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228451228451B001E52WQAATWYEDMPW4EMJCarolyn A. Ziegler1241171756800French Vanilla CafeMy Mother really likes this flavor and enjoys a cup every morning. However, if I had realized that I could have purchased it cheaper in the grocery store, I would have. I would have saved $3.00 to $4.00.
228452228452B000XS8RYKA2O4P2L740B7TTRobert G. Aaserude0051322524800I love Toblerone!I have found this is the best way to have Toblerone. All flavors in one package of mini-bars. Plenty to get your fill and share with a lot of people as well! I'm so glad to have found a source for it.
228453228453B000XS8RYKA34HIENNTM60TSCHARLES G. VEIT0051316044800ANOTHER FINE SWISS PRODUCTLeave it to the Swiss to make great tasting chocolates, cheese, and watches. These assorted minis are the perfect size for an afternoon treat or a late night craving for great tasting imported chocolates. When it comes to great tasting imported chocolate, two countries come to mind Switzerland and the Netherlands. Both countries are large dairy producers so it comes as no surprise that their chocolates especially milk chocolates have excellent flavor. I love the variety in this collection of chocolates. If you have had enough of one selection, just go to the next variety and dig in. All flavors have excellent taste although I tend to lean towards dark chocolate as my personal favorite. Try them you will not be disappointed and the price is cheaper than a trip to Switzerland.
228454228454B000XS8RYKAHK5BBI1JYOW6D. Hayes "down home"0041299283200Milk and honeyToblerone is singular chocolate. I normally don't care that much for milk chocolate but the honey and nougat make the milk chocolate to die for and the dark chocolate is great without being too bitter. I've had better white chocolate but it is still very good and the finish on all the chocolates is light and clean. The singles are a treat since you don't have to worry about how to preserve the rest and you get the right amount of candy. Highly recommended for households with different tastes in chocolate. The taste is pleasant despite having an artificial flavor.
228455228455B007P2PIT4A3A78JVXJ2VDYEJanet Garnett0051350864000Very potent, very flavorfulMy whole entire reason for my one cup of coffee I allow myself these days is for wake-up power. I've been sampling various instant coffees throughout the world for potency and apart from Trader Joe's, this Good African Freezedried instant has done it for me!
As soon as enjoyed I felt the wake-up rush I used to enjoy from Folger's, which ain't doin' it no more! I believe in giving any item a chance, and Good African Freezedried has performed excellently. I just wish I didn't have to wait until I order other items on Amazon before they'll let me buy this item on its own.
Four thumbs up!
228456228456B0046IIX3SA23QCWKO0IXK8GMH "MMH"0051343088000corazonas oatmeal squares cranberry flaxI do not find these to be tart as the other reviews say. I have had one everyday for breakfast with a small serving of greek yogurt. Holds me over all morning. Would buy these again.
228457228457B005T058BWA1AFB3UCZVE5M5lulu1500051347840000Awesome Tea and Infuser!!!I love this tea and Tuffy Steeper!!! I already had both but wanted another Tuffy Steeper and to also stock up on more Bolder Breakfast tea. I have now replaced my morning soda with this tea and feel so much better! It gives me the right amount of caffeine that I need to make it through my day. I do drink this tea both hot and cold as it has such a nice flavor either way.
228458228458B004TDU0SGA2T0V99GLGXWCMGhost(Ghost(M))4531330560000Good taste, nice sauce, but contains "vegetable oil".I tried these after I tried the same brand in mustard and hot tomato sauce (see my review of those in my list of reviews). I liked the taste of these kippers here (just as I liked the other ones). The sauce is probably the best here, kind of creamy and mild. There's a lot of it.

One warning though: ingredients include "vegetable oil". Google on this expression to find out why it's not good food (a "vegetable oil" most likely is some or combination of highly processed soybean oil, or cottonseed oil, or something similar -- these, nutritionally, are bad for you. Cotton isn't even a food crop, so you can imagine what you end up eating, it's completely unregulated).

