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228841228841B0058AMY10A3M2VGWFJGRUOHEco-Friendly Interior Designer2351217980800Best ChipKettle lightly slated chips are my favorite on the market. I don't care for the "fancy" flavors and these are salted just right. Thick, super crunchy and full of flavor, they are the best!
228842228842B0058AMY10A28HKCWJ7YF2AIPunim2331198195200Not low saltThese chips are tasty but not what I expected from a "low salt" item. They seem as salty as any "regular" potato chip, and they also seem excessively greasy. By comparison, Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips are less salty with at least as much potato flavor and far less greasy.
228843228843B0058AMY10A36QQYEW0AMJEODesperado "Ron"2351193443200Best Chips I've Ever TastedFantastic tasting potato chips. I love the individual bags, great for kids and adults too. No trans fat, no cholesterol, no artifical stuff.
Low in sodium and high in potassium, which is great for people like me with HBP.
Only problem is Amazon is out of stock some times and price is high.
228844228844B0058AMY10A1IVFBJA9KAI1MShane Martin2341191369600Tasty!The chips come in a large box with individually wrapped bags of chips. The bags are very strong - much thicker than, say, Lay's potato chip bags. Inside are very tasty kettle cooked chips, salted just right. Because these appear to be cooked in an actual kettle fashion, some are cooked more than others, which gives it a more authentic, non-manufactured feel. Some people may not like that.

I reccomend them!
228845228845B0058AMY10A32NC2UF34RJQYD. Pagliassotti0051351209600Great for HS lunchGreat for HS lunch, kid enjoy as a snack also, will buy again. Salted chips are good too, tried them too.
228846228846B0058AMY10A16Q0OV7CIPQC0Steffanee Holt0051350345600Love the smaller bags!My 8 yo is a Kettle chip addict so I was so happy to find snack size bags for his lunch!!! Great quality and much cheaper than in the stores!!! Will definitely be buying more!
228847228847B0058AMY10A2OL5WLCNZVD9Knonpareil0031347408000Things you need to knowYes, they are good. However, they are absolutely inundated with the flavoring stuff, which is initially satisfying then becomes "too much". And certainly isn't good for the waistline or general nutritional issues.

AND the package can't be opened without a sharp implement. I couldn't pull it apart at the top as I am used to doing. I don't normally carry a knife or scissors and don't have rodent teeth. Well, I was hungry and was able to rip the bag using my car key. Even then, the bag was *wow* thick and tough.

On the package it says these are "Krinkle Cut" chips. Turns out that means the corrugated kind, not what I wanted. I don't eat ripple/ridged style chips any more because they take the skin off the roof of my mouth. So this information is important.

These are good but so are other brands with which I don't have these problems.
228848228848B0058AMY10A1I29JSIGJNWKHJohn G. Edwards "homiedog"0051347062400I made a mistake.....This may sound rediculous, but I actually ordered the wrong brand of potato chips when I ordered these Kettle-brand jalapeno chips. At the time I placed my order, I couldn't remember the name of the jalapeno chips that I had recently discovered and liked, and the Kettle-brand chips were packaged in a similarly-colored bag. But, it all worked out for the best because I do really like the Kettle-brand of jalapeno chips, and will happily munch away on them during upcoming TV football games. When I run out (probably sometime next year!), I will likey purchase Miss Vicky brand of jalapeno chips, and I plan to try the other flavors of Kettle-brand chips. Imho, Kettle-brand chips are excellent and I recommend them to all potato chip 'affection-ados'.


