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228751228751B0058AMY10A18VDAH788BOACGeeb1311331856000Gone down hillWhen originally produced in England these we're the best chips I had ever tasted but unfortunately since they were bought out by the US conglomerate they now taste plain nasty. Hard rather than crispy, are much thinner than they used to be and lacking any flavour , a real shame.
228752228752B0058AMY10A2NI99G9BANORPcgoldsmith191311328572800completely ripped offafter opening numerous bags I found that none of the chips had any flavoring on them. completely plain and gross. how does this even happen?
228753228753B0058AMY10A2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"1351309046400C H I P.....C H I P.....H O O R A Y....!!!!! : ) ( B A C K Y A R D.....B A R B E C U E )I was getting VERY worried, when I read some of the other reviews here. Specifically, the "One Star" reviews, to which I always go, to see if the faults these other reviewers find with any merchandise would prevent me from buying it.

WOW! They sure seemed to hate the KETTLE CHIPS, BACKYARD BARBECUE 9-OUNCE BAGS, (PACK OF 12), that I had bought as 1 ounce bags, liked A LOT, decided to subscribe....and then, for good measure, got 2 orders of the 9 ounce bags.

Yes...I love potato chips....especially these KETTLE CHIPS, BACKYARD BARBECUE FLAVOUR....but others seemed to really HATE them...or at least, hate how they had changed.
But then I realized they were talking about OTHER FLAVOURS! Amazon, in it's deep wisdom, has obviously seen fit to put ALL comments concerning ALL flavours of KETTLE, (and other brands of?????) potato chips, TOGETHER!

Of course, this DOES have SOME advantages, because most potato-chip lovers, (like me!), enjoy eating several flavour, and brand varieties. So, comparisons can be made easily. Also, as we're all potato-chip lovers, but each person has his or her very favourite flavour that they are reviewing, we are, here a sort of "United Nations of Potato Chip Lovers"....all different, but all united in our love of Potato Chips! (The rest of the world can REALLY benefit from the example of our tightly-knit, but, here, I think! : ) But -- not at first realizing that these
different flavour reviews were all together, did cause me a little confusion and dismay.... at least to begin with.... (Amazon should have mentioned that this is the "Kettle Potato Chip Review Forum"! : )

I am happy to report that KETTLE CHIPS, BACKYARD BARBEQUE FLAVOUR, are totally delicious! (At least they are in the one-ounce bags...hopefully the same product in the 9 ounce bags will taste the same!) These are definitely chips for ADULTS, however -- and/or children whose stronger-than-adult taste buds can withstand the very strong flavour of these chips. They are NOT the strongest flavour I have ever had...that was from a jalapeno pepper chip which was far too strong for even me!
These Backyard Barbeque chips by Kettle, however, have just the right amount of sweetness, (with honey powder, onion and sugar), to take the edge of the stonger flavours
(paprika, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, and natural smoke flavour), of which there is less, (they come further down in the list of ingredients than the sweeteners.)

The complete list of ingredients of these KETTLE BACKYARD BARBECUE CHIPS, (in the 1-ounce bags, and hopefully, in the 9 ounce bags as well), is as follows:

Vegetable Oil, (Safflower and Sunflower Oil),
Honey Powder, (Dried cane sugar, honey),
Rice Powder
Onion Powder
Tomato Powder
Torula Yeast
Garlic Powder
Chili Pepper
Citric Acid
Cayenne Pepper
Paprika Oleoresin, (Colour)
Natural Smoke Flavour

Naturally cooked, natural ingredients. The combination is a true taste treat!

Of course, as with all ptato chips, moderation is the key.
Potatoes contain a LOT of potassium....which gives energy and othr good things....but too much of which can damage kindneys. The vegetable oil is great -- but too much oil, (as well as too much starch, from the potatoes), can hurt the eyes. Natural smoke flavour is SO yummy....but it, (as well as sugar), has -- in very large amounts -- been linked to cancer production

As far as the starch from the potatoes and oil go, this
can be ameliorated, (a bit), by drinking TEA...which is good for the eyes. But as far as the potassium, (energy - good, too much -- bad for the kidneys), and the sugar and natural smoke flavour, (too much leading to cancer production) -- the only thing is to do what is good in everything.....M O D E R A T I O N...!

