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229141229141B001942GAIA1EMCWEKP4Z8H1ShopAmazon0111319587200All broken in pieces. Expensive.These fruit chips are healthy but most of them are in broken pieces inside the bag even though the packaging is good. And it costs too much for the amount of chips.I do not recommend.
229142229142B001942GAIAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0121318809600I eat these when I want to punish myself.The Asian Pear nails you with an overwhelming aroma and not much improved flavor; I love Asian Pears but didn't find these comparable. Same with the Fuji apples, which taste..just..old. The strawberries and bananas are clearly the best, but still have a slight off taste to them.
PS Snagged 'em @ Costco...For cheaper, but the same product, of course.
BTW: Last time I checked, that's not what an Asian Pear looks like, box.
229143229143B001942GAIA26J1C8N72M3GBMommy in NC0151309824000Yummy!These are easily dissolvable for smaller kids. They are also addictively yummy. They are a staple in my 4 year old's lunchbox, and for an easy snack for my one-year old!
229144229144B001942GAIA2O1HTMTUKSMEXAtara0141309392000Maybe not that filling, but healthy - variety packIf your child is picky take note: the apple and pear look the same but the strawberry & banana are in tiny pieces and are red colored. For some reason, my 2 1/2 year old did not eat those. I'm not giving up, don't get me wrong, I think he will eventually eat them, but I'm just letting everyone know. I think these are a GREAT travel snack especially if you don't want to be cutting fruit. They kind of melt in your mouth which is cool. I would not say these will fill you up, even for a busy boy toddler, so you may want to add a protein or fat with this as a snack. That said, it will curb any minor munchies in a healthy way and on the go.
229145229145B001942GAIA2FIK0LQYFXUB4Emily Pritchett0151303948800Perfect for that picky toddler who loves a little crunchWe have been trying to get my son to eat fruit as long as I can remember, with no progress. Until I found crisps, now he will sit down and eat an entire bag! His favorite is the apples. If I am not careful my 10 & 11 year old stepsons will raid the strawberry banana!!!!
229146229146B001942GAIA19VYDZRFJRQO4wendyk0151303344000Awesome snacksMy toddler and preschooler love these. They are healthier than many other snack options. Fruit is the only ingredient. Awesome! I hate giving my kids food with a lot of preservatives and artificial ingredients. My hubby and I love them too.
229147229147B001942GAIA299IGRBXYEH68Mom2Three0131267488000YUM!! Great for kids with sensory issues...but they are from ChinaI have a 2-year-old daughter with some sensory issues which have greatly affected her eating. She will not eat anything that doesn't feel or look right to her. The only fruits she will eat is a whole apple (with half of the skin peeled off so that she can hold it from the side with the peel on, and eat from the peeled side!), and these freeze dried strawberries. One package is just the right size...there is enough for her in the bag, but not so much that there are leftovers which get soggy. I am so glad to have found another fruit for her to eat! She will not touch real strawberries.

My 4-year-old can't stay away from these strawberries and loves all of the other flavors we've tried, too. She will down 3-4 bags a day if I let her. And my husband, who is thrilled when he actually gets in one serving of fruit per day, will eat a bag if I put it in front of him or it ends up in his lunchbag.

I love that I don't have to worry about strawberries getting moldy the day after I buy them, so I can stock up!

EDIT: Just found out these are from China. Wouldn't buy them again...
229148229148B001942GAIA3AUSKRTH4QC50S. Graham "Graham Mommy"0151254873600The whole family LOVES these snack crisps! Healthy too!These fruit crisps are WONDERFUL! A whole pear in one little bag - and a quick and easy snack. This is a great way to get that "crunch" without potato chips or other unhealthy snacks! My only problem is that I want to eat more than one bag at a time - that can get a little pricy!

