Amazon Fine Food Reviews

228378228378B003VXHGPKA1SEWF8U8W31VGP. C. Romaine "coriroma"2251299196800Jamaica Me Happy!I am a huge fan of Jamaica Me Crazy coffee. There was a time in my life when I was totally caffeine free and off the dark stuff, but a customer in the bank I worked at brought in a pound of this coffee as a gift to the tellers. Every time someone walked by my desk with a cup of this freshly made joe, the smell would really tempt me to go back to consuming coffee again. Eventually it broke me down, and I am back to being a full time coffee drinker, and proud of it! Imagine how happy I was to find my favorite brew in a K-cup! The only thing better than a cup of Jamica Me Crazy is a cup sweetened with the new Almond Joy flavor International Creamer in it to highlight the sweet coconut. Unfortunately, we only have a Keurig at our office (I'm in Real Estate now), so I have to go to work to enjoy a cup. I'm thinking I have a brilliant boss who knows how to get people to willingly show up to work! Now if I can just figure a way to use it to temp more buyers into our office - I'd have it made ;0)
228379228379B003VXHGPKA3NVNHJ1SJW080E. Vanketel2251298764800Nice mellow cup of coffee!I bought this grudgingly because my favorite Timothy's Italian Blend was out of stock...... and I was very happily surprised! It's not as "big" and winey a brew as my favorite, but was flavorful, had a delicious aroma and was smooth. I tend to like rather potent coffee but I have clients who prefer a little lighter cup..... this will be perfect! I will happily keep buying this coffee. Thanks Wolfgang!
228380228380B003VXHGPKA2L7M1TT7T843OLinda Fox2251298160000So good!I think this is a love it or hate it kind of coffee. I love it. The flavor starts out similar to butter toffee, but then sort of morphs into coconut, pineapple, and rum. I think it's delicious and unique, and I don't ever want to be without some in my cupboard.
228381228381B003VXHGPKA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma2251291852800New favorite!This one will not disappoint! I got this yesterday and my husband and I tried it this morning with breakfast and we both loved it. I have gotten many different kinds of the k-cups to try but after trying this one, I think I could be happy with just this one and black tiger for those mornings when I want a really strong cup of coffee. The rodeo drive blend is delicious with a nice round feel on the palate and an interesting flavor on the finish with just a hint of smokiness. Perfectly balanced and absolutely wonderful! Plus, I have to admit...I love the label. The different color looks very appealing on my carousel with the other k-cups.
228382228382B003VXHGPKAJS7THAS9CZ59Mark2251290470400One of the best K-cupsWe've tried many of the K-cups that are available, and this is in our top 3. We prefer a darker, bolder flavor, and this one hits the mark. At the same time it's quite smooth.
228383228383B003VXHGPKA1KLHGBZC9PHGHTrudy L. Bien2241289865600Mild and FlavorfulMy husband I both like a mild tasting coffee. We thought we would give Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed a try. We were pleasantly surprised by the full bodied taste but without the bitterness of some of the stronger tasting coffee's. We are very satisfied and will be drinking this for a long time! Now if I can only get my husband to take the name literally!
228384228384B003VXHGPKA3VR5ETUZKF3INMichael Williams2251289779200Rich Tasting CoffeeThis k-cup is one of my favorites along with Coffee People's Jet Fuel and Black Tiger. If you like a strong, rich coffee, this will fit the bill.
228385228385B003VXHGPKAP03SDCDB6RBDE. OConnor "erdoreen"2251288656000A Winner cup of coffee!Not too strong, not too weak...smooth without the bitterness. Great anytime for those not into the strong "grow hair on your chest" types. We will continue to purchase this as a part of our favorite brands.
228361228361B003VXHGPKAAFRCVB8XENT1nqss7911296518400WARNING... this is a strongly FLAVORED coffeeThis is not regular coffee as the description would lead you to believe... it's artificially flavored, and it appears from the other ratings that you either love the flavor or hate it. My household hated it. Of course, that would be my problem if the description was accurate, but it's not. Amazon refunded my money and said someone would check the information on the product page.