Twice or three times a month, I allow myself to go on what I call a "Potato Chip Diet". I eat only one large bag, (or the equivalent in small ones), of potato chips all day. I supplement this with tea, coffee, and lemonade, as well as several servings of Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials, (I like the Dark Chocolate flavour) This adds up to fewer calories than I would normally eat, if I had my normal three meals a day plus snacks. It also teaches me to eat s-l-o-w-l-y, because that one big bag, (or many little bags), never lasts as long as I'd like. Anyway, with excercise and sensible eating, the rest of the month, (and keeping my scale nearby, and weighing myself at least twice a day, every day), I've taken off ten pounds in the last three months! : )

These BACKYARD BARBEQUE flavour potato chips from KETTLE,
are totally scrumptious. Except for those jalapino chips, (which tasted good, but were far too spicy for my own taste buds), I have yet to meet a potato chip I didn't like to eat. These Kettle BACKYARD BARBEQUE flavour potato chips, with their combination of potatoes, sweetness, and spices, have truly become one of my top five favourites....if not the VERY first favourite, of all!

Flavoured potato PERFECTION!
228754228754B0058AMY10A3RMGIKUWGPZOKJean Visnefski1331245024000Not the BestThese chips are okay. Personally, I find the flavor combination on a greasy chip to be somewhat strange. They're not necessarily bad but they're the kind of chip where you're only going to be able to have three of four chips before the flavor loses its novelty.
228755228755B0058AMY10A2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy4811285632000STALE. Beware buying these on special!I've bought these at the local supermarket and enjoyed them although they are so salty that a few leave my tongue and roof of my mouth burning. Keeps you from eating too many! Occasionally I get really stale items from and this was one. Unedible. Beware of the quality of food items on this website that are on special as they can be very close to due dates or in this case, not expired but stale and unedible just the same.
228756228756B0058AMY10A2LN5DDGT21310A. cotton "CaramelCandy1978"2541208995200THESE ARE VERY GOODThese chips are VERY GOOD!! I couldn't stop eating them. They didn't last very long.

The reason I gave them 4 stars, instead of 5, is because I think the bags are a little hard to open. I'm not sure why they need to make a potato chip bag that sturdy, you may need some scissors on hand to open them much easier.
228757228757B0058AMY10A3GJQ3W0T0KWEOtatcol "tatcol"0211328918400USED to be my favorite chipsKettle Brand chips used to be so good...oily, crunchy, flavorful. I suspect the company has been bought out and the recipe has been changed for the worse. Now they're no better than any other big name brand chip. Try the Good Health Kettle Style Olive Oil chips instead. They are as good as the Kettle Brand once was. R.I.P., Kettle Brand chips. :(
228758228758B0058AMY10A1PGMT8XLL4FPMTZ1 GUY0211328400000Stale, Rancid Oil Taste, And if You Like Even the Tiniest Bit of Salt Flavor on Your can absolutely forget about these. Confirmed by other reviewers, these chips are now total garbage. Like chewing on styrofoam packaging "peanuts". Positively awful, no hyperbole or exaggeration. I'll NEVER buy anything from Kettle brand ever again! From a reportedly once great "premium" brand, literally any mass market chip I've ever tried tastes better than these. Stale and rancid tasting, and virtually no salty taste whatsoever. Completely awful!
228759228759B0058AMY10A4XCTURC8URLEMolly Yarber0211306886400DisgustingThese chips are nasty. I thought someone had spilled a drink in the bag, no the chips were just soaked with grease. Nasty!!
228760228760B0058AMY10A21D8LH2CD2EIZTim1421286928000Taste terrible, way too strongUnless you like salt vinegar chips as salty as eating actual pinches of salt and drinking actual vinegar, i doubt you will like these chips. These are the saltiest & sourest chips I have ever had, and the only reason stops me from throwing these away is because I paid for 2 full boxes and dont like to waste food. The brown chips are especially bad, besides being salty and sour, they also taste overcooked and burnt. Unless you are the rare kind that can take this kind of extreme taste, you will not like these chips.

