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228171228171B003VXHGPKA3RFU2E6SX9PHGDRenee8951291420800Mmm, mm, great coffee aroma!While looking for a top rated vanilla K-cup, I stumbled upon this combination flavored cup that was rated higher than any of the vanilla flavored cups at that time. I took a chance and ordered a double pack from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised. This is a rich tasting medium/light roasted flavor that appeals to several coffee drinkers at our house. There is a hint of built in sweetness so that additional sweeteners are not necessary for those of us who don't care for super sweet coffee. I would classify this as a medium roast and tastes best with the medium sized cup selections on our Keurig Coffee BrewerKeurig B-70 B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System. People who prefer extra bold coffees would need to use two of these K-cups to make one extra large travel mug of coffee.
That said, we have found that mixing this flavor with other flavors to make an extra large serving is a most enjoyable pastime at our house. The most popular combo's so far are Jamaica me Crazy with Van Houtte French Vanilla K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2), HazlenutVan Houtte Hazelnut Decaffeinated K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2) or Costa RicanVan Houtte Café, Costa Rica Tarrazu (Light Roast), 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2). In the end, This is one of the most versatile flavors for those of us who have frequent visitors and several palettes to please.
228172228172B003VXHGPKATUNQTRTF2285twin mom8951281744000Yum! Rich, strong, and not bitter.Bought this during one of Amazon's Friday Sales. Did not find too many reviews since these are fairly new. Took a chance and am very pleased. We like our coffee rich and strong and this one delivers. Great tasting dark roast coffee!
228173228173B003VXHGPKA2WX8REGY23RQUElakshi "brighteyes"0051314230400Yummy hazelnutThis coffee is surprisingly delicious. We never had a problem with the k-cups bursting
228174228174B003VXHGPKA29DK932WF1HWVBy His grace0021314230400CoffeeI personally did not care for the coffee, too mild for me and a little "nutty" flavor in it. I will stick with Tully's Kona and House blends, also Emeril's Big Easy bold.
228175228175B003VXHGPKA4TQYZPJ1V8M6Sam000051313020800greatExact same as the ones bought at the store only a lot cheaper. Recommended for any Keurig drinkers out there.
228176228176B003VXHGPKA1XOWOPD0JNLSTRita G. Wood0051312848000Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian HazelnutThis is my #1 favorite coffee. Blending of hazelnut and coconut are perfect. Thank you!!

Question: why was I charged postage on this brand when I have never paid on any other brand of K-Cups from Amazon
228177228177B003VXHGPKA2HTJL1QGU8H61Anita Jolly "Atlanta Ace"0051312761600Best flavor available!If you like your Keurig you need to try this K-cup. Smooth taste with just a slight hint of flavor. Not overwhelming like some brands. My new favorite.
228178228178B003VXHGPKA379IHYN4WSQ9YGeorge K. "gpk684"0051312156800Favorite Of The Keurig Coffee K-cupsThis is our favorite k-cup coffee, it is strong - and taste great (although it seems that many of the k-cups) have nearly the same overall taste...
228179228179B003VXHGPKA306ZVR6MU456TMorrie F. "Morrie"0031311552000coffee loverMore than a "hint" of coconut! Not very much vanilla. Being a vanilla fan and NOT a coconut fan - this is OK.
228180228180B003VXHGPKA2M3I5JEBZJR40Ernie "WardenKeeper"0041311379200Works for me.This is a good tasting K-cup from a guy who drinks coffee black and prefers a bold, full flavored taste. I would recommend.
228151228151B003VXHGPKA1ZHT9MVWAH1VAThomas Mastracchio0031317772800Wolfgang Puck Dark RoastThe coffee is just OK, a little weak. The price is a little high and it is not worth the extra money.
228152228152B003VXHGPKA1Q8SW109EBWFNGloria Reed "gloria"0021317772800Very weakI was surprised to find out how weak this coffee is. It has a good flavor but even on half cup it is very weak.
228153228153B003VXHGPKA35OY2ASP1MP5MLyn Barr0051317340800My favorite hazelnut coffeeTo me, this has a good, balanced flavor. Some flavored K-cups seem too light on hazelnut, or too light on coffee. This one is just right.
228154228154B003VXHGPKA21M1FOE91J3UB. Jackson0041316736000Smells good, tastes good!This k-cup actually smelled up the office. And it tastes as good as it smells. I found it to be very flavorful.
228155228155B003VXHGPKA2SQ8N1KG3L7HUHappy Grammy0051316563200Jamica Me Crazy.....So Good!I was surprised to find out the coffee from my sampler had coconut in it. I bought a sampler of k-cups to try different flavors and would sit aside the ones that I liked to order in the future.

