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229501229501B000EDG5CAA379XTGW8J1NQAM. Conley242451175385600Whey protein my way!At last, a product where I have complete control over what ingredients I can use and have versatility of what shakes/drinks I make. No need to worry about artificial ingredients and sweetners. You can make just about any concoction with this protein powder, and make it 100% natural!

Bottom line, if you want to control what you put in your body, you must get this!
229502229502B000EDG5CAA28J1BTDYVPKHGEssex293241162512000Nice tasteBlends well in smoothies. Taste is, to me, neutral which is a plus for whey. Difficult to find plain whey from "Sports" sources and when I have the taste is not pleasant. The others do contain whey isolate which is supposed to be superior so perhaps that is the difference. Elderly relative was drinking bottled nutritional mixes (Ensure etc) when she felt bad or had trouble keeping food down. They helped but smoothies are better. Make them with whey, egg whites (Deb-El Just Whites here on Amazon sells whites in smaller packages), natural chocolate (Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Powder), bananas and other fruit. She loves them. The whey and eggs whites give her all the protein she needs in a day in one drink (the egg whites lighten up the drink too but aren't really necessary unless you really want a protein boost). On bad days when she can't eat solid food, I toss in a few tablespoons of Deb-El powdered whole eggs to add fat and boost her caloric intake.
229503229503B000EDG5CAA2DLOZ9F2493ENicolette Clark111141197763200Great natural alternative to "designer" protein powdersThis product is packaged well (it comes in a display box with the four packages) and was just what I was hoping for. It sits nicely in my pantry.

I was looking for a natural alternative to commercially marketed and artificially sweetened protein powders and this fits the bill perfectly. I use it for making smoothies and the taste is a bit bland but I add one tablespoon organic honey and it gives it just the right amount of sweetness.

For a great tasting smoothie with this product mix 1/4 c. apple juice, 1/4 c. soymilk, one handful spinach (yes spinach, you don't even taste it in the smoothie and it will give you a great energy boost), 1 T. flaxseeds, 1 T. organic honey, 1 cup berries, 1 sml banana, ice, and 1/4 c. Bob's Mill Whey Protein Powder Concentrate. Mix in blender until smooth. Ultra good for you and delicious to boot!
229504229504B000EDG5CAA30IP3E4MDQ36J. Brooks101051212624000Great taste, dissolves well, what more do you want?I bought this as an addition to add to my protein shakes that I make everyday. I use half whey protein, half soy protein (since the soy has a tendency to clump, not dissolve, or taste awful if used entirely) and this is just awesome.

The taste is mild and milky, not artificial tasting at all. When used entirely it tastes more like a milkshake, not a protein shake. I add a teaspoon (more on some days) of Medaglia D' Oro Instant Espresso Coffee when I make my shakes and the taste of the whey protein totally disappears, so if you don't like the taste you can easily hide it by adding a wide range of flavors. Even adding a cup of vanilla yogurt hides the flavor.

It dissolves very well in water, milk, and even soy milk, no clumping whatsoever!

This is whey protein in it's simplest form with nothing added, so if you are like me and watch what you put into your body, this is a definite must have pantry item.

Great taste (well at least I like it)
Dissolves well in a variety of liquids
Cooks well without adding any unwanted flavor
4g of protein per tablespoon

