Amazon Fine Food Reviews

229021229021B000MXHQQ6A2YICKER1KOAFOboogie's mom0151258502400Really tasty!My daughter loves this food! I tried it and its good!Added bonus is the DHA.
229022229022B000MXHQQ6A3DAS42VRO66SNW. Wang "Gadget Guy"1321304380800My twins hates it!I wouldn't say my twins are picky eater, but they wouldn't eat this one. They eat just about every Gerber's organics.
229023229023B000MXHQQ6A1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0251314230400I got this for a diet i triedOk, sounds crazy i know but i heard about this baby food diet and figured whats there to loose. The food tastes good, and im sure your baby will like it too hahaha!
229024229024B000MXHQQ6A24HT9FC6OU1J2Consuelo Maciel "CONNIE"0251303344000My baby loves thisMy baby will not eat peas or green beas but he LOVES this - go figure.

Don't rely on bogus 1 star reviews that criticize the fact that it contains fish oil which it clearly states on the packaging!!!!
229025229025B000MXHQQ6AH5GCNH82ZU0C*~*~*Valley*~*~* "Val"0251274400000baby loves it!What else is there to say? They arrived promptly, perhaps more on time than expected. Expiration date was not like NEXT DAY so they were good to go!
229026229026B000MXHQQ6AV0SH9PSWGLCQMolly4911291075200Not vegaterian - has fish oil and gelatinI liked these tubs for a few months and then realized that they contain fish oil and gelatin. Why put these products in a VEGETARION seeming food? Beware! I'm going to review all of Gerber's products carefully now. Totally dissapointed with Gerber.
229027229027B0018CIPF6ACCFF5B6TMOOVa0188279 "Engineering Mom"2251329955200Good value & my Dogs Love itI do not know a whole lot about dog food, but I try to avoid corn because I noticed it makes my dogs stink.

This very much looks like a quality dog food in its texture, from the ingredients listed, and the fact that it's not bone dry like some of the cheaper dry foods. It reminds me of some of the premium brands in its color, texture, and....this is a bit gross, but the compactness & darker color of what came out of the dogs after they started eating it...!

I like it, the dogs are eating it and doing well on it. I will definitely be buying it as their regular dog food from now on. The price is probably better than the other store premium brands because there is no advertising.

I recommend it.
229028229028B0018CIPF6AGZP148TCKDKDZak2251304899200Great dog foodI have a German Shorthaired Pointer (3 yrs old) and a Lab mix (12 yrs old) and this food is great for both of them. I have heard vets compare this food to a Science Diet or better and it's much less expensive. Great food, great quality, the dogs love it.
229029229029B0018CIPF6A2SROGMMCHUYHScyberwar1151328659200Great for the dogs coatsI had to switch my dog's food after the price on their previous food doubled. After doing some research and talking to our vet I bought this brand. One of our dogs has wire hair, so I was suprised after awhile when I noticed his coat was getting shiney and he feels soo soft. The other dog we have is part poodle and she even softer. Which she likes because she likes to be hugged and cuddled. We have had alot of people comment on their nice soft and shiney coats.
229030229030B0018CIPF6A2HXMSQ9QRXUH7Idaho Mom0051327881600Good Food!This has been great dog food. We have been feeding our very stomach sensitive pooch this for over a year and notice an incredible difference. Not to be too descriptive, but the stomach gurgling and smells have totally ceased. We are no longer kicking our pooch out of the living room because we can't breath.

My only concern is Amazon's packing on this product which often comes broken open and taped. I have responded several times regarding a change being needed. However with Amazon's customer satisfaction team they have always made the wrong righted very quickly if needed.
229031229031B0018CIPF6A2L3CXEW1XIWSHSusan0051323388800My dog likes itI switched over to this food from a more expensive one due to finances. My dog likes it and so far is doing well on it. I liked the delivery of this product. It was nice not having to drive ot the next town to purchase dog food.
229032229032B0018CIPF6A3HJ9SY1TH811QLydia Vorpahl1211336176000Is this bag on the recall list?I purchased this bag of dog food and then broke it up into smaller containers for freezing. I then threw the bag out.

Now some of the bags have been recalled. I do not have the lot numbers I need to determine if my bag is on the list.

Please forward that information as soon as possible. Thank you.
229033229033B0018CIPF6A1Z8UJVYVI1R1Omreadr0111336780800This company does NOT care about their customersI learned today that this product and the previous bag I bought were recalled due to Salmonella. I just happened to stumble across the article on MSNBC. No notification was sent. Now the household's mysterious stomach flu isn't so mysterious. Also if you don't have your receipt they will only offer a coupon for replacement in 6 weeks.Why would I want another bag?!? Diamond just lost a customer. As did the Amazon seller.
229034229034B0018CIPF6A16TKHE5HV2K01Phoebe K. Sullivan0111336694400Recalled food!I recently bought this food, only to find that it was on the recall list (for salmonella). I had already put it in with some other food, all of which I will now have to throw out. Help me out, Amazon?
229035229035B000UWGU2UA35BP6ZSMDBLUJtrogdorable0051301270400Best candy everThis is my absolute favorite candy. If you live in the US and have ever had Ferrero Rocher, this is by the same company. It's very similar to those Ferrero balls except in bar form and this particular one uses white chocolate. Absolutely yummy. It sells out a lot, unfortunately. If you love this and can't find it, look for Kinder Hippos. The are nearly the exact same thing, but in a hippo shape.
229036229036B006K17ETSA5YO6D3KN7GDRthenautigal0051330387200My dog is a duck jerky addictI have a beautiful Siberian husky. She is my constant friend and companion and loves her treats. Her ultimate treat is duck jerky. Heaven forbid I should ever fail to provide her with these delights. She knows where they are kept and never fails to tell me when it's time to reward her. Thank you.
229037229037B0076CGKU4ABF96D5A97W5XKristi Stinson0051348617600Best Beer EverThis is the best hefe weizen on the planet. I hope it becomes available soon via Amazon. It is brewed in Germany by German purity laws and shipped to select locations in America. In other words, its not easy to find.
229038229038B004FS875IA2YO8731SKDKLLGoofball2251337126400Great tea, nice flavor and kickWe are new to Runa, but the taste was consistent with a great balance of the ginger and citrus. The kick was also there but not the side effects of that I somewhat get from other teas.

