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228496228496B006WX7Z66AH31RQBPWX8YEJoseph J. Eadie, Jr. "J"0051341360000True Southern MayonnaiseBlue Plate Mayonnaise Squeeze, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4)
What mayonnaise is supposed to be -- a southern tradition. Bottle fits nicely in refrigerator -- great product and quick delivery. Thanks!
228497228497B00585NVSKA1GTTPS5YA6DXGY. Robles0031341532800mints didn't test greatI bought these mints to use as favors but they didn't taste very good to me. They looked cute once the favors were put all together, some people told me they thought it was chocolate, I still have some left but I don't think I will use them again. They did arrive in time, maybe its an acquired taste?
228498228498B000YSVLP6AQRZM1T6Q0ORDAnna0051338768000Nice size. Great for favorsI used this for my daughter in laws baby shower. Theme.. Winnie the pooh, honey and bees. I ordered brown lunch bags with name event and date printed. Added black and yellow ribbon and a handmade pipe cleaner bumble bee hanging. Honey was inside the bag and impressed all. Look for free shipping if possible.
228499228499B000YSVLP6A3MB6D69RXVNWSLinda McCaslin0051334620800Wonderful!The entire family was thrilled with the Pooh Honey jars. This honey is delicious, and the kids love the packaging!
228500228500B003GU0ENYA3KVZSM4XYHDDDMcTex "mikemctex"3351289347200Perfect!I don't like flavored coffee, so when I saw a review that the cinnamon flavor was weak I decided that's worth a try. It is exactly right.... a very subtle cinnamon that is incorporated into the grounds and activates when the coffee is brewed. It is not overpowering and adds just a little extra spice to an all ready good cup of coffee.
228501228501B003GU0ENYA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer2251290211200Good stuffI am not much of flavored coffee drinker and sometimes...especially when something goes on sale..I will give it a try. This coffee from Amazon Warehouse for $7.99 for 2...this is a great deal and this coffee hits the spot..very rich flavor. I use some coffee mate and a packet of sweet n
228502228502B003GU0ENYA12FW8534HE8C4LuuA1151295827200Cinnamon Starbucks Rocks!I ordered the Cinnamon-infused as a "second choice" as my favorite, carmel, was out of stock. Found out I love, love, love the cinnamon! It's very mild on the Cinnamon yet just enough to give it a smooth, unique flavor with the added bonus of the health benefits from cinnamon! Would definitely recommend and will order again!
228503228503B003GU0ENYA3P8OYUQ2T0J2OAmerican girl1131294790400Just OkayThis coffee is pretty decent, just not what I anticipated. I was expecting a more pronounced cinnamon flavor. I think next time I will just add ground cinnamon to the coffee for the same result.
228504228504B003GU0ENYA2P3EAL546VFXROnlysee1131294185600Typical Starbucks coffeeIf you like Starbucks coffee, then you should like this product. As other reviews have stated, the cinnamon flavor is quite faint. I've tried other coffees that have a cinnamon flavor, and this one falls short. I still give it 3 stars because I had read the reviews before buying....and it definitely delivers on being good Starbucks coffee.
228505228505B003GU0ENYA2J4X7C8PSMFKRlavonne1141294099200Dark roast with tiny hint of cinnamonGood strong coffee, but only a hint of cinnamon. I usually prefer Starbucks to Seattle's Best...However Seattle's Cinnabon blend is better in my opinion. More cinnamon :)
228506228506B003GU0ENYA1E9WMWT1JFVAYjal31111294012800Not a keeperThis coffee was very disappointing. It smelled rancid and didn't taste much better. I can only suppose it was made from a bad batch. One of the few times I've totally disliked a Starbucks coffee.
228507228507B003GU0ENYANMA1H8LGEVBFKeithNYC "KeithInNYC"1131293062400Good, but nothing out of the ordinaryDon't get me wrong, this is a good product, but I guess I was expecting something with a more robust edge to it and a stronger flavor. As with their caramel coffee, it's a very subtle don't get the bold taste that's typical of the Starbuck's bold roast coffee I nortmally like. You also don't get the strong "flavored coffee" taste that I like when I buy other flavored coffees (e.g., Maxwell House etc.).
