Amazon Fine Food Reviews

229051229051B002OUL02GA33UA385TDOPXVKelly0051341532800Great SnackI saw Matt's Munchies on a Dr. Oz show and decided to try them. They were delicious and low in calories! A little pricey but I would definitely buy them again.
229052229052B001I631C4A2I6XH7B2LMDHLJ. Luring0051260921600Easy Now tea is great!I put 1-2 teabags of Easy Now in an entire teapot let it steep for 20-30 min and have some before bed. No matter when I got to sleep, I always wake up 7-8 hours later, feeling good, and without having woken up in the middle of the night. (except maybe to use the restroom, but I always fall back asleep instantly) Its also great anytime during the day to just calm your nerves, it won't make you sleepy. This is easily my favorite calming tea.
229053229053B0018CLZWGA395TORJ8RFIJJJordan Miller "silverocean"0051323216000My dog loves these treats!!My dog loves these bite-sized salmon treats. They are in an easy-to-hold cube shape that does not disintegrate in your hand, and I feel good knowing it's all pure salmon, not filler. Great treat!!
229054229054B0018CLZWGA13HXL08JX43X5S. F. Duffy0051322611200Crack for dogs!!!!!Our dogs LOVE this treat and will do anything for it!!It is great for getting them to do just about anything!!
229055229055B00198JXW8A113Y66I3243QAMariposa Preciosa3351295654400More than a cleanseI researched this product on the Wisdom of the Ages website too and found many awesome reviews of the product. I've only used it for a month and have seen great results. The first week I used ToxiClenz I also used Burdock root supplement and tea and completely changed my diet - cutting out anything processed or with preservatives (ingredients I can't pronounce)- and feel great! My body is the happiest and healthiest it's even been. I HIGHLY recommend this product!
229056229056B00198JXW8AIRP51AZRDH9JMarilyn Purdy "nutritionist w/a mission"3351274227200ToxiClenzReally liked this product. Gentle but effective cleanse for those who have heavy metal problems and/or parasites.
229057229057B00198JXW8A1REIDRM78Y3UOpapasapples2251269216000ToxiClenzI first received this product from my chiropractor about 7 years ago and have been using it sinse. When my digestive system isn't doing well I always reach for my ToxiClenz and I start to feel better in about two days. A wonderful product!!!
229058229058B0044QFQD2A3NDTZQSUOAE1VSherri Etheridge0051340755200Made in the USAMy dog loves these and the Pur-Luv's are made in the USA. I have banned anything from China after she almost died from bad jerky treats. These are safe & I like that!
229059229059B0018CIPFQAUXHQNC80DQCUIvan Rossman0031343865600Ridiculous price increase!I've been buying this food over a year from Amazon in the 18lb. bag. Like others have said, the 18lb bag is no longer available and have been replaced with a 6 lb bag at almost the same price. The 18 lb bag is still being made by Diamond Naturals, so not sure why Amazon is no longer selling it. Will have to buy from a different site now, sorry Amazon.
229060229060B0018CIPFQA3UGB3FGBDBRTXBob S.0011343865600The old switcherooI was purchasing this type of cat food for over a year now. I was paying about $20 for an 18 lb bag each time I bought it. I ordered it again and much to my surprise, the UPS guy handed me a much smaller box than I was expecting. I opened it up and there was only a 6 lb bag. I was wondering if I bought the wrong size or if they sent me the wrong product, but what actually happened is they jacked the price of the 6 lb bag up to the price of the 18 lb bag and discontinued the 18 lb size. I can't help but feel ripped off, as I would not pay that much for such a small bag of cat food. Guess I'm off looking for a new brand of cat food now.
229061229061B0018CIPFQA34O4XFM5CHEPIAmy "Amy"2421320883200Great before HUGE price hikeI purchased this a month ago for $10.99 - and now it is $18.99. So bye-bye to Diamond Naturals. I am going to look for another brand. It is ridiculous to have such a huge price increase (at once esp.).

