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229261229261B000V1RBRSAZDDHSZJI3HJYBook Reader in OH4551266105600great waffles, even better muffins!we enjoyed the waffles and pancakes we made with this mix, but wanted something different. i checked the bob's red mill website and found a muffin recipe using this mix that is absolutely dynamite! carrots, zucchini, apple, raisins, flax meal, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger...look for it - you'll love 'em.
229262229262B000V1RBRSA2M263V0XH4BDJH. Haddock1131325289600Natural, nutritious but grainyI agree with the negative review that this mix produces very grainy waffles when made as instructed. I don't mind it that much. In fact, I chew very slowly and keep it in my mouth to allow the flavor to fully hit my taste buds with minimal syrup. My husband, who like most people, prefers smooth texture, does not like it even when paired with syrup. He does like it better when pairing the waffle with a much stronger sweetener - buckwheat honey, which also gives the end product a nutty flavor. My son, who is 7, does not like it, either, because of the visible dark grains in the waffle - he thinks it's "dirty". My 4-year-old daughter does not seem to mind it when paired with syrup.

That said, this is an honest product with all natural ingredients and definitely not one of those food-like products with smooth texture to lure you but are bad for your health in the long run. This is how waffles were supposed to come out 100 years ago when steel mills were not around and people were eating stone ground grains and living a much healthier life style. You can't beat 7g fiber per serving!

I recently learned that with whole grain products, egg whites can tone down the grainy texture compared to whole eggs. That's what I will try when the next shipment arrives. Another thing I will try is to put a pack of Truvia in the batter to sweeten it up a bit.