229505229505B000EDG5CAA313AWPPGBDGTLD. Dunkin8851272412800Whey protein powderGreat product. No sugar added which is a real plus. This way I can sweeten if I choose to using the sweetener of MY choice. Great to add to mac n' cheese sauce or other sauces which gives kids (and adults) added protein to their food without altering taste. Makes great fruit smoothies too. Some of my grandchildren don't like to eat meat, so this is a great way to get protein into their meal. My family has no clue all the things that I have added this to. Now I don't worry if they are getting enough protein in their diet.
229506229506B000EDG5CAA3A0SQDT6B21DCG. Carradine8851213315200Excellent for low-carb baking.Bob's Red Mill Whey Protein Concentrate stands out among the many protein powders I have experimented with over the years as the purest, best tasting, and best textured. Whey protein (as opposed to soy) is hard to find in a pure form, but Bob's is unadulterated with artificial sweeteners, texturizers, flavorings, etc. It performs brilliantly in low-carb flour replacement mixtures, adding a strechy, spongy, texture that I frankly have not been able to duplicate without a wheat product otherwise in years of trying. Because it is simply the unflavored protein, it is versatile, too; you're not limited to sweet or savory applications. If you bake low-carb, give Bob's a shot! I hope you will be as delighted as I have been!
229507229507B000EDG5CAA25YW7WQBLXHC9bearslush7741224806400Just what I wantedWe were looking for a pure whey protein without any "junk" added. This product fits the bill exactly. It's great for post-workout shakes. We are very pleased and would highly recommend this product.
229508229508B000EDG5CAAPE4KJ5LB5GA5Tgomes1766651280448000I love itThis stuff is great. Simple, gets the job done, no excess unnecessary crap. I usually mix it with milk and frozen strawberries and it tastes like perfection. Haven't tried it by itself or with water though, but i would imagine it was good with milk and gross with water.
229509229509B000EDG5CAA19ANIDSGLJP4MT. Sasser6651272931200Best tasting, Best price!I love this product. I use it in my smoothies. It gives the smoothies a richer, creamier texture and taste. The other brands I have purchased locally were grainy and not as good as this one as well as twice the price of this prodcut! Thanks!
229510229510B000EDG5CAA3UBDVOL5UDIIBLaura6651227139200Inexpensive and great productI use this whey protein concentrate mostly for fruit smoothies. It not only adds protein but creates a milkshake-like frothiness in the smoothie which I love. Whey protein does not affect the flavor of the drink and I like that it doesn't have sugar or fake sweetener or any of the other undesirable ingredients you find in many of the expensive commercial protein powders. Highly recommended.
229511229511B000EDG5CAAH6TW49EAT45WSexySmartGal5551205280000Great way to add nutritionGreat way to add nutrition to pizza dough, pancakes, waffles, breads. If you need a recipe check out Dana Carpenter's Recipe book for pizza dough. David Kirsch (Heidi Klum's trainer) also has a good waffle recipe.
229512229512B000EDG5CAAN2IKZEMCZ3BWBea Youngs4451247184000Best source of proteinBest source of protein is whey protein. I have been consuming this protein even before I became pregnant. I've consumed this with frozen fruit, yogurt, and orange juice (or sometimes other types of juice like apple or fruit). Delicious and you can barely taste the whey protein. This price, too, is unbeatable. I used to buy it at the local health food store, but it was $19 each. Buying it here and in bulk, it's only $10 each! What a bargain!
229513229513B000EDG5CAAVF9WSYHQZYRZDylan A. Neary "Haku"4451219881600what a dealWith the regular order form option for Bob's through Amazon, I am paying 3 dollars less per bag than I would for the cheapest grocery store price in my area!
229514229514B000EDG5CAAM53YNM85TTIMJack Wellington "Cruzer Titanium User"3351304294400Great All Natural Whey ProteinSeemed to be the only All Natural Whey Protein available on the Internet. It mixes well both in cold and warm water or milk - I use soy milk. It has a mild milk flavor. I take it to ensure I am having enough complete proteins daily, on top of soy and egg proteins. I like the fact that it has no additives or artificial flavors - I preferred it over the several products that are popular but have 'tastemaker' chemicals or flavors or chocolate added. I just wanted whey protein, and that is what it is. I had set my subscription to once every 3 months - now I have it once every 2 months.
229515229515B000EDG5CAA1OZBI4KLZXWKFAngela Hong3351296691200Bob's Red Mill Whey Protein MixI love the fact that this has nothing in it other than the Whey protein
I can add whatever I want and not worry about having allergic reactions.
just love it.
Thank you
229516229516B000EDG5CAAM5VUC9SU390WJeremiah William Kemper3351285372800Good stuffI bought this to put in a mixture for some protein bars. The main thing I was worried about was tasting the powder and I didn't notice it at all. A friend recommended it and it seems like a good product.
229517229517B000EDG5CAA45N2NX6FJ73PEmpowered by the Pen3351265414400Why spend more for the same results?I've just purchased my 2nd order of the organic whey protein. it's a protein supplement with the least amount of calories on the market, certified organic so you can feel good about the quality of ingredients, and has zero sugar/additives.

Other powdered protein mixers tout their taste but they all taste like whey or wallpaper paste and you know what i mean.

My now not so secret recipe: 1/2 cup organic whey protein powder, a packet of stevia, 2 cups of filtered water and a shot (tablespoon or so) of Torani Syrup in either Sugar-Free Vanilla or Sugar-Free Coconut. Torani Syrup, Sugar-Free Vanilla, 25.4-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3).

I recommend this product if you're trying to increase your protein in-take.
229518229518B000EDG5CAA25OLZRDMPVA24Jennifer3351258588800Great for smoothies!I love this product. I recently ran out of my sports whey protein that I would use for smoothies. I really had a hard time choking down those products. I bought this product at Fred Meyer and I was so surprised. It was the best smoothie I have had in quite some time. It dissolves well and tastes delicious.
229519229519B000EDG5CAA4H8QZO7DQDP4Trent3351236556800A Shake A DayI am so glad Amazon carries this whey protein in a pack of 4. Spending $13 for one package at my local organic and health food store is quite pricey...sorry guys.

I use this practically everyday as a protein shake after a workout or simply as an in between meal snack. What I like most is that there are no additive flavors, just straight whey here with very little taste. So making your favorite smoothies is wonderful for those seeking higher protein in their diet. I usually use a 1/2 cup of frozen fruit(bananas, strawberries, or blueberries), a cup of milk, a tablespoon of grounded flax, some honey if desired and 2 tablespoons of whey. Sometimes I will use 1/2 cup of plain yogurt in which I will cut back to 1/2 cup of milk. Blend and you have yourself a highly nutritious food shake.