Other than that I saw nothing evil or unnatural in the ingredients section.

It's a nice product that still I hesitate to recommend because of the "vegetable oil" in it. The best option remains the no-frills unflavoured version that contains more fish and nothing but water and salt in addition.


05/04/2012: I'd like to thank poster "MW Polar" (who claims to represent the company) for his informative comment below. I will research the info he provided and update this review accordingly. He said, "[...] our "vegetable oil" is neither soybean oil nor cottonseed oil. In fact, our suppliers pride themselves in using only rapeseed oil. [...]" -- this is good news indeed (if true; btw., wouldn't it be good to simply state that on the tin?).

If I'm not mistaken, "rapeseed oil" is what is more colloquially known as "Canola". It is a food crop and it certainly is better than cottonseed or soy. It has a decent fat profile with a lot of ALA in it (not as much as in flax, but next best). One thing still remains (and I'll have to research that): only a cold-pressed, unprocessed canola oil can be considered healthy (that is due to all the chemical nastiness involved in oil processing: hexane, etc.; high temeperatures themselves cause harm, especially with polyunsaturates, which is what we have here). I wonder if we could get more info on that (what kind of canola oil is used here). Once again, thanks to poster "MW Polar" for supplying additional information.
228459228459B004TDU0SGA2DB720I9XRX7KK. Draper1141334361600Good anytime snack, but cheaper elsewhereI like these Herring Fillets a lot, and also the ones in mustard sauce. They are less salty and more tasty than kippered snacks. They are soft and easy to eat and the sauce is tasty. I think it would be nice if there was more fish in there and less sauce, but I end up eating all of the sauce, too. I disagree with the reviewer who said that one tin of these would serve three people. There are only six ounces in the tin and that's including the sauce, just enough for a single portion. I like to keep some in my car along with some Wasa and other healthy snacks because I hate fast food. Great source of tasty protein. But after I ordered the case for about $2 each, I found out that [big name] store carries them for $1.38 each. If they come down in price here, I will order more because I like the convenience of having them delivered to my door.
228460228460B004TDU0SGA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke1151325462400GreatWe really liked these. In the past, we'd eaten herring in hot sauce and regular packed herring.
The paprika sauce is tasty, adding a lot of flavor without the heat. We'll buy these again.
228461228461B004TDU0SGA10LD43IHAOAKPvacuouswaffle3441326412800Not for me, but I'm sure someone likes themNot really the flavor for me. The packages are pretty large and contain a good amount of quick protein for when I'm too busy to cook something to eat, and don't want to just be eating candy or crackers. I greatly prefer just straight kippered herring, as I think these ones taste slightly fishier.

Product tins arrived undented and in good condition. Far from expiration date.
228462228462B004TDU0SGA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"3451315526400Lots of sauce but very tastyThis is my husband's favorite flavor (out of the mustard and spicy tomato). He's a very picky eater and frankly, I love all of the flavors, but, he's right, there is a certain piquant deliciousness that seems to sing via the paprika.

Eh. Every once in a while, the ol' ball and chain is right I guess. ;)
228463228463B004TDU0SGA8UM78SMPSHC0Hervian Rose3441314230400The little ones love this.This is a red sauce that reminds me of the tomato sauce that sardines come in. The picture looks like a cream sauce which is misleading.
It's not too spicy, not quite as strong a fishy taste as sardines. My 8 year old daughter chooses this over all other forms of fish, and usually instead of peanut butter and jam.
Great with rice and vegetables for a simple meal. If you have some rice, vegetables or salad, and a cold drink, one can will serve about 3 people, making it very economical.
228464228464B004TDU0SGA18ZGNY3CAGYXTBrian T. Zielke "Buz"0141320105600Very enjoyableBought these at a very good price, wish I had purchased more at the time. The paprika flavor is very suttle and the flavor of the fish still shines through. Polar makes a great regular kipper and these are no exception. I would recommend these to anyone. They make a welcome change to regular kips.
228465228465B003DSRCNEA1FWB2NPACPE8AHammer4451295913600Very TastyThis is one of the best products that you will find for seasoning pork ribs. I have used this product for over 8 years and have found non better. I follow the directions for the dry rub for the first 2 hours then apply Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce & bake for the last 1 hr 15 minutes. Have given to all my friends for xmas and they are now ordering extra to give to their families.
228466228466B004SIBHDYA1J070VZR4M6REpino "pino"3321303344000has no smellI buy many different types of coconut oil's. This one is one of the worst one's I've tried thus far.