The shipping was quick. The product arrived intact and as described. Overall, I am happy with the product and the shopping experience.
229263229263B000V1RBRSAXGLSXXO1BOIXHoneys idea Gifts "Quality Matters"1121316995200Not greatThe product does cook as directed but, the taste is very "grainy" a little bit like cardboard, but not that bad. I tried to counteract it with cinnamon, honey, but it didn't work. I did do better using the mix like muffin mix and added fruits.
229264229264B000V1RBRSABKJQR05TOSHANicole Strong "nstrong"1151315526400Love this product!For around 12 bucks shipped for 4 bags this product is an amazing deal!
This actually has 7 grams dietary fiber per serving and 7 grams protein. Both my toddler and preschooler love it as well as my husband and I, I will keep coming back to amazon for more, love the convenience of having it shipped.
229265229265B000V1RBRSA223GK6YCLN00FT. Burgess1151311465600Very good pancake mixI want to start off by saying I don't have pancakes that much, mainly because you tend to get those white floured dull, tasteless pancakes at restaurants that beg to be drowned in syrup, and still choke you to death. Over the last year, my wife has started cooking whole grain pancakes on some weekends, especially if we go on a bicycle ride that morning. I would also like to state up front that I have NEVER ever cooked a pancake myself. Really, never. Since my wife was out of town this weekend, and these High Fiber Pancake & Waffle mixes just came in the mail, I was itching to try them. I got out our grill iron, heated it up, mixed the 4 simple ingredients, poured out 1/2 the mix which is enough to make a large plate sized pancake, cooked as per instructions, and it turned out great. I cooked two with that amount of batter. (One large pancake is plenty for most people, I struggled to finish the last few bites, only because there was a lot of it.) I used minimal maple syrup, the real stuff from Canada, and cut up three Calimyrna Figs and placed on top that I also just bought here, and they were absolutely fantastic. They were as smooth and light as any pancake, and not heavy like some other whole grain cakes are. These were very good. I am glad the order comes with 4 bags, as I feel these might be used up in a couple of months. I have always liked Bob's Red Mill products, having bought many different seeds and mixes, but this is the first pancake mix I bought. Glad I did.
229266229266B000V1RBRSAI6BZMZIATIR2Mom of 21141248220800Great, a little denser than typical mixes thoughMe and our kids like the pancakes and waffles made from this mix. It does produce a denser product that regular mixes though.
229267229267B000V1RBRSA2K6SHQRQM524TMary1141233619200A good deal for health foodThis mix is easy to use, has high nutrition and no added sugar stuff, and it costs less than in local store. Saves bother to buy in bulk and scheduled shipments save even more money and time. Whole-grain flavor needs less topping, too. VG with plain yogurt and fruit.
229268229268B000V1RBRSA1ILC34JK4WBD1Maryam Ehteshami "mama"1141224547200full of fibre for surethese pancakes are full of fibre for sure! a little chewy and not as fluffy as regular pancakes but still good.
229269229269B000V1RBRSAVJ6EC2TFF4UDSVB2351287619200yummmI like pancakes a lot, so I was thrilled to try this product. It does taste a little healthy, but that's what you get with that much fiber in a product. I used it to replace flour in an apple crisp recipe recently, and was really happy with the result. For thinner pancakes, just add more water. It's hard to review food products because everyones' tastes are different, but I really liked this product. I eat a lot of high fiber foods to begin with, so if you don't, you may want to ease into them.
229270229270B000V1RBRSA3TIUJY8QC52KPPaulie "PaidinFull"0051345075200ReviewI am a big fan of Bob's Red Mill products. The Company is terrific and so are its products. I recommend them to try and especially this product for quality, healthy fiber benefits and taste.
229271229271B000V1RBRSA35GBIY3OJ6V3FLuis0051342915200Awesome pancake mixJust finish eating my pancake, and it was amazing. I follow the instruction to make it on the sides of the bag, and it was yummy. I will def be buying these things from now on.
229272229272B000V1RBRSAL391IKGQ8SBReeViewinit0051339286400Tough to Find in StoresOur local grocery closed for renovations last Fall, and even after speaking to managers in other stores in the area I couldn't find this particular brand/item. I was told they would order it multiple times and it never did happen. I was very happy to find it on Amazon, and for an even better price than the store was charging. This is a healthy mix for waffles and pancakes that our family really enjoys!
229273229273B000V1RBRSAYLT9SZPQE6AYNanlou0051338854400Bob's Red Mill Organic High Fiber Ancake & Waffle MixBob Mill's Whole Wheat Pacake & Waffle Mix is so good! To lower the cholestrol, I use two egg whites instead of one whole egg. These pancakes are very filling, keeping you full for hours. If you're not a real big eater, you might want to cut the recipe in half because it makes a lot of pancakes. I haven't tried the waffles yet. I will buy this mix again!
229274229274B000V1RBRSA3V59C2VFGFTAZNancy James0051326672000Makes the best WafflesThis is wonderful for making waffles. I gave a package to each of my children and they love it too. I'll order some more soon
229275229275B000V1RBRSA1BHCHZJDB5KUESuma Tudi0041318464000Makes Yummy and healthy WafflesThe texture and flavor are excellent and the picky eaters in my house love eating these, including the super picky toddler.
229276229276B000V1RBRSATW79J53L62QRjjv0051316476800Great productI'm trying to eat healthier. This is a high quality product with simple to follow instructions. Nicely packaged. I would buy again.
229277229277B000V1RBRSA3AU8NVBKX0HOFLoving Mama0051315267200My 4-year old loves this mixWe make pancakes or waffles out of this mix almost every weekend. I am a repeat purchaser and will continue to buy this product. It has a good amount of fiber but the pancakes are not too dense. Also, it only includes the dry ingredients which is very important to me as my son has food allergies and I need to use alternative milk and egg options. I have served these to my son, nephew, parents, and everyone in between and everyone has loved them.
229278229278B000V1RBRSATRLEUUPR18XILucy "Lucy"1251260403200pancake mixThis is mildly sweet, also has a light "crust" or crunch, if you will, on the outside of the pancake compared to say Bisquick. I like the fact I don't have to make the mix "healthy" like other mixes such as Krusteaz or Bisquick.
229279229279B000V1RBRSA2A5H6GO4PN1OYSara McCoy "new mama"0151298764800Wow! Family Loved This!This is a wonderful pancake mix that our whole family loves! It is moist and a little crumbly when drizzled with syrup. It is also great with chocolate chips in it, (a favorite of the kids) and applesauce on top. You can even try peanut butter for more protein. We love it!
229280229280B000V1RBRSA3CJZQONHYK8ZAdelraybuzz0151296000000HEALTHY and delicious breakfasts!Finally found a tasty, wholesome way to enjoy my waffles and pancakes at a very affordable cost! Signed up for periodic deliveries and an excellent price for a wonderful product, Bob's Red Mill Organic High Fiber Pancake & Waffle, Whole Grain Mix, 26-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4). I think you'll love it, too! Great for my Waring Pro WMK600 Double Belgian-Waffle Maker
229281229281B000V1RBRSA17WER66R17JEFLarry Finley0151275091200Excellent ProductI have been very pleased with making waffles. A heavier waffle than usual and very enjoyable
229282229282B001IZJR78A1ED2TEW96JFFKRich Davis "Richey"0031301616000A Total Eclipse Of My GumIt's minty. It's chewy. It's gum!

