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228445228445B001E52WQAA1OGZNM1ZKMOXJS0051288051200Morning Pick Me UpI absolutely love this coffee. This is not only my morning pick me up, but also my daily treat. I can't tell you how many people at work stop by and ask me what I'm drinking because they rave about the great smell.
228446228446B001E52WQAAFOVFKPLRAPATDon Baldwin0051288051200Great savingsGreat price, quality merchandise. Very satisfied with the product. My only issue is I wanted to double my order before I checked out but the display window wouldn't accept my change from one unit to two.
228447228447B001E52WQAAYCCMVPMKGDD9aimeeski0051287619200good stuffthis is a great product, i just wish it wasn't so hard to find. it's seriously hard to find where i live.
great product.
228448228448B001E52WQAA3MGW63K3SBQO3Larry Cohen0051285632000French Vanilla Coffee SubscriptionI have enjoyed GF International Coffee for years, but prices have increased so much in the past year or so that I was trying to wean myself off. But a morning without my French Vanilla Cafe is so... empty, I couldn't do it. So I happened on this subscription page with a ridiculously low price ($1.77 per can in a 6 pack, in recurring lots, with FREE auto shipping! I've paid up to $4.69 in stores. I couldnt pass it up. This is a GREAT deal on a great coffee beverage. The best deal on this product I've ever seen, even our "dented can" store charges more!
228449228449B001E52WQAAZFI8SNOTJBJYEve the Muse0051278892800I Love This CoffeeI'm one of the few people in the world who hate regular coffee and stay clear of it, but this coffee is my favorite hot drink at night. I love tea, but I've practically given up drinking tea to drink this delicious beverage because to me, it tastes much better. I'm a person who doesn't like very many things yet I love this coffee. It's soothing and tasty and warms me up from head to toe. It's a relaxing drink, especially when you're cuddled up under a blanket reading a good book or watching a good movie on TV. It goes great with cookies, crackers, toast or a piece of cake. has a great deal on six cans of this soothing, delicious, hot elixir. I just ordered six cans since my mother, a regular coffee lover, is as big a fan of this great drink as I am.
228450228450B001E52WQAA2G27AJWU370DMichelle Brown "MikiBee"0041255910400Delicious!This hot drink is fabulous! It's rich and creamy (made with skim or low-fat milk rather than water), and just makes me feel good when I drink it. This is my favorite flavor of them all, although they're all pretty good. General Foods International came out with a new one, Mocha Latte, which is very good too.

I didn't give it 5 stars because it contains trans fat. Even though the nutritional label says 0% trans fat, the ingredients has partially hydrogenated listed within the non-dairy creamer ingredient. I imagine it's negligible, but it can add up. Otherwise, this would be a 5 star product for sure!
228421228421B000FRSRJEA3WH0FZKD9K94Customer0041346284800Good product to haveConvenient product to have. Keeps well and easy to use. I don't see any particular difference between using this and using powdered gelatin so I don't think I will purchase this again.
228422228422B001M23VEWA1OUDWANOTK88MKimist4451266019200excellent tea!This tea was great and tastes exactly as it does in the Thai restaurants i frequent. I think the poor reviews are due to improper preparation.
228423228423B001M23VEWA2F18MUBQWP69ONathan M. Schultz5621265760000not good...The spices were accurate if a little cheap tasting. The tea type is wrong, thai iced tea is not made with green tea. The orange food dye seemed a little much. When I brewed the tea it made my entire house smell terrible for the entire day. It is cheap but I dont think I will even brew another batch. I would rather pay 2.50 at the thai restaurant nearby.
228424228424B001M23VEWA283C1ZL38MXBKDHO5641247616000Thai tea mixI am a big fan of Thai Tea, so I had very high expectations.