§ homiedog §
228849228849B0058AMY10A28870VSBU9LDQBrian Bean0031344902400Ok but Miss Vickie's Are BetterMiss Vickies are better but unfortunately less widely available. I'm not sure tough is the right word but there is a noticeable difference between the two brands and Miss Vickie's are better IMHO.
228850228850B0058AMY10A2Y0FKOY6WE0NQMeg0031338163200Do they have to "bite back"?I want to like Kettle because they contain no corn oil or soybean oil (which are both GMO, and also my kids are allergic to corn and soy), but darnit, these things bite back! On the plus side, the sharpness of them may keep you from mindlessly enjoying too many. On the minus side, a mouthful of cuts and scratches is not worth it. Do they have to be SO hard and crunchy? What's wrong with simply light and crispy? I vastly prefer Lay's texture, but suffer with Kettle due to the absense of GMOs and corn/soy. I wish they'd come out with something less harsh on the mouth, though.
228851228851B0058AMY10ACJW2YSBG2HA1i am me0041336694400These chips are awesome if not best but....I think these chips are awesome if not the best along with Poor Brothers Salt and Vinager chips. But if you buy these Spicy Thai chips in a smaller bag it might have too much of the flavor (at the bottom of the bag) in it then the larger bag at least that was my experience last time I bought these off amazon but that was like in 2010. So I would suggest trying Spicy Thai in a bag bigger then 5 ounces.
228852228852B0058AMY10A1J5HHOPXZ6UNFChris0041336608000kettle chipsThis kettle chips taste "Good , Crispy & Crunchy " too ! U will enjoy it also! Moreover,it's thinly cut & sliced!
228853228853B0000DJ6NGAEZXQTGFWEF09Trinket2251222560000yummy!Where I live you can only get these in a big bag of mixed tootsie products around Halloween time--and there are only about ten in the bag--I was hooked after eating those ten! lol....I searched online and voila! A whole bag of these yummy fat free treats! My friend found these at a candy shop by me and brought me a big bag-what a big disappointment! They were stale.

I like the ones online from Amazon--they came fresh! I bought them into my job-everyone loved them...I'm partial to the vanilla!
228854228854B0000DJ6NGA2P0OP39K6U9EKFoxy Roxy1121339459200very disappointed and way too much $ for what it isHave numerous empty wrappers in my bag and candy is hard and does not seem fresh. Seems like way to much money for what I ended up with. I guess I should have checked our local stores first I could buy the same amount for less than half of the price I paid. Was gong to ship item back but the cheapest shipping to return it was over $8.00. Live and learn.
228855228855B0000DJ6NGA3F3N4YMNEB0ECLrnlvr1141302739200Big Bag!no problems with this purchase at all, its a very big bag of candy and none are stale like previous commenters had described. The only thing that i will add and i really think they should put this in their description is that it comes in an un-factory sealed bag, for me this was not a problem, but im sure that their are alot of people out their that feel differently. My reason for understanding is i can only find these candy's in bags mixed with all sorts of different candy's. assuming that this is the case, their is no such product available with just these little flavored tootsies factory sealed from the tootsie factory.
228856228856B0000DJ6NGA22YWJL7YMB2WIMeredith A. Seibert1141289174400A little less variety than hopedI received all of the tootsie roll flavors, however I was looking for specifically the lime green one to use on a baking project. I was pretty disappointed that in an entire 3 pounds, I only received 3 green ones. The rest were not stale and had just the flavor I was looking for, just hoping for more an even assortment.
228857228857B0000DJ6NGA1SIW6EN73KALNEva Belmonte4621275609600stale candyI contacted this company regarding a recent purchase because I was unsatisfied. I ordered some flavored tootsie rolls - although I was happy with the shipping the quality was lacking. It was a 3 lb. bag and all of the candy was hard/stale. I emailed the company directly and was granted no response. I would not recommend this company.
228858228858B0000DJ6NGA3J7HGEFD2IDODAeroDuke2351226361600Mmm, mmmn goodThese little things are full of flavor. Cherry is my favorite, but they are all good.
228859228859B0000DJ6NGA1L7ZQ5PPEHDB1Houston0051343692800Tootsie rollsThese are delicious candies, I only wish they'd be available in the different favors, not mixed together. I'd be buying them each month!
228860228860B0000DJ6NGA2PSIP48R289X0K. Towles0051314230400Tootsie rolls area classicI love candy and flavored Tootsie rolls are some of my favorite. If you like candy I don't really see how you can not like these. But in the end candy likes are just a personal preference. I prefer Tootsie rolls and candies like that so I'm good with it. And price wise compared to in stores, you can't beat the prices on Amazon. Shipping is the only thing that you have to look out for or otherwise you will loose whatever saving you get.
228861228861B0000DJ6NGA344M4952B9D8YLori Fleming0051289174400super fresh!!Been a long time since I had a fresh tootsie roll - these are GREAT!!
228862228862B003M8GSVMA10CY8I98UB78UMisty0021319155200What dog can eat these?Not really sure if I got a bad batch of them, or what? They don't expire for a year, but they were so hard, that I had to use a knife and 20 plus pounds of pressure to break in half. After breaking it in half, I gave my Jack Russell/ Chihuahua half of it, 20 minutes later, she is still tossing it around my living room, chasing it, and running from it. I think that she thinks it is a toy, because she cannot chew it. So unless your dog has shark teeth, I am not sure he or she would be able to eat these. Only 3 dollars, but I learned my lesson with these. We have used many other treats with her, and she has never had a problem before, impossible to train your dog with these, because they cannot chew them.
228863228863B003M8GSVMA2IIWY5LMIEUKXsoy.de0031316822400Non-Chewy bitesAs raven wrote, these bites are not chewy nor are they extra chewy as the package states. In fact, these bites are just a tad softer than some rocks. They are approximately an inch long and shaped like a bone with a pink filling (I bought the bacon-flavored version). I cut them - a feat in itself - into 6 pieces to use as training treats. My puppy does like them, but she is in the middle of losing her baby teeth and she can't chew them that well. She takes awhile eating 1/6th of a bite.