228362228362B003VXHGPKA12DVG1FD6DEQEChickLitLove2251338940800Dee-lishI just got my box today and brewed a cup after work. It's one of my favorite k-cups yet!! I recommend it. Smooth, doesn't taste watered down, and no bitter aftertaste. The cups also look pretty in my k-cup rack :-)
228386228386B003VXHGPKA1ZZMAVRCBL357K. M. Alley "Grandpa"2251286409600K-Cup FanWolfgang's Rodeo Drive does make a good ole cup of coffee. It is on the same line as Donut Shop. Very good morning coffee to wake up with.
228363228363B003VXHGPKA28R88QFHN203BSean T. Martin2251337558400The Best Hazelnut K-Cup!Wolfgang Puck's Hawaiian Hazelnut is the best K-Cup Hazelnut and I have tried them all. We ordered this large pack, because we sadly found out that Wolfgang Puck is discontinuing many (not all) of their K-Cups, including this flavor. Buy this while you can!
228387228387B003VXHGPKA1QH0VOIN1HEKMK. Poe "Love to Shop"2231285113600Wolfgang Puck coffee for Keurig makerThe coffee was more on the light side rather than medium roast. I don't think I would purchase it again even though it was a good value purchase.
228388228388B003VXHGPKA1Q3VZH3TP8DFNJanice G. Brown2251284768000Colombian decafI have tried several decaf K-cubs and have found this to be the best. My husband does not like decaf but has finally found this one he will drink because it has a little bolder taste.I find it a good coffee to have in the house for company because everyone seems to like it. I will be ordering it again and again!
228389228389B003VXHGPKA16K66OVVFCCBDMiss Ellie2251284681600Good StuffThis coffee is for those who like a strong robust flavor. Nothing wimpy about it. I like just enough cocoa mix and creamer to take off the edge. My husband goes for the gusto. Great wake-me-up-in-the-morning brew. Love it!
228364228364B003VXHGPKA1F5ZNMJV28M6XJ. Stanwyck2251337472000great coffeeSo far, of all the decaf Kcups we have tried, this is our favorite. Wish it were on the automatic ordering system. Coffee is such an individual like or dislike but when we use it with an 8oz cup of water it is great.
228390228390B003VXHGPKA154WMWOARJHLIGary Rosenfeld2251284681600Great CoffeeThis is an excellent blend perfect for any time. Was really surprised by the quality, flavor and finish.
228365228365B003VXHGPKA1PMJ9FR4X1CP4Mare172251332892800Best K-cup Coffee!I bought the Kuerig because I love the Dunkin Original and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. Rodeo Drive has now become my favorite. It is very delicious and smooth.
228366228366B003VXHGPKAJXVOY9PS5UUPDelores M. Wadick "Ms Dee"2251332115200Wolfgang Puck Decaf can't miss!When I feel that I do not need more caffine, I have found that the Wolfgang Puck Decaf is a great substitute. I really can't tell the difference, taste wise. I had been having trouble finding a good decaf. I think this one is it.
228367228367B003VXHGPKAHTACNRCJ00CGbluebird602251331596800What a great cup of coffeeSometimes I feel when I reach for a decaffeinated K-cup that I'm going to settle for less flavor. However, I'm completely happy with this product. I don't feel I'm missing anything. Everyday I treat myself to a relaxing cup of coffee after work before starting dinner. This product just fits what I'm looking for.
228368228368B003VXHGPKA27YKN5IIUEILYMom F2251329782400Enjoyable flavor!I got a 5 k-cup sample box of this coffee from Keureg, and I find that it is my favorite decaf coffee. It brews a smooth tasting cup of coffee every time. I add some 1/2 & 1/2 and a bit of Equal, and it is a treat any time.
Glad to have found this coffee.
228369228369B003VXHGPKA36HUF7VGTJZ8MDHopewell2251329177600great decaf coffee!Wolfgang Puck coffees are very good. This particular flavor of decaf is delicious - doesn't taste like decaf at all, very rich & flavorful. Also, this was a very good value for the price. I've recommended this product to several friends.
228370228370B003VXHGPKA3CTXFPNJCCUVOKeith Corbin2251328486400My Favorite K-CupMy wife and I have decided hands down, this is our favorite K-cup. We've tried a lot of others, and Donut Shop and Caribu Daybreak are certainly still up there. However, this has a very solid body flavor with a medium roast. Almost a bold flavor with a smooth finish. Excellent flavor versus strength. Really nice to get up on a lazy Sunday morning and have a nice cup of Breakfast in Bed!