That said, if you're looking for a decent coffee that isn't overpowered by the flavoring, this might be a good choice for you
228508228508B003GU0ENYA361KG0B0RF4FXJosephine R. Henry "JRBH"5731287187200Flavor????The Cinnamon Fusions coffee was extremely weak. I added additional Cinnamon to enhance the flavor.
228509228509B003GU0ENYA16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"2321290902400Not what I thought it would beThis coffee base of Latin American beans is foul smelling and tastes bitter and leaves a strong aftertaste after brewing. The cinnamon was subtle but I would not pair it with these beans. It needs a lighter roast to meld the flavors better. I won't be buying this blend and was glad a friend brought her bag over to try so I didn't waste my money.
228510228510B003GU0ENYA1VO0LHQQD6HN8SH in Texas0051326067200Loved it....light, perfect, just a hint of cinnamonLoved this coffee...too bad my local store does not carry. I am not big on flavored coffees but I do like a "little shake" of cinnamon or other flavor occasionally that is not overpowering where you can no longer taste the coffee. This was the perfect blend. Not bitter, just a smooth coffee with just a hint......highly recommend!
228481228481B000HHSBQQABEVDBSPDC6QLgraceintheface0051348963200great chews!My Labrador loves braided chews. She's very fond of these chews, and will beg me for the second one in the pack right after she's finished the first.
228482228482B000HHSBQQA2PHR1DSONLPEFDeborah Slocumb "Debbie"0051323820800Braided chews are Belle's favorite.My black lab, Belle, loves the braided chews. These are a special treat for her when she has to spend a lot of time indoors due to inclement weather. Keeps her occuoied for a good amount of time. We only give her rawhide when we are there to supervise. Good product!
228483228483B000N5XD3SA2S6XYF180BZRYKristen G7911287619200False advertising - 5-count, not 75-countThe offer here is very clear, especially with the note that "You save $42.81." Yet when I went to order, I called PETCO first and they told me they are aware of the problem, have received complaints but have done nothing about it. The price advertised is for 5 patties only. This is false and deceptive advertising.
228484228484B000N5XD3SAMZYGWPY6RQ7ESue.J.Alias2211332374400Beetle larvea...!Bought 10-15 packages of Merrick patties in various flavors. Unwrapped 1/2 and placed in airtight container... the other half, I kept wrapped and stored in another airtight container. Both containers hatched small, segmented worms within 5-7 days, albeit many more in the container holding the unwrapped patties. NOTE: The shrink wrap does not provide a secure seal, i.e., often small tears & holes in some. This has occurred both times that I bought these (2 different purchases, 2 different retailers) in the last 2 months. I have purchased before without issue, but I did not use to buy more than a couple at a time and likely my dog ate them before they had a chance to hatch. I typically buy treats in minor bulk and keep in airtight containers... various rawhide and non-rawhide treats over many years of dog(s) ownership. This is the only dog treat I've encountered that hatches these worms. I did send an email to Merrick customer service notifying of larvae. No response. Vet says probably not harmful in small doses.
228485228485B000N5XD3SA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta2241220054400Zoey loves them, but they're kinda greasyMerrick turkey patties, about 4" across. For some reason, I imagined these to be a chewy texture, like jerky. Instead, they're hard, and when Zoey crunches on them, I'm reminded of someone eating toffee. So, I'd have to say these are kinda hard English toffee textured. And they're greasy, I have to give them to Zoey on her "food blanket" so the grease doesn't get on the carpet, resulting in Zoey licking the carpet. That doesn't bother me too much, as it's a precaution I take with all food, chews, and treats.

But, Zoey loves them, takes her a minute or so to eat a pattie. And as a natural treat, they can't be beat. Far better than most doggie junk food that passes as treats these days, you know?
228486228486B000N5XD3SA2FOCDYGX0KH06ntewsr4511291248000DO NOT ORDER - They CHEAT YOU!!!The description CLEARLY states a 75 pack nad ONLY 5 ship!! ONLY 5. They are rip off artists.
Do not order from this company.