Great item!
229149229149B001942GAIA3E2OOZR76N4JDjc1311313712000Made in China - No Thanks!Can't get past the fact that these are made in China. I'm surprised at the "organic" food imported from China. I check EVERY label now --- recently I even found several organic frozen veggies from China---broccoli for one. Also, check Mrs. May's nut snacks---also from China.
229150229150B001942GAIA1RY0J84Q9PIUXSarah1311305763200Great taste but AWFULLY PackagedBefore I even start the review, I want to tell you this shipment was 2 days late, so I could not be used for the purposed I planned for. I bought this to take it to a picnic so I can share with others. It taste great, real fruits, and it's much better than other junk snacks, but It was ALL BROKEN into small pieces. I mean a half inch size. I gave this to my little one who's 13 month old and he liked it, but I would not pay my money on this item and I will never bring this to a picnic to share with others since I do not want to be embarrased.
229151229151B001942GAIAADG6XXMQLZH2kerylc1321299369600ewwwww.While they may be good for you, these do not taste good. They taste weird and get stuck in your teeth.
229152229152B001942GAIA1YCNDXBGJ08NRM. Ferguson "MAF"2511311292800Made in ChinaThese are good, but they are made in China. I wondered if they followed safe practices. Not being certain, I'll opt out of buying again.
229153229153B001942GAIAAIJT4YYRY83ZABC DEF2521227052800Dissolves in mouthI find the crisps dissolve in your mouth and aren't especially filling. It's pretty tasty and an unbelievable 40 calories per pack. But I think I'll stick to regular apples as more filling and tastier.
229154229154B001942GAIA14L9XQV7GV1PYCookie Monster0351323648000Great buyI Love this cookie dough much better than typical chocolate chip. I baked these cookies for soldiers downrange and they were a hit. The cookies are easy to make requiring only and egg and some buter and the cookies are moist. I added myself to the subscritption list and have not been disappointed. It is much easeir to have these mailed monthly in a large box than to make a trip to the over packed grocery stores regularly
229155229155B001942GAIA35IL4T7WKDNCDPeter E. Warner "sfwizard"0311302566400Brothers-ALL-Natural Fruit CrispsThis product stains fingers. Much different than expected- I didn't even know what crisps were-now I know. They stick my teeth too! I gave them away to a neighbor...not for me!
229156229156B001942GAIA26RIN52UDSLHVDenise Fletcher "FirstTimeMom"0351302566400GREAT snacks for daughter (AND Hubby & I)I love that these snacks are 100% organic fruit with no additives. They break into small pieces for a healthy snack for my little one who is learning to eat solids. My husband and I love to grab them for a great on-the-go snack for ourselves, too!!
229157229157B001942GAIA2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"1551246665600Amazon PLEASE......I have not yet tried this product, but given the reviews - - and what I have seen of other products in this genre, this sounds perfect for my food allergen, diabetic, restricted diet. SO, I am writing this to beg AMZ to please put all of these products in their Subscribe & Save line. Since the product link cannot find these; I am referring to:
Brothers-ALL-Natural Variety Pack Crisps, Fuji Apple, Asian Pear +,
Strawberry/Banana, 24-Count Bags AND
ALL Other products by Brothers-ALL-Natural
229158229158B001942GAIA9EDHXR808QKOJudith A. Bennett21111242691200Dry - Dry - Dry crispsThis product was awful!!!!!!!!! It was so dry it sticked to your teeth and made you gag!!!
229159229159B001942GAIA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"495051266278400Great Fruit Snacks - Highly Recommended!A friend recommended these Brothers Crisps and I am very pleased that we took her advice! Being a type 2 diabetic and trying to watch my carbs and calories, these are good snacks that satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings without overly spiking up my blood sugar levels. The real test with any "good for you" snacks is if my teens will eat them, and they also love them!

These are made from real fruit (and nothing else) that has been sliced and freeze dried, making them crispy (exactly like "Astronaut Ice Cream") but they will reconstitute in your mouth if you leave them in long enough. This process also makes them very flavorful.

This variety pack has an assortment of 3 different types, Fuji Apple, Strawberry Banana, and Asian Pear.

Fuji Apple:
About 1 1/2 Apples per pack
39 Calories
7 NET Carbs (6 from sugar)

Strawberry Banana:
About 1 Banana and 4 Strawberries per pack
45 Calories
8 NET Carbs (6 from sugar)

Asian Pear:
About 1 1/2 Pears per pack
40 Calories
8 NET Carbs (7 from sugar)

I like the Asian Pears the best, but all of the flavors are really good. The Strawberries can be a little tart which is different and not displeasing to me.

These are a good tasting healthy snack alternative that, if it wasn't for the fairly high cost, I would keep on hand all of the time!

Highly Recommended!