I actually have a high tolerance for sour taste, so I can down a bag of chips with a bit of difficulty. But normal people, please do not try this at home.
228761228761B0058AMY10A14SOW889A4TATJ. Tan1411262044800Over-friedI bought this brand as a trial since I am tired of the Pingos.

It claims that it is natural. I have no argument on this. But the point is that more than 50% in the bag is over-fried and in brown color. I really suffer eating the over-fried chips. I open some other bags and it looks like the same. So I just throw away all of them. I don't know if I was with bad luck or every bag they are selling is the same. But for sure I will never buy this brand any more.
228762228762B0058AMY10A6UFSCD6O8JMTqualquan "qualquan"1441257033600No salt Kettle chips.They are good but wish they were also baked. Have not found baked no salt potato chips anywhere. If there are any I wish someone would post.
228763228763B0058AMY10A14HZ5EMD2WCGK. Schoeneman "Grape nut"1431199577600Not as good as the English sellThese are better in England. I don't know why. Maybe it's just nostalgia on my part.


228765228765B0058AMY10A2B5OI74EHGVH1Jane "jdeaton2"3811273017600dripping in oilI purchased these because of the low salt, and they were indeed low in salt. However, many, many of the chips in the bag were literally dripping in oil. I have never encountered this problem with other potato chip brands. It was very unappetizing, and who wants all that oil? I will never buy these again, and I would not recommend them to others.
228766228766B0058AMY10ATZ0P4653KL13The REAL Radiodude1521284768000Not so good.If you are looking for STRONG S/V flavor these definitely aren't for you. Very mild in comparison to many others. I live in TX and I can tell you I've tried ALL S/V chips I can get ahold of. The best of the best are HEB (storebrand) and World Market. Bob's and Zapp's Aren't bad. From a chip standpoint they have typically great kettle crunch, but if you're looking for S/V flavor these have "just a touch."
228767228767B0058AMY10A2GDBBZMMBX1LM. Barron1521235001600Bags O' Salt with chips added.I don't know if it was the case of chips we received or what, but everyone we allowed to sample the chips (in a buffet style setting) agreed that these were slightly on the salty side.
One person jokingly stated that these would be terrific for melting ice and snow, due to the amount of salt in these.

We had ordered these with the expectations that these would be similar to the Lay's Kettle Mesquite Potato Chips, but these Kettle brands outback bbq chips are the exact opposite.

Sorry folks, we just had better expectations from these chips but they a little on the on the salty side.

We are still looking forward to Amazon finally getting the Lay's Kettle Mesquite Potato Chips in stock.
These got a 2 star, because the bbq powder they had used on these were flavorful enough to be unique.
228768228768B0058AMY10A35KU4XNOVV194Carole Niehaus2711215475200ChipsThese chips are greasy and taste burnt-there is grease in the bottom of the bag and the chips are saturated with it (especially at the bottom of the bag. Even if they are trans fat free, they need to be a lot less greasy.
228769228769B0058AMY10A3D7FUBG14QWKXLinda0411330732800GarbageDon't waste your money on any of the Kettle brand potato chips. I bought a case of these, and a case of the cheddar and sour cream. Both cases ended up in the garbage can.
228770228770B0058AMY10APA1GLNHF6K9HGodess MOM "Goddess MOM"0511226880000They're Not Madhouse Munchies!!!DEfintely not as tasty as the Madhouse Munchies which are my family's favorite. Kettle's are dark/burnt,more broken bits, taste greasy-oily and not the light crunch. Oh well.
228771228771B0058AMY10A31MZR41SM9JU5Mye1711288828800Too SOUR!I love sour food but this one I can't bear. Too strong sour taste... and even when you open the bag, the sour smell is too strong. I don't like it.
228772228772B0058AMY10A1RUS8VOWCIC28ComputerGuy0711286236800AWFUL TASTEUnless you really really really like vinegar - AVOID! Those chips should have been called "Vinegar and Sea Salt" - not "Sea Salt and Vinegar".
228773228773B0058AMY10A10RJEQN64ATXUPaul Rodney Williams "Higher Lifestyle"3351188777600deliciousI have loved Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Vinegar chips since the first time i tried them. The fact that i was able to find them on-line for such a great price, was wonderful. I would definitely make the purchase again. THey are a quick and simple snack for lunch and it goes great with my cold sandwich.
228774228774B0058AMY10A2OLJKXJBAYBTYJ. Day7911302307200Kettle has sold out, the chips are horrible nowUsed to eat the Spicy Thai flavor all the time. MSG makes my body unhappy and this was one of the few flavored chips that was MSG free. Now they have changed the whole recipe and how they make them. Instead of being real food on the ingredients like it used to be its mostly processed chemical garbage, a bunch more salt and MSG stuffed in under the label "yeast extract". They removed the NO MSG from the label so they know very well what they did.