I would rate this tea as commercial quality. In other words, it is good, you can happily serve it to guests, but it is not great.
228425228425B001M23VEWA19TPWIANNRVW4Terence buchinsky "tb"1151303776000you have to be kiddingI just bought this same package (16 oz.) at a local Asian grocery store in LA. It was 3 bucks.
If you're a stickler for the "exact Thai kind" you can find a from scratch recipe online. There is much more than just tea in Thai tea, like star anise.
228426228426B001M23VEWA37YE2W2FF1T07snissen "amz shopper"1151289174400tastes like thai teai found this mix, when prepared properly, similar to what i would get at thai restaurants. i found the scent pleasing when brewing the tea. also it is MUCH cheaper to brew it myself than purchasing from local restaurants.

brewed as suggested and served over ice and with half and half i think most would enjoy this tea.
228427228427B001M23VEWA29WP90TZOPAZ2Wise Woman "Rebelline"0051320278400Delicious and authenticI am a HUGE fan of Thai tea, but hate the fact that it is so expensive to buy when you go out to eat. I bought this, after a server at a Thai place told me that is what they use. I bought a cheap coffee maker, and started making my own. At $3.00 per tea, I have saved a lot of money with just one bag. The bag lasts a long time, (and they give you 5 big bags of loose tea) and the tea is delicious and authentic. I have tried a lot on the market, but this is my absolute favorite. I get about 5 glasses with each brew.
228428228428B001M23VEWA3KPY5P0XBIZ0TVasanth0051303171200Tastes good! I recommend this productMy wife and I are big fans of Thai iced tea and we used to try it at every Thai food place we ate. When we found this in Amazon, we decided to try it ourselves - We brewed few batches and loved it. It tasted almost as good as a restaurant grade Thai tea. I'd say it was much better than what some Thai restaurants serve...really! If you love Thai tea, then this is a must-buy!
228429228429B001M23VEWA26QZY21M8Z2UEA. Stevens0051281312000Perfect Thai teaPerfect thai tea, just like the restaurants! This is a very good price if the shipping wasn't so much! Just make sure you follow the instructions for the perfect Thai tea,and if you do not have one of the fancy filter, you can use metal coffee filter, it works great! The flavor is very smooth and perfect if you use half and half creamer.
228430228430B001M23VEWALMADEW6EH74SPaul0051278115200TeaThe tea is very good and similar to what you'd find in a Thai restaurant.
228431228431B001M23VEWA1VO3LAZ7AG351S. Mcwalters1231268092800The taste is good, but the aftermath may vary.If you're craving restaurant quality Thai Tea, this'll do it for you. Add cream or condensed milk and some brown sugar, and the taste is pretty much what you'd get at the average Thai place. HOWEVER... if you have any kind of chemical sensitivity, you may want to avoid this mix. I came down with a raging migraine within a half hour of drinking it--the kind I usually get after eating MSG. I think the excessive amount of dye is the culprit. It'll stain if you're not careful.

In other news, I bet this would be a great thing to use as a yarn or craft dye. It smells nice, anyway!
228432228432B001M23VEWA58N2Q2SQ8RPTDawn Forbes0121297382400Not recommendedI bought this tea because I love the Thai Ice tea I get at my local Thai restaurant. Although it taste similar to the tea I love, no matter how many different ways I make it, I still get a nasty after-taste. Now I'm stuck with 4 bags of tea I dislike. Hopefully I'll have better luck with a different brand.
228433228433B001M23VEWA3JZBRRCLNPK46J. stinger "thai tea person"2511253145600not goodI had expec tations for this tea, it was very bad, green tea with high doses of yellow and red food coloring, my btach had a very odd tatse, I think it was old, or defective, I would not order this item
228434228434B00390M9GGA2GBLSX17LNI8Tredfox "too many periodicals"1151308009600Delicious and addictiveEverybody in our family loves these -- even the 3-year-old counts them among her few vegetable faves. Expensive enough that we don't chow them down, but make a nice flavor explosion if chopped up into a simple salad, and they make an excellent side with cheese and crackers, etc. Definitely an earthy taste, in addition to the vinegar, but not at all hot or lobotomizing (as with, say, sushi experiences of wasabi) -- somehow more balanced. Highly recommend!
228435228435B001ECLOXAA3IM3082NNJEAKAaron Baker "Aaron B"0051322524800Good germination good growthI direct sowed these into the upper left part of my garden. They are growing very well. Good germination rate and love the big green leaves I clip them off and put them on salads and on a sandwich sometimes.
228436228436B001E52WQAA2P0O1OR2KE461DonGiovanna "Viva il Maestro"6651205625600Great taste for a great priceMmmmm ... very delicious! I could only find this flavour at Target, which sells it for $3.79 so, if you use this often, Amazon is the way to go. Making it with low-fat milk makes it taste infinitely better than with water. POSTSCRIPT: Oh dear! I just read the ingredients list and this product contains 'Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil', which IS trans fat. I have informed Amazon that its Product Features had erroneously listed this as having 'No trans fat'. Well, I suppose I've just enjoyed my last cup ...
228437228437B001E52WQAA2XE16YVL2I4H7R & the triplet's Grandma2251290038400Love the taste, hate the new priceI have been drinking this coffee for years - 1 cup every morning. A can lasts me about 2 weeks.

