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228271228271B003VXHGPKANU97DL0YU2GCmary agran0021293494400Weak coffee - little flavor!I love Wolfgang Puck products but the coffee is very disappointing.
There is a weak flavor - almost tastes diluted!
Some troll must have changed out all the real Puck products!
228272228272B003VXHGPKA2YAOCZ9DT7I01R. Schuman0011293148800DefectiveThis is the 1st K-cup coffee that I am getting grounds in my coffee. It is occuring about every 3 cups. I have not had this problem with other K cup manufactures. I will not reorder.
228273228273B003VXHGPKA12KUNIKXGX3U1Anne5551294444800Better than Donut Shop!Until I tried Vienna Coffee House, Donut Shop was the one I had on automatic monthly delivery. Vienna Coffee House is a tad bolder than Donut Shop but very smooth without any bitterness. From the first cup, I knew I had to switch.
228274228274B003VXHGPKA38NL22J79JOH1Paul J. Shane "InTheRough"5551286928000Favorite K-CupOf all the K-Cups I have purchased so far, I like this French Roast the best. It has a really bold taste even used with the large-cup button. I like other coffee selections too, but this one really stands out.

I consider myself an early adapter and the Keurig coffee machine is one of my best purchases. Although the coffee is somewhat expensive at $.40-.50 a cup, there is no waste, no pot cleanup, and, best of all, great coffee. I usually get up earlier than the rest of the household and can have my great coffee almost instantly without making a full pot that can go sour before all being drank.

I notice that regular retailers such as Target and grocery stores are now carrying K-Cups, but buying online costs less and is more convenient. pjs
228275228275B003VXHGPKA2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...5541283990400Good quality, one of my "go to" flavored k-cupsI don't drink a lot of flavored k-cups, but people have been raving about Wolfgang Puck's k-cups, so I gave this a try. It's definitely a good quality flavored coffee with a medium body. Overall, I have enjoyed several cups of this and have temporarily shelved my Timothy flavored k-cups in favor of this one. I sometimes add sugar free vanilla syrup, cream, and cinnamon. It's excellent that was in place of dessert. I also tried caramel syrup added to this... don't do it. It overwhelms the flavor.
228276228276B003VXHGPKA2LCJO2VEPDZXWbarb4coffee5551281657600Good medium strength coffeeI love coffee with no bitterness and lots of good coffee taste and this one fits the bill. Holds up well to milk & sugar-I love it in the morning for the first cup and in the evening just as much. Definitely would buy it again.
228277228277B003VXHGPKA24B9YQ1YWFHLFAmanda L Brocklehurst91111340841600Ew.I bought a 24 pack of this an drank almost all of them before realizing what the flavor reminded me of. It tastes like hotdog water.
228278228278B003VXHGPKAKK49Y5DWSENDZombieLuv4451294099200My Favorite, so far!I love, love, love, this coffee. It's easy on my stomach yet it has a rich medium roasted flavor which, in my opinion is not bland at all. It's such a delicious cup of coffee. I have told everyone about these, I've even converted Green Mountain lovers over to Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive brand. If you like your coffee fully flavorful and delicious, but not too robust or bold, this coffee is for you. I have tried MANY K-cup brands, Tully's, Green Mountain, Emeril's, Donut Shop, etc... and this brand is equal to Green Mountain, possibly even a bit BETTER. :)
228279228279B003VXHGPKAMEEXXHSFDS3ZTito Lover4421287360000Just blah...It seems the flavor selection on Amazon has been limited these days to some variation of hazelnut, french vanilla or chocolate so when I saw this one, I thought I'd give it a try. Never having had Wolfgang Puck's k-cups, I was hoping they'd be as good as the Wolfgang Puck coffee I've had in hotel coffeemakers that were a part of my room but alas, I was mistaken. I wouldn't say it's the worst I've had but the flavor is pretty weak and the coffee itself is too. I feel like I'm drinking coffee that's been made with grounds that have already been perked. In other words - the flavor seems to be already squeezed out of them and I'm getting leftovers.

