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228991228991B00015UC52ANGPRNMVP9UCMGary Young192151142899200Clear Jel orderThank you for selling this product in a smaller size to allow customers to try it for the first time at a reasonable price. The Clear Jel came quickly in the mail and the quality fresh. It makes perfect homemade cashew mayonnaise - just the right consistency. Exactly what I was looking for.
228992228992B00015UC52A2MNLKXBH15E45Johanna Freivalds "ewephoria"4451304726400Best thickening agent ever for fruit pies etc.I'm so glad that Barry Farm Foods carries this product because it is not an item that I've been able to find at any of my local stores or health food outlets. This is the only thickening agent to use if you don't want separation of liquid from thickened product. There is no better thickening agent to use for making fruit (especially berry) pies. The pricing on this item is the most reasonable I've found online-- the only caveat being that I find it very aggravating paying the same or more for shipping than the price of the item (like when I order this item). This product is worth it though, so I've ordered it several times. As the unused Clear Jel seems to last a long time in my dry climate (with no clumping etc.), I usually order 4 lbs. at a time so I don't have to pay the shipping charges very often.
228993228993B00015UC52A1KNH8N7ODN4CXCarol Hatfield3351302566400Good stuff!This stuff is Great. Love that unlike corn starch it incorporates into sauces faster. Makes great fruit glazing. Would recommend.
228994228994B00015UC52A3Q6UB39FD1HE2Maureen L. Buck3351297468800Clear Jel for Great Pie FillingsWhat I love most about this product is that it is flavorless, odorless, disolves without lumps.
I would not be without it for making a number of products especially my fresh fruit pie fillings.
228995228995B00015UC52A2ONAR1267Q974FCS teacher3351286755200good stuffworks great but be sure to mix with sugar and then add liquid because it is very hard to incorporate without lumps
228996228996B00015UC52A3Q4PJTWJ3TKGSV. Presnell "VP Loves To Cook"6851244332800Instant Clear JelImportant to follow directions. If not mentioned on recipe, make sure jel and sugar are mixed together, than added to fully cooled ingredients.
Best strawberry pie I ever had!
228997228997B00015UC52A2T93OAE5X8E37Elaine Toole6851240272000Hard to Find ItemI have been looking for Instant Clear Jel for about a year. I finally found it at Berry Farms. The Instant Clear Jel works just like the recipe says it will. (I made Almond Mayonnaise with it - healthy, with no fat except the almonds). Very happy to find the Instant Clear Jel.

It was about 3 weeks after I placed the order before I received it.
228998228998B00015UC52A2Z8LONS89WXI5Huden1151340582400goood stuffthis is simply good stuff its east to use altough they should provided a little instructions but its good stuff
228999228999B00015UC52A3CCRRDZVFCYSIL. E. Postal1151282348800Better than flour or corn starchMaintains it's thickening even when it cools so your gravy or sauce is good even reheated. Won't lump like flour does.

I used it to 'jell' my canned burgundy cherries, both the preserves and the jelly with great results. If you cook, this is the stuff to get. Instant Clear Jel, 1 lb.

