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227911227911B000RL53PEA1NAQSMEBP302ASandra Lewis6651267833600EXCELLENT salad dressing!!!!!This dressing is comparable to fine dining restaurants! I, family & friends absolutely LOVE it! I haven't been able to find it lately & was delighted to find it on Amazon. I usually make it with olive oil & Heinz Apple Cider vinegar. It tastes a bit lighter if you use vegetable oil. Various vinegars also change the flavor, but the dressing is consistently deliciously good no matter what vinegar or oil you use. I'm worried about it disappearing so I'm ordering two (24) packs!
227912227912B000RL53PEAU2HJRRI3CQJIThelma R. Rea "trrea"4451266537600Favorite Salad DressingGood Seasons Cheese Garlic dressing is my long time favorite. Much better than Italian which is available in most supermarkets while they have phased out Cheese Garlic. I'm glad I found it at Amazon.
227913227913B000RL53PEA2D8H3U6L20KLBCanver4451259884800Best Cheese Garlic Salad DressingFor some reason I can no longer find Good Seasons Cheese Garlic Dressing in the stores and am so grateful that I can get in on Amazon. All our friends ask what dressing it is when served and I end up giving packets away. I bought the case of 24 packets and noticed it lasted 8 months until I ran out. Now that I am giving them away and using it exclusively I doubt it will last that long. Can't be beat.!
227914227914B000RL53PEATHBQ2QC7K3KQMarianne3351278979200Good Seasonings Cheese Garlic DressingThis is the best salad dressing in the world and I have been using it for approximately 48 years or ever since it came out. I love that I am still able to get this dressing as it is the only one that I really love.
227915227915B000RL53PEA3FNW9W25G43UANancy J. Stewart3351252368000hard to find salad dressingFor several years I have had to wait for my annual trip to New York to purchase this flavor of salad dressing as it is not available in Tucson Az where I live. I no longer need to pack and carry this home, as I have found an easy and quick solution in ordering from Amazon.
227916227916B000RL53PEA2OHKU60GJLS1ABeans2251315008000this is the best!Back in the 70s I started using this mix with a pint of good quality sour cream to be used as dips for veggies and chips or as an accompaniment to baked potatoes. When the relatives would visit from overseas, they always stocked up on it to take it home and use it at parties. Then it generally disappeared from our local supermarkets for no apparent reason, so I was thrilled to get it through Amazon. Hint - if you get it and use it as a dip, make it a day ahead so the flavors marry.
227917227917B000RL53PEA3U930LJDXKS02makeitbeso2251295827200So glad to see it available againThere just isn't another product that comes close to this exciting blend of flavors. Went years not being able to find it so we're happy to see it back on the market. This makes a flavorful dip just using sour cream, cream cheese and hot sauce....the longer it sits the more the flavors blend. Also great instead of mayo on sandwiches...adds a touch of spice!
227918227918B000RL53PEA3ADCVW5JIP6PQRick's Picks2251281484800The best dressingMy family and I have been using the Good Seasons Cheese Garlic dressing for as long as I can remember. We have found a number of our local stores have discontinued it on their shelves, so we now buy it on by the 24-pack box. We still have to replenish our stock every few months!
227919227919B000RL53PEA39X2PXTEX7WEEDenise Stanford2251279843200Great taste--good value!This product is really hard to find in the grocery stores now, so I was thrilled to find that it was available at It's a delicious salad dressing that I often mix with other ingredients to customize it to my taste--yum! Great value!
227920227920B000RL53PEA1V0PN9M3T6NSVirginia Colegrove "Fan of the written word"2251256601600Love this stuffI've been using this salad dressing since it was 29 cents an envelope (yep, I'm old) and I love it! It's the closest I can come to a REAL Caesar dressing, just add some crumbled blue cheese to your salad and Yum!!
227921227921B000RL53PEA3I03YA46J6QLAJay L. Graham "oldjay"2251254787200Best Salad Dressing Available!I've been using this for well over 30 years... I follow the directions, except that I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and I use red wine vinegar, with no water.
