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228608228608B000S6905MA1RTSGY2749P9ZDavid Gurgel0041331942400Easy Prep, Tasty, a Touch of the MediterraneanBring 1-1/4 cup of water to a boil. Add package and then simmer for ten minutes. (Or do all in a microwave for ten minutes.) Yes, I can do that. Spicy enough. Package (4.6 oz.) suggests three 160-calorie servings; but these would be sides, not main courses.

There is no need to add anything except water; but throw in two diced, fresh, green onions and a diced small fresh tomato for added color and taste. Add 1/4 cup of frozen yellow corn with the mix for even more color. Stir in 1/3 lb. grilled chicken strips; and you have a tasty, light dinner for two.

Osem is a large food producer in Israel and is 50% owned by Nestle.

This item is carried at my local supermarket.
228609228609B0071H5WJYA3QFGCQSSUZQIZGolden0041349222400For a whole bean lover, this decaf is pretty good.This is the first decaf coffee that I have purchased that I actually enjoy. Purchased on sale and with a $1.00 coupon, so my price was $8.00. I was hoping to see this available on S & S at a discount.
228610228610B0071H5WJYATCL00P7C2KUGChris Miller0051343865600An actual PRODUCT review - My favorite decaf coffeeUnlike the other reviewer, I'm going to actually rate this product based on the product itself, and NOT the price or the seller (after all, that's what PRODUCT reviews are for, right?). Even if the asking price was $1,000/oz, I would still give this great product 5 stars, because it's just that - a great product. It certainly does not deserve a single star next to it on the main product page.

When it comes to decaf coffee, usually you have to sacrifice taste. Not so with Peets Major Dickason's Decaf. This is my absolute favorite decaf coffee, and it's the only decaf I've been drinking for the past 2 years, since I gave up caffeine.

I probably won't be purchasing from Amazon because there are plenty of local Peets Coffee shops near both my home and work, and can get whole bean for about $15/lb.

Can you tell I have a pet peeve of reviewers that mar a products rating because someone is asking a price they don't agree with?
228611228611B0071H5WJYAJ2CERNLWGFVDMichael J. Cashen00113417056001 star for price, 5 stars for tasteMy local Walmart and Target both have this, ground or whole bean, at a regular price of less than $9 per 12 oz. bag. It's WAY overpriced here.

It is an excellent coffee - I'm drinking it as I write this: an interesting hint of woody, creamy, citrusy taste that's dark but without the burnt aftertaste that comes with many dark roasts.
228612228612B0014S83YCA33JGP7NR4BV8WTracie "tracieknits"5611327881600they reformulated it and added splenda - nasty aftertasteWhen I tasted it, I thought i must have bought diet by mistake. Nope -- too sweet and disgusting aftertaste made me read the ingredients. Even though it has normal sweeteners, it also has diet ones. Ew.
228613228613B0014S83YCA2OWGYMJF3RM2Smyopinion21111333497600ALLERGIC TO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS?How long has Nestle been using artificial sweeteners in their hot chocolate?
Swiss Miss used to have a big note on the front of their box that said "No artificial sweeteners." Which made me read the ingredients of Nestle. I was shocked!
I always preferred the taste of Swiss Miss over Nestle, but would buy Nestle if on sale. Now they both have artificial sweeteners.
You would be SURPRISED at the number of products that have ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS in their ingredients. Which is why I spend a lot of TIME at the store re-reading ingredients.
(They didn't read the research that says artificial sweeteners give you the munchies. It is making people fatter, NOT thinner.)
228614228614B0014S83YCA2V2QIHGTBYT9ZJ. Hanna "There is nothing more enjoyable tha...1151323043200Love the Large SizeThis box is like the never ending box of hot chocolate. I use a little bit of hot chocolate mix and coffee creamer to dress up my coffee, and it is cheaper than Starbucks. You can get this box of hot chocolate cheaper at the store, but with a gift card on Amazon, who can beat the convenience of having it delivered to your house?
228615228615B0014S83YCA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0021346198400Put real sugar back in this!I used to like this alot. But not anymore. It has fake sugar in it & has a funky aftertaste. Do Not like it anymore.
228601228601B003VDC33UA16IW9C8Z9OFGBShawn Coons4451325289600C in a B for me!It's Chicken. It's in a Biskit. Do I need to say more?

If you could turn awesome into a cracker, it would be C in a B.

If Chuck Norris was edible, he'd be C in a B.

Under certain congressional definitions C in a B contains all four food groups when eaten with Easy Cheese.