I am about to start canning peaches and apples and I will be getting more of this and the regular Clear Jel. Clear Jel, 1 lb.
229000229000B00015UC52A2GGB6D5WZ00RZPatrick R. Burns "appleseed"91351234656000Clear jel reviewProduct received was as advertized.I would do business with this vendor again.I thought the shipping charges were high.
229001229001B00015UC52A12KQ9N5JR5X1Eric in Hood River0051346112000Inaccurate Product InformationThis is great stuff. But it's not JUST for cold products. There are two types of Clear Jel, Instant and Regular, and they have different properties.
Regular, like normal cornstarch, thickens when heated and in contact with liquid, but it has less flavor and many consider it to produce a better texture. It can be mixed with a small amount of liquid and added to hot sauces or stir fry. It is very stable at room temperature, so it is ideal for canned products, including jams. It can be re-heated, so if a jam or pie filling is the wrong consistency it can be reheated and adjusted with additional water or Clear Jel. Importantly, like regular cornstarch, it breaks down when frozen after thickening. So you can bake with it, you can mix ingredients and freeze it, uncooked, but you can't bake it in a pie, then freeze the pie.
For that, Instant Clear Jel is the superstar. Instant thickens as soon as it comes in contact with liquid. To avoid clumping, you mix it with dry ingredients, typically sugar, before adding to the liquid. It holds up well to freezing, but not to re-baking. So it's perfect for thickening uncooked fruit, putting in an unbaked pie crust and freezing. I like it because you know the thickness immediately, and it keeps crusts from getting soggy. You can heat up a piece of pie in the microwave, but you can't bake it, freeze it, and re-bake it . . . and why would you want to? Instant is also great for freezer jam, because you can use fresh berries or peach without having to cook it, so you get a fresher taste. It's not as adjustable as regular, so you have to experiment with small batches to get the texture right, because you can't add in extra to thicken, unless you add it in with more sugar.
If you're looking for just a pound and can take advantage of free shipping, Amazon's price is good. If you want a few pounds but less than 5, it is cheaper to go to Barry Farms directly, because their shipping price goes down, but it is built into the price on Amazon.
229002229002B00015UC52A7SPJL2W06H4TRichard Natoli-Rombach1251335744000Consistent thickening agent for food preparation.I have only used for sauces so far but gives a nice consistency. There is no noticeable taste and I haven't noticed any weeping of water that happens with regular corn starch.
229003229003B00015UC52A1WMARCYA2WQXFkan2431347408000make sure u want jel..not other products if u gonna buy itThe good is just looks like what it looks on the picture..but
I wanted to buy some agar and when i searched on google, it said that agar is made by alga. I dont know what the difference between jel and agar but when i receive the product, the ingredients is said to be modified corn i soon know its not the thing i wanted....
That is the problem of amazon maybe...when i searched it..this just come into the result with really high rate..and i guess this should be good and didnt read it carefully its not the fault of the seller, i wont return it and may try to learn some cooking for it...
229004229004B00015UC52AYP3LLMCSQGK2JAM "JAM"0251288656000Excellent productThis is an excellent product. The difference is really noticeable if you love to cook. I reserve it for my special dishes, and you will too!
229005229005B00015UC52A2KVXMK6T4PU6GAlison of EB Co.133431224720000This is NOT the same as gelatinOk, so of course this is of no fault of the company and my own fault for not being savvy enough to know the difference. I was trying to purchase a bulk size unflavored gelatin, and ended up with this Instant Clear Gel. I have no use for it that I can think of, but I'm hoping to find some recipes to use it in since I have a pound of it. Well, almost a pound, minus about four tablespoons that I unfortunately tried to use in a home-made marshmallow recipe that called for gelatin. That did NOT turn out nice. Yuck! lol
229006229006B000MXHQQ6A91F5NPTH5HYZMohamed Hassan4411316563200Pork gelatin!!!!!I have just found out today that the gelatin in this product is coming from pork. I do not know why they would add gelatin in the first place. DHA from fish oil is fine, but the lady that answered my phone told me that all DHA Gerber baby food items have pork gelatin. Do infants need gelatin at this age?
229007229007B000MXHQQ6ASJNGE9DRJC6ZUmsuha1111343779200Why do their organic foods contain gelatin???I used to buy Gerber baby foods and was thrilled when they started carrying organic foods. Then I discovered that they add gelatin! Why? It is disgusting and has absolutely no nutritional value. I will not be buying Gerber products again. Earth's Best is actually organic.
229008229008B000MXHQQ6A3C3NTHX97IKHTsherrykhan780011350777600GELATIN in baby foodDo not buy product contain gelatin. Gelatin in baby food ??? Why gerber ???, Do not buy if you follow vegetarian or kosher/Halal regime.
229009229009B000MXHQQ6AHWRE54C5EJIJRobert Whitaker1231325116800Great dinner but horrible price!My twins love this!! BUT Walmart sells them for $1/ for a 2pack! Worth going there to save the extra $!
229010229010B000MXHQQ6AHMKQKJE55LJIAmanda Greer1221315785600NopeMy baby likes the mac n cheese in the jars. So, when I couldn't find the jars at the store I was at, I tried these mac n cheeses thinking they were the same. They are not. She doesn't like these. Maybe it is a texture issue mainly as these are much runnier than the jar kind. Looking for more mac n cheese jars.
229011229011B000MXHQQ6A3DAS42VRO66SNW. Wang "Gadget Guy"1251306713600My twins love it!My twins recently got a little picky on the baby food... We tried this one, and they both love it. They are now 10 mos old.

