Amazon Fine Food Reviews

228871228871B003TDKEGAA2ZN30YS42R2C7Linda C1111335744000Why did it not mention peach WITH sunflowers?I don't see on the label that it contains sunflowers, nor do i see it in the description, but the bag I got definitely does & its clearly labeled that way. You can taste the sunflowers, & while I love peach tea, this ruined it for me. I was disappointed in the lack of disclosure. All other products from this company were great, but this one was a big disappointment.
228872228872B001IW7O6CAX3GP452JDHPZA. Gray "A House of 3"0011345161600Still looking for the apple flavorWe are a family who love our bottled sodas so I must say I've been disappointed with the selections we've had lately. I know many sodas are mass bottled but it seems while they are high on carbonation they don't taste much like the flavor on the label. That is what we had with this item. Where was the green apple flavor? Did I get a bad batch? Not satisfied at all
228873228873B003M8GSVWA10CY8I98UB78UMisty0021319155200What dog can eat these?Not really sure if I got a bad batch of them, or what? They don't expire for a year, but they were so hard, that I had to use a knife and 20 plus pounds of pressure to break in half. After breaking it in half, I gave my Jack Russell/ Chihuahua half of it, 20 minutes later, she is still tossing it around my living room, chasing it, and running from it. I think that she thinks it is a toy, because she cannot chew it. So unless your dog has shark teeth, I am not sure he or she would be able to eat these. Only 3 dollars, but I learned my lesson with these. We have used many other treats with her, and she has never had a problem before, impossible to train your dog with these, because they cannot chew them.
228874228874B003M8GSVWA2IIWY5LMIEUKXsoy.de0031316822400Non-Chewy bitesAs raven wrote, these bites are not chewy nor are they extra chewy as the package states. In fact, these bites are just a tad softer than some rocks. They are approximately an inch long and shaped like a bone with a pink filling (I bought the bacon-flavored version). I cut them - a feat in itself - into 6 pieces to use as training treats. My puppy does like them, but she is in the middle of losing her baby teeth and she can't chew them that well. She takes awhile eating 1/6th of a bite.

I am soaking a couple of bites in water to see if they will soften up so my puppy doesn't have to gum the pieces for 5min.
228875228875B003M8GSVWA2KQ3VFGW176G4raven0031310515200They were NOT chewyI dont know if they sent me an old bag but they were hard, not chewy. I bought them because my dogs love the chewy treats. My dogs do like the flavor and smell, but they were not chewy. To my dogs, it is almost nothing more then the dry dog food they eat. I bought 2 bags and both were hard.
228876228876B000MSXFWAA50ZSMF7NB6SCDestini Hinkle272751191628800Bright, Bold, and Beautiful ColorsI love Americolor. You always get fantastic coloring and they are so easy to use. Unlike other brands you don't have add a lot(which changes the flavor)to achieve the color you want.
228877228877B000MSXFWAA392B4U9PNX97Dannahgayle222251283558400Vibrant ColorsI am a cake decorator who has been struggling to create vibrant icing and fondant colors without using a ton of coloring. The Americolor soft gel colors are amazing!! Just a few drops of color produce vibrant, brilliant colors that get stronger with time. There is no bitter taste to the icing and they blend well. Definitely a must for any baker!!
228878228878B000MSXFWAA35MR3BMMU6EMBJ. Qualley "A Cake Walk"212151275782400Great Product!After several attempts with gel colors I finally broke down and bought liquid colors. I heard a lot about Americolor and I am so glad I listened! I got the best red and black fondant colors for the graduation cake I was making. I HIGHLY recommend this product for everyone who wants rich deep vibrant colors.
228900228900B0002IMRNSA3CG93783LP0FOYarii3351271376000My favorite flavorWhen you were a kid, did you ever pick a grape fresh off the vine and squeeze the insides of it into your mouth? If you did and you loved grapes as much as I did, that is exactly what the White Grape flavor tastes like.

The Diet Rite products are sweetened with Splenda, and what's more important to me, they have no sodium at all (besides no calories, carbs or caffeine).

