Amazon Fine Food Reviews

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229232229232B001942GAIA3HRWZW3ZK6W49Kristen McDaniel0041278028800Great purchase!All 3 flavor packs are very tasty and low calories. They travel well & are not crumbly like some of their competitors. I would buy this again.
229233229233B001942GAIA3FLTVMMRDCBO1Jessica K. McCoy-Lewis "Sooner Jess"0051277164800Great snack when fresh fruit isn't an optionI can't stand the thought of feeding my daughter processed, sugary snacks that lack nutrients. I give her fresh fruit and vegetables as often as possible. These are perfect for stocking the diaper bag so she can have an impromptu snack. I try everything I give her because if I won't eat it, I won't make her eat it. I love these! The apple is probably my favorite. The banana does leave a strange after taste but that's to be expected.

I saw a review that said they only received a 12 pack but I didn't have that problem. They\re packaged in a 12 pack but I was sent 2 of them. I received these very quickly too.

Overall, a great product.
229234229234B001942GAIA11T3YPCC0HRT1C. McDaniel0051275609600Great taste,even little ones like itI bought these on a Friday sale and thought that maybe my daughter would enjoy a bag as a snack. I received the correct pack size as stated. Upon arrival I gave my daughter a bag and she loved them. She has liked all of the various flavors. i tried them myself and they have a really good flavor for dried fruits. I will be buying more once she has eaten these...recommended.
229235229235B001942GAIA17WW1JMGA988BS. Libby0051272844800Great texture and flavorThese are a great and easy way for getting all your fruit servings. Also great for dieters on the go. They are much better than more traditional dried fruits.
229236229236B001942GAIA1SJINY26T8LWGS. Taves0051271462400Truly tasty!!!I just received these today. I immediately opened one of the packages to give it a try. I am impressed with just how flavorful these freeze-dried fruits are. They have a satisfying crunch, like a chip, but so much better for you than potato chips. I had ordered these to send in soldier care packages, which I still intend to do, but I'm ordering several more boxes for personal use. These will be great to add to my work lunch everyday, instead of those single-serving size potato chips. You get 2 boxes of 12 packages with this product.
229237229237B001942GAIA387753NS0KJGPM S "M S"0051270771200YUMMY! yummy!These were so delicious! I really like the strawberry banana the best but the pear and apple are so good too. These are great healthy and just the treat I was looking for on the go. I am definitely reordering.
229238229238B001942GAIA3EQG50UHMVAZRStanette Nece0051265673600Unbelievably delicious freeze dried applesI usually don't care for freeze dried fruit, but these are in a class by themselves. They are cored and PEALED, and melt in your mouth delicious. The same company makes the same product in separately decorated bags. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Kids and Crisps for adults. They are the exact same product, so if one is unavailable, you can purchase the other. My favorite is Apple. If you do purchase these, buy them through Amazon, as they sell them cheaper than the grocery store. These are really yummy and good for you too. I am a grandmother, and this wonderful treat was introduced to me by my grand daughter.
229258229258B000V1RBRSA3DWGIDZUA8PE7Laura Louise Harden "Taterbug"131351223424000Simply DeliciousI tried this mix for the first time today and the pancakes were SO good! They have a nice texture and delicious flavor. The nutritional value is great. They have 5 g of fiber per serving as well as 6+ grams of protein depending on how you prepare them. I will purchase these again. This is just another wonderful product from Bob's. I am a huge fan of their products.
229239229239B001942GAIA2JO7Q8QPEHRX0Meme' Nowak0051264377600greatA tasty & healthy desk snack, will tame a sweet tooth.
My box at home is kept where my 2 year old granddaughter can get at it and she seems to find it yummy as well.
I have tried the pear and apple which I love and my little one loves the peach as well
229240229240B001942GAIA3CP50M6TO97DWC. Hall0051263427200Very good freeze dried productMy whole family loves these freeze dried packs -- they are convenient for travel, and taste great.
229241229241B001942GAIA4SMGI83HDZF8Lucky Mommy0051253664000Great for toddlers!My 20 month old son can't get enough of these. We keep a box in the car for emergencies.
229242229242B001942GAIA32TPSQCYQS8YSM. Kolek0041252713600very yummy my kids loved theseThese were wonderful! Everyone in my house loved them. They were great for a snack at home or on the go.
229243229243B001942GAIAN9HZ39UMPHZTToria's Mom "Rebecca"0051248480000Best Snack EVER!We got these [...] for $7 a box which was a great price! My daughter is 1.5 yrs old and she LOVES them. When we ask her what she wants for a snack she says "Ap-ple" It is great, she gets a full serving of fruit and there is nothing in them that is bad for her. I think that the prices here seem high, however when you take into account that each bag has one whole apple, you would pay that amount for fresh produce and end up throwing out some of it anyways. My daughter easily finishes an entire bag and what she doesn't we can save for the next day. WE LOVE these apples!
229244229244B001942GAIA3JY89YA4I7K9TBabs Camp0051245888000Great SnackThese are the perfect little crunchy snack to pick you up just a bit. My son loves them and I think they are a great lo-cal snack.
229245229245B001942GAIA2N11LWL3AK2DBn.t.0051242345600cripsi bought it for my son. He absolutely loves the stawberry flavor. since we could only get this flavor in combination with other flavors in stores, I started searching the internet and found it at Amazon.
229259229259B000V1RBRSA30YWW1XFRVGJ9E. Nonimiss "buyer"91041207094400NiceGood fiber mix and nice alternate for other grain breakfast foods.
If you have a family of more than two, you should go through the
four pack in good time. Otherwise, one may have to freeze some extra
229260229260B000V1RBRSANL6K5TK4TJ48Seth Owens Knap3351326844800almost guilt freeThe pancakes and waffles taste great! I just follow the simple batter recipe, included in the packaging.
I use a Presto 3510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. I also like to add organic, cage free eggs and almond milk- when making batter. With grams of fiber (28% DV) and protein per serving, the nutritional value of this mix is very high. There is no saturated fat, trans fat, or cholesterol in this mix- before adding the eggs and milk. I added a pic of the nutritional information. The price is low, but the quality is very high. In order to maintain the most potential freshness, I store my unopened bags in a freezer and the open bag in the fridge.
229246229246B001942GAIA193UNMSVNQMCCC. J. Burrow "GFCF Mom"0051241395200Strawberry Lover's Dream & Great Value!Just got these and they are delicious! Crunchy through and through, which is hard to find with "dehydrated" fruits. Sweet, and tart, and crunchy, and oh so good. Also love that they come in individual packs--perfect for kids' lunches & car trips. At just over 80 cents a pack, it's a pretty good value for an all-natural yummy snack!
229247229247B001942GAIAGLVRJHYIKK06Scuba Bunny0051239321600TastyMy sister and I both really like these and we have purchased several cases so far. The individual packs make it easy to take them along for lunch or put them in a purse for a snack on the road.
229248229248B001942GAIA1GDZBFIS17SK9SN0051227225600Great snackThey are very light and not super filling, a great between meals snack or with lunch.
229249229249B0005ZH1U2A1RTSGY2749P9ZDavid Gurgel0021328054400Poor Spice Mix, DisappointingI tried Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit earlier this week, and it was excellent. I tried this one tonight using the same cuts of meat and was very disappointed. This one was peppery enough but seemed to lack cumin and garlic. Firey, but bland - thin tasting, not rich.
229250229250B00172HEEAA2JZFSOBX4K7J3Helen A. Trombley "READER"5551285372800Helps ease the acheHas helped my husband's aching back & my knees with only 1 tablet a day. Also have some friends taking it. One friend has arthritis in her hands with swollen knuckles. Had to have her rings resized. After a month of 1 tablet a day, her knuckles are noticeably reduced; she can also make a fist. Must have her rings resized AGAIN. She is thrilled. Tablets are much cheaper through Amazon. Around $25 in the health food stores.
229251229251B00172HEEAA1SBJSY58G7AXIMike Nadeau3341269216000Good buy for a tumeric formulaIf you try this product , you wont be disappointed. It is a nice formula that I have never come accross before. If you are interested in good health then its worth a try. It is priced middle of the road and has a fresh smell to it, with no after taste or burping problems.
229252229252B004ZV720QA3ATKIU6MZZ4MUM. Hudgens "mhleigh"0051350518400DeliciousI find I have grown somewhat addicted to having one of these crisps every morning with my coffee - they're not terribly filling because the crisps are relatively thin, but if like me you just need a little something to munch on in the morning these are the perfect pick. Easy to grab and go, delicious, crunchy, all that you could look for in the morning. Nice to buy them on sale or in bulk because they can be expensive.