You expect coconut oil to smell like coconut's but it doesn't.It has almost no smell. The best way to to describe the smell is old/off.

It doesn't taste like other coconut oil's either. I also use coconut oil as a lotion. This doesn't melt into skin like it should.

Your better off buying another brand.
228467228467B004SIBHDYA1EGI8RWEX624KKrusey2241333411200Great product if you think about itAs another reviewer mentioned, this coconut oil has no tase or smell. This is great if you think about it. What if someone in your household doesn't like the smell or taste of coconut? This is a great alternative because it really does not have any smell or taste. Compared to the Now coconut oil I purchased with this,they both have the same clean smooth look and texture. You can also use this topically without having the smell as I have so i don't smell like coconut. I just purchased this product today from a reputable local nutrition store, this brand and the Now brand. This is the first time I have purchased any coconut oil and I'm still going to try other brands to get a feel for the difference in brands but I'm sure both brands that I purchased are great. This brand has it all, no smell or tase for those that don't like coconut but would like the benefits, it's organic, cold pressed, and the business is out of Oregon.
228468228468B004SIBHDYASKG9VSRA2JZWTiff2251329004800great coconut oil!There is nothing wrong w/ this coconut oil!... just perfect, and local! My family has been adding into my grandfather's diet and his energy level is up with less dementia symptoms! You can heat this at a higher heat and will still benefit you!
228469228469B004SIBHDYAMXMPFZKQ6T9TK. yeap1141341878400It's RawI've tried a lot of other coconut oil brands before trying this one and I wasn't used to how it had almost no discernable coconut scent. Unless you are using this to lightly steam or bake something, it really doesn't compare to other regular coconut oil brands in terms of that fresh and sweet taste.

If this is your first time using coconut oil, you probably won't care since there is no basis for comparison. But, if you are used to using other brands like Barlean's, Nature's Way, or Vitacost's brands of coconut oil, you may or may not like how this has barely any scent. This is probably due to the fact that this oil is raw! It hasn't been treated with heat, so the oil's untoasted coconut scents won't carry over as strongly as one that has been heated to ~200 degrees F that can carry the toasted coconut scent into the oil more strongly. Barleans, Natures Way, and Aunt Pattys are all organic, cold pressed, and extra virigin. Only Aunt Patty's is raw -thus, the lack of that fresh sweet coconut taste that is amazing just on its own as a spread or sauce.

So, I'd recommend this brand for light stir frys, steaming, light baking, since the faint tasted will still carry over a bit, or as part of a raw diet. I would not recommend raw coconut oil for using as a sweet paste, melted gravy/ syrup for desserts/ waffles, for heavy coconut scent sauces, or if you want the heavier coconut scents for any recipe or skincare since raw coconut oil just doesn't have that strong sweet coconut taste that you'd want in, say a spread.

