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229351229351B000EDG4EOA2MJHWQ6KKXAKXS. Davison1141212364800great productI have tried several different soy bean powders.
I mix 1/2 soy protein and 1/2 slimfast each morning for a shake that will stick with you until lunchtime.
I have found Bob's Red Mill soy protein to be a quality product.
It is comprable to much higher priced brands.
229352229352B000EDG4EOAUGL1QV6RMO5JSKYY1151186704000Good stuffIt's a great soy protein powder. Very pure, and very tasteless, so you can seriously add it to anything. I throw a tablespoon in practically everything--cereals, spaghetti sauce, etc. It's a nice thickening agent as well.

It will clump if you simply toss it into a glass of cold liquid, so either have a blender handy, or deal with lumps. Protein's protein, IMO--I can deal with lumps.
229353229353B000EDG4EOAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051308268800good for lots of reasons...bob's redmill products are high quality. i use this in my protein shakes when i need some variety in taste. good quality... good taste and it is fresh... good protein and benefits... mixes well... very happy with this protein product and the quality is very good.
229354229354B000EDG4EOA111RS367WS7LJTomahawk One0151223942400I don't make a mistake purchasing Bob's Red Mill soy powderBob's Red Mill Soy Protein Powder, 28-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)

I have been taking soy protein powder for 7 years from another brand. It was not as fine as Bob's Red Mill soy protein powder. I like this product and I certainly would reorder when mine is finished.
229355229355B000EDG4EOA1T7Z4S3R3MYMZPatricia Kearney "pattypoo"4831190332800Soy protein vs Whey ProteinI thought I would like the taste of Soy protein as I have eaten a lot of soy protein bars. After having tasted this vs whey protein, the whey protein tasts much better. There are 5grams of protein in one tablespoonful of this product, and it is hard to mask the taste of it, even with flavor drops, and splenda. I have found other products to give me 20grams of protein in one of their scoops, which the flavor can be masked a lot better.
229356229356B000EDG4EOAEVFKUW05EAZBErco9181611273104000Not recommendedIn my breakfast cereal I add Fearn brand Soya Protein, or when available soya protein from a local supplier in bulk, which is less than half the price of the Fearn.
On auto ship this product came out to just $.75 more per pound than bulk so I thought I had found a great alternative, NOT.

The products above have a wafer like, nutty taste, this Bobs brand is beany, somewhat bitter, and left an aftertaste for hours. In addition, I had to quit using it as I am easily allergic and was getting a reaction to this product.
Seems more like a soya flour from its consistency and color, than a protein powder.
229357229357B000J0OW0KA1BO9SHY7RLHHEmellowyellow0031334016000not bad consideringThe first couple of pieces I ate were awesome. I think it is just because I was craving cheese cake so badly. After a while, I started to notice the after taste. you can definately tell it is sweetened artificially. Still pretty tastey though. Just be sure to have something to drink with it.
229358229358B000J0OW0KA2EU01FF3T5ISLBarbara J. Madden0041271203200Great productI just started on a low carb diet and ordered this product along with three types of pasta. All were wonderful, I will definitely order this again.
229359229359B000J0OW0KAT7DSOYC8PT8JCookie Mom2511187827200YuckI had high hopes for this product since it had such high reviews from others. I follwed the instructions, but unfortunately I found it inedible and everyone who tried it agreed.
229360229360B00564E8KIA28CAC7AAFWAXFmoonglow0011311811200YuckI thought these yellow corn tortilla chips were nasty. They tasted stale right out of the bag, yet they're still in date. I couldn't eat them-and I won't be purchasing them again.
229361229361B002HFQQZEA1XWQAMW9ITXKBDorit0051342310400Nice selectionVery nice selection. All teas are aromatic and string strentgh, makes great tea and learned which to buy in bulk
229362229362B0015RRKVEA1E29194QNFHFGEmmly31021215734400Ok...I thought this was freeze dried (crunchy). It isn't. While it is dried, it's soft and mushy.

Not what I wanted. I wish this was included in the description.

Niki Jackfruit chips are better.
229363229363B0011CXONQA23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann232551069027200100% Kona - not easy to find!Many coffee brands that advertise their beans as "Kona" are blends, containing only ten percent beans from the highly desirable region, but these Aloha Island Gold beans are pure Kona, all from plants grown on the Big Island in the designated microclimate that produces some of the smoothest coffee beans in the world. While the Aloha brand may not be Hawaii's best, it is certainly one of the more available brands on the mainland. Store in the freezer to maintain optimal freshness, and grind the beans immediately before brewing.

