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229621229621B001L47ZG6A1GJBXIM2MYWIAmike2251320278400Anna Perciatelli #15 and DaVinci Bucatoni PastaThe two pastas being rated are hollow spaghetti type pastas, one larger than the other. What happened, after many years, a E-mail friend of of mine said she loved this type of pasta but could not find it any more in the market. Which set off a Bulb in me and I decided to find these pastas somewhere. Any how , Lo and behold I found them in Amazons inventory. So any way, I ordered 20 lbs of each, which were delivered to me in the Shanandoah (sic) Valley in two days, thats 40 lbs of pasta for the UPS man to carry up on the porch. Of course I could not eat 40 lbs of pasta, so I gave much of it away as a surprise. Which it was to most people who are not familiar with this type of pasta but enjoy the taste of the pasta in their Spags dinner. What can I say as I ordered another 20 X 20 pounds of each which I am using now.
229622229622B001L47ZG6A2PCRU41C3H8BHConsumer011141286841600Flimsy packaging!!After the box got here damaged with the pasta sticking out,the company offered to send it again at no charge...
Great customer service!!!
229623229623B001L47ZG6A14OGYY5K6G46IDrSKR1221318550400anna Perciatelli #15Was not happy with the packaging. At first I thought 3 of the packages were open, but it turned out that 5 packages were open in the box.
229624229624B0047YOX76A1Y8255IEIXAL6GermanPie0031293926400It was ok, butit taste better then Satin Ice, but it wasn't so easy to work with, then I have had expected.

It has sticked on the mat you couldn't get it off without damages and a lot of bubbles.
I'm a beginner and so many people told me that is so easy like the bad taste wilton, but it's not.
229625229625B000EY352CA2393XUNDW7RTOD. H. Murray2351211155200Great YeastI use this yeast in bread machine baking and it is the best yeast on the market.
229626229626B000EY352CA2SS2Z1T1LXTWGR. P. Poletti "Just a guy"0111283904000Worst garbage everIs there any actual yeast in this? I have used this many times from several different batches. Each time I was careful to make sure that it was nowhere near the expiration date. In EVERY case, the bread has failed to rise. This is worse than garbage as it ruins all the ingredients and you have to throw it all out; there is little worse than needlessly wasting food. There appears to be little or no actual yeast in this so-called "yeast".

Update May 2012:

I have been experimenting with this brand of yeast by trying to activate in the following manner. Take one packet (about two teaspoons), add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar and 1/4 cup of water between 110 and 120 degrees. Put it in a coffee cup and get it all nice and wet and wait about five minutes. Red Star brand and Fleischmans (regular and fast rising) and the Hodgson Mill yeast in their bread machine mixes (the only other ones I have checked) yeast will rise and fill half the coffee mug. (Fast risers fill the whole cup) This brands increases its volume by just a little.

