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228901228901B0002IMRNSA25E1M0AJH998JChill Fan2251278892800Delicious grape flavour without the artificial colourI really love this soda. I think Diet Rite struck gold when they thought of the idea of simply not putting that fake purple food colour into the soda. Now I can enjoy a refreshing grape soda flavour without worrying about staining the furniture, floor, or my clothes.
228902228902B005D0EGPCASBXW4E3LJWP2Diane Sherlip0041346889600Delicious teaVery lovely tea and beautiful bags. Strong vanilla notes. I'm not a fan of vanilla in my tea, but it works fine in this blend. It's just a bit expensive, so i probably won't buy too often.
228903228903B000QGCM04A20XGDRQTHX21OIIVIIATT1151340755200Best sunflower seeds made!By far the best flavor of all and i also love the small packages so they always stay fresh. Will be doing doing more business in the future
228904228904B000QGCM04A17VITZBIZVF04New Wifey0051349827200Great ProductI bought these for my husband because I can no longer find this flavor in our local gas stations. The bags of sunflower seeds were a little bit smaller than I expected, but my husband didn't seem to mind. He loved them. I would purchase again.
228905228905B000QGCM04A2KN7BNCEE7R8DLinda Lamanuzzi "Linda"0051347840000NOT discontinuedI contacted a representative at DAVID, saying how disappointed I was the nacho flavor was discontinued. She wrote back and said they were NOT discontinued! Good to know. She gave me the bar code number in case I wanted to ask my favorite grocer to carry them. Just thought I would pass this information on to you. HERE IS HER EMAIL TO ME:

Thanks for your email. Good News..the Nacho Flavor is still available! It's great to hear you enjoy our great products, I enjoy them too! I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been able to locate them in your area. We are unable to sell our products directly to our consumers. If you haven't already, please use our Product Locator tool (under Where to Buy) listed on our website to help you identify some stores that have purchased this product from us in the past. It is a helpful tool but it is always the store's decision as to what products they carry. We recommend calling the store before you go to see if the product is on shelves. You can find numerous other sources for our products as well including, and other grocery websites. Click the link below and it will take you to the product locator on our website.

We would also recommend asking your local store manager to order this product for you. We've found that many times they do want to carry the products their customers want and will order the product for you, the UPC for this product is: 2620000684.

We wish everyone loved our products as much as you obviously do! I hope your store will get some for you in soon.

I hope you have a great day!
228906228906B000QGCM04AWJTERL81K14WShannon R.0051347148800Best SeedsIt's a shame places don't sell this item anymore. Only place you can buy them is on Amazon and thru candy stores. These seeds are by far the best out there. The bag size are perfect for a little snack or to take a bag or two to a ball game. Well worth your money!
228908228908B000QGCM04A1EQNKQK8F7P47Scott0041341187200Nacho Cheese Sunflower seedsThe packaging size for these sunflower seeds are just perfect, fit right into a pocket and the serving size is just the right amount per package, they are easy to handle and are very good. Nacho Cheese is hard to find and it was easy to get this through the mail. actually got them the day before the estimated delivery date. Excellent product, I would order these again.
228909228909B000QGCM04A38CDKIPWKZGTXShauntae L. Weir "lovechild"0051337040000Thank God!!I was really bummed when David discontinued the 5oz bags but this made up for it big time!! By far my favorite flavor, and the next day delivery was way beyond my expectations.
228910228910B002DD3NJ2ASVK8EB8CML4XLindsay Nixon "happyherbivore"4811274054400WAY TOO SPICYIt's all cayenne and not authentic bebere. way too spicy, threw it out and made my own.
228911228911B0045H3UY2A3HNA97KVL9YBYJ. Brava0011331769600I hate the flavorThis honey is not buttery, it's just weird. It tastes like burnt molasses, and I like molasses, but not when it's scorched. If your looking for a good honey the Airborne Tawari Honey is excellent. It has a much bolder taste than traditional clover honeys, but without a the peculiar smell and aftertaste of the Tropic Bee honey. Also note, this item is NON-RETURNABLE. That would be fine if I was only stuck with one bottle, but now I'm stuck with four bottles of honey I can't stand the taste of and would be to embarrassed to even gift to someone I didn't like. Stay clear of this foul smelling, scorched tasting honey.
228912228912B0045H3UY2A27FBC56WXTH0JK. Landers0051319846400Excellent product!Very delicious and consistent honey. The flavor of this honey is superior to clover honey. The buttery taste of the avocado really stands out.
228913228913B005Z77ZZ6A9XXXLRCYYLZPN. Jefferies0051334793600YUM!If you are a fan of "Scooter-Pies" or "Moon Pies", you will love these. They are smaller but just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are on Weight Watchers, they are only 3 points each! Arrived super quick, and fresh. YUM! Highly recommend, and will order again!
228914228914B001GVIUKEA3LQBQN2F8TAGVLeon B. Lockwood7751243555200Mmmmmm....snailsExcellent snails for a great price...what else can you say? Either you love them or you don't....we do.
228915228915B001GVIUKEAIVSH8MHG0CGWE. Nelson5541266278400Excellent service, good productThe escargot I ordered were great. There was actually more than I expected, and the shipment came on-time, as promised.
228916228916B001GVIUKEA9WMLFGWSECQIQue Rico4451254960000Quality Product @ a Great PriceVery tender, perfect for a meal to impress. The price is unbeatably low w/ Subscribe & Save, a great way to indulge.
228917228917B001GVIUKEA1J0QTNI0OEXVLSteven H. Dymond "sdymondpc"2251315872000Consul Snails have rough ride or are seconds?Im writing only to voice that, like another reviewer, oddly also in Colorado, mine arrived rather bashed up-enough so that I will discard the cans. Purhcased directly from Amazon-they were in a plastic bag in a larger box, along with another item-I cannot absolutley determine if they are sold dented or were damaged in transit-

However, if i had to guess based on the packing and how they fit and the position of the dents versus other stuff in the box-which could only have touched the can tops-these are sent with dents

Amazon was great about a credit when i reported the damaged item. Was looking forward to trying these after the great reviews.