My twins love it!
229012229012B000MXHQQ6A91F5NPTH5HYZMohamed Hassan2411316563200Pork gelatin!!!!!I have just found out today that the gelatin in this product is coming from pork. I do not know why they would add gelatin in the first place. DHA from fish oil is fine, but the lady who answered my phone told me that all DHA Gerber baby food items have pork gelatin. Do infants need gelatin at this age?
229013229013B000MXHQQ6AE31OVY2J58GSHausweet0151350777600Excellent!My picky eater loves this! She will eat only Gerber Organic Mac n Cheese and Gerber Organic Green Beans w/o any fussing. Yes, it is a bit runny, which makes it perfect for 4-6 month olds but it gives you the flexibility to thicken it with whatever you want for the older babies (e.g. rice cereal, meats, spinach, etc).

Mommy loves it, too! Great taste!
229014229014B000MXHQQ6A2GRVLD33BA9MBAvi0151341964800Good and good for the babyIt tastes fine and the baby loves it. has DHA and is organic - which is important when having berries (but redundant when it comes to bananas)
229015229015B000MXHQQ6A1WITBC7SZ1OJLT.Cates0151320192000Love the SmartNourish foodsI was thrilled to find this veggie combo with DHA, great price! Perfect packaging for easy storage if he doesn't finish it in one sitting.
229016229016B000MXHQQ6A33P4I3CA4JZBABHLi0151318464000Delicious and nutrientThis 2nd foods is delicious and nutrient. My Babe swallows it quickly and wants the next one at once. I think it is because all of my family like the taste of cheese.
229017229017B000MXHQQ6A2I9QM9L0R410ASommMom0121313020800Good product, but bad from AmazonI love Gerber organic products like this which combine veggies and/or fruits. I bought one of the "Farmers Market" from the regular grocery store to make sure my 8 month old liked it, which he did. I bought a case from Amazon, but the consistency was like soup, very runny unlike the one I bought from the store. Heating it up made it worse. Maybe it was a fluke, but the second case from Amazon ordered a few months later had the same problem.
229018229018B000MXHQQ6A3HGBBGUAF3D8Hponb0151310688000Son eats itI like the portion size on this one. Son started eating this at 5 1/2 months. No issue with feeding him cold or hot he eats it. I like the benefits of DHA and I like the listed Vegetables/Grains.

I like the pricing, no tax, and free shipping to my door. Can't beat the price for pack of 8 in the stores. we get this food delivered too.

The packs are easy to throw in diaper bag w/spoon and feed him. Less mess and fuss.

Our son's 11 months now and still eats this.
229019229019B000MXHQQ6ABS00XH9IX7VYsue0151302566400a green veggie my son will eat!!I love this gerber item!! My son is 6 months old and is a bit particular. He spits out most veggies, except sweet potatoes of course, and even a lot of fruits, unless I mix them with cereal to thicken them up a bit! He loves the thick texture of this food!!! So from a frustrated mommy, this is a great thing!!! If your child is refusing green beans or sweet peas, give this a try! Its got enough texture to please my babe, it may be your favorite too!!
229020229020B000MXHQQ6A1LHOKYENR7HP2L. Barlow "Barlow Girl"0151289347200Good BreakfastMy 18m old loves this for his morning breakfast. This is one of the few flavors he will eat. We give him 1x baby food breakfast & 1x yogurt every day.

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