So if you hate the smell and want something bland (or are on a raw diet) this will be great for you. If you love the addictive coconut scent and taste, you are better off buying one that isn't raw(Aunt Patty's Coconut Oil or Tropical Traditions -both raw). However, Aunt Patty's comes in a glass jar. Barlean's, Nature's Way, and Vitacost's brands do not. Five stars if you are looking for something raw, not packaged in plastic, and light or bland in taste. Three stars if you are looking for a strong tasting coconut oil that you would buy over and over again (well, three stars plus one for packing it in a glass jar).
228470228470B0036V7K4EAR7PTLYH899H8Chuck2251326067200You can't buy cheddar like this at the grocery storeI love my chedder cheese and when you go to a grocery store to buy it you have to settle for what ever they happen to have at the time witch usually isn't much to pick from also I like the aged cheddar as well and can never find it over one year old I definitely plan on getting all my cheese from Wisconsin Cheese Mart P.S.Remember if you want the best cheese you don't go to Frank's grocery store to get it. Also if you check the price its almost the same as the grocery store but the quality and flaver isn't.
Thanks Chuck.
228471228471B0036V7K4EA3CI3VHCHOT6BFJohn E. Smith "JES"0051327017600Good CheeseVery nice flavor and a good price. I enjoyed it a lot on crackers with summer sausage. Will recomend it to friends
228472228472B002X4DI0UA2B8A8QMU9KOWCM. L. Williams3311307836800Tastes like cough medicine to meDidn't like this at all. I have always used McCormick raspberry extract and love it. The store I shop at regularly stopped carrying McCormick, so after reading the review I went for it and took a chance. This one tastes nothing like McCormick and to me has a medicinal after taste to it. It also has a funky brownish color. This does not contain any alcohol just extract and glycerine. I thought maybe alcohol would help reduce the medicinal taste. I added Ciroc Berry flavored vodka to lighten the color and improve the flavor. That didn't help either. Won't be buying this one again.
228473228473B002X4DI0UA30L2QXK1L5M2YJ. Layton "No exaggeration-Honest reviews"3351290556800REAL raspberry flavorI needed a pure, 100% natural raspberry flavor for making flavored beverages. Artificial flavoring just does not compare to the real thing. I bought this extract to see if it really was "berry enough" for my needs..and it was. It tastes very potent. There is no doubt you are working with real berry concentrate. The liquid is deep red. There is no pulp or solids visible in the juice. I keep my bottle in the refrigerator because I don't think there are any preservatives in the product. Over time it could begin to ferment so don't buy too much at once.
228474228474B002X4DI0UA59OQ353KLN5PPat H1121312588800Disappointing flavorRaspberry extract can be used to make a fabulous summer ice tea. But this particular extract's flavor is disappointing at best.
228475228475B002X4DI0UA2KJHZ9XOAPJMFLiveNLetLive3421326240000Don't trust this company...The ingredient list hardly looks "pure". Potassium Sorbate is a preservative... one that is bad for humans. It is not "anti-microbial" as if that is a good thing. And citric acid. They have this big discalimer on their website that they don't add chemicals from a factory, that they are naturally occuring food chemicals. Citric acid is produced by using yeast on a substrate, usually cheap corn. (not citrus, btw, that would be too expensive. I guess that's subjective whether or not you believe that is a natually occurring food chemical or not. But when a company makes a statement like that, and then puts parentheses in the ingredients list to explain the ingredients, puh-lease. I don't trust this is good stuff for a second.
228476228476B002X4DI0UA3TFJIKZFJM6HCSarah Law0051332028800DeelishProduct arrived in good time and I was finally able to make my chocolate raspberry cupcakes I had been wanting to make. They came out fantastic too!!
228477228477B002X4DI0UA3DK865K6SH8JUKathy0031305763200Not so great.I wasn't real impressed with this...had too much of a perfume aroma instead of 'flavorful' aroma. Did not use it in the frosting that I bought it for.
228478228478B0075AKAIUA2CO7UX9VXBL8QDon0051349654400WOW! GREAT STUFF!I thought I had always liked Marmalade, but I had never tasted Jameson Irish Whiskey Marmalade before. Now I am hooked for life, this stuff is greattttt!!
228479228479B0075AKAIUA27FPBDKTAY40VGrami50351323734400Prompt responseExcellent service from shipper and exact product I was looking for. I didn't know I would be able to get it in the States.
228480228480B00337WWW6A3760HJCGOVCFSAmy Wilson1251306454400Best Cookie !I got a pack of Byron Bay Chocolate cookie as a Christmas gift. It is the best cookie I ever had.
Did not know it was Gluten Free, but I am not allergic.
Have some English Tea with this cookie, so good!!!

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