After drinking Jamaica Me Crazy not realizing the ingredients just knowing I liked it. When ordering, reading through the reviews realized it had coconut in it and that was what made the taste so yummy, leaving me wanting more. I was hesitant to buy but decided to go for it and am really glad I did. Everyone I have shared my coffee surprise with loves it too.
228156228156B003VXHGPKA2ODF71DQGA3QSRebecca Cooper0051316304000My favorite K-Cup yet!Light and flavorful definitely describes this K-Cup. I often find it hard to find flavored K-Cups that aren't either 1) so strong you lose the flavor or 2) so light you'd be better off drinking water. However, I have to admit I have found a new favorite in the Hawaiian Hazelnut!
228157228157B003VXHGPKA1SPFZ5BOIMIXRGracia K. Brailey "music lovr"0051316131200First but not last time to buy this one!!I LOVED THIS COFFEE. I just got my order a few days ago and I normally drink just one cup of coffee in the morning......Now I can't wait and have had an afternoon cup, too. I must say....I look forward to getting up in the morning just because I know I'm having this coffee!! TAHT SAYS A LOT FOR A LTE SLEEPER!! Try this one!! I like it on thenext to highest setting on my has an awesome aroma while brewing and the taste is smooth, never bitter and there is something that 'hints' of a slight fruitiness with the first sips......then the end of the sip is just a perfect brew, too. Never any aftertaste or bitterness. I am so happy to have found this!! Thanks Wolfgang! I have now ALL of your kitchen gadgets cookware and now the coffee too!
228158228158B003VXHGPKAB6G1LUA9TG2LLisa0051316131200Yum-oBest K cup around. A must try! Amazon ships quickly and in one piece. I'd recommend the coffee as well as going through Amazon to order this coffee from. Thank you for a great experience.
228159228159B003VXHGPKA20MY469I6A87CKelly Sain0041316131200On saleUsually do not get the breakfast blends but it was on sale and decided at price would try it out. It was not as weak as some breakfast blends tend to be. Not bad.
228160228160B003VXHGPKA1FFP0ORCC7YH9PCDogMom0041316044800Best CoffeeWolfgang Puck definitely has the best coffee for the money. I absolutely love the French Vanilla. The KCup actually makes a good full cup of coffee. it could be a tad stronger but overall it is really good. I still prefer the Senseo Pods to the KCups though.
228161228161B003VXHGPKA99S0ESOW9T1Mkrisbees0041315872000Jamaica Me Crazy is our favorite K-Cup so farJamaica Me Crazy has a slight overtone of cinnamon that is a very nice compliment to the taste of coffee. The flavoring is strong enough to taste, not just smell, without overpowering the flavor of the coffee. Very good.
228162228162B003VXHGPKA164CWVVCKKBOWEBBshopper0051315353600IMO, perfect.I drink my coffee with a splash of half-and-half. Other hazelnut k-cups are too bland for me. I much prefer Wolfgang Puck's excellent rich roast with definite -- but not overpowering -- hazelnut flavor.
228163228163B003VXHGPKA1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"8851285113600Excellent smooth, light coffee. Good anytime.Definately not what I'd expected with the Wolfgang Puck name on it. To me, Wolfgang Puck has conotations of a heavy, dark-roast European-style coffee. I thought I'd already found my perfect coffee in Timothy's World Coffee, Breakfast Blend for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2) but this one edges it out. Smooth and balanced it really is great from the first sip till the last drop.

There will never be a coffee that all coffee lovers will agree on but if you like a light-medium roast, give the Breakfast in Bed blend a try. Very low in acidity, someone who can't tolerate the acidity in coffee may be able to enjoy this blend. But, be aware and contrary to popular belief, light roast coffee is typically higher in caffine than the dark roast coffees, the extended roasting to produce a dark roast burns away some of the caffine. This one will definately get you going in the morning in a good way.

Those who prefer a dark roast or extra bold should probably look elsewhere.
228164228164B003VXHGPKA3PJ0TNZOJ2MCIShannon Hill131531299456000Good taste but secretly DECAFTaste is good but in my opinion coffee that has been decaffinated should be required to have such info clearly visible warning in big red letters before I mistakenly rely upon it to get me going in the morning. Small print on the bottom of the box (I mean 6 point font) tells this. Several mornings of splitting headaches could have been avoided . . . this caused me to check several other flavors online and none of them say anything one way or another about caffeine. I don't know how to avoid this for other products but this info should be clearly stated on every coffee for sale.
228165228165B003VXHGPKA1KQ31B1998R79Laney1315312844224001 down 47 to goToo bad no one else had reviewed this before my purchase. It's not bold or dark enough to stand up to the Keurig's 3rd button and tasted a little tangy for my liking.
228166228166B003VXHGPKA1AND5XBFJ7L76Jamie Stell7751289260800Wolfgand Puck Rodeo Drive K-cupThis coffee says medium roast but is actually a little stronger. We loved it and it has become our favorite. If you want some coffee to "caffeine you up", this is the one for you!! Also, Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast in Bed is great...not so strong!
228167228167B003VXHGPKA2L7M1TT7T843OLinda Fox6651297209600DeliciousI can't remember when I've had a cup of coffee so delicious, I immediately wanted another cup. There is no bitter taste, no funny chemical taste you get with so many flavored coffees, no odd aftertaste. It's just a mellow, gorgeous, hazelnut-with-a-touch-of-the-islands cup of coffee. Outstanding. My favorite I've ever tried, and I've tried most!
228168228168B003VXHGPKA3VS66YC7IXCC2J. Hytree "2nd Time Mom"6641286323200Not as goodThis is very good coffee, but it doesn't have as much flavor as the Van Houttes creme caramel. If your looking for something that has a lot of flavor, go with the other. If you are looking for something that is more coffee than flavor, this is it.
228169228169B003VXHGPKA3DZ3P2OCK2Y6Edogman6641284768000I would buy it againBy far,this is the best flavored K cup coffee I've ever had. Good body, not bitter, no flowery aroma (like with the Green Mountain flavored K cups). I like my coffee a little stronger than Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut, but it is certainly a fine, medium bodied,coffee I could drink over and over.
228170228170B003VXHGPKA1Z94P94HPWOU0M. Williams "Lucasmommy"6651283558400Smooth & DelishThese K cups are wonderful! We were pleasantly surprised with the low acidity and smooth flavor! The Rodeo Drive K cups are on our top five K Cup list!

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