Note: These are made in China

229160229160B001942GAIA5O8VBLGPS1GHMaliceBliss151651231718400Definately worth itEvery variety I have tried has been flavorful. There are no funny after tastes like with some other products. I would highly recomend. Great individual serving sizes which helps for 'good for you' snacking and portion size.
229161229161B001942GAIA5D2SF1EMAAB2J. Hooper222651264809600Tastes Great but concerned about manufacturing processesTo be completely and 100% fair, I have tried this product before and enjoyed it. The only part that concerns me is that this product is manufactured in China, with no information on the sources of the fruits. On their website they say they "source fresh fruit" and that " We are not concerned about issues surrounding where our product is produced because we take great care to ensure the quality and food safety of our products." I'm not suggesting that this product is bad (which is why I gave it 5 stars) but I share more of a concern than evidently the company does, as to where they are getting this fruit, processing it and shipping it. With the history China has had with kid's toys/formula/etc in the past, let's just say we don't feed these products to our child. I would love it if the company would provide a tour and exact explanation of the process and sources, rather than discounting that information all together.
229162229162B001942GAIA914A2LHN8BJIAmy B. Asmus283531225929600WRONG count listed on web.It is marked as a 24 count on the web page, but when I recieved my order the box is only a 12 count.... makes the variety twice the cost as the individual flavors. I love the product, just think Amazon should take the 24 count expectation off if they are only going to send one box.
229163229163B001942GAIA3O42SB12IAE4GS. Kelso455911305849600Made In ChinaDid a lot of research on these, but just can't get past the fact that it is all grown in China. That is enough for me. Do your research on the mass pollution they have there and how it ends up in the dirt. MUCH more than the US. No way is my little girl going to be eating these. It's a shame because it's the perfect snack. It's also a shame since the company just wants to save the extra money so they must be saving quite a bit if they still ship all this back to the US and STILL save money. No thanks. I will stick to organic ALL AMERICAN food.
229164229164B001942GAIA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner5551265068800A great Trio of Flavors ...I really love the Brothers Crisps simply because they are preservative free, and I have preservative allergies! To be specific, these are sulfite-free, not to mention: gluten-free, vegan, nut/tree-nut safe, dairy free, Non GMO, and even Kosher.

This particular variety contains three of my faves, so instead of ending up with 72 bags to get the entire assortment - I ordered the variety and got 24, a much more manageable number!

Here's the rundown on what's in the package

Strawberry/Banana - contains 1 banana and about 4 strawberries. These are an interesting combination of tart and sweet, and are my personal favorites. I've occasionally even used these on my oatmeal, although I enjoy them straight out of the pack. (45 Calories)

Fuji Apple - most kid friendly. Strong and sweet apple taste, nice large pieces that look like apple slices. The package contains 1 1/2 apples and really would make a good substitute for potato chips in a lunch. In fact, most kids would consider it a treat. My sister's grand-kids raid her cupboard for these. (39 Calories)

Asian Pear - about the same sweetness of the Fuji apple but without the apple (or strong pear) taste. Once again, this contains 1 1/2 pears, so it really gets you going on your fruit requirements. (40 Calories)

The highest nutritional level is the Strawberry/Banana Combo since the strawberries are such a great source of vitamin C, but all of the packs are great choices.

Because these are freeze-dried instead of dehydrated, there is no sticky residue to worry about. They are perfect for carrying in the car, sitting at a desk, hiking, backpacking, wherever you want an easy-to-grab healthy fruit snack.
229165229165B001942GAIAJBXOYYA3PZW7Doctor D5541240704000Great snack - BUT, title is deceiving!!!These are WONDERFUL -- BUT, the title makes it sound like you get 24 bags that are 8.46 ounces each. NOT SO! Each bag is only 0.35 ounces. The 8.46 ounces is the amount you get for all the bags put together.

As I said, these are wonderful! But they are very expensive for the amount you get.