For coffee connoisseurs, two phrases light up their eyes, "Jamaican Blue Mountain" and "Kona." If you want to give a gift sure to impress a sophisticated coffee drinker, you've found your beans.

229364229364B0011CXONQA39TLBQN8RRANBHMLF "Cheese Maven"6651151539200One of the best coffees out thereFinally a coffee that is full of wonderful flavor without all of the bitterness and half of the acidity of regular coffee. I can drink as many cups as I want without worrying about getting a stomach ache! I will never go back to another coffee and will recommend this to everyone I know.
229365229365B0011CXONQA2WP82F8OT207XDan6651128470400Perfect CoffeeI absolutely love this coffee! It is extremely rich and smooth and without any of the bitterness that most other coffees have.

Don't let the cost of this coffee scare you because you will actually use less of this coffee when you brew so it really ends up costing about the same as any other "regular" coffee. I highly recommend it.
229366229366B0011CXONQA2GJVKNVVCAIB7Nathan3351176336000Best Coffee EVER...BAR NONE!Yes, it's expensive. Most of the finer things in life are. Buy it whole bean, get a good burr grinder and a french press. You will not be dissapointed. Anyone that has a cup of joe at my house is blown away, even me...every time.
229367229367B0011CXONQA10S4T6LIDAGP1Paulette Sontag3351174262400Finally Found the One!It seems there is never a place where I can buy a good 100% Kona here in the States. At last I found it! GOLD Estate Kona is the best Kona I have EVER had. I gave some to a co-worker down the hall and heard instant raves
229368229368B0011CXONQA3VSGT9IFNEODLM. F.2211192492800Poor customer serviceSticker on invoice: "We care about your satisfaction with our products and service. If you have any concerns or questions about your shipment, please call us toll free at..."

Who would think that getting coffee could be so difficult?! We had a problem and it had been arranged that the coffee would be exchanged. They sent a Fed Ex label and off it went. After 2 weeks, a call was placed to check status. Emma (Pres) relayed the shipment would go out immediately and apologized for the delay. Thought it was done... A few moments later, Anna calls back and goes into some diatribe with my wife not knowing what coffee is. If the president of the company resolved the issue, why is someone else from the company calling to stir it up?!

Another call back to speak with Emma and she apologized for the actions of Anna. The coffee and a "for your trouble" gesture would be sent along that day. They are located cross town about 10 miles away and most shipment are next day...nothing came.

A week passed and still nothing. Another call. Emma relays that it should have been taken care of and will call me back next day to confirm. Next day came, went...nothing. We are quite disappointed by this company. They got the $$ and we received empty words.
229369229369B0011CXONQA1R3NLKA0EMOL6Roberto C. Vicencio "jojo vicencio"2251168473600Coffee at its BestI gifted my brother and sister-in-law with this for Christmas and they enjoyed it very much. Their visitors smelled the coffee brewing and decided to stay longer. What a bunch of mooches.:-)
229370229370B0011CXONQABZ4CSC69834ALynda Sanders2241168214400Great coffee, good customer serviceMy husband loved the coffee and keeps it to brew for special occasions/guests.
229371229371B0011CXONQAC8X6N67GA520LeMilicien "LegioPatriaNostra"4631187308800Good, but.................We bought this coffee based on all the hype (Food & Wine Magazine, "handcrafted" , "Estate" , etc) but as serious coffee drinkers, we didn't feel this was worth the high price (especially when shipping is added). It had a pleasant, full bodied taste, but so do a lot of other, more easily available and less expensive coffees.

Starbucks for example, has enough different varieties of coffee where you'll find one blend very similar if not as good (or better) tasting than the much lauded Kona........just our $0.02
229372229372B0011CXONQA2O2T430NOEU1KL. Bush "WoodPup"2351167696000I hate my sister!Not really, but she gave me this stuff for Christmas and I'm totally hooked. I got a gift card from a co worker and I'm going to blow it all on this coffee.