Too bad as I had purchased this product for months.
229062229062B0018CCQWOA2CYNULOBYISAZAngel L. Maki3331262995200speedy shippingI was very happy with the quick shipping as i needed it for a school product for my daughter but when it came in the roof was broken and the corner of the house was broken. I couldn't send it back as i needed for a project.
229063229063B0018CCQWOA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"3341247875200My sons 9 & 11 loved making this, as easy enough to do by themselves. With adult supervision any age can do this neat project.Really easy project for family fun anytime not just for Christmas. Just put icing between cookies and stack. Then ice outside and decorate. Great for all ages. Strawberry licorice rope looks like stuck together but just find end and unwind.

* CAUTION UNDER 3** Small hard candy decorations swallowing hazard.

Comes with everything you need except bowls an spoons.
contains :
cookie pieces
Large bag yellow colored icing ( East to mix with just fork, you add water slowly as to not get to thin)
small white icing bag (you add water slowly)
green color to add to small amount of white
3 clear decorator
4 plastic decorator tips ( can save to reuse)
small bead candy for decoration 9chokign hazard)
strawberry licorice rope
1 small tube of orange writing icing
Hard candy wreath decoration about 2" diameter
Gummy Spongebob about 4" tall
Gummy Patrick about 4" tall

Icing set up hard so when you go to eat it has to be pried apart in pieces. Cookies do get a little softer in the middle.

Make anytime of year. Leave off wreat and Patrick and cut out Spongebob's head so does not look like chirstmas.
229064229064B0018CCQWOAEC3FERY6U28IBigCityLady1141293408000Spongetastic!My son is a SB fanatic so I was so excited to find this for the 2010 holiday season as every year we do some version of gingerbread. I knew by reading reviews that there wouldn't be enough yellow frosting so I whipped up so edible glue (water and confectionery sugar) to hold the levels of gingerbread that make the pineapple and save the yellow frosting for the outside - this worked great. It was a really fun idea that we enjoyed creating. The licorice was worthless though...
229065229065B0018CCQWOA5EQO6GVEIT4Mlazylana051121291852800not as easy as it looksthis isn't as easy as it looks, doesn't came with enough yellow frosting, and the frosting doesn't stick very well. My 5 year old did like making it though.
229066229066B0018CCQWOA18OUU4I29BU9FJennifer L. Eidsvold "ShaylaRed"2311262649600Not one but twice came broken.I am a preschool teacher and do a G is for Gingerbread unit every January. I was on vacation during Christmas and when I got back not a gingerbread kit was to be found. Which is odd. I needed one for my preschool class and needed it in less then a week. I looked everywhere and could not find ont. So I had one overnighted from Amazon on NYE and it came yesterday. I pick this one because of the Rudolph theme. The gingerbread itself came broken. Like unable to use would need a glue gun to get it to work broken. It's non returnable. I called Amazon, they were nice enough to order me a second one since I spend a ton of money each year with them. This one also came broken. I order A LOT from Amazon and things do not come broken. I think only one time have I had returned something because it was broken in 100's of orders. But two of the same thing in a row?! I think it's the kit itself and nothing to do with how it was shipped. I will say most come UPS and overnight comes Fed Ed. But it's bubble wrapped very well. I think the gingerbread isn't good and cracks in shipping and breaks off. The rest of the kit is very cute. The first kit the candies had spilled out and where a mess in the box. But the second kit while the gingerbread was all broken up again the candies were all in their bags. Too bad. But I would try something else, stay away from this one.
229067229067B0018CCQWOA13HTFH4ZY0NCENatalieVee0051291161600Rudolph Gingerbread HouseI was pleasantly surprised to find this item had been delivered the day after my order, my speediest delivery to date. It probably helps my location is near. Everything looks just as described and pictured and I'm very happy to have done business with this seller. The Gingerbread house was carefully packaged as not to harm the fragile pieces inside. I'm excited to give this item as a gift.
229068229068B0018CCQWOAAX6FRNBEU9PKSusan Clinton "gammer"0041289865600Fun to paintThese cookies were fun to paint but not too tasty to eat!
The kids did not really care much, but it might have been
more fun if they could have eaten them.

