews of other incarnations of this product which claim that it's "like licking the frosting off a chocolate donut" or "tastes like adding chocolate syrup to your coffee". No, and no! It's also a far cry from "cafe mocha", as well. Come to my house and I will make you a K-Cup of coffee with real chocolate and you can have a far superior cafe mocha experience.

It tastes little like a doughnut, a chocolate doughnut, and nothing like chocolate doughnut glaze and marginally like chocolate at all. If you are a fan of products from companies like Ghirardelli or Lindt, I will guarantee that you will be disappointed at best and disgusted at worst.

I received this flavor as part of a sampler from the manufacturer's [GMCR] mail order program, and fortunately only received one K-Cup, as I would never place a full order for this flavor. I kept hoping it would get better, but such was not the case. It was all I could do to finish the cup of coffee and not throw it out.
227796227796B0033HPPIOA3F7YO94SE3U83Mark P. Lonabaugh1411298332800Stay Away Unless You Like The Taste Of Bug Spray!!!I don't know who does the taste testing for this company but none of their flavor coffee tastes anything like what they advertise. This product does not taste anything like a chocolate glaze donut. Taste more like bug spray.
Stay away
227797227797B0033HPPIOA29YSEPLBC6WVWMiss Ryan1411295654400Cloyingly, artificially sweetThis flavor was recommended to me by a friend. I have had other Donut House coffees and found them to be quite tasty, so I was understandably excited to try combining both my favourite flavour (chocolate) with my passionate addiction (coffee). This is where it all went wrong ...
This coffee smells incredible when brewing ... the area around my Keurig is deceptively scrumptious and you just can't wait to taste! The problem is, you can't get to the taste of the coffee through the overpoweringly sweetness. In all honesty, I am a bit of a sweet-hound ... I love all things candy and chocolate but even this made my teeth hurt. Originally, I thought I'd accidentally put the sugar into my own cup instead of my wife but, after brewing a 2nd cup I discovered it's the coffee itself. Drinking Hershey's Syrup straight from the bottle would be less tooth achingly sweet than this "flavour".
Avoid this unless you like the lingering taste of chemical sweetener on your tongue .. for HOURS after you've brushed your teeth to rid yourself of the taste.
227798227798B0033HPPIOA1YW4HCXT3CW6AD. Bodenheimer2611294704000Fake alcohol-based flavoring overwhelmsI really like the normal Donut House coffee K-Cups, and as a chocolate-lover I was excited to try the Chocolate Glazed Donut version.

It is simply the worst coffee I've ever had. The chocolate flavor comes from that fake liquid-based cocoa alcohol flavoring, and it overpowers the coffee and leaves an aftertaste that lingers for hours.

I do not recommend this flavor in any way, unless you like alcohol in your coffee -- in which case, I'd still recommend adding a little of the real thing to the normally great Coffee House coffee that Green Mountain is known for!
227799227799B0033HPPIOA3N3VPF83K3ITRA. Lee181851341532800Smells exactly like a Chocolate Glazed Donut, tastes like one if...I was very excited when my chocolate glazed donut k-cup started brewing for the first time because the first thing that hit me was an overwhelming aroma of donuts! Almost over-powering and definitely doesn't help that I'm on a diet! However I was kind of disappointed to discover that the taste did not come anywhere close to that amazing smell I had just got a whif of. I tried equal packets and then later I even tried real sugar with no luck. Then I tried stevia powder, 30 Grams (1.06 Oz) Stevia 95% Steviosides Bulk Powder and this was the golden ticket! If you get this flavor, use stevia as your sweetener. It's literally the closest thing to actually eating a chocolate glazed donut!
227800227800B0033HPPIOA1ZZQOS9L3ZGFFAnnie Q151951279497600Uhmmm...YUMMThis coffee is exactly what you think! When it brews, the kitchen smells like fresh chocolate
donuts and the taste is the same!!!
227801227801B0033HPPIOA3HARUQ1NDHF0VN. Foland "Kprnam"7851295827200Chocolate glazed donut coffee?? Count me happy!I was pretty excited to try this flavor and was NOT disappointed! It smells heavenly when brewing and tastes like a good cup of coffee with the perfect hint of a chocolate glazed donut aftertaste! I could close my eyes and believe I was in a donut shop, drinking a great cup of joe. I think, like most of the flavored K-Cups I've tried, the flavors are more of a delicious smell than taste but that is just perfect for me. I think I'll go have a cup right now!
227802227802B0033HPPIOA3TZB9SXJCFMFJJ. Michael Click4441295049600Not the Taste It Promises, But I Like It NonethelessI think that Donut House's "Chocolate Glazed Donut" coffee is perhaps misnamed. In my experience, Chocolate Glazed Donuts tend to be very sweet with a strong chocolate flavor. This coffee, on the other hand, has a more subtle taste with a lightly bittersweet undertone. To my mind, it's more reminiscent of a "Chocolate Cake Donut" than the Glazed variety. Even more specifically, it tastes like a chocolate cake donut that has been dipped in a regular cup of coffee, and in the process has taken on a slightly acidic aftertaste. Interestingly, I find that as the coffee cools, the chocolaty taste becomes more pronounced.