I gave them 4 stars because the title is deceiving! If you zoom in on the picture, you'll see the bag says 0.35 ounces.
229166229166B001942GAIAKDMVTVW1PESVNYS Reviewer7811296345600Don't Buy the Plain Strawberry!My children and I have had the Strawberry Banana Crisps and have loved them. But after a while they started to pick out just the strawberry pieces. So when I saw they had a plain strawberry option here I was thrilled. When they arrived I was shocked to find out that unlike the strawberry banana variety, which are nicely sliced pieces, the strawberries were WHOLE strawberries. And also unlike the strawberries in strawberry banana combination these strawberries were BITTER. I mean inedible bitter. Just a word of caution that Amazon does not take returns on grocery items. I am now out $20.
229167229167B001942GAIA2SS2Z1T1LXTWGR. P. Poletti "Just a guy"141811301443200Tasty, no vitamins, made in China, deceptive packagingWhile these are tasty snacks, there is virtually no nutritional value in them. A quick check of the label shows insignificant amounts of and vitamins, even vitamin C, in any of the varieties. By insignificant, I mean less than 10% RDA. That is far below what one might find in the claimed 1-1/2 apples or pears per package. I will add that under ingredients, the only thing listed is the freeze-dried fruit on the label; there appear to be no additives, not even sugar, of any kind. While they are not strictly bad for you, this snack certainly qualifies as empty calories. Frankly you get more vitamins from a bag of potato chips.

In addition, these are made in China, this is stated on each envelope. Draw your own conclusions.

Finally, the package counts are deceptive. The subtexts often says "24 count". Then in Amazon inset says "2 pack". This leads a reasonable person to believe they are getting 2 24 packs for a total of 48 individual snack envelopes. In fact these are sold in packs of 12 (TWELVE) and you get two of them for a total of 24. I find this deceptive, or at best, confusing.

[Update, May 2012: It appears that the description of the item has been changed to avoid the confusion as to how many you are actually getting.]

To conclude, these are tasty, the texture is good, there seems to be no odd ingredients, refined sugar or artificial stuff and the serving size is reasonable. However, the utter absence of any nutritional value tells me that the process used to "freeze-dry" these seems different from other freeze-dry methods in that it is particularly destructive to nutrients. I find the fact that they are made in China troubling. Finally, the deceptive package counts found here in the product descriptions lead me not to purchase this again. [Note my previous acknowledgement of the improved product count description.]
229168229168B001942GAIAQJO5TOH4LU8MBULLGATOR "SGK"4411297123200These strawberry crisps taste like they've gone badMy daughter loves this product and often purchases it from a local specialty market. But they are very pricey and this seemed a better way to purchase them. But what we got was something that looked the same, but the product inside was much different. The crisps in the store are nice slices that taste like strawberries. These are mangled pink bits that taste like strawberries that went bad. Maybe this is just a bad batch, but as you cannot return the items, I am not going too waste anymore money from this seller or on this item from him.
229169229169B001942GAIA35WQBVE2OUI6VHC6711301443200These are terribleI was so excited to get these. I figure they would taste along the lines of the dehydrated strawberries you find in cereal. I was completely wrong. When I opened the package it smell terrible and tasted even worse. It didn't even taste like strawberries.
229170229170B001942GAIA3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk3351269043200TastyUltra light weight and real live fruit, a great combination. The fruit is freeze dried, for those of you that remember space ice cream, it is the same idea. The fruit is sliced and placed in a machine that freezes the fruit and then a vacuum pulls off the water. The process retains a lot of the original flavor and preserves the fruit for almost eternity (well about two years expiration date on the pouches) without using any chemicals.

The taste is really nice. These are all crisp fruit pieces, not the gummy fruit leather food. Banana / Strawberry is probably the tastiest and most fragile. The strawberry flavor is strong and the bananas are subtle without picking up the strawberry flavor. Apples come in a nice second. The pieces are thick and about two inches in diameter. The pears are good, maybe a touch tart and have the same texture as the apples.

The fruit is completely dry and absorbs water in your mouth very quickly. If you eat it too fast, the strawberries coat your teeth a little bit. The others are very clean to eat.

I like these packages in my carryon bag for plane trips. They make a great emergency snack, take up little space, and weigh nothing. Number two son packs these in his lunch almost every day now. He likes the strawberry banana the best. I really like all three flavors.

The pouches list that they are a product of China. I list that as information so you can be aware of where this fruit comes from, and make no value judgment for you. The manufacturing process has been around for a very long time. It is a very safe process, and as long as the fruit going in is good, the food should be good. So far every pouch has been consistently good.

I like these a lot. They make a great snack.

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