They really had fun coloring them!
229069229069B0018CCQWOA3111G3DOYIV2ABB1221290211200disappointmentI was disappointed in this product because I thought it would be bigger.
Also, it did not come with enough icing. I had to use my own.
229070229070B0018CCQWOA3JO81AUCLO2U7Sara_Aiden1221290038400Cute Item... but expired!The whole idea of a Spongebob Ginger Bread Pineapple is really great, but the sticker that says "Use By" Has a 10 JN 16 date on it. If thats 2010- this is not good! I think it would be fun to make and a cute decoration, but my son is going to want to eat it. The least the seller could do is to check the expiration date! Its right on the front of the box! Not happy at all!!!
229071229071B003WOYK8YA37YPB776RQRVLA. Marcheski "Fortunate One"0051346716800Wish this were sold in more places!This gum brings back memories! It's so hard to find which stinks because it's so yummy!
The filling is so minty and yummy and fresh! Granted, the taste doesn't stick aroung long but this gum is so awesome! I love it! My son tried it and loved it so i'm buying him a case of it for Xmas!
229072229072B003WOYK8YA278MHAXFSACTNM. Miller "middaleman"0051312243200Best gum everI love this gum. My Grandmother used to keep it in her purse when I was a kid. I thought it had gone the way of the Dodo. Very happy to find it again. Did I mention that I love this gum?
229073229073B003WOYK8YA38Z91B1E8ZGGTgarinski0321305676800needs improvement!!I bought this gum because I remember chewing it as a kid and thought the juciy filling was the best!
Well, I can see why it can't be found in stores anymore. It was hard, the liquid center was more like gel and it lost all flavor within five minutes. I am really upset that I am stuck with a case of it! Waste of money!
229074229074B006ILRBK2A3OE3WUVN6ABW6Armeen Mazda1131346803200Not as pictured!No issue with the quality of the candy, but the packaging is completely different from what is pictured on the Website. You get 6 packs in a plastic baggy. No box.
229075229075B0044W4CCWA14EY85HLCGW2PMargaret Civil "Marge Civil"3351301356800Wintertgreen GumIt is hard to find this flavor of gum in local stores. The price is good and it lasts a long time.
229076229076B0044W4CCWA2LTJEVGV0QQQ9Legend9Nine1151349827200My favorite flavor, however...Finally found this, love the flavor, but the gum wasn't very fresh, I's say in stock for maybe a year or so. Great anyway, the flavor just didn't last as long.
229077229077B0044W4CCWADAD2S2SXOI6WRoger K. Geery1151328054400RefreshingI love this gum and the Wintergreen flavor. I was so disappointed when I couldn't find it in the stores anymore. I'm happy to find it here!! It is much more refrhesing than the other flavors and tastes natural.
229078229078B0044W4CCWA1CP6ZDNJNLO7ZSquirrelfiend0051339372800If you like Wintergreen Lifesavers you should try this!My local store stopped selling it by the pack, however Amazon still has it. I cannot describe how much I love this gum. I've always liked wintergreen lifesavers but I have a habit of sitting down with a bag and devouring them. I highly recommend trying this as an alternative.
229079229079B0044W4CCWA2VL5DCT9IR9MTTrophyslayer0051328572800Great price in subscriptionI get 5 boxes every 3 months shipped to my door, free shipping and cheaper price,
Hard to find the wintergreen in bulk in stores (bj's, sam's), this is the type my wife loves, so it is a great deal,

very reasonalbe charge
229080229080B0044W4CCWA3HJ4NUCBXVMY9Rebecca Stover0051326153600Great Buy!This was a great buy because this flavor of Trident is getting hard to find in stores. I have no idea why, other than it is my favorite flavor and anything I love seems to disappear LOL. So much more gum for so little compared to buying it one at a time or even in the three pack, IF you can find it anymore. Once again, Amazon has come to the rescue in finding something that seems to be doing a disappearing act on the shelves of the stores around here.

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