I'll never understand why (apparently) folks stopped buying it off the shelf at the grocery stores. I've repeatedly requested it at Kroger, Tom Thumb, and whole Foods, but they all just give me a blank stare and say "It's not available". So, I'll just have to continue to buy it online and pay the shipping. NOTE: IT'S WORTH IT!!
227922227922B000RL53PEAJ7I4WLS8XW9QElizabeth Jones2251252972800great to have an excellent productSo nice to be able to find an excellent product! Good fast service in ordering. Hope the seasoning doesn't disappear from the web like it has from the stores! I use it to marinade and is one of my falily's favorites!
227923227923B000RL53PEA3KTA8RYA2I9DKCatherine C. Angel2251252108800This is my lifetime favorite salad dressing.I have been using this salad dressing for years. I make a green salad with red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots, cheese and garlic croutons, and this dressing. People rave about it. It is now my signature dish to bring to gatherings of every kind with family and friends. When my grocery store stopped carrying this dressing, I was really upset. I tried making the salad with different Good Seasons dressings and it was never the same. But now this dressing ia available online, thankfully. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
227924227924B000RL53PEA11B36XBQUNMUPPatricia S. Shaw "pss"2251244764800FinallyKraft Good Seasons Salad Dressing & Recipe Mix, Cheese Garlic, 0.65-Ounce Packets (Pack of 24)Boy, I am so excited I logged on to Amazon today! I have missed this dressing and so has my family. Everytime I used this dressing, in salads or marinades my guests always want the recipe. I have been using this Cheese Garlic mix for 20+ years, no other dressing comes close to thr taste. Not sure why the stores don't carry it anymore, couldn't even find it on-line for a long time, so imagine my delight. Great on salads with some blue cheese crumbles, yummo. I am making a salad the minute this case hits my doorstep. Hope it never goes out of stock again. Please Good Seasons don't make this so difficult to get our hands on this great dressing.
227925227925B000RL53PEA20ZYL78IBFE2ZBecky B "BB"2251242000000SO HAPPY TO FIND THIS AGAIN!!This is by far the BEST of the tasty Good Seasons dressings. It has become impossible to find in stores since Kraft bought Good Seasons and Amazon did not have it for a very long time, so I was afraid it had been discontinued. I am so relieved to find it on Amazon again, and it is just as delicious as always! I've used this Cheese Garlic dressing for well over 30 years (my mother used it before me!) and I always get raves for it. Just the yummiest, tastiest dressing ANYWHERE -- absolutely my family's favorite!! And I have never served it to guests that I am not asked for my "recipe". I am buying this up in bulk so I can give many packets to my friends and family as gifts; I know they have missed it just as much as I have.
227926227926B000RL53PEA26SQVBBQXX8N6Candace Clarke "movie collector"1151319328000The best dressing I've ever had!I've used this particular salad dressing mix for over 40 years and save for warm spinach salad dressing, its the best I've had. Use on a simple salad over a mixture of ground meat, onions, smashed red beans and cheese on a crisp corn tortilla, its ambrosia. That was my first taste of it. Its the only salad dressing I use at home.
227927227927B000RL53PEA1850XJ9TGMZO6Sally1151317168000Cheese GarlicI didn't know Gheese Garlic dressing was available on line. I was orginally was going to contact the Kraft people to complain that I could no longer find Cheese Garlic in the market where I shop. This is the only dresdsing my daughter, granddaughter will use. I went to four different markets trying to find this dressing and could not, so I panicked, thats when I decided to contact the Kraft people to complain. Thank God, Amazon popped up with the information telling me that I could order it on line. We were saved. Please don't discontinue this product. I even use it as a marinade for chicken. When my 22 year old granddaughter was 5 we took her out to eat, we all ordered salads, when the waitress asked my 5 year old granddauhter what dressing she wanted her answer was "Grandma's dressing (which was the Cheese Garlic. Now I have a 4 year old granddaugher that just loves it on her tomatoes. Thank you very much for such a great product.

Sally Fraijo
227928227928B000RL53PEA2V5YMUXFDW7OJeff D. Kreska "the_chiefgeek"1151302134400Looking for years - found it on amazonMy kids love this dressing and when the local grocery stores stopped carrying it years ago they quit eating salad. On a whim searched amazon and found it, and now my kids are eating salad again. Thank you amazon.