The worst part though is that they taste horrible. Instead of crisp, oily and full of character...say as if they were cooked in like...a kettle or something they instead have the color and uniformity of baked lays. The Spicy Thai flavor now tastes like sour cream and onion or ranch that has gone rancid.

What a shame, no more kettle chips for me. It seems they are slowly moving one flavor at a time to this new cheap ingredient list and manufacturing method. Dont be fooled into paying a premium price for these chips as they are not a premium product anymore.
228775228775B0058AMY10A3UFRBCC1CSCSJmel7911298764800The bags were damaged with holes and stains.The chips were great...for the first few bags. However, after the first bag or two, I noticed that the remaining bags were damaged. There were holes in each bag and black, sticky stains on the outside. Other reviewers who bought around the same time that I did are now claiming that they found rodent holes in their bags of chips.

The chips came in a sealed Kettle box, so it's hard to say who screwed up. But someone somewhere screwed up. These chips were a health hazard before the holes in the bag. Now? It's like a game of roulette.
228776228776B0058AMY10AR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon7911294272000Kettle Chips Make Great Mouse FoodAfter waiting a ridiculous amount of time for my case of 15 5oz bags to arrive, upon opening the box noticed that every bag had been chewed open by a mouse. Don't know if it is still in the box, but it is outside on the porch. When my son gets home, I'm going to have pictures taken and email to Amazon. The outside Amazon box was intact, so it had to be either from the Kettle Chips people or the Amazon warehouse, don't know which. I will never buy these again from Amazon. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with this purchase. It makes me sick to think about it!

I included pictures at the top of the page. Poor little mousie must have high cholesterol now.

Update: I forgot to mention that I offered to email the above pictures of the mouse damage to Amazon but was told they didn't want them.
228777228777B0058AMY10A320QA9HJFUOZOZach Morris7951203984000orgasmicKettle Chips are the best potato chip God has ever invented. I give the Lord thanks every day for delivering unto me such an incredulously delicious blend of ginger and spice, a veritable cornucopia of flavor. I have actually changed my diet to a strict regiment of the Spicy Thai & Sea Salt and Vinegar flavors, alternating days. I have already lost 5 lbs, not to mention the myriad of other health benefits I have been experiencing. Get your life back - with Kettle Chips.
228778228778B0058AMY10A1GBZCL326K4GNGFCFmom "GFCFmom"7951192406400A tang that packs a punch!My daughter that has autism craves hot, spice and pungent foods. These are her absolute favorite chips! She calls them her sour chips and wants them in her lunch all the time. I love the crispy kettle way they're cooked.
228779228779B0058AMY10ADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"7951175040000great (hot) new flavor....I am a great fan of potato chips and of Thai food. I was so happy when Kettle Chips decided to meld two of my great loves together! (What a concept.....) These chips are spicy enough, without burning a hole in your tongue. Also, they have a nice hint of sweetness that makes them habit forming (careful!). Once in a while, this is a treat definitely worth indulging in.
228780228780B0058AMY10A3ARZW7S96SESCLillie Walker2211333670400HORRIBLE I CANT BELIEVE THIS!Terrible! I cannot believe this, I received this item and EVERY SINGLE BAG WAS OPENED BUT 4!!!! I'm stationed in Afghanistan and this was gonna be a snack for my team while going out on missions. I was so embarrassed when the bags were opened and spilt out all in the box, gross! And the box is filled with grease stains. Idk if it was from the airplane ride all the way here, but the box should have been more insulated and bubble wrap should have been used instead of paper. I'm very unhappy with stale crusty chips out the bag and us soldiers cannot enjoy now.

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