I like both fruit flavors of this product, but not as much the chocolate or cinnamon flavors. I'm hoping they'll introduce more fruit flavors in the future.
229253229253B004JQXDQOAHS31ILS850DTSavedByGrace4900021335398400If you like good coffee, don't buy thisI like good coffee, and I can often get better coffee at a better price via the internet than I can at a local coffee shop. I love Mocha Java Decaf, it is my favorite. I was a little worried with this arrived, because it looks like it had been prepackaged and stored for a while (the bag was kind of beat up looking). When I opened the bag, I was very dissapointed. The coffee has very little aroma, and the ground is very large (you need a fine ground to get the most flavor out of coffee). Sure enough, I brewed a pot and it has very little flavor. Now I have 5 lbs of this stuff that I have to drink :(. I have stomach acid probems, so I was excited about getting this. What I do is drink my coffee with milk and it seems to bring the acid down to an acceptable level.
229254229254B000JMFCRUA14GF1F6N0L2KVmomd2241328054400Coriander from spiceIt looks good, purchased from amazon, however packaging date was August 2010 and stated good only for 24 months from date of package. The good thing is it has the dates, it will be better if dates print is more visible. It smells fresh. Have not used it yet.
229255229255B000JMFCRUA2AVZ576W4QRYMk tucey2251281398400fresh, fragrant and so much better than what you find at the grocery store.I ordered several whole seed spices and was very pleased with their freshness. Grinding just what you need only takes a minute and the payoff is worth the effort. Shipping time was excellent and everything came well packaged. I wouldn't hesitate to order again.
229256229256B0000VMA16A15LI24XAWS8RAM. Furlong "sunshine"0051329782400PERFECT PINK FOR MY BATTENBURG CAKEI bought this pink coloring recently for the two Battenburg cakes I made. It was easy to use, and I didn't need much, and the pink was perfect. The shipping was expensive, but I bought another pink coloring on the same site to make it worth my while, I won't need to buy any for a long time. I could of bought some different pink coloring somewhere else for less, but I wouldn't have been happy with the shade of pink. You can't beat perfect.
229257229257B000V1RBRSA25OE2QSYV6J38H. Skelcher141451244505600Amazing wafflesI bought this because I have recently switched over just about all of my food to organics. I was so happy to see that I could fix something that seems like a treat and yet was pretty darned good for you without being loaded with chemicals. I bought a waffle iron (the Presto Flipside--also 5 stars!)just for this batter. It works great in the iron and tastes amazing in the mouth! My family loves getting a special belgian waffle breakfast with berries on top every once in a while just to switch it up. You can make extra and freeze them then heat them in your oven on the rack again in about 12 minutes. I love it when DELICIOUS and CONVENIENT are combined with HEALTHY! I haven't even tried it for pancakes yet, but I'm sure it's just as wonderful.

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