Personally, I like the way this coffee smells and tastes, despite the fact that it hardly matches up to its name. Thus, my four star rating. But I can well understand why someone expecting the sweet comfort of a classic chocolate glazed donut would find it objectionable. Keeping in mind that everyone's taste buds are a little bit different, I think you might be well advised to take into consideration many reviewers' opinions before you decide whether this particular K-cup flavor is one that might appeal to you.
227803227803B0033HPPIOA2KFEIRLYSKY99Jeff Waites "Big P"6731264377600Good coffee and flavored nicelyOf the 30 varities I have tried this one is above average, not a big chocolate taste but a nice flavor.
227804227804B0033HPPIOA26L29J224MXE5jenca7881011302307200smells great, tastes terribleWhile this was brewing, I was excited. It smelled like a bonafide donut shop in my kitchen. Was I really going to be able to drink a chocolate donut without the calories? Not so much. It has a distinct chemical taste to it that even creamer and sugar cannot fix. I actually gave it away to a friend that likes it for some unknown reason.
227805227805B0033HPPIOA26PCKTKJ7L24ADale5611330128000Total misrepresentation as far as flavor is concernedThis is the second time I have taken the time to review something on Amazon. This product is so bad that I consider this review to be a public service. As the title indicates, to say that this coffee is chocolate glazed doughnut flavored is total misrepresentation. There is a very slight scent of chocolate while it is brewing, but the end product has absolutely no chocolate doughnut flavor. The end result is bitter black coffee and nothing more. I have to wonder if the maker, Green Mountain Coffee, has ever heard of taste testers. Based on the flavor of this coffee, and flavor of the equally bad "Cinnamon Roll", I have to say no. I think I will throw them away and take the loss rather than subject my taste buds to continued assault by choking down the remaining 23 cups. The kindest thing I can say about this product is that it is absolutely terrible. I intend to express my displeasure to the manufacturer as well. For a product this bad it should be possible to give a zero star rating or better yet, a negative star rating.