228487228487B000N5XD3SAEG693NSJKZ7BD. M. Wheeler4511288742400DO NOT ORDER! 5 NOT 75I ordered then read the reviews. When I saw a review that said the actual quantity was 5 not 75, I called to confirm. They said it is an error in the system, but if you go down to description, it says 5.....
228488228488B000N5XD3SAIWKO9D2BGSI1Robin M Buehler "aspiring writer and poet, aw...1111294704000false advetisingI made the mistake of purchasing this item. I actually ordered two. You can imagine my surprise when I only received two five-pack and not the 150 indiidual patties like I thought. Working at a local pet store, this particular item do sell individually and in packs of five. I see that Amazon or someone rather had inserted January 2007 next to the item on the main frame. That was not there when I made my purchase. I believe that the company that sent the product should have honored the promotion if they want repeat business o at least give a credit.
228489228489B000N5XD3SA22V1PD73RGICIFlorida Teacher0051259798400Great for allergic dogsMy grandson brought these over for my sheltie who has developed an allergy to the treats we were using. My dog absolutely loves them (we only give him half of one at a time because they're so large. The texture helps clean his teeth, and his allergies have totally cleared up. These are definitely the best!
228490228490B003SBRO84A2IQ5ZRZV26I94Zaandam1151316217600Good Product Bad HandelingThis drink contains no Fat and no Sodium, calories are less then
most soft drinks. The no Sodium helps keep the blood pressure
down which makes this a great soft drink for people who need
to watch there salt intake. The order was placed on a Thursday
and delivered on a Saturday, however there were seven badly
damaged cans, one so bad it was empty. The reason I bought
from Amazon was because the product was not stocked in our area
and the store would not special order it. I purchased 5 flats
each containing 4 six packs.
228491228491B003SBRO84A2UMCGRN8YOU5QHeatherRN "Heather & Stephen"1151311811200Our favorite Hansen's SodaWe have tried them all, and this is hands down a family favorite. We like to purchase Hansen's for our kids because we try to avoid high-fructose corn syrup (found in most soda's and linked to fatty liver, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome) and this is sweetened with cane sugar. The flavor is refreshing and very berry. We like Pomegranate and Rootbeer, think the Mandarin Lime is so-so, and don't mind the Vanilla Cherry, but this is super yummy, especially for my kids, they love it. I was really happy to see it on amazon, because it is one of the harder flavors to find.
228492228492B003SBRO84A3KR7C4G94GKX2Jordan0011351036800Not Good at AllThe pop came very fast but I was extremely disappointed to find that this flavor was very odd and tasted nothing like raspberries. The pop was far too carbonated as well. This was far more carbonated than what we buy in the store. I would of asked for a full refund or exchange but decided against it as I do not believe it is covered under Amazon's policy. Not anything like the others we have tried (Almost all of them, and all at our local market). It makes me very skeptical about buying online when it is so different a product in store. Of course I purchased Raspberry online because it was unavailable in the store. It is also a shame to have 24 cans of an inferior product. Almost every can has been used up and it was really a chore as we normally drink 6 cans within 2 days and we've had these cans for about a month at least. Lastly, it wasn't just one can but every one in the package.
228493228493B003SBRO84A2LF8DU96PCALTYumbo0051349740800Quality productWe limit the amount os soda the kids drink. When we do allow it we like to have a soda such as Hansen's which has natural ingredients. The natural flavor of the raspberry does come out..It is not hidden like some other drinks that tout that it is raspberry but contains mostly grape or apple
228494228494B003SBRO84A25P62ZRP20L4VMomofpaws "Momofpaws"0711315267200will not order againThe taste was fine but I made a mistake in ordering. Instead of getting the diet aspertame free drink, I got the one with sugar. Also, there were three dented cans in the case when it arrived. All in all, the sodas will probably sit a long time before they are consumed since I do not drink high carb drinks. Considering the high cost in comparison to grocery store brands, I made a mistake on this one.
228495228495B0039VRN8EA2QBZJOFBU5EWMRolly Polly0051330905600Buy these cookies!Nothing like home-made, especially when you're in a combat zone. I appreciate all the care packages I get from friends and relatives, but if it's all store-bought stuff...we can buy all that over here. What we can't replicate is home made!

These cookies are the bomb!!!

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