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228241228241B003VXHGPKA3T4UQRGKU4SPGCherlin "Artist"0021298419200Can't find the perfect Creme' Brûlée Coffee!
228242228242B003VXHGPKAQMVY521YJDBEgg0021298246400Yummy coffee, not a fan of coffee grinds though!!I REALLY like the taste of this coffee! My only complaint is that the coffee grinds end up in my coffee. Not a huge fan of that and even though I really like the taste of it I will not order again, bummer!! =(
228243228243B003VXHGPKA1NLRUENKRUX3ETIM LINDEN0051298246400My Favorite CoffeeMy favorite, I have it auto shipped through Amazon. The only problem I have is I drink way too much coffee now because I like it so much.
228244228244B003VXHGPKA3KWN5WDEUEJ9VBrian K James0051297900800One of my favorite K-cupsThis is one of my favorite K-cups. It's a rich dark coffee without the bitterness of some. Highly recommended.
228245228245B003VXHGPKA2ZDOLIADXFMZXCathy0031297814400OKI thought the coffee tasted fine. It was not strong enough for my husband. Several of the pods burst during brewing. I probably won't purchase this again.
228246228246B003VXHGPKA38WQC8XIEVA64Lisa0051297728000Scrumptious!This is my favorite of the flavored coffees. I am not usually a fan of coconut but this coffee is deliciously coconutty-chocolaty! Love it!
228247228247B003VXHGPKA1T5M4BXCFNUNJCoffee Bean0051297641600My New FavoriteYummy, mild, and delicious. My new favorite! Mild in comparision to coffees called "rocket fuel" and taste like motor oil, but truly a medium roast. Pleasant in the morning. Makes you glad to have a good cup of coffee.
228248228248B003VXHGPKA5CEPNXXOSOSJD. Scott0051297555200Great flavored coffeeWolfgang Puck coffees are great and the Creme Caramel is one of my favorites. I would recommend this coffee for people who like a mild flavor.
228249228249B003VXHGPKAVWTLFMCTFKW1Crazy Mama to 30041297296000Decent coffee but I wasnt wowed!I thought that because of the name attached that I would be wow-ed...its just a good average coffee nothing spectacular.
228250228250B003VXHGPKATQCO4O4U8E78Toriac "Tori"0011297123200Horrible: did something happen?I bought this coffee because several people who also liked my favorite (Jet Fuel or Emeril's Big Intense Bold) liked this one. Typically Sumatra is one of my favorite coffees as well.

I am wondering if they made a bad batch or gave it the wrong label.
It is **NOT** bold. It is extremely mild and smoky tasting. Not a single member of my family liked it and that's very unusual.

