Amazon Fine Food Reviews

229195229195B001942GAIA1PPXE7Z4IPYOJB. L. Gadsby "pinky"1151252886400yumthis melts in your mouth, what a taste blast when it rehydrates. This is the best of all the freeze dried fruits on the market- probably tried all of them- besides taste , it's low cal, good for you and can it get more convenient? Buy these
229196229196B001942GAIAJBXOYYA3PZW7Doctor D1141240704000Great snackThese are great snacks. But realize what a small quantity each bag is. Unfortunately, they are quite an expensive little treat.
229197229197B001942GAIAJBXOYYA3PZW7Doctor D1141240704000Watch out - descriptipon is deceiving!These are WONDERFUL -- BUT, the title makes it sound like you get 24 bags that are 6.78 ounces each. NOT SO! Each bag is only 0.28 ounces. The 6.78 ounces is the amount you get for all the bags put together.

As I said, these are wonderful! But they are very expensive for the amount you get.

I gave them 4 stars because the title is deceiving! If you zoom in on the picture, you'll see the bag says 0.28 ounces.
229198229198B001942GAIA1RUHECPH9085OFrosty1151235865600Gotta Love Them!My family loves dried fruit and we have searched high and low to find a dried strawberry without sugar that would stay crisp and had flavor. These Crisps are great! My four year old ate three packages the first day we had them and my husband loved them so much he bought the Asian Pears, Bananas, and Peaches too. Love them all but the strawberries are the best. They are whole berries not sliced and they come in individual 1/2 cup serving bags so they don't absorb unwanted moisture like some tubs of berries do after opening. They are not sweetened, so if it's sugar you are after you might be disappointed. The real berry flavor is awesome.
229199229199B001942GAIA230UJZM9FPLNISara1151230854400Great Toddler and Adult Snack!These are yummy and a great snack for toddlers. My 22 mo old daughter gobbles these up and she is very picky. She loves cruncky snacks so it is always a challange to find healthy options she'll actually eat. These are great, my husband and I love them too. They are hard to keep stocked in the pantry. Yes they are still only shipping one 12pack instead of two but they will ship you the addtional one when you call. Hopefully they'll fix that soon. Otherwise I get these at our Costco too.
229200229200B001942GAIA3590XF9DNK645D. C. Carr3411323561600Nasty!!!Poor quality product. Chips have very little flavor. They are the consistancy of styrofoam.
Would not recommend or purchase again>
229171229171B001942GAIAFKWPVE1825POK. Eickhoff "Amazonfan"3331233792000Good but VERRRY messy!I buy these for my 22 month old son. He LOVES them however they are extremely messy. Everything turns red, so be prepared!
229172229172B001942GAIA2QXA5PKKQMOCLj "j"5651217894400great baby food snack!my baby eats these snacks frequently. They dissolve in the mouth easily. I like them too. If you have to worry about food allergies, these are great b/c it is in a nut/peanut free facility.

The apples & pears are the best. The peaches are ok...not as sweet, kind of bitter. They also make potato chips which aren't fried or baked! They aren't as good though as regular chips, but a much better alternative.

I love these products & glad to see Amazon is finally carrying them
229173229173B001942GAIASN2IR2K9V0XEJohn "Teacher and mom of 2 kids, Lila-4 and J...2211316476800Not as good as the othersI'm a big fan of Brothers fruit crisps. I've gotten the multi pack at Costco before and love all of those flavors (apple, pear, strawberry/banana). The peach are very bland and taste more like cardboard than peaches. My suggestion is to stick with Brothers but skip this flavor.
229174229174B001942GAIA26K3YUJWZR6NDC. Lindsey2241283126400I wish they weren't made in China, but they are GOOOOOD...OK, so I didn't know these were from China when I bought them and I really wish they weren't. It's given me pause and I have yet to buy more. That being said, they are DELICIOUS and I will most likely purchase again.
229175229175B001942GAIA1FXY0GUFHEI59reg2251233187200Good ProductAnother dried fruit that I bought from Amazon was out of stock, so I bought these. My grandson loves them (he's 19 months). My daughter likes them because they are big pieces. The others were small and left crumbs in the tray of his stroller. We will be buying more of these.
229176229176B001942GAIA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter4511303862400Sour StrawberriesI was excited to try this product. But the strawberries were very sour compaired to the rest of the fruit. Dissapointed.
229177229177B001942GAIA2UVRQI23RKNN2debbie lou "Debbie"101411282780800Not Good on several levelsMade in China! Food quality and growing conditions concern me. Packages are full of small broken pieces. Couldn't tell how many of each fruit were in the 12 count variety box. Thought there'd be 4 of each flavor...Only 2 pears and 2 strawberries - rest were apples. Taste is very good but never would have bought if I'd known the origin. Not sure where packaging failed but broken tiny pieces aren't what my 1-year old grandson wants. USA doesn't have fruit??? Won't buy again.
229178229178B001942GAIA1A3VXAK3HR6U6bookreader1111348963200Food product of ChinaAny country that repeatedly has safety warnings on nearly everything produced should not be exporting food. Additionally a country that has millions upon millions of people starving, should not be exporting food. Shame on this company for finding the lowest cost producer to safe a few dimes.
229179229179B001942GAIA2JGFD50YROY8VJ. Bunner1131343779200Meh! There's Better Available.Ordered these for a family member stationed overseas...sampled each flavor and - Meh! -. Costco stores have freeze-dried fruit crisps under their Kirkland name which taste MUCH better and are cheaper. I'll eat these and send the good stuff out in the next care box. For those of you who are detail oriented: the pears are good, the strawberry / banana borders on nasty tasting and the apple just "Ok".
229180229180B001942GAIAFVHFU48J1ORYjgentry1131332720000Tasty but not much of a snackThese are an absolutely delicious snack, however I found them to be so lightweight that I can eat an entire box in one sitting. It may be just me, but I was hoping for more of a potato-chip replacement snack that was healthier, but the amount of these I need to eat defeats the purpose.