Like I said above: It's a Biskit.
228602228602B003VDC33UA27A3VQITXJ4LBrichierich 59 "richierich"1151317772800crakersWhat can I say about chick in in a biskit crackers, my kids where raised on em, and of course some of that nasty squirt cheese,,,YUM
228603228603B0002DH22OALX2AGQ7QUYS1Casey2251321056000Excellent for Dogs with Atopic DermatitisI have a Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix with severe allergies. I bathe her every week to help alleviate her itchy skin and to make her feel better. I also like her to be clean. I have used so many different products on my allergy girl and could never find any that worked as well as this creme rinse. I have used it for many years and paired with Earthbath All Natural Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo I have found the combination of the two has worked great on my girl. She feels better, is much less itchy and it makes her skin and coat soft and silky. It also makes her smell so good, which she could care less about but it makes me happy!
228616228616B0014S83YCA33U3EQ0MCI2OBHymachri1451331769600Hot cocoa mixThe product was great, the envelopes were not. In order to get to the envelopes you have do dump the cocoa out. So every time you want to send a letter to your loving family or best friends you HAVE to have some hot cocoa. I like hot cocoa and this hot cocoa was great but I dont want hot cocoa in the afternoon after a long workout at the gym. So if you are buying this product for just the envelopes i suggest you find a different brand but if youre looking for both in one neat package this is the way to go as it will solve your post office and hot cocoa needs.
228604228604B0002DH22OA3TLZ0RYOPJMFLinda1151311897600creme rinseI love this creme rinse, it makes my puppie's coat soft and smelling nice. She had a scratching problem, that i think this has helped to control, she doesnt stop in the middle of doing something to scratch.
228605228605B0002DH22OA2ZCY1OT1YBUECKandi L Hollern1151309305600Bio Groom Natural Oatmeal anti-itch creme rinseThis conditioner/creme rinse is great for dogs who have allergies to bug bites, grasses, etc. It really does work well with Bio groom's oatmeal shampoo. The two of them together (shampoo/creme rinse) will kill oodles of bugs on contact. You can see the dead chiggers and fleas falling off the dog as you rinse. The other day I got over 50 chiggers off my miniature schnauzer in one washing. The chiggers and fleas are really bad this year in Ohio. This stuff works great and is safe enough to use every day if necessary. It beats using chemicals on your dogs! The oatmeal in the creme rinse and the shampoo also help the skin heal and protect the moisture in the dog's skin. Miniature Schnauzers have very sensitive skin and this is the only creme rinse that works well and doesn't aggravate his skin.
228606228606B0002DH22OA5QK1OQ5FTC8BGearHead0051326758400Can You Say Itch Free, Fluffy Puppy Part II?Please see "Can You Say Itch Free, Fluffy Puppy" review at BIO-GROOM Natural Oatmeal Soothing Dog Shampoo (32 oz.) for Part I.

This product used in conjunction with BIO-GROOM Natural Oatmeal Soothing Dog Shampoo is the Coupe De Grace of Shampoo and Conditioning for your dog. Using these products results in the cleanest, FLUFFIEST, SOFTEST, itch free dog ever. I have been using this for over 10 years and will not use anything else.
228617228617B00247AU8YA2BOWZAZ09YN0Kh a1111332115200don't get thisaside of the fact it does not taste like bacon, the powder made both of us (me and my husband) cough.
it looks like the powder is stuck to pop corns, but as you eat, it feels like we were inhaling the fine powder. no, it is not the spiciness of the jalapeno. i love spicy food and use habanero sauce in everything.

we got a pack of 3 thinking we want to give one to our friend who loves anything bacon. after the first try, we threw away all of the bottles. what a waste...
228607228607B0002DH22OA183PEO9JXJ6FNDan0111325548800great stuff - something wrong thoughMy dog is now acting like his coat is on fire. He runs around the house diving and rolling around trying to scratch his coat. I am very upset with this product. I don't think I can ever use again since now my dog is acting like he never has before. TF?!

it made his coat soft, but at what cost? He is not happy!

I have a Japanese Akita who has skin allergies. I thought this was a safe product but beware!