Purchased a six-pack here on Amazon for $12.50 (free shipping because we buy into the 1 yr of free shipping deal) and thought I was in heaven! It would have been even cheaper had I signed up for the coffee club.

At $34.95 plus $10.51 shipping, FORGET IT!! Check out your local Walmart. It has been running $3.00 - $3.25 there. Limited selection of flavors, but the French Vanilla has always been there.
228438228438B001E52WQAA1ZFMT5WZYPM24K. Lyons2211253664000Misleading Image of ItemBe aware that the image shown is not the true product you will receive. The product I received is the new blend "from the makers of Maxwell House". The new blend tastes a lot differently from the original blend. I ordered the product from because it gave the impression they had the original blend. I would not have ordered it if I had known otherwise....and it is a non-returnable product. I feel this is very misleading and unfair.
General Foods International Coffee, French Vanilla Cafe Coffee Drink Mix, 9-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)
228439228439B001E52WQAA1YXF3F7W7BUZKCynic "JBO"1111289952000PRICE RIPOFF!Amazon offers no bargain. The french vanilla cafe pack of 6 is offered for $34.95 plus $10.51 shipping and handling. Total equals $45.46, which is approximately $7.57 per can. This is exorbitant. If you can find the product in a store it is usually in the $5.00 to $5.50 range, which in itself is rather high. Maxwell House has not only changed the formula, they have made the product harder to find, and they have jacked up the price. We have gone online and found many recipes to make our own french vanilla cafe at a much cheaper price and with a better flavor. One can make a large batch of instant coffee done to your exact taste and safely store it in a tightly capped plastic storage bin for months. Please try it and save yourself a fortune. Also it sends a message to Maxwell House that we will not tolerate being manipulated. May your last hot cup be as pleasing as the first cup of the day.
228440228440B001E52WQAADEPD9UEFW4J1Gary Goldberg1151287187200Great Product - Bad Decision by AmazonI love this product and have been a customer of Subscribe and Save for a long time. I recently received notice from Amazon that they will no longer offer the product on Subscribe and Save.

I went to the Amazon sight and they are still selling the product but will no longer honor the discount offered by Subscribe and Save.

You have lost a good customer and I will be shopping elsewhere from now on.
228441228441B001E52WQAA1IJLW27SKD1DFHelen1141219708800I love this coffeeI have been purchasing this product from my local supermarket for several years. It does not taste like regular coffee but it is a very enjoyable hot drink. A nice change from the tea I usually drink. I have tried many different flavours and this is my favourite.
228442228442B001E52WQAAASZJYX59KWM2Mark Andersen1151219536000Need a larger containerThe containers that we bought only lasts us about 2 1/2 days days we would like the size that Costco in washington state sold, that lasts us about a week and a half
228443228443B001E52WQAA32PS2MTEWZ8M0A. S. Johnson "Expecto Patronum!"1151200960000Tasty, tasty!!Simply put, I've always loved this flavor and the price for a 6-pack was great. I love my Amazon deals. This is my first "grocery" purchase so it's nice to come out satisfied. I would have never thought to get food items from Amazon, but now I will!
228444228444B001E52WQAA2OGSIID2UM9DRSandra Casto3411263427200French Vanilla Cafe's new Maxwell House BlendI agree that the new French Vanilla Cafe's new Maxwell House Blend is not as good as the original. I don't know if you have changed your recipe, but I use to drink it and feel "ummm". Now I have to add sugar or some other sweetener and it isn't the same,it is too bitter without it though. I would order this if the original taste was back.
General Foods International Coffee, French Vanilla Cafe Coffee Drink Mix, 9-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)

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