It's an okay gum. I bought it on sale here which made it more worthwhile.

Otherwise, there are longer-lasting gums out there. The pieces are "kind of small" - says the co-worker who regularly takes (steals) two pieces at a time from me.

I have since gone to a Xylitol-based gum that has no sugar, and no cancer-causing artificial sweeteners in it (that we know of, right?) At least Eclipse's flavor lasts longer than the Xylitol gum.
229283229283B001IZJR78A2KTUNQGZDUHE9A. Alqarawi0041263081600Eclipse gumI always buy them for my father. He really likes them. I find them one of the best out there.
229284229284B001EQ5D1KA6QVWVPID418Gregg4451322438400delicouscouldn't find this item in any of the local stores, order, recieved and enjoyed. Will order agian if not found in local stores
229285229285B001EQ5D1KA17OAK7ID9EQDNL. Elliott "reddirtok"3351327017600Love em Bunches!!As the other reviewers have stated, it is very hard to find this flavor locally. For some reason the stores have stopped selling it. We were afraid that they had stopped producing the peaches cereal and were pleasantly surprised that it was offered thru Amazon. This is my family's favorite so we go thru it quickly. Thanks Amazon.
229286229286B001EQ5D1KAHFXYPF4YB931Full Moon3351315526400Delicious cereal...My little boy loves this cereal although he loves mainly peaches. Taste is very good and nutritious!
We try different fruit but I think this is the best one among them.
229287229287B001EQ5D1KA2628AFUGLVRYGNJ Shopper3351289692800My new favorite cereal!Just the right combination of cereal, clusters, and dried peaches that come to life with milk. My whole family really likes it. Too expensive to have all the time though, and not available locally.
229288229288B001EQ5D1KA3UXJMHU2AE41ECKlein3351277769600Fresh and deliciousAm a huge fan of this cereal so got the jumbo 4 pack which lasted me a very, very long while. It was packed well and tasted fresh so no complaints
229289229289B001EQ5D1KA1SG4NGEIZIXH3Kkport2251303430400Best cereal ever!I am a big cereal eater. I have tried most all cereals on the market and this one is the best by far! The pecan clusters give a sweet flavor that satisfies your cravings. The best way to eat this cereal is with vanilla flavored almond milk!
229290229290B001EQ5D1KA1GTTC7MA3XK2Xcybersleuth58 "chi-mama"1151309737600If you love cinnamon, try this!This cereal is quite tasty and unlike anything else on the supermarket shelf. The bunches are sweet but not overly so. I add Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond milk and what a treat! The only negative I can add is that the flakes get soggy pretty fast. Like the other reviewer I discovered the local supermarket stopped carrying it.

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