Oh well the kids don't really need private school do they? :)

Try it you won't regret it......
229373229373B0011CXONQA3QULNGC04DAJRN. Silvernail "Nicole"4831154908800Strong and Bold flavorWhen I got to enjoy a cup of Kona on our vacation to Hawaii, I thought I was in Heaven. The smooth flavor was something to enjoy at any time of day or night. This Kona brand seemed very strong to me - I even tried not using to much coffee and more water and it still seemed too stong. I missed the smoothness and flavor of the Kona I remembered in Hawaii. For that reason, I do not think it's the same Kona I loved so much and would rate this coffee at a 3.
229374229374B0011CXONQA2NMT9FZ6HGD56Charles T. Clark21141126137600coffeeVery good but too early to give final rating until we try other beans
229375229375B004OCGBNKA3N0WBZHY4OWZ7Charles A Lyon1151337558400Excellent choice for snacking - plenty of satisfying texture/crunchI was rather suspicious at first, but quickly won over by the crackly crunch. Often when I want a snack, it is out of boredom, and the texture/crunch is what I truly want. This exactly fits the bill! The salt and oil is typical of any snack chip sort, but only 20 calories in the entire package. With 12 sheets to a package, this will occupy you for a while as it takes a while to chew once it plumps up with your saliva. I will say that if you don't care for a strong 'fish flavor' (Japanese style), you may not care for it. For me, it's a refreshing ocean/kale flavor. Worth a little additional price for the healthier snack.
229376229376B004OCGBNKA1RV5EKDBF2NIUCalirodan0051347408000Good for Post-concussive Syndrome?I have post-concussive syndrome, and I really like these when I feel mentally fatigued. They seem to make me feel better right away. I'm not sure why. Maybe they have Omega 3's?
229377229377B004OCGBNKA2KAQNY3K8V42MKaren F. Grider0041337817600Tastes delicious!! Love them. Not healthy as package says though.If you like sushi you will like these. These are made of little sheets of nori with added oil and salt. The package says its healthy and has vitamins and minerals. This isn't true. The package lists no vitamins and minerals and 27 of the 35 calories are from fat. (3 grams of fat per 35 calories). Even with all this its a very delicious snack but I'd put it in the category with chips - Good for an occasional treat
229378229378B000W0A78SA12IK7V7UQJSJRT. Wilkins12112251288310400Wonderful for the Skin!I really love this product. It came pretty fast and well packaged. It's 100% pure Cocoa Butter so it has a wonderful faint chocolate smell, its hard, and a little waxy to the touch. However, it works wonders for the skin if you know how to use it. I know some people had a hard time trying to figure out how to use it so I have provided some instructions if you want to try it.

~First remove the chucks from the container and melt it down in a pot over a low flame. Once the chucks of Cocoa Butter are completely melted turn the flame off to avoid the oil becoming too hot and popping. Infuse with your favorite oil, just make sure it's all natural like i.e. "grape seed oil", "emu oil", or an "olive oil". Pure in about 3/4 to 1/2 a cup of the oil with the melted Cocoa Butter. Mix it in then put the mixture into a plastic container with a lid and put it in freezer over night. In the morning you will have a softer more usable product the melts when you rub it in your hands. Use it for your heals, knees, elbows, or all over for soft conditioned skin. It absorbs fast and leaves your skin completely moisturized it's great for blending or fading dark spot and healing of stretch marks. Enjoy!
229379229379B000W0A78SAV1YYVO4558P6C.A. Walker262651291507200RAW Cocoa ButterI love this RAW COCOA BUTTER!!! Once it is melted down and mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil, it's second to none! It's GREAT for any type of skin repair and/or maintenance. It feels so-ooOh smooth and silky and best of all, after only a few applications my skin felt and looked like a baby's too. I would recommend this brand of cocoa butter to anyone who has dark spots or scars that need clearing up. I think it's especially good for darker skin tones, which tend to be more sensitive and should avoid chemically enhanced products. There is nothing like "purity" for the more melanated skin types.

C.A, Los Angeles
229380229380B000W0A78SA2E3SQ2J7AB0JLMollie S. Wirtz "Molecule"515631322352000Cocoa butter is great, but not animal hairThe cocoa butter arrived as described, in large chunks with some smaller broken up pieces at the bottom of the container. It was obvious that this was home packaged for several reasons. First, the container was taped with packing tape, not factory sealed. That was not an issue, sometimes you can get the best deals this way.

However, when I got 1/2 way through the cocoa butter I started finding cat or dog hairs; I found probably 5 long animal hairs.

The butter itself was great quality, but very disappointed about the animal hairs, I had to throw the rest away. Will not be ordering from this company again, that is certain.

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