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227851227851B0033HPPIOA1DKVOHHKMMHUROnebaa0051344384000Taste Like a Real Donut!This is as close as you will come to eating a chocolate glazed donut without feeling the guilt! The flavor is so realistic you think that you are having the real thing. This is one of my favorite flavors and I will be ordering it in the future.
227852227852B0033HPPIOAI95ANC4FNPSCSandinator "Shoe Lover"0051343174400Very Good CoffeeI just received my order of this coffee and I tried it immediately. Delicious! I put two tablespoons of Coffeemate french vanilla sugar-free creamer in for a total of 30 calories, 2 carbs and I am in heaven, tastes just as good as anything at Starbucks.
227853227853B0033HPPIOA1KZK7XGXDJVJQACP0021343001600Smells good...This coffee smells amazing when brewed but is so weak that all flavor and aroma is lost if you put anything in it. I was hoping for a little more boldness and wouldn't recommend this to anyone who likes medium or dark roast coffee because they will be sorely disappointed.
227854227854B0033HPPIOA1OITYOXXH338DStarReader0041342742400Donut House Chocolate Glazed DonutsAlthough I just love chocolate this particular coffee has a mild flavor. Not too chocolaty. I would of liked this coffee to be a little more of a chocolate flavor.
227855227855B0033HPPIOA3B32XH4Q10YLBGreg Carter0041342569600Delicious!Great Flavor! It's subtle, but if you like chocolate, this one's for you! They really hit the mark with this one.
227856227856B0033HPPIOA60Q11ZYE2U42C. Mahon "hippie chick"0051341964800Love the large sizeMy dad has become addicted to flavored coffees since someone sent him some as a gift. The problem is that he drinks at least 6 cups per day. I've purchased many flavors to determine what he likes best. This is one of his favorites. It isn't one that I particularly care for but I do love that it comes in a larger size than I can get from the manufacturer of my coffee machine.
227857227857B0033HPPIOA3AX5O6JRFDGQ1Carolyn H0051341964800One of my FavoritesI love this flavor, but my spouse isn't fond of it at all. I put a teaspoon of sugar in mine and a teaspoon of hazelnut and chocolate powdered creamers to get the right taste, since I can't drink coffee straight up with just sugar. It doesn't have a strong chocolate taste to it, but it's there.
227858227858B0033HPPIOA3M1QOJXJHUDTRHazeleyzs770051339545600LOVE this product!My office got a K-cup machine almost 2 years ago and Donut House is always a popular selection. I never was a coffee drinker before but now I do the Chocolate Glazed Donut with some french vanilla creamers and it is the most amazing taste. Fast shipping and decent pricing. I am very happy!
227859227859B0033HPPIOA37PSBOTTHILY3David S. Donovan0031339545600It's OK...justThis is one of those that I purchased based solely on the name (who doesn't like chocolate glazed doughnuts?) and my experience with their Cinnamon Roll coffee (which is very enjoyable). The Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee from the Donut House Collection is okay but just barely. It does have a chocolate doughnut taste but somehow the chocolate and coffee tastes seem "stratified" and not quite blended. (I sometimes put chocolate in my coffee so the combination is not unusual to me.) The coffee roast seems a trifle thin compared with others. Overall, it is a fun novelty but not one that I would have to purchase again.
227860227860B0033HPPIOA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0051339027200Om nom nomI'll admit that it's been a while since I've had real chocolate anything as far as donuts go, so I'm probably not the best person to tell you if this really tastes like a real chocolate glazed donut. I can tell you that it's pretty freaking delicious.

I admit that I wasn't expecting much from the chocolate department. I've tried their basic donut house coffee, so I knew that at the very least I'd enjoy the base coffee flavor. While I'll admit that the chocolate flavor isn't nearly as strong as the scent makes it seem like it'd be, you can definitely taste the chocolate here. It's just strong enough to let you know it's there without being too strong. I will warn you, it is not the same flavor as drinking a coffee/expresso beverage with chocolate in it. If you go in here expecting that, you will be disappointed.