227929227929B000RL53PEA2JPVFGYW58XLFmax1151300233600cheese garlicThis is one of the best salad dressings i have ever had,I've been eating this all my life... love it
227930227930B000RL53PEA205UCRD78Y9BCDonna R. Mcmeen "d"1151300147200Yummy DressingIt is almost impossible to find this dressing in the stores anymore! It is so good and is delightful on a salad made with lettuce, Romano cheese, almond, and sesame seeds - a recipe that was used at a popular restaurant in my area that is now closed. Try it.
227931227931B000RL53PEA1ZGFDGX3KRE5XJane Morrill1151299801600Still our favorite dressing!I have no idea why Good Seasons does not put this in stores anymore. It is still our favorite - better flavor than Italian - and not creamy like other cheese flavored dressings. I double the vinegar (and use red wine vinegar) which makes it nice and tart.
227932227932B000RL53PEA1IU5Y7Y0KD9F7Angie "Angie"1151278374400YuminessThis is my all time favorite salad dressing! I'm so happy to find this on here because I can't find it in any local stores.
227933227933B000RL53PEA3CXOKXW3IKU1toote1151274227200Love this...It's the BestI'm really upset that the stores no longer carry the Cheese Garlic. Forget about following the recipe on the package. I use mayo instead of oil and vinegar. Just put in the amount of dressing mix you want in a jar, add some water to dissolve, then add mayonnaise. Dilute with more water until it's the consistency you want. I like it better this way..(you have to use real mayo...light or fat free makes it taste terrible. EnjoyKraft Good Seasons Salad Dressing & Recipe Mix, Cheese Garlic, 0.65-Ounce Packets (Pack of 24)
227934227934B000RL53PEA29EIGX6GVCGUYCynthia Warner1151266105600Good Seasons Cheese GArlic DressingThis is my family's favorite dressing. The delivery was fast and a lot cheaper than other sites.
227935227935B000RL53PEA3VJTLJI438ZN3Jeanie1151244937600Kraft Garlic and Cheese DressingI am so happy to find this dressing on Amazon! Please keep this in stock.
227936227936B000RL53PEATOVT535U13N7Julianne Gregory1151244160000meat marinadeMy family uses Kraft Good Seasons Cheese Garlic Salad Dressing and Recipe Mix as a marinade for barbequed flank steak. It's becomming very difficult to find the product in stores so I now order it on for a very reduced cost. Recipe: Combine about 1/2 cup salad oil with one or two packages of the powdered mix in a one gallon size ziplock bag, add meat, marinade 2 hours, barbeque and eat. Delicious!
227937227937B000RL53PEA2J2UMBN3YKNHTA. Mcknight1151236556800Awesome Salad DressingMy whole family loves this salad dressing and makes wonderful chicken when you mix the dressing with butter and then roll in bread crumbs, and then bake in oven. Also great dressing for pasta salads, and just green salads in general. We hope that they start selling it again in more of the stores.
227938227938B000RL53PEAV1NUKF7I38LWlcj0051348531200Good Seasons Good StuffI love this dressing but my local stores no longer carry it. I was very happy to find it on Amazon. I adjust the mix as follows: red wine vinegar to the "W" line, dump in the mix, then double the amount with oil. I chill it and drizzle it over sliced tomatoes and avocados with S&P. Yummy. I wish Good Seasons still made their dry Blue Cheese dressing. It made the best chip dip!
227939227939B000RL53PEAZQXUU4JBBPAWBarb22black0051344124800Kraft Good Seasons salad dressingThis is a wonderful product that I have been using for several years. The blend of favors is a great alternative to Italian dressing.
227940227940B000RL53PEAKCW6XYA15H1DDenese Dugay0051341705600The Best Good Seasons has to offerI, like many of the others, have also found it impossible to find this in the stores, but it is far and away the best Good Seasons dressing. You can change it up in a lot of ways, but just going with the package directions (though I always add less oil and more vinegar) is delicious, too! Thank you, Amazon!!

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