I am soaking a couple of bites in water to see if they will soften up so my puppy doesn't have to gum the pieces for 5min.
228864228864B003M8GSVMA2KQ3VFGW176G4raven0031310515200They were NOT chewyI dont know if they sent me an old bag but they were hard, not chewy. I bought them because my dogs love the chewy treats. My dogs do like the flavor and smell, but they were not chewy. To my dogs, it is almost nothing more then the dry dog food they eat. I bought 2 bags and both were hard.
228865228865B000X5229EA33JBYV8Z7NLCYPeter Hofer2251314748800The one and only Maggi WUERZEThis is the "real" stuff. Unlike the Maggi sold with the English label "Maggi SEASONING", the "Maggi WUERZE" tastes like the original stuff, is much stronger and therefore requires much less. It is also, unfortunately, more than twice as expensive and very had to find, unless especially ordered by the store. A few drops to a bowl of rice or on vegetables lend a unique flavor to them as only Maggi can. I can strongly recommend THIS Maggi to all, especially those who are looking for the inimitable European taste of Maggi. It can be purchased in several sizes on-line thru Amazon.
228866228866B000X5229EA3LKIJ1QEX0CHUBrice W.0051342656000Good price for what you get.Arrived fast and a good price for the bottle. Tast much better then the ones you find in the store.
228867228867B000X5229EA40U1DZRBGE3Vjoanne0051315958400Maggi-Würze The best salad dressing ingredient!
228868228868B005S1PSN0ATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"0051342569600The cats love them, so that's a plusWe've really cut back on the treats that we'll give our cats.
The more we read labels, the less packaged foods we buy for us, and the choosier we get even for our pets.
There's just too much junk in them all!

Now, Friskies often uses a lot of fillers, but cats love the taste. I think they have figured out the
equivalent of kitty-MSG! However, these are one of the less junky treats for your cats.

We've had them 2 or 3 times now, and they are always eaten. Believe me, we have several opened bags
of uneaten treats in the drawer that our cats have refused to eat, so always glad to see them like something.

The cheese flavor is their favorite Crispie, but one of our cats likes the salmon one too.
We still don't buy them very often, because for some reason, Friskies can't seem to sever their love
affair with corn products in their cat food and cat treats. Cats don't need or want corn, so it has to be a cheap
filler for the manufacturer.

The ingredients are as follows:
Brewers rice, chicken meal, corn gluten meal, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E), animal liver flavor, malt extract, natural and artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, brewers dried yeast, dried cheese powder, added color (Yellow 6, Yellow 5 and other color), salt, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), citric acid, BHA (a preservative), BHT (a preservative), calcium carbonate. A-6215.

So, are they perfect? No, but they are crunchy, taste cheesy, and the cats do like them.
One note - brewers yeast is NOT the same yeast you make bread with, so don't worry about that.
228869228869B00612XUNAA1JDCR5WU7RXNQMcubed0051349740800Great Irish cream coffee.They. Were quite tasty and I enjoyed them while they lasted. They were shipped promptly and I like them so much I'll need to order more shortly.
228870228870B00612XUNAALF4EQNMB16TOJoseph P. Bova0011341273600Timothy's K-CupsTimothy's K-Cups always clog my Keurig coffeemaker plus putting grounds in the cup. I will not be buying that brand again.

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