Other than that, this is something I really can't wait to try again and something I'll absolutely purchase again in the future.
227861227861B0033HPPIOA1Z8PJHMP4W9JJrnjimerson0051338336000Donut house chocolate donut k cupThis product was very good with a nice chocolate donut taste. This product came within the time frame and as described. Will order again.
227862227862B0033HPPIOA2CT00CO7WPWY2Alesicia0051338249600Who says you can't have a Chocolate Glaze Donut on a diet?Let me start off my review like I start off all my coffee reviews by saying I don't like coffee. However since I am on a diet and this is pretty much the only thing I can have in the morning I was going to suck it up and learn to love it. Well...Donut House Chocolate Glaze Donut was easy to LOVE. I absolutely LOVE this coffee. With just a couple packs of Truvia (I can't have creamer) it taste just like a Chocolate Glaze Donut. I was so surprised how good this coffee was
227863227863B0033HPPIOA11Q51AANU89N8Sunnygirl0051337126400Delish!This coffee is absolutely delicious. It is mild in strength, has a delicate chocolate flavor and smells DIVINE! The perfect after dinner coffee or if you are craving something sweet, try with a small drop of International Delight's Cold Stone Sweet Cream coffee creamer. Highly recommend!
227864227864B0033HPPIOA2RALCWQN9S36Xelizabeth0051336867200Good, good coffee from Amazon.I love the Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee. It is the best flavored coffee there is. I use it as my bedtime treat. I plan to buy more of it.
227865227865B0033HPPIOAHRIVN9FR9WDIGreg0021336694400Not very flavorfulNot very flavorful. Bought after getting high reviews here on Amazon and Kohls. Purchased in store from Kohls and was disappointed in the lack of flavor in this coffee. Not much chocolate flavor at all to be tasted after brewed.
227866227866B0033HPPIOA3128J5O1RRX4XMary Coder "star gazer"0031336521600No chocolate tasteThis coffee tastes all right, but I can't taste any chocolate. I guess I was hoping for more of a mocha flavor.
227867227867B0033HPPIOA1BA2A7CSUWEW6D. Mallory0051336521600so yummy!Coffee is the most important meal of the day, right? So why settle for plain old java? This is the absolute BEST flavor I have ever tasted in a K-Cup hands down! Goes great with some Italian Sweet Cream Coffeemate =)
227868227868B0033HPPIOA1G5FIEA40QCT4zzzrn0051336262400I love this coffee!This coffee is well flavored. It has the taste of chocolate but is not weak like most flavored coffee. It is one of my favorites.
227869227869B0033HPPIOACKAEYHGI7KXOJeff0021331424000I really wanted to like this...I really wanted to like this flavor and drank the first 4 before giving up. The donut 'flavor' is chemical-ish and the chocolate is more of a smell than a taste. It's not completely undrinkable (thus 2 stars, not 1); it just isn't good or enjoyable. I wanted to try the Donut House Cinnamon Roll too, but am afraid of similar results.

I am now looking for a K-Cup buddy to trade with or give away the balance. I wish Green Mountain Coffee (makers of Donut House) offered small trial packs with 1 or 2 K-Cups of various flavors. I bought the 24 pack online because I couldn't find it locally; perhaps that should have been a hint!

