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229382229382B000W0A78SA1440QWTR8D7TJMeshell131341294099200Great stuff!!Read all the reviews, received the product super fast. Thank you to whoever has the directions on how to use and to prepare it for skin care. If that was not on here, I would be like the person who didn't like it. When i received my package of joy, i could smell the chocolate threw the package. I am lucky that i even received it!! lol The only think that i was not expecting was that my coca butter did not come in a container like the picture. It is just a solid square block wrapped in plastic. Not a big deal for me, but some people might have an issue with that. Great stuff!!
229383229383B000W0A78SA1G9J1LJ6K5501Cathi Gross "catgross"111141302048000Is This COCOA BUTTER "Edible"?I have bought this product many times, and love it. But I am concerned now, because they no longer say its "Edible", which is important to me. I have been using it for Cookies and Chocolates that I make, because it's one of the most reasonable Raw Cocoa Butters on the Market. I have tried writing directly to the company to find if this is still "Edible" Cocoa Butter, but have not receieved an answer yet. So, my quess is that it's not "Edible" So, until they start marketing this Raw Cocoa Butter as "Ediable" and safe to use in Cooking and Baking. I will have to stop Using it. :-( I hope things will change soon. In the past this was a great product for Brownies and other Chocolate type desserts that I have made. NO I AM NOT SCARED OF SATURATED FAT. . . . . .SATURATED FAT IS NOT WHAT CAUSES HEART DESEASE. Anyway, I hope this Company will look into selling it again as a Butter that can be used in foods.
229384229384B000W0A78SA3LP8Z48V3ERA6Mira Nikolova101051289433600Very pleasedI am very happy with the quality of this cocoa butter. As it is raw, it is in chunks, some bigger, some smaller. It does not melt or soften at room temperature. To apply it on my skin, I melt it in my hands or briefly over the gas burner in a spoon. The butter has a strong and pleasant cocoa powder aroma which disappears after application on the skin. The texture of the butter is thick and smooth. This is great for skin, especially thin facial skin. I usually apply it after shower on warm and wet skin and rub it in energetically so that moisture is sealed in. The butter gets absorbed by the skin very well and does not leave greasy residue at all. My mom and I both have very sensitive skins and cannot use any artificial products. I'm glad to say that the cocoa butter does not irritate even if it gets in the eyes. So all in all, this seems to be an all natural product of great quality. And the price is very affordable as well. Where I live, cocoa butter costs over 3 times more.
229385229385B000W0A78SA18T8XHMW93TCNN. Daloisio Bundy7751307577600Raw Cocoa ButterAt first I was a bit surprised that it came in large chunks and wasn't quite sure how to apply it. Don't try to break it down. Just grab a chunk and start rubbing into your skin. That is the best way to apply this product. It is great in the summer because it is a bit thinner in application and absorbs quicker into the skin then the shea butter. This is really good stuff! Love it! The smell of cocoa is great too! I will never buy over the counter skin lotions again.
229386229386B000W0A78SA3KLC22KD1C0UUJ Garland5551295827200I LOVE IT!!!This Cocoa butter works wonders!! I was advised to use raw cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy. I love this stuff!! I rub it over my stomach once in the morning and once in the evening and so far so good! I have not seen one stretch mark yet! I have also noticed that my skin looks fabulous, much more clear and toned!! Raw cocoa butter is simply the best!! Much better than the watered down forms of cocoa butter that you can buy at the local drug stores. I will be making another purchase once I run out!!
229387229387B000W0A78SA26MF3PPQ4786Bb7851285113600delicious!smells so yummy and is so fresh. you can either eat it out of the jar or use it as lotion under your eyes. so fantastically fabulous! highly recommend.
229388229388B000W0A78SA1QMQ2AXURPVRNStephanie "stevi_d"3321342656000Don't Order in the Summer!I just received my order yesterday, from a very unhappy UPS driver. As I discovered, the jar does not come with a film seal or shrink-wrap or anything. Just the lid screwed on. Which probably contains the butter just fine in lower temperatures. But with the 100 degree heat we've been experiencing the last few days, the butter melted and oozed out of the jar all over the package, through the cardboard box and apparently onto other packages in the delivery truck. I don't know how much butter I lost in the process, but it's certainly not worth the mess to attempt getting more right now. It smelled nice, and based on other reviews, I'm sure it will work just fine for the projects I have in mind. But I will certainly keep in mind to order it during cooler months, and never try it in July again!
229389229389B000W0A78SALEUVNKBUDA2VFancyFace3351309219200PerfectionI love this product. I suffered from pityriasis rosea, and I was left with dark blemishes.
I melted the butter and combined it with my cocoa butter lotion, and it has been working miracles.
My skin looks and feels heavenly. My blemishes are clearing up.
With the right amount of exfoliation, and use of the butter, I will be blemish free in no time.