If you're looking for a weakly flavored coffee that doesn't really taste like much of anything, this is your pod. If you're looking for better, richer flavors, stick with Green Mountain which sadly Amazon doesn't seem to carry anymore except through third party vendors who want to charge $60 for a box!
228280228280B003VXHGPKA2H74FIBDN5NMRM. Prieto "Havanese friend"4451286150400Delicious! Amazing for a decaf coffee.This is a fantastic decaf coffee. My parents love decaf but there aren't many out there they enjoy. We've been drinking Timothy's decaf Colombian and we bought this to try it. Fantastic! I would definitely buy this again and again. It's smooth and not bitter. It's not super strong so don't expect it to be like a cappacino. This is a really great Colombian cup of coffee. You won't miss the caffiene.
228281228281B003VXHGPKA2ZAO73BLTJ69PBonnie Caroprese "bonton"4451282867200Great cup of coffeeI like my coffe of the milder but tasteful side. I thought this was a great cup of coffe I compare it to Timothy's dounut shoppe. Full flavor but not acid. This is for people who want a lighter cup of coffee
228282228282B003VXHGPKA2ARL5R5P6EL7DRic6711295136000Never againI tried a double boxes of this when the Donut Shop coffee I usually order was unavailable. While the coffee is pretty good the cups suck. A full 1/3 of the cups brewed are undrinkable. They are slow to brew(coffee maker has to work very hard) and even then the cup retains an inordinate amount of water. Checking some of the cups that left grounds in the brew showed that the filter was not properly installed. They could sell these at half the price listed and you still would pay too much due to all the wasted coffee. I believe we all have experienced a defective cup here or there but these are way beyond acceptable.
228283228283B003VXHGPKA1FTO7E15UF6CSKatherine A. Smith "Kathy"0051292889600Love it!Jamican Me Crazy is the best coffee. It is not too strong and has a unique taste. No complaints here. Highly recommend it.
228284228284B003VXHGPKA1WH998KDXZB7AH. Drum0031292457600It's okay but I won't buy it again.I like bold coffees and should have trusted the other reviewer who said it wasn't strong enough. This one has a watery finish to it and not very much flavor. I'll be going back to Emeril's Jazz'd Up Decaf and trying the Coffee People's French Roast Decaf. So far I've loved everything by the coffee people except the organic blend. If you like strong coffee don't buy this but if you like a weaker coffee that you can see through you'd probably enjoy this one.
228285228285B003VXHGPKA29Q8UIT5FCBVTennessee Traveler "Tennessee traveler"0051291593600One of the best flavored k-cupsThis not only tastes great but has the best aroma while brewing. Subscribe and save is the way to go.
228286228286B003VXHGPKA2Q8K6RAHF7L24Wendy B0031291507200Great Taste!I love this coffee! I am not a strong coffee drinker and this coffee is perfect! I have no problems with it working in my Cuisinart Keurig Brewer, I aways get the perfect tasting cup of coffee.

I gave it 3 stars because one of the 2 packs contained only 13 K-Cups and not the 24 that it was supposed to have.

The decaf 24-count (pack of 2) arrived with the correct amount of K-cups and is as yummy as the high test!
228287228287B003VXHGPKAP1H1S9VPE0T7margaret rodgers0041291248000coffee podtrying out different pods and this is a delicious one. service was excellent. no hassle at all. will buy from again
228288228288B003VXHGPKA39YGYJD74GNLOshelanman0041291075200Interesting flavor, brew small cupI wasn't sure what to expect with the Wolfgang Puck coffees, but I am pleased.

The Sorrento is a good medium roast. It is a bit darker of a roast than some of the other mediums out in Keurig-land, but it isn't bitter. There's just a little of something chocolatey in the flavor.

My only complaint is that this coffee, like most of the Keurig cups that don't say "extra bold" on them, they brew up pretty weak if you do a larger mug. I typically brew the 9.25 oz size, and on these guys I bumped it down to the 7.25 oz size. If I brew it in the larger cups, it just comes out too weak.