I might add too, this is a product of Indonesia -so these are what i believe are aschatane-ie Asian snails-an equally nice snail -but not the same as French Helix snails most often found in restaurants

update: got some more of these, undented this time-excellent product and if you love snails, a great way to serve five friends a DOZEN at a time. Nice size, texture and flavor. A very good product and an excellent value.
228918228918B001GVIUKEA34IEGJ9CJ0XK7A. Keranen "xfiled in CO"1121304121600Consul Escargots Extra Large SnailsEvery can looked as if it were struck several times with a hammer before packaged for shipping. Probably seconds that were aquired under the cover of darkness.
228919228919B001GVIUKEA1FTPC1UJ4HNCPMarbms0051346371200EscargotWe purchased a can of these exact escargot from a high end restaurant and the Amazon price is better. If you like Escargot these are a great buy. We freeze what we don't prepare and they are just as good after being frozen.
228920228920B001GVIUKEA2JCO5P4ZTI4BCAntony Jacobs0051333152000SNAILS TO DIE FORThese snails were great. I thought I was buying wholesale for my business before at $14.00 plus shipping, these were a steal and fabulous quality. my one concern was the cans came dented,but, the produce inside was fantastic
228921228921B001GVIUKEA288FXPPWXPOY2Brucebeerbeer0051325980800A pleasure to enjoy these very large snails from CONSUL!Packed 72-in, I expected the snails to be smaller. They were very large and the liquid drainage was minimal. I was happy and surprised at the value. I will order again from CONSUL!
228922228922B001GVIUKEAYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"0051310601600ExcellentWe served them with garlic sauce in mushroom caps and one can served eight adults with left overs. Wonderful treat.
228923228923B001GVIUKEAZBUCT25OQ6AEMark E0051290988800They are HUGE!I'm used to the tiny restaurant escargots that are more like snail shooters. Better use a knife on these though, 'cause they're almost to big to eat in one bite. I recommend cutting puff pastry circles slightly larger than each individual "cup" in the baking bowl. Unbelievable consistency and flavor. The "cover" seals in the moisture and flavor and you get just the right ratio of escargot:pastry. Enjoy.
228924228924B001GVIUKEA1IQVXMDF8M9I5lala0051283731200enjoyedi don't eat snails much so I have nothing to compare to, but I was impressed by the size and relative cost of these snails. Didn't pay nearly as much for them as I would have expected. They were fun to cook with, but not something I would buy on a regular basis.
228925228925B001GVIUKEA2U1YI6SIXMWNeskualdun0111323216000Escargot should be from France... these are not.How disappointing to find that these Consul Escargots (in a somewhat European looking package) are actually a Product of Indonesia... I hadn't even questioned they'd be from anywhere other than France as I've never seen any escargots that weren't. Live and learn.

Amazon really needs to disclose country of origin on their products, especially on food products.

I've since reordered Roland Escargots which are French; I wish they'd been in stock when I placed my first order.

*Amazon did make good on the situation.
228926228926B003N5ZTXCAVCC5CLBYQD1HCP4611300406400TOO EXPENSIVEJust like the previous 2-pack listing for this product which was removed, this is just TOO EXPENSIVE. You can buy it at retail (Starbucks, Target, etc.) for around $7. I absolutely love this tea - it's by far my favorite - but I'm unwilling to buy it through Amazon at these prices.
228927228927B003N5ZTXCA24VT6Z8JCX3GXDr Bonnie0151334793600Of course something is discontinued when I discover itI just tried this for the first time today and absolutely LOVE this tea. I looked it up on the Tazo/Starbucks website and find that it has been discontinued. Dang! I found it at an Albertsons grocery store for $6.95 or so. Now I will have to purchase several so I can at least have this for a while longer. I won't purchase it at the price shown on Amazon until there is no more available locally.
228928228928B007PA4RWKA3SXEGKUZHQC8CMarion L. Mccaughey0051341705600YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT IS GLUTEN-FREEThis bread is as good as any bakery bread I have ever tasted. It is moist, flavorful with no unpleasant after taste. It toasts beautifully,though it takes longer as it is so moist. I can't wait to try the other bread varieties. The cookies are also moist and flavorful.
228929228929B0009B6JAKA1B331W8TC6EI8Trinity S.0051333065600Awesome taste experianceI have bought this candy several times at Chinatown in Chicago(I believe). The candy tastes so great and I couldn't stop eating it so I bought another pack to share with some friends. We all loved it! The one downside is there are about 7 or 8 pieces and the pieces can be eaten in one bite .
228930228930B000W8ZQJ0A356W7T85GPLK8Sandy "I heart DC"0051310688000BEST ever!This is the BEST sauce ever! For some reason, my local health food store discontinued it, so very glad to find it here. Tried many others. No comparison. Freshest, most tomatoey taste. I'd rather have this than dessert! :)

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