229381229381B000W0A78SA2R3BZ9CT33BGK. Schweitzer252751269561600Good Product, Great SellerI bought this product and the USPS smashed the lid during shipping. The seller was very quick to send out a replacement pronto. I received it in no time flat. Shipper knows and gives EXCELLENT customer service and I would highly recommend anything sold by him! This is a quality product and the aroma of melting chocolate is ALWAYS a winner in my book. Since it is BUTTER its going to be greasy. It was pretty tasty frying up french toast in it!
229390229390B000W0A78SA279XQT50MB44RHamster2231340236800AverageI was disappointed to receive this product in a clear bag (not in a jar as pictured) without any labels, not even to describe (or confirm) the ingredients... The butter didn't smell anything close to the cocoa butter I've purchased before from another source so I am kind of skeptical about whether it is truly pure cocoa butter.. I am using it in a mixture with coconut oil to prevent stretchmarks during my pregnancy. I don't have any hopes it will prevent them, but at least I keep my skin moisturized. I will not be repurchasing this product once I run out.
229392229392B000W0A78SAJ9B4KNSF9SVRAndrea L. Lunsford172411320019200NOT edibleThis product tastes like soap. When I called the company to see why, they said it's not food grade. Literally tastes like soap, so it must have been lingering and co-mingling with soap products. The raw tag is misleading - I thought this was edible cocoa butter that you make raw food desserts from. Now I have a pound of chocolate smelling, soap tasting, rock hard chunks to fool with. Very disappointed.
229393229393B000W0A78SA1B9A533FJI5IUiuli1151341446400The Best RAW Cocoa ButterI love this Raw Cocoa Butter, the skin is so soft and smooth after you use this butter, and is very good for cellulite. If you go to gym 4 days a week and you use this Cocoa Butter on your skin after gym and every day where you have cellulite ,you will see a change in 2-3 week's. This butter is better than any cellulite cream around here. I will buy this again and again and again.
229394229394B000W0A78SA2ILGDS4FN1400S. Williams1151334880000Cocoa ButterThis is great stuff. When my Cocoa Butter arrived, I found that I had a lot of small pieces in my batch. Not a problem at all! I just heated up some water, put the chucks in a plastic sandwich bag, put the bag in the water for a few minutes until the cocoa butter melted, then put the bags in the freezer until it harden up again. Once that happens, take the chucks out of the bag and put it back into the container. Now when I need to moisture my skin, I just pick up a chuck and start rubbing it on my skin! Just note that you can't put this stuff on your skin in it's liquid state, or else it will leave a grainy feeling on your skin which is unpleasant. Other than that, I love using this stuff and I've notice the dark areas on my face (I had bad acne as a kid) has started to lighten up. It also leaves a chocolate smell on your skin which is lovely. Can't wait to get some more.
229395229395B000W0A78SA23ONNOL6RMNPVTiff1151324857600A GIFT FROM GOD! :}-Amazing product!...when i was around 20 i would steam my face and apply otc cocoa butter every nite for a couple of weeks and my complexion was much lighter a very noticable diff. and i credit that to the healing properties of cocoa butter. now at the age of 38 im going more natural in products this butter intrigued me enough. usually i would melt enough for head to toe coverage inside a durable non painted, without handle style of ceramic cup (maybee hand made) tip:stove top heating method(use oven mit for removal)the key is DONT over heat maybe 2-3 min on low if you see bubbles it too HOT! or can try micro method.. havent tried micro...can melt over stove with large spoon for small applications (face) tip:spoon gets a little hot and butter oil a little warm i would blow to cool before pouring into hand i wouldnt recommend stovetop method for most but for a well cordinated, attentive adult the safest method would be micro wich i dont use. the benefits of this product with consistent use will please one who is looking for healthy,hydrated,radiant,supple,healing and restores complexion overall just a great product also very pleased wth qty. recieved and it also has a great aroma. this butter requires a bit more work than your avg. lotion but its worth the effort....

ENJOY!!!!!!!! and be safe
229396229396B000W0A78SA2JXXYNFZ985I0C. Dinkins "Chocoreeses"1151321401600Works beautifullyI am a chocolate lover so it only makes sense that I have natural Cocoa Butter.
The hard part is that it comes in huge chucks. The best way t break them down is to melt them and mix it with shea butter or really good olive oil to make it softer.
I bought my pound of Cocoa Butter in April 2011 and I still have 2 chunks left.
I love Halaleveryday for the products they provide and i will continue to buy my butters from them. like dark chocolate ) (duh?!)
229398229398B000W0A78SA3SL6O0Z5EPZYHCandy "Sweet az Candy"1151306800000Cocoa ButterThis item is a must have for anyone who want to have or maintain beautiful healthy skin. I am a repeat customer and will only by this brand. The item is shipped and remain in excellent form.