Highly recommend.
229520229520B000EDG5CAA1QSWQQ24XMN91David Lorenz2231337126400Not "Soy free"Bob's products have quality however they do not list the ingredients. The products sounds like it has only whey concentrate but it has soy in it. I called the company and asked what percentage and they said 20%. Hmm... will be helpful to have that listed in the product description.
229521229521B000EDG5CAAFZP7UKGOST1LMommmmy2251324080000Excellent Pure Protein Powder for Making Tasty Shakes!This has excellent natural whey protein taste if you are looking for natural protein without artificial colors and flavors. My favorite shake is made in the blender with:

1 to 2 servings of Whey protein
1 cup of ice
1 cup of 1% chocolate milk
add a little bit, about a 1/4 cup of cold coffee if you like the mocha flavor

I also like to add 1 serving of the whey protein to my oatmeal in the morning with 1 serving of Bob's Red Mill Flax seed and a little cinnamon and raisins to sweeten it up.

My husband and I were buying the protein powder from GNC which was very sweet and we liked the flavor, however, it did not list sugar as an ingredient while it did list artificial flavors so perhaps it contained some kind of artificial sweetner. We discontinued using it after it was causing us to have hives and we found the Bob's Red Mill with pure ingredients to be a superior replacement.
229522229522B000EDG5CAA3371L46CP9F3VClark C. "c--man"2251313798400Great for mixing with whateverI've used these for a while in smoothies, adding fruit, yogurt, and a little agave, and some flax oil, but just recently found that I can mix in 1/4 cup with steel cut oats in the morning and it keeps the same taste and similar consistency as the oatmeal has without it. Throw in some cinnamon, a little brown sugar, and some blueberries or raspberries and YUMM!!
229523229523B000EDG5CAAS905IHXQJL2Matlantic-city1151339718400Really good stuff!I first got this at iherb to try out just 1 package instead of the Amazon 4-pack. I used code POB861 and received $5 off my order and free shipping.

I will now order the 4-pack from Amazon. This is really great mixed with oatmeal and for making smoothies. The taste is a lot better than the more expensive "health food store" whey proteins I have tried.
229524229524B000EDG5CAAM0F2KM9ZZ8SCJoley Hidaka "Joley H."1151328572800Great stuff!This protein powder has a pleasant taste, dissolves well and is not gritty. I am enjoying it in many recipes or even by itself in water. It also doesn't have tons of artificial flavors and colors and ingredients that you can't pronounce.
The ONLY criticism I have for this product is that it would be easier to store if it had a resealable closure on it.
229525229525B000EDG5CAA2YZL4DWB4V03QJordan1151322006400Good stuffI use this for my protein shakes after my workouts. I like that it's free of artificial flavors and other junk that other whey protein powder mixes have.
229526229526B000EDG5CAA2FA41TMXZ7KKETiff1151316217600Good Source of Whey ProteinI really like this protein. It doesn't have any other ingredients so I can add it to my yogurt smoothies and give them more protein without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. I read an article that whey protein concentrate promotes hair growth, while whey protein isolate can cause hair loss, so finding just the concentrate is a big plus for me. I store this in the freezer in a big storage container and it ends up lasting me six months or more. Quite economical.
229527229527B000EDG5CAA36H2OJ2HRD7ITBugs1141312761600Good productStarted using this product the latter part of 2010 and find it to be a suitable protein powder for me. I lift weights myself, and also instruct people as well, and find that it helps you to keep and add lean muscle mass without extra fat gain. I recommend it to all my clients, especially those trying to lose weight/fat.
229528229528B000EDG5CAA3F68N9OI8Y67Fitness Fan1141294358400Best protein powder I've used!I'm a big fan of this whey powder. Used to use the ON flavored protein powders (not bad, a bit gritty) but wanted something more natural, and this does the trick. I've never used it alone, always with the Torani sugar free syrups (for smoothies) and it works fantastic!

Amazon is the best place to buy this powder, very inexpensive compared to retail.
229529229529B000EDG5CAA7MC0IMV04I40Amy B. Bryant2331189296000Yukky aftertasteI put this in smoothies for my older kids (my sons lift weights and run), but they complain about the aftertaste (It helps if I use less). They don't seem to notice when I add it to low fat muffins or to pancakes. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product, but will likely look for something with less taste.
229530229530B000EDG5CAA379Q1NUH0UZWPballer10041337990400some good azz wheythis whey protien is unbleivable good with oatmeal and milk blended so good i almost couldnt stop drinking it. ive also seen some good results since starting using i use it almost errday, it last me a while too but i couldnt give it 5 stars because of the price really 44 dollars, any whey very high quality the packaging is even nice. if your looking for just some regular degular healthy ass whey bob mill is whatsup none of that over hyped,fancy labotory enhanced whey, i rememberd i bought some fancy ass whey cost me like 80 buck wtf and we i took it made me feel sick aka jay rob whey and some others. but yeah bob mill whey concentrate 3 thumbs up price 2 thumbs down.

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