Based on my experience with both products I will be very reluctant to purchase another "flavored" coffee.
227806227806B0033HPPIOAT3VUCK16AVI8S. Schmid5651292371200real chocolateOf all the chocolate coffees I have tried this has the most chocolate aroma and taste. I really enjoy the chocolate aroma while it is dripping and it delivers the chocolate creamy taste you associate with a chocolate glazed donut.
227807227807B0033HPPIOA206N14SKZP8VHBonnie D. "bondem777"5651289088000Best Chocolate Flavored Coffee I Have Ever HadFor those of you who like flavored coffee and feel that your current chocolate flavored coffee is not chocolatey enough, BUY THIS COFFEE The chocolate flavor is fantastic! I just bought seven more cartons because they keep going out of stock at Bed Bath and Beyond. This coffee is very popular!!! If you like flavored coffee, give it a try.
227808227808B0033HPPIOA2MIUU3BJO38YJLadner D. Brown111551269216000My new favoriteMy standby is Timothy's German Chocolate is to die for...I just tried this and it was DELICIOUS. It smells great, tastes just like a warm chocolate glazed donut. You MUST try this coffee!
227809227809B0033HPPIOAQMNL7ZFOTTO7S. Post2211344643200Chemical AftertasteI purchased this coffee with high anticipation after I heard it being raved about by the morning radio DJ's. I was disappointed when I received and tried it for myself. It doesn't really taste like a chocolate doughnut, if anything it tastes like the hardened glaze that covers the doughnut. It also has somewhat of a chemically aftertaste.
227810227810B0033HPPIOA2FTGWMYLP4M8UBR "BR"2211336521600what is in this rubbish?There is no remote, resemblance to anything chocolate OR donut in this flavor. It has some, odd, objectionable chemical taste. I could not think of any food item whatsoever even close to this disgusting "flavor". What is in this? I would like to know, but no way will you ever taste anything even close to how repulsive this is.
227811227811B0033HPPIOA3J7T3P0WSD97LChristine "Chris T"2221298678400Not good flavorI purchased this because it sounded so good. We love the Donut House decaf (and my husband would not drink and decaf before we found this brand). I was hoping this would be as yummy as it sounds, even tho I had read many negative reviews. I am really not that picky. I love most coffee, especially flavored unless it is very "fake" tasting flavor. Save your money on this one. Unfortunately, this is pretty awful tasting, even after I tried to "doctor" it up with syrup and cream. The nicest thing I can say about it is it smells good while brewing.
227812227812B0033HPPIOA2AAR84OWOG7VGLQQKNatU2251289606400Donut House Coffee Chocolate GlazedThe BEST coffee ever !! Not always easy to find in local stores, but I can ALWAYS get it on Amazon !
227813227813B0033HPPIOA3ZSKBH366D38Mark Haynes "Lord, let me be an instrument of...4511330992000Not even close!I bought this because the title made me think it might taste a little like a chocolate glazed donut. Not even close! Actually, as a cup of coffee, it's not bad. Not too strong, and not at all acidic. Very smooth, and fairly mild. A pretty darn good cup o' joe. But donut? No. Glazed? No. Chocolate? No. Not. Even. Close. The name does not say "cappuccino", but you might think along those lines if you image a cup of coffee flavored like a chocolate glazed donut. But this blend has no cream, no sugar, no chocolate, no glaze, no donut, and as far I can tell, no flavoring what-so-fricking-ever, except... well... coffee.
227814227814B0033HPPIOA2OLB6ETQYWSRYBSan4511328400000pretty grosswas really looking forward to this, read the reviews and bought some. I thought the flavor was chemically and the coffee overall is very weak.
227815227815B0033HPPIOAH4VS2S4TQEAXmkuehner4521298332800Funny After-tasteThis coffee smells incredible, but the taste doesn't deliver. There is an odd after taste that is really disappointing. I'll try a different flavor next time.
227816227816B0033HPPIOABAHKMFEHT8K1Gerald Balmes "Jerry B"4551271808000Found this flavor by accidentI had traded with a member of our Yahoo group for a box of Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee and this one kcup was in it.

Without even realizing it, I had put it in my B40 and selected the 9.25 mug size. Now remember I thought it was the C.P.Dounut House XBold.

Well when the coffee started filling my cup, All of a sudden this wonderful aroma of chocolate filled the air. I thought WOW!! this is some coffee. Though there is some chocolate flavor, my favorite will still be Van Houtte Chocolate Almond. So after drinking my coffee, I emptied the box hoping there would be another one. Sadly there wasn't. When I went to dispose of the Kcup there still was this wonderful fragrance of chocolate being emitted from this Kcup. The sweet nuance of chocolate is so strong and I hate to throw it away; ( I have the Kcup here with me now). I wish they could make a car freshener like this.

So if you are a Chocoholic like me, give this one a try. Now I want to buy a whole box of this one flavor LOL.

This would be rated as between a light and medium roast.
227817227817B0033HPPIOA1OLKLO2K6MZBKBookWorm1111349049600Don't waste your money, very inconsistent quality!Received a pack as gift and that was the best K-cup coffee I've ever tried (all that is listed in the positive reviews and then some).

After that ordered from Amazon and it had neither chocolate nor even coffee flavor. Looked and tasted as if they dried already used once coffee and packed it again. Even color looked like a very weak tea. Checked all 24, one was a bit better but not even remotely close to the 1st pack.

If you are willing to take chances, get it from a local retailer so that you can return a bad batch.
227818227818B0033HPPIOA1JNTGNQJQ1IV3BKing1131346976000Smell amazing, tastes okIf you just want to smell your coffee this is the product for you. It smells amazing and so chocolatey, but the taste is off. It isn't chocolate tasting at all maybe a little sweet or artificial. I much prefer the mudslide for chocolate coffee.
227819227819B0033HPPIOA3MM1XZ1YJCYHGerald "Gerald"1151334793600Smells and Tastes exactly what they say. The flavor is subtle and elegant.The flavor and smell doesn't so much as hit you over the head, but elicits an emotional response through one's olfactory senses. Brewing the coffee creates the warmth and smell of a donut shop on a cold's winter morning. Mind you, this is not for those who are looking to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer of donuts. The flavor is subtle and elegant. It's flavored coffee - not a Latte, Cappacino, etc...
227820227820B0033HPPIOA2ELBRDMDOJGQGHeather 4.1141332720000very good!We wnjoyed this one, but the flavor could have been a tad stronger. Very yummy tho, we will totally purchase again!

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