Just be aware that these are not a filling snack at all.
229181229181B001942GAIA3SCFZFC9WSE37summer341151332374400Great productI am always ordering these snacks. They are totally fruit that is freeze dried. There is no other added ingredient. I used to purchase these at Wal-mart and then they quit getting them. So thankful for Amazon.
229182229182B001942GAIAMI69YOH12HHDRaisingCainx21151318896000Great for all agesI bought these and served them at a birthday party. Everyone was in love with them, from the 18 month old to the 86 year old. All natural, delish, and in a portioned controlled size. What is not to love?
229183229183B001942GAIA34IBKWOH4KZAZFunnyFarmMom1151318291200DELICIOUSI fell in love with these sweet treats. I have been eating them crunched up on fresh spinach leaves with dried cranberries and raspberry vinagrette dressing and have lost 30 lbs combing that meal with fat free milk. I find myself munching on these by themselves at 30 calories per pack with all the nutrients it is a wonderful snack!
229184229184B001942GAIA3TRSNBD4L1CGSashfault "ashfault"1151317772800Perfect SnackI order these in bulk because they are so delicious. The variety pack is really nice. I especially like the pear, yuuummmmy. Great for Weight Watchers.
229185229185B001942GAIA39V44IGX56DE3S. Benz "craft nutt"1151314144000absolutely yummyThese fruit snacks are perfect. I took a few bags to work and shared them with my coworkers and now they want them all the time. I told them to buy them from amazon. I won't share the strawberry bannana bags though they are mine, mm mm good.
229186229186B001942GAIA15OXFTNW9BFYXannietone1151313884800Brothers dried fruit packsWow! We were pleasantly surprised by this product. We love to eat dried fruit, and the handy packs were great for an on the run treat. I will be buying more for lunchboxes! The Asian Pear was my daughter's favorite.
229187229187B001942GAIATUDI9SJ03B45graphixgurl1151304640000These are awesome!!They are tastey and addictive. Sure, the price is a bit much, but for 2 boxes of 12 bags each, I'd definitely order these again. You know that when there is only one ingredient: freeze-dried fruit, you really can't go wrong. I've made many of my co-workers into fellow addicts.
229188229188B001942GAIA1T8C9PKE13XEWTM1141303776000Low Item Count!I have enjoyed 7 of the 24 delivered. However, if you read the back of packaging it states that each package has 7-10 strawberries. This is the count on the 7 opened, 5-6-5-7-5-5-8. Strawberries are very good, but would like to enjoy the amount stated, especially when being shared with my grandson:) Very inaccurate quantity count!
229189229189B001942GAIAE6KQV98N017YD. McMillon1151302393600yummyMy Husband and myself really enjoyed them and I sent some pacs to my Daughter and grandson and they liked them and some friends from my grandsons playdates really liked them too. I think its awesome that yall are using our favs - fujis and asian pears -YEA!!!
229190229190B001942GAIA3KWQ4OIKO8M9RCotton Candy1121301788800It's so soThe assorted package comes with extra "apples" which happens to be the most yucky one. The pear was not bad, only the bananas in the strawberry bananas was decent to eat, strawberries were way too tangy
229191229191B001942GAIAAQLAU6G7PSOFLindaV1151273536000Real Fruit!This snack is crispy and delicious! The crispiness had me doubting if it was really just pears or a partial rice snack but just hold it in your mouth for a few seconds and it actually becomes the pear slice which proved to me it is actual pears alone. I shared with many friends and all gave high approval. Calorie is low but hard to stick to one serving! I ordered another box of 24! (This is also available on Amazon without the Donald Duck packaging.)
229192229192B001942GAIABOFCCN4O02D0A. Gershman1131270857600Love these...don't love the priceThought I was getting a good deal on these because I saw them for $1 a pouch at Babies R Us but as it turns out, Costco sells them for much cheaper. Excellent product for my 14 month old though. He's not a big fan of the Bananas but loves everything else.
229193229193B001942GAIA19XFSZJWHOLL7P. Godino1131269648000yummy but this price is way too much24 bags for $22? thats very expensive. sure they taste really good especially the strawberry/banana and the fuji apples but they have this variety pack at Costco for $12.99 with 10 fuji apples, 5 strawberry/banana, 5 asian pears = 20 bags.
229194229194B001942GAIA3ULCA4ZEBI8WAS. Kwolek1151267574400Great Product!Brothers Fruit Crisps taste great and are perfect to keep in the car for on-the-go healthy snacks. My children love the Fuji Apple and Asian Pear flavors, but are so-so on the Strawberry/Banana (like the strawberry, don't like the banana). They are a fun way to have fruit on the go when food spoilage could be an issue. I definitely recommend them. We do, however, choose fresh fruit when it is an option as it is a less expensive option.

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