229399229399B000W0A78SA2R0O77MRC913Tleex1151301184000Great for lotion!I use both raw cocoa butter and shea butter for my eczema prone skin. Both work great but cocoa butter smells way better! Only problem is the higher melting temperature so I have to microwave it before use but it only takes a couple minutes. I'd highly recommend!
229400229400B000W0A78SA1RZEZMD0KD9QMKristen N Petela1151296777600Coco-butter thumbs upThis product came packaged as pictured, not wrapped in plastic like one review stated. It has a lovely chocolate scent as it's not de-scented. It's definitely the real raw coco butter as advertised. I'd purchase it again.
229401229401B000W0A78SA19JNUKFZVXKQATessa Williams Simpson "Tessa"5741328659200Not for white chocolate, but delicious in homemade chocolate!So disappointed to throw a whole batch of white chocolate out when the whole thing tasted flowery/soapy....gross!

If you are new to cocoa butter like I was was, and founds several dairy free/sugar free recipes for white chocolate with cocoa butter as the start ingredient, you'll be disappointed! Cocoa Butter has a very rich, dark chocolate flavor, and is heavenly in CHOCOLATE! You live and you learn. I also made a lovely skin cream with this too!
229402229402B000W0A78SA3IUMV0T5KAQMD1stTimeMom0051350172800OMG!!! Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy! REALLY!Okay... I know what you're thinking. Stretch marks are genetic and there's nothing you can do to prevent them. You're wrong. I got stretch marks during puberty and I was worried that I would get more during pregnancy. I SLATHERED my body in this daily during my second and third trimester. Not one stretch mark. My mother's stomach is covered in them - and I have them on my hips and thighs from a weight gain during my teenage years - YET I did not get one new stretch mark on my stomach during my pregnancy. I gained 40 lbs. and had a HUGE belly too! TRY IT!!! I warmed the chunks of cocoa butter in a small pan on the stove to melt them. Then I buttered myself up. Yes, it gets everywhere. Yes, you smell somewhat chocolatey. Yes, your dogs will try to lick it off you. Yes, you will feel greasy. BUT OH IS IT WORTH IT IF YOU DON'T GET STRETCH MARKS!!!
229403229403B000W0A78SA4NE5J8TCP4QBSusan M. Sackrison0031346112000Don't care for the smellI mixed the raw cocoa butter with sesame oil and it was quit heavy as a lotion.
I especially did not care for the strong scent it left on me.
Will use it sparingly on heels and knees just the toughest spots.
229404229404B000W0A78SAYSE5ATYYSHDUhobomcgee0051344816000I'll Never Buy Lotion AgainSeeing what this has done for my skin in the short while I have been using it is amazing. I have an allergy to artificial fragrance so it is perfect for me. It takes a little getting used to because it isn't smooth and creamy until you rub it in your hands but I love it. I prepared mine like the top comment says by melting it down and putting in a 1/4 a cup of organic EVOO and poured it in a couple of old Chinese food containers and store it in the fridge. I break off a small piece at a time and keep it in a container in my bathroom.
229405229405B000W0A78SAQEYGXUMGB1SMMarilinda0051344384000Great productThanks for making this great product. I was looking forward to
Using the handy chunks, but unfortunately my grandson left it by
The front door because I wasn't home. So now I will be melting
It down before I can use it. My problem, not yours. Thanks again
For making this great product.
229406229406B000W0A78SA3M330JARMFYTIMag3.140051342569600Good Stuff!I bought this to add to my cosmetic-making supplies and I am very pleased with how well it smells, feels, melts and works.
229407229407B000W0A78SA3PDTW8AHBY1FNLiudmila S0051342569600Great quality productI purchased this butter to use in a lotion bar recipe. It did not disappoint - very high quality product. It is truly raw and not refined, and it smells like chocolate. The shipping speed could be faster, but it was still within the promised date range. Highly recommend.
229408229408B000W0A78SA2XCR1XEQAL4VWCherry Bomb Bath0021341705600Well!It was half gone cause it melted and leaked out when I got it. The product itself is wonderful! So change the packaging or only buy it in the winter months.
229409229409B000W0A78SA1IHXC9BG6S5ABTyffani Talk-Show0031339200000Just didn't work well for me.I purchased this product as a body butter, but the consistency was to hard; even after melting it down. Unfortunately this just didn't work out in my favor. I tried mixing it with extra virgin olive oil to give it a smoother feel, but its still not doing the trick.
229410229410B000W0A78SA3SY8TM628878CKarencia Taylor "Tcha-t's momma"0041299283200Good so farI got the product promptly and am very happy with it so far. The jar has in far more than I anticipated so am pleased with that. I bought the cocoa butter on recommendation from persons that it is the only thing that would be able to lighten the spots that came up on my skin during my pregnancy. My daughter is 2 months old today and I've seen a slight difference in the appearance of my skin so good so far.....

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