I'm going to contact the company to see if they'll exchange it or refund me. It is THAT bad.
228251228251B003VXHGPKAD7SKPC2E4FBWJulia0011297036800Misleading Flavor NameAs coffee in general, this Wolfgang variety was alright. However, I was expecting a "Creme Caramel" taste, or something similar, and I don't feel this delivered. I tried multiple cups at different cup sizes and this coffee just didn't do it for me. It is marketed as a flavored coffee, yet I could not taste anything beyond the flavor of coffee.
228252228252B003VXHGPKAYHH3IL637HZJbacacre0051296864000yummyI prefer mild to medium coffee and I've tried so many different k-cups but I'll stay with this one the other reviews were right on , smooth and not any bitterness. Just a great cup of joe. With amazon prime it came super fast, if you're not a prime member I strongly recommend it.
228253228253B003VXHGPKA1KE7XXXLYIXLPatricia0011296864000Cups Can Be DefectiveThis is a good French roast coffee, although it could be a little bolder. I've never before had a k cup dump the contents into my cup. It's extremely irritating to deal with grounds in the cup and machine when deliberately choosing a system that avoids the mess.
228254228254B003VXHGPKA1URVJ70108OZGKerry0051296777600love the dark rich flavorI am having a blast with my new Keurig machine - trying out a bunch of new flavors including the Dark Roast. It's nice and flavorful - particularly since I run each of my cups through the small cup brewing cycle 2 times to fill my large mug. This works.
Tried the chocolate donut flavor the other day and loved it.
Love the convenience and bargain prices of the subscribe & save.
228255228255B003VXHGPKAB314H3A49TM9USAMom "USAMom"0041296691200Very good cup of coffeeI am impressed with Mr Puck's different blends, this one is a favorite of ours. It lives up to the "medium roast" name, full bodied, not acidic and smells great while brewing, will buy again.
228256228256B003VXHGPKA35FN1VLTTPT3GAFMAMH0051296691200Great Deal!Great Deal - GREAT turnaround! What a difference from other orders I have placed with other vendors! Got the package the day after I ordered it!
228257228257B003VXHGPKA3LUQ5KJW9WA14Sharon R. Dapp "Sharon"0051296518400Best Coffee Ever!If you like vanilla flavored coffee, this is it!! I put a french vanilla creamer in and no other sweetner is needed. I have it every day and I'll always order ahead so I don't run out.
228258228258B003VXHGPKA1CPUVKY7OP4V8J. Feldman "JF7FSU"0051296259200High Rating!This coffee is Bold and none of the bitterness that is usually found in bold coffee's. It also scored exeptional in the single serve coffee ratings and I concur. There is a lot of dreck out there in K-Cups, this and Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut are great!
228259228259B003VXHGPKAT8JX7T3CKJKOTim in PA0021296259200Not my favoriteI got this is a low cost alternative to my normal Jet Fuel and it just didn't measure up. I like strong coffee but this had a bitter taste that I just didn't care for. Also, 3 of the cups had some sort of malfunction and dumped their grinds into my cup-not sure why.
228260228260B003VXHGPKA1574S23MT2UXTMG0051296086400Very tasty.Very smooth and flavorful for a medium roast. I was pleasantly surprised by this k cup and would get it again. The 25% off deal drew me to it and I'm glad.
228261228261B003VXHGPKA3W0C717SJHQ3VJAC. at home "Busy Shopper"0021295568000Not much flavor to this coffee...This coffee is not a true medium roast like Caribou French Roast, Donut House, etc. there was not much coffee flavor at all. I found it to be so weak in flavor that not only did I have to go down a brew size, but I also have to add less milk just too drink it. I will never buy it again. Wish I didn't have 45 more cups to go thru!
228262228262B003VXHGPKA1D1UB7995POKSMrs. M. M. Albers0021294790400Wolf Gang's Kcup Breakfast Blend a SleeperI ordered Wolf Gang Puck's k cups, largely because of his reputation and my experiences at his restaurants, both of which are good. However, when I drank my first cup of the Breakfast Blend, I tasted no was as if I was drinking hot water. I was very disappointed and will purchase only those k cups which I know to be good. Sorry Wolf Gang, this is a sleeper!
228263228263B003VXHGPKA2FMH70WTSIDF6Whimsy0051294704000Great brewThis is my favorite of all the coffees I've tried. Smooth and flavorful without being a flavored coffee, its a definite treat anytime of day.
228264228264B003VXHGPKA16SLC7GSYNE12josey0031294617600A bit of a disappointment.I was expecting a mellow caramel flavor, but this coffee is a bit sharp and you really can't make out any carmel flavor.
228265228265B003VXHGPKA2FIC05DY3HT7JPhilster "Philster"0041294617600Strong Dark Roast CoffeeThis is about the strongest K cup I've purchased. I like my coffee strong, and before buying a K cup coffee maker, always purchased French roast whole bean and brewed strong coffee. Brewing this in a K cup machine at an 8 ounce cup will definately provide you with a strong cup of coffee. Since I brew a cup for my wife and I at the same time, I run two 8 ounce cups with one of these K cups into a small decanter, and then pour into two coffee cups, which still yields a strong flavor, but not enough pop your eyeballs out...

Of course, brewing two cups with one K cup drops the price down in half, which at less than thirty cents a cup is on the cheap end of K cup brewing. I find most K cups are good for up to a 12 ounce cup, and 16 ounces would weaken them too much... But this works for my wife and I since I have been fixing a cup for each of us for years, and brewing two cups with one K cup is economical.
228266228266B003VXHGPKA42G11QD33NYHJulia Keelty0011294358400So weak!I am only drinking it, so it won't be wasted, and I have to rotate it with a Coffee People product, so I remember why I like coffee. It is really wan. The strongest flavor profile is tin. I love creme caramel and am a huge WP fan, but the flavor strenth and consistancy of this coffee does not impress. Choose another - you won't be sorry you did.
228267228267B003VXHGPKA1PTWKRXLBKB0ZBryan Beecher0021294272000Too bitter and smokyMy favorite coffees are the big dark roasts like French, Italian, and Full City. This K-cup dark roast has a big, bold flavor, but lacks balance. The level of smokiness, bitterness, and acid are way too high, and the result is not enjoyable. I liked the dark roasts. for the Keurig from Green Mt, Newman, and Donut Shop much more than this one.
228268228268B003VXHGPKA1T8LRGWQ6QM7ZCarla Stanley0051294012800Yummo!!I want this coffee in bed every morning, just like it's name "Breakfast in Bed". I ordered this 24/2 box shipment on the automatic 2 months plan. I used it up way before the next shipment so I changed the plan to every month. Now is looks like it's out of stock.....ugh....I hope it comes back soon. It is a delicious choice!
228269228269B003VXHGPKA3ICEX9YGL38R0summerskies0041293840000tasteThis product takes getting used to. Only after using about 3 K-cups did I start liking it. However, I wouldn't buy this many again.
228270228270B003VXHGPKA307QOFD9Q7RKQL. Jamrosz "Elimama"0051293580800My new favorite kcupI'm loving this coffee!! It's smooth and bold but not too bold. It reminds me of starbucks coffee but not as bitter. Very very very good cup of coffee. Give it a try. I'm really glad I did.

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