As for recommendations, Green Mountain Coffee's breakfast blend and decaf are great! GMC's Half-Cafe is EXCELLENT, just right for after dinner!
227870227870B0033HPPIOA39INFTZG1GTBMTerri L. Jeroue "cooksalot"0051330819200yep,a chocolate glazed doughnut!I don't eat doughnuts...not worth the fat and calories. So I decided to try this. This is a win win for me!! Tastes like a chocolate glazed doughnut! This is my dessert coffee.
My only complaint is I wish all k cups online were CLEARLY stated DECAF! I like this coffee enough that when I got it and read on the box that it is decaf I knew I would adjust when I drank it. But not in the morning! I never intentionaly buy decaf coffee but I have it, very much enjoy it and will order this again.
227871227871B0033HPPIOA2HELV1M1KJHDVAllison0031330473600a let downThe coffee is good, and you can taste the hint of a donut, however it isn't as good as I was expecting it to be- it doesn't taste like a chocolate glazed donut as the cinnamon roll tastes like one.
227872227872B0033HPPIOA20KD4ZINMUAD4Jackie Speciale0031329436800Good coffee but not the wondrous flavor I hoped forAfter trying the donut house regular coffee, I wanted to try other flavors they offered. This was my first venture for other flavors and I was a little disappointed. Yes, it has all the wonderful flavor of the regular and I was expecting a bolder cinnamon flavor. Sadly, very little of that cinnamon came thru. Good coffee but not the wondrous flavor I hoped for. Now I am reluctant to try the other flavors.
227873227873B0033HPPIOA1VTL00FX3ZNB4Steven Weber0041328572800Favorite K-CupThis is my wife's favorite K-Cup. I don't care for the flavored coffees, but she loves the chocolate varieties. This has a wonderful aroma. It smells like fresh donuts in the house when she makes a cup. It has a delightful taste with a hint of chocolate.
227874227874B0033HPPIOA3EW235III93CPivy0031328486400Time to Make The Donut CoffeeDonut House Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee: The smell when the container is opened is mouth watering. Sadly, the flavor is just so-so. Does not taste like chocolate or donuts, kinda undescrible. I still add sugar and lots of non-dairy creamer to sweeten it up. Was hoping this "glazed donut" would have a sweet flavor that could stand on it's own without adding calories with these condiments. Will not purchase again.
227875227875B0033HPPIOA3IOZIG2SXAM7KAnthony Sutton0041328054400The donut is subtleTaste is subjective, but to speak for myself, I REALLY like this flavor. It is an actual coffee K-cup, unlike some of the "mocha" K-cups that I've tried, which were instant coffee and cocoa mix in a cartridge. There's actual coffee grounds and filter in this one. To answer another poster's question, mine came with 24 (not 18) cups - and I do plan to purchase this again. Probably in a couple of weeks. (We just got our Keurig a few weeks ago, and I'm buying a bunch of different K-cups to see what we like. Consequently, I have a huge stack of coffees to go through before my next purchase.) I like this one - the chocolate taste is subtle: it's not a mocha, and to play off of the official description, it's not like a donut which has been dunked in coffee. It's more like a regular (but tasty) coffee that a chocolate donut has been dunked in. You get a coffee taste, with a chocolate aftertaste... which tastes better than it sounds.
227876227876B0033HPPIOAR8P6F0C6H00QCindy C0051328054400Great Coffee FlavorMy husband really likes this flavor, also the Donut House Regular Coffee. He loves that he can get such a great cup of coffee so fast in the K-cup machine. We got it pretty fast and in good condition through Amazon. Had not thought about them for "grocery" type things, but have ordered several now and am very pleased with the service.
227877227877B0033HPPIOA2YTFIX4VDXWHMKurtFromBoston0031327968000Regarding advertisementWhy is the picture 18-pack but you're advertising 24-pack, which is it? I want to know exactly what I am buying because $15.99 for an 18-pack is a rip-off.
227878227878B0033HPPIOA2FPLHBAONGZJPRoxanne J. Harry0051327881600New Favorite!Yummmmm, made my kitchen smell delicious and then my car too :) I added a little cream to it and it was delicious!
227879227879B0033HPPIOA18F6RT09S03DGvicki0051327708800My new favorite!This flavor is quite delicious. It is a hard flavor to find in stores. Great chice for any chocolate lover.
227880227880B0033HPPIOA1YBFVZ91IWORFSlient User 2004 "cookie"0031327363200Different But DelightfulCouldn't wait to taste this coffee. Once it arrived, I immediately brewed me a cup. The smell was just like chocolate but the taste of chocolate wasn't really there. It's O.k.

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