This flavor tastes nothing like what you'd expect - so if you are expecting what purple grape usually tastes like, this will be a disappointment. I hate purple grape flavor, this is completely different and tastes great.
228879228879B000MSXFWAA3H3ZL6KYEGRTAKymberlee7751322438400Amazing color payoffI LOVE these colors. I used them in pastry school to make brightly colored buttercreams and fondants, and there really is no substitute. In a lot of confection making, using too much color will ruin the formula and your product will come out poorly. These colors have worked for even the most delicate uses! I was so excited to be able to buy my own, and I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of use in the near future. :)
228880228880B000MSXFWAA2EYY64VW1FXYCEmily6641318809600Great ProductSo far I have really enjoyed this kit. The colors I have used have been very bright and vibrant. The only reason I marked it at 4 starts is because the black looked more gray even with almost double what I had to use for the other colors. Over all very happy with the purchase. Fast shipping.
228881228881B000MSXFWAA280HHBR92XUI0Jeffrey_in_NYC5551311379200These are genius. Brilliant colors, better than liquid food coloring.These work exactly as you imagine those little grocery store bottles of food coloring SHOULD but don't. The gel form of these beauties makes them super concentrated and the colors are VERY clear and bright. I'm never using the cheapie kind again. These are little plastic squeeze bottles so you can get exactly the amount you need.

I made rainbow colors for my cupcakes and they were awesome.
228882228882B000MSXFWAA2WMJ035Z9FY8Wclaudia5551308528000fantastic results!I purchased these colors to decorate my son's 1st birthday cake. I made a Mickey Mouse Club House cake with marshmallow fondant. Although it was my very first experience, the colors came out so nice and bright!!! I love them!
228883228883B000MSXFWAA4WRLW4KVLYA3Macatawa "Macatawa"4451322179200True, rich colors made easyUpgraded to this the kit based on reviews. Previous child's Hungry Caterpillar theme birthday cake was nasty to make with OTC liquid color. Vowed not to do again for this year's Lady Bug Girl theme & chose these professional colors. Clear, vibrant colors were easy. Will be ordering other color kits.
228884228884B000MSXFWAA2JDM8HLIIMB8LDiana Chapa3351338249600Love the colors and vibrancyI've been making homemade playdough and the colors I was using was not vibrant. These are great for the playdough and using for all types of cooking (fondant, icings, etc.). I love them and will continue to use them.
228885228885B000MSXFWAA1JQUCTFM4UKMQM. Antillon2251336089600Nice colorsI like the variety, I like the brightness, and you don't need to pour the whole tube in to color your frosting. There isn't a yucky aftertaste from it either,so overall good quality product.
228886228886B000MSXFWAA2OR3FSKOCQNNOcakes2251292803200loved itI loved these gels. They are so easy to use, have great colors, ships fast and just over all great. when I buy I buy from here.
228887228887B000MSXFWAA2YB2552921M4NJenngt660051349049600Great! Perfect colors!Made my Boyfriend a cake and use the gels to make it a Black and Neon Green cake, his favorite colors, turned out great!
228888228888B000MSXFWAA3MKKQKOK49L1KR.K. Finnell "De reir a cheile a thogtar na c...0051342742400A great productTook very little of the colored gel to produce vibrant colors until the old standby dropper liquid food dyes that take the whole bottle and barely give the hue one needs for dying foods. I will definitely be buying this product again.
228889228889B000MSXFWAA2YPT35VJ8S4W5Renee Bartnick0051334361600Amazing colors!Love, love, love these food dyes! Great assortment of colors that made my Easter cookies pop! A little bit goes a loooooong way with these dyes. I think these will last me a very long time. I used these to color icing for cookies and the color was absolutely gorgeous....we received many compliments on our cookies.
228890228890B000MSXFWAA3I7WIYAQMJNTFsummer210051329696000very nice kitColors are very vibrant, colored the fondant and the modeling chocolate I was using for a birthday cake well without having to use a lot of color. would recommend this to anyone.
228891228891B000MSXFWAA13GD2G3I6WX1RTamer0241330992000So far, great product..So far great product unless i couldn't find the expiry date or the production date!!, but overall my wife likes the product, and i hope to consider the expiry date the next time!
228892228892B000MSXFWAAKMUZYM70VBAZD. Nugent "WestSideNYMom"11351250640000These Make Great Bath Colors for KidsI have been using these for a while to entice my little ones into the bath. The multiple shades of pinks and blues are a real plus. Also, they make nice gifts or party favors for kids. I've given them to lots of kids as inexpensive gifts.