Called BioGroom and all they offered was to email me the ingredient list. No offer to refund the product. Beware, this bottle does not contain a full ingredient list.
228618228618B00247AU8YA25ZA3DUKI6CGWTelex "Telex"0031347321600Good but others are betterI have 3 different flavors on these and they are : jalapeño , apple wood ,a and hickory. I so far think hickory has the best smoke taste but apple wood has more bacon flavor. Jalapeño is good but not the best . All these products do and will add complex flavor to your food. They add great smoke and subtle bacon flavor. You can smell the bacon and taste it on most foods. I think it is the best on chicken. I disagree with the people that say there is hardly any bacon flavor and I think you guys have poor palates. Do not expect this to make your food taste like it was wrapped by 90 pieces of bacon for Pete's sake! No seasoning is meant to achieve this level of flavor and if you want full bacon taste then buy bacon and eat it! But JD's bacon products are amazing and my wife and I love it on most BBQ meats and I like to add it to chili's and anything you wish to add extra flavor to. Highly recomended and it will always be in my spice cupboard .
228619228619B00247AU8YA1HD8EWSHR9FM6TooCoolGuy "TooCoolGuy"1241244678400A Good Accent For All Kinds Of FoodI use this on steaks and mix it into scrambled eggs just for a tiny bit of extra flavor and a bit of a kick.
228620228620B00247AU8YA27GFBJWVL0J2Scott M. Sargent "Scott"0231299801600Taste Great, but clumpsThis has great flavor. However, when in cupboard, it becomes a large clump. It has to be broken up with a fork or knife or something. I put it in the "magic bullet" to break it up and re use it, but still clumped again after a couple days.
228621228621B00247AU8YA2G2Z6YB67O2ODPokeymon1421246838400My Friends Say It's GreatI had to give away this bacon salt because it contains wheat, to which I'm extremely allergic. The ingredients, though listed on the label, aren't identified on Amazon. I could've returned it, but gave it to a very appreciative friend instead.
228622228622B00247AU8YA3HQKJ7S1U19P7C. Ayala "nuto"0441245974400Not a bad product could be better.I really didn't think it was spice, and I didn't really feel the bacon flavor to it. It taste more like regular condiment additive. I guess it helps for some types of food it is salty lol.
228623228623B00894BVAWA1OVYZ77PV7WURmorganchild0051346716800Toss it into your bagThis is a snack ready and complete in the box. Toss it into your bag and hit the road. Good for mobile people but great for my mother in the wheelchair. She tucks this into the pocket of her chair and has a good solid snack without help anytime.
There is also a Tuna Salad and a Chicken Salad pack. No refrigeration needed. Enjoy.
228624228624B004XN8RWIA2USJVB92E9Q90April L. Hamilton2251322524800Tasty & Sweet, With No Sugar!On my low-carb/slow-carb diet I'm supposed to cut out as much sugar as possible, but most artificial sweeteners give me headaches and the one that doesn't (Equal) loses its taste in hot drinks. These fruit teas are all naturally sweet, since they all include actual dried fruit in their mixtures. The flavor combinations are terrific, too. In my Made To Order Essential Infuser Chai Mug, which I also love (its built-in infuser is perfect!), I can get two uses out of each packet with no loss in flavor. Highly recommended, and would make a great gift for any tea lover if paired with the Aladdin mug.
228625228625B004XN8RWIA1319GU8GIMM8GM. Holstein "kitkat"1131336867200Won't Buy Again..I love the smell of these flavors when brewed but I don't like that they all seem to have a very slight peppery taste that I can't quite figure out. Also, looked at the ingredients and they all seem as if they should taste stronger than they do--as far as knowing one is cherry vs blueberry. For me, they are not strong enough in flavor.
228626228626B004XN8RWIA393F381MA82AYMacro chef1121329782400tastes artificialI am an avid tea drinker. I love herbal, green and whites, but these teas are more like artificially flavored drinks which smell very strong and taste rather off. Perhaps they are good choices for those more used to sweetened drinks, which i am not.
228627228627B004XN8RWIA15BJ0S0P603IPJEss1141328054400Great flavorThis set of tea samplers was great all of them had nice full flavor. It is a good way to see which ones you like best. Would highly recomend to anyone who likes fruit teas. The only problem I had was with the shipping method I chose I used there free shipping and my tracing numbers did not work and when it finaly told me it was in town it took another 4 days before I got my package. I would recomend using the paid shipping if you are wanting it by a certain time.
228628228628B004XN8RWIA20BG2ODDB5PQQE. Doe "RescueMom"1151326067200Fruity!If you like fruity, these are wonderful and have so much flavor to them! My only complaint is the lack of caffeine lol
228629228629B004XN8RWIAM0QLA6CI2BWYgok05130021349654400tea reviewI was so excited to try this tea. I love loose leaf tea and drink aobut 6 cups a day. I love TEAVANA, and have found nothing that comes close to that. But, I keep trying. I have tried 3 of the 5 flavors and they are just not strong enough for me. The only one that I thought I liked was the Cherry. That one I think if I had double the tea and steeped longer woudl be really good. They don't have a bad flavor, they are just really weak. Love the idea of the "travel" size and being the perfect cup though.
228630228630B004XN8RWIA2996D43IXW0Q3Bonnies Home "Bonniesboytoy"0051349568000Love itThe blends of flavors in this pack of individual loose teas are wonderful! They're organic. The kiwi-lime ginger is my favorite, but all are exceptional.

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