Also, I see another reviewer had problems with messy K-cups. I can say after about 6 boxes of theses, I haven't had any issues. Very unfortunate for the other reviewer, but looks like it was rather isolated.

Give it a try, you'll certainly enjoy it, the wife and I sure do!
228371228371B003VXHGPKA10H24TDLK2VDPWilliam Jens Jensen2231309824000UnremarkableFirst, let me say that I prefer extra-bold K-Cup coffees and only occasionally drink a medium blend, and never decaf. I bought three Wolfgang Puck coffees several months ago: Rodeo Drive Blend; French Roast; and Sumatra Kopi Raya. All three are quite drinkable, though they do not measure up to a few of the extra-bold blends from Coffee People: Kona Blend; Organic Blend; Jet Fuel; and Black Tiger. Even better than these, though, is my new favorite, Green Mountain's Revv. Those who prefer a strong, dark cup of coffee (even at the larger mug setting) should try that brand.

Previously, I had found the dark-roast Green Mountain coffees rather boring, but Revv lives up to the hype, both in strength and flavor. Another great Green Mountain coffee is their Espresso Blend (though Amazon doesn't stock it, so the prices tend to be higher here than in brick-and-mortar stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond). Finally, a favorite regular over the years has been Emeril's Big Easy Bold. It's a very nice coffee, though don't expect the New Orleans experience of chicory flavor.

Bottom line: You won't go wrong with the Wolfgang Puck coffees, but for my taste they do not stand out among the available bold coffees.
228372228372B003VXHGPKA31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown2241305936000Light Coconut Flavored Coffee.I am usually a non flavored coffee drinker, but I do like to mix things up every now and again. This is a lightly coconut flavored coffee. The coffee itself is a medium brew and it goes well with the tropical undertones of the coconut. It is a nice summer drink.
228373228373B003VXHGPKA2H74FIBDN5NMRM. Prieto "Havanese friend"2251305504000Rodeo Drive - delicious coffeeI love quite a few coffees but this one is grabbing my whole households attention. It's not bitter but it's not light either. It's perfect. I love it.
228374228374B003VXHGPKA2NX8LSYRITNZ8Melissa Patel2241302048000Pretty Good DecafI switched to Decaf and was looking for a decent cup on the Keurig machine. I was only interested in Subscribe and Save options.

This is a fairly light roast, which I like. I brew on the middle setting and I think if it was brewed any larger I would think it was too light.
228375228375B003VXHGPKA2YDF9ZS4D9XLUrainbow "busy shopper"2231301875200Not my favoriteOf all the K-Cup flavors that are out there, and there are many very good ones, this is one of my least favorites, and I have tried almost all of them. Not much flavor to this one, even if you add various types of creamers. Of course, it is all a matter of taste, but this one doesn't taste all that good. It is not bad - it is just kind of there - like a generic coffee. Try something else instead.
228376228376B003VXHGPKA18A5GW4IE1XPUJanice M. Howard2251300838400K cup CoffeeAbsolutely love Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive K Cups. It is the best. Nice rich flavor but not too strong. Best one yet!
228377228377B003VXHGPKA1379FWJ8KNUVGsherriw632251299369600Wolfgang Puck coffee rodeo drive blend medium roast K-cup for keurigI have purchase this coffee several times my husband said it has a great taste and it is a good cup of coffee

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