If you are one who feels that K-cups usually make weak coffee, you will think that these are really weak, and be tempted to brew 'em two at a time. This coffee is not plain or unflavorvful -- there's just less coffee in the K-cup (or rather the normal, not extra-bold amount), so it brews up weaker.
228289228289B003VXHGPKA2PMQ8D3JEBTXGMatroskin0051290902400Nice flavourI like this coffee, its nice to drink it in the morning. It has medium body and full flavour. Goes great with raw sugar and splash of non fat milk.
228290228290B003VXHGPKALMBZNEFJT6VZWrena0011290556800yuckThis was the nastiest flavored coffee I have ever had in kcups. I purchase many different kinds of flavored coffee and caramel is my favorite but this one made me gag. It smelled like buttery cheese and the taste was not what I expected. I will stick to gloria jeans and timothys flavored coffees. This was my first wolfgang puck kcup and will be the last I order of his brand. I thought maybe I got a bad cup but I brewed 3 and I opened the other box and tried those since it comes with two boxes and same nastiness.
228291228291B003VXHGPKA3MVXSMNSKKLCNPeggy D. Coleman "artistically minded"0051290556800wonderful flavored coffeeI'm a sucker for caramel the flavor, the aroma, and most important the taste. I honestly do not like flavored coffees in the morning, but I have made an exception for this one!
228292228292B003VXHGPKA1RU1BKXAVU488Sandi610041288828800Good N StrongI am trying many different coffees to see which one's I like best. This coffee was good, but a little stronger than I had expected. I know it say's extra bold, but others I've tried have not been that "extra". I ended up putting it on my larger cup setting and it was perfect then. There was a little after taste, but not much more than other coffees. I would recommend it if you like stronger coffees, but it is not as strong as an espresso. I intend to purchase this again.
228293228293B003VXHGPKA24R6COJQHP4DLVickie Mueller0021288742400Tasted like bitter orangesI thought it had a bitter orange flavor, however my husband and friend liked it.
228294228294B003VXHGPKAP03SDCDB6RBDE. OConnor "erdoreen"0031288656000Wolfgang Puck Sorrento K-cupsWe have tried just about every k-cup of regular coffee out there. We don't do the flavor kind. My husband loves the GM brand most of the coffees are mild (even when they say medium roast)...I go for a little more on the medium roast like the some of the Tully's and Caribou brands. It used to be that we were always ordering the same brands, once we liked a certain one. But I ventured to try the Wolfgang Puck line. While this flavor is touted as a medium roast, it seems to be more on the bold side with a little bitterness. It is still not a bad coffee, just not as good as the "Rodeo Drive" or "Breakfast in Bed" k-cups which has no bitterness. I must say though, we have now added the latter 2 flavors of Wolfgang to our buying ritual.
228295228295B003VXHGPKA3Q81K6UMFHEQ2Prudi Dempsey "readervt"0051288569600smooth/richI like a dark rich coffee and this is a tad different. It seems much smoother and
I tend to nearly crave it when I have a slightly acid stomach. It sounds odd and
I know I drink too much coffee but this fills that acid tummy niche.
228296228296B003VXHGPKA3Z9QN0RCOHEYBibliophile By the Sea0051288224000Awesome TasteTried this for the first time this week and it is now my favorite coffee --with a hint of flavor (coconut). Full bodied, and no after taste, Jamaica Me Crazy is just what I love for an afternoon pick-me up, or to wake up and have an immediate smile on my face. Seriously -- It's Awesome! Highly Recommended.
228297228297B003VXHGPKA145SYEZUUI61IFlorida Housewife0031287705600BlandMy husband likes strong coffee. I like medium. Neither one of us like this particular one. There just isn't much flavor of any or caramel. We like the vanilla one much better. We'll drink this until it's gone...but it's the last flavor we choose, and it's lasting way too long!
228298228298B003VXHGPKA1M1EPWQS8LWQYLMM0031287187200Possible K-cup ProblemThe taste is fine, but the K-cup container has opened at the seal during the brewing process on more than one occasion, resulting in a mouthful of coffee grounds! I have never had this happen with any other brand of K-cup before and hope it is not the norm for Wolfgang Puck.
228299228299B003VXHGPKA2V7T3C2T2RVPHZato "spyhunter66"0031286668800Just OKI prefer the "extra bold" coffees, so this one really lacking on the flavor. It's fairly weak, at the smallest cup setting its drinkable, but I won't be buying it again. I'd recommend the Timothy's World Coffee, Rainforest Decaf Espresso instead.
228300228300B003VXHGPKA1ZZMAVRCBL357K. M. Alley "Grandpa"0051286409600K-Cup FanWolfgang's Reserve Columbian Decaf is probably the best decaf we have had in a K-cup. Very good cup of coffee!

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