The only issue is that you're left with black and brown. They *might* appeal to boys in the tub, but I use the brown to enhance the appeal of chocolate milk (I can get away with less syrup!). Black can be used to write on cakes.
228893228893B000E1BKHMA9OUIQMXITS3WSusan Lewke0051344556800Great Jello FlavourGot this Lime Sugarfree jello online as my commisary here in Europe only carries Strawberry and Raspberry Sugarfree jello. It helps to avoid boredom for a choice of desserts while I am on WW.
228894228894B006QFV2P0A25G0G49SDD9UOA. Brewer1151338940800Excellent gluten free all purpose flour mix!This flour mix is great! I was worried about replacing regular flour, but it worked like a charm! I will be back for more I'm sure. The shipping was very quick & it arrived in excellent condition.
228895228895B006QFV2P0A32B6A532454UDD. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"1151334707200Works well converting regular recipes to GF recipesLearning to cook GF has been a big adjustment. It takes time and patience to find solutions that work. With my wife as a Celiac it has required diligent searching for good options. On a recent trip to Utah we picked up several New Grains GF breads and found them the best GF breads we have ever had. I decided to pick up some of this flour and use it to see how baking some of our favorite recipes would turn out.

The flour works well as a GF substitute for regular baking flour. I've used it in many recipes and have been happy with the results. As is typical for GF cooking, there's a little less of a rise in the cooking process. I'll upload a picture from a recent Pineapple Upside down cake we cooked in a 12" Dutch oven that turned out really great as a GF desert.

5 stars, we love having a GF flour to cook and bake with.
228896228896B00882A7FUA2RZEH6WIUH8MTMr_Dave1151330387200Excellent on the GrillThis Tandoori BBQ Chicken mix is very good.
We received a lot of compliments on this recipe when we grilled it last summer and our guests went out of their way to say "wow", that's good... what recipe is that? It's very flavorful and a little spicy but not hot or anything.

We originally found Shan Tandoori spice mix at a tiny 4 table restaurant/grocery store for $1.99 when the owner happened to stock it for a while. I went back to get more but they quickly ran out so I'm glad to find it here also. There are literally several hundred other interesting spice mixes like this from overseas once you know where to look.

Maybe Amazon can work with more vendors on this type of product since Shan Tandoori mix sells online for $1.25 at 'America's largest online India Grocer'. Amazon has them as a partner already so I figured it's ok to mention there's hundreds of other recipes to try that aren't listed here yet.

Most of these recipes call for lots of fresh vegetables such as garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, fresh ginger, etc. Over the next few weeks we'll try some of the other variations....

Aaloo Bhaji Curry Mix
Chappli Kabab Masala
Tandoori Chicken BBQ
Bombay Biryani Masala
Dopiaza / Stew Curry
Maesri Masaman Curry
Tikka Seekh Kabab BBQ
Parampara Prawn Masala
228897228897B002K660LUA20OEZQR0OD2E2Richard Craig0011335916800DisappointedWell I must say that I was surprised to find both the pecan and cashew honey nut butter. Delivery time was very prompt. Afraid that is the only good thing I have to say about these two products, both from Superior Nut Company. Upon arrival I was eager to taste them, so opened the Pecan up and found it to be like soup. After mixing it for 15 min. it still remained soup. So I decided to open the cashew up and have some of it. Well the cashew one was so dry and thick that you couldn't spread it on anything without destroying it. Only thing I have to say is "buyer beware"!!!!!!!
228898228898B006YDPGFQA3DX8Q9PRZORBCColorado Mom0021346371200DisappointingLove these little candies when they're fresh. Sadly what I received was quite stale. They are edible, but not particularly enjoyable.
228899228899B00126AP6AA14369VHGL448AWeather Boilermaker2251260316800Excellent Product and Excellent Service!This company is fantastic! I bought these sausages as a Christmas gift for a family member. The shipping company damaged my order in transit, and Burgers' Smokehouse had a replacement package to me before the end of my delivery date estimate. My family member loved these, they like to hunt and try different meats/foods. This made the extra wait for them worth it in my eyes, especially since Burgers' Smokehouse was so helpful in the replacement process. I definitely recommend this sampler to anyone interested in some exotic sausages!

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