Made a great summer tea as well ...
229039229039B004FS875IAN080Z619YWLSL. Larson "lisamarienyc"1151347235200Delicious teaWeaning myself off of coffee, and loving this tea. My husband's aunt brought some of it back from the jungles of ecuador, we enjoyed that sacred brew.. then found this online. The subtle Ginger-Citrus flavor is wonderful.
229040229040B0036VFX5MA36MXDRFWLXDRTRussellA1151336953600Not for everyone but I LOVE it!This is my first time trying Chia seeds. I purchased the Spectrum brand basically just because the price was right. I LOVE them! I mixed it in with my lemon water at first and I just made chia pudding wich was like almond flavored tapioca. I am super excited to try other recipes and get creative!
229041229041B0036VFX5MAMSAG1ML5IS9Hfrypan0051348185600chia seeds always goodbeen using chia seeds for sometime now and feels great taking it, this is the first time buying this brand and bought it for its 4 pack price value, arrived on time, packaging looks good, will keep update here if I found too much sand in the bag
229042229042B0036VFX5MA12VHN4F6BDF7LPurpletearz080051342310400Last a while! Great product!The 4 bags of chia seed lasted 7 months and is a great source fiber, etc. I am ordering them again for my family!
229043229043B0036VFX5MA1DGQM1KCZCA0RDavid'sWife1331343779200Does as advertisedThe Dr. Oz recommendation in a women's health magazine stated it expands in the stomach and makes one feel full. It works, but caution, use a small amount as it makes you overly stuffed and uncomfortable.
229044229044B003IMVAK6AXXUE52BOXLS7Myra Hall0021346716800Peanuts tasted "old"Product came well packaged and very quickly, but product was rancid tasting and, even after making it up into peanut butter, it still had an "old" taste. Sorry, but will be sourcing locally from now on.
229045229045B001SAU23GA35F0XWR6ZQEQZI Say It0051339891200YUM!These are so good, I have tried a lot of different beans and these are by far my favorite! We use them just for dipping and also in Mexican dishes. Yum!!!
229046229046B001SAU23GAIQDUKFB4X38MVonMalcolm0041326326400A Little ZipThese Zesta Salsa Refried Beans indeed have a little zip. The 'Salsa' label is a flavor: it's not like this product is a mix of beans and salsa. Tough decent tasting by themselves, I prefer mixing the beans with other products especially 'Truly Indian Bombay Pav Bhaji'. Beware high salt content 550mg per 1/2 cup serving (23% of daily allowance). 3.75 Stars.
229047229047B000B1M24KA2E5C8TTAED4CQS. Linkletter5551274140800Tasty Orange OilMy first bottle of orange oil from this producer was a gift. I did not even open the bottle for several years. Then I decided to try it in some homemade bubble bath. The experiment was a failure, but it smelled heavenly. Since my favorite cream chocolate filling is orange, I decided to try adding a few drops to our microwaved chocolate cake that I make most evenings for a treat. It's delightful! I have also been successful in making stir-fried orange chicken using this oil, and I sometimes put a little into hot chocolate. When the gift bottle was down to only one-third, I started looking on Amazon for a replacement bottle. In the end, I decided to go with the same brand. If I could make just one wish about this product, I would like a way to always add drops instead of an uncontrolled dribble. However, I'd rather have it the way it is than to pay more or get a poorer product.
229048229048B000B1M24KAD1IIV34IW9QGFieona3351231632000DelicousThis oil is wonderful to add to cookies, cakes (and cake mixes), frostings, shakes, and many more places. I have used it with confectionary sugar and made a lovely icing for scones. It is strong, so add just a few drops at a time until the flavor is to your liking.
229049229049B000B1M24KA2IIOKUHLJK0IZSwamp Fox II "Not a Wookie!"2251312761600Good Stuff!A bit pricey, but good deal at Amazon, though there are more expensive ones.

Very nice orange citrus flavor. Add a few drops, but no more to your home-made whole grain grain and see how it perks up the flavor of the bread!

Great when I cannot get really good oranges for their zest.

Would recommend something that I have used for years!
229050229050B001LNQJGOA1388KQ2N11A7XKDT0011346371200Wrong ItemI ordered the Wrigley Spearmint Heritage Collectible Chewing Gum Tin and received 40 packs of wrigley spearmint gum which is not what I ordered!!!! I am very disappointed that I didn't receive what I thought I ordered!! NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! I'm scared to return the gum because I'm afraid that I will not get my refund!!! Ver disappointed!!!!

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