I have also found that Red Star (regular, did not try the fast rise) yeast that is more than one year past its expiration date performs nearly as well as the fresh stuff. Therefore I can say with the confidence of empirical evidence that Red Star yeast that is more than one year past the expiration on the package performs better (read: acceptable) than the packets of unexpired SAF yeast I have tried (read: unacceptable).
229627229627B001D6F230A2VEJ5Y4BUZI5Linda Keeler2251317513600Tasty stuff!I have only used this twice since purchace, once with chicken and once with beef. It made the sauce/gravy taste so yummy. I love the smell and taste of porcini.
229628229628B001D6F230A36AAA6QXB14EWTom M1151331164800A great fresh Porcini substituteIf you love the earthy full flavor of fresh Porcini mushrooms but can't find them (they have a limited Fall season) or just can't afford them fresh or dry (dry can run you $15/oz), this a product worth considering. You can add it to sauces, eggs, & casseroles directly or, as I do mostly, add it to your somewhat flavorless American white mushroom and get a fantastic "Porcini effect". It is essentially a year++ supply of great mushroom flavor for $30 ( cost is dependent on what the on-going sale price is). You can even buy it and share it with friends (sell or give) and lower the cost - 16oz goes a long way.
229629229629B001D6F230AVEG0BR0T7USHtruth1ness3451325462400Tasty convenient mushroom flavorGreat way to infuse mushroom flavor. I use these as flavoring in soups. Also adds a great deep flavor to sauces and gravy. I haven't tried this yet, but hoping to mix this with cream and making my own cream of mushroom soup, avoiding all the high fructose corn syrup, msg, and hydrogenated fat in the canned stuff.
229630229630B000TUNS50A1GJGM5AQ071DMEthel Solinski "etheldaylily"3351292198400Beef JerkyMy husband loves beef jerky. He keeps a bag on the seat and eats it on the way home from work. He likes Jack Link's the best. He said it is the most flavorful.
229631229631B000TUNS50A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0031329436800Well, it's beef jerkyGenerally, I like this brand- but this particular product was VERY salty (more so than other beef jerky), and the texture was inconsistent- some were very difficult (and therefore ended up in the trash) to chew; others were easy enough to bite through, but still very salty. I don't think I'll order it again. If you REALLY like salty jerky, this is for you !!
229632229632B000TUNS50A3D7G5S382XPAYRapscallion "In a world of my own"0151344902400Given as a giftHaven't received any complaints. Must be sodding awesome! Filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler.
229633229633B0049M8NW2A4D9AIUP1NNIYHotRod1151334620800Mellow elegant taste*I would rate this tea a 9 out of 10 for the quality, it comes in a tin plus a air tight bag to keep the freshness.
*I would give the teas taste a 8 out of 10, personally I prefer British breakfast tea over this.
*I would rate the price of the tea 7 out of 10, I am surprised to see this much for organic tea, but it is still not really great such as $30-50 a pound is what I was hoping for.
*Very economical, I paid $10.94 so $62.08 a pound, which is an average price for expensive teas (easily gets to be $100 a pound)
*Overall I would recommend this tea to someone who wants a mellow, economical, high quality tasty tea.
229634229634B001LXUIWAA10DQD1Z726STGKarin0051342396800A new favorite!I had this tea for the first time at Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. The night I had it at The View restaurant, I enjoyed it along with a sampler platter of traditional Navajo foods. It was so delicious and I had such a feeling of relaxation that evening, as if I had a glass of wine with dinner. (but I had nothing alcoholic that night). I wondered if I was feeling good just because I was enjoying the meal and the culture and scenery of the area....and I was on vacation! I bought a box to bring home with me, so I was very curious to see if I would experience that same feeling when I next consumed it. I tried it again after a rather stressful day and I found the same thing to be true again. I love this tea and will definitely be ordering some more when I run out!
229635229635B001LXUIWAA237GT83V3O9JNBradley L. Getz "dealfinder"0051287273600delightfully soothingI purchased a box of this tea when we were driving through Navajo country last year, not really knowing what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! The flavor is quite mild, coming as it does from a tisane of greenthread herb. I think of it as a very slightly smoky flavored chamomile type taste. If your stomach is upset or you're feeling anxious and unsettled, you will notice an almost immediate difference if you drink a cup of this. I stretched out my box as long as I could because I was saving it for when I didn't feel well, so it was a real delight to find that it is now available through Amazon. I don't know if there are any real health claims made for this tea, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that it is discovered to have potent medicinal properties.
229636229636B003F6QMQWA1QN6Z2E6M0S2DGlen A. Gill0041295568000Great product, but the price...This product is a must, if you are a purist, and if you are going to make Italian Beef like the meat you get in Chicago. The juice the meat sits in is heavy with garlic flavor. I saw a guy make it. A huge pan of beef broth, meat juices and spices. The garlic juice he then added was in a 1/2 gallon jug and he used it all. One would think that would be a lot, but, frankly, you can drink that meat juice by itself, like a soup; it is that good. But that amount is for a restaurant and their many customers. For home use, these bottles are probably the right size; though the last time I made Italian Beef, I used 2 bottles. It is a great taste, but the price is almost stratospheric when you consider what it is. See if you have a friend to share a case. [...]
229637229637B002ALK516AF09IVJLHPH4Lhgg5641292457600Many UsesNot only will this thicken and season stews, gravies and soups,
but I use it to coat chicken before sauteing as well. Its
the perfect blend of flavor and coating.
229638229638B002ALK516AWQCEWXAMQB6BAllyn Gryske0051347753600good stuffThis works very well to thicken gravies. I have never had lumps with this product. I love it and use it often.
229639229639B004L6WYASA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.81051302220800Really nice olive oilThis is a good, basic medium-full bodied olive oil. It has a nice smoothness to it with no pronounced taste....which is fine with me.

It definitely is unfiltered!! Be sure to shake it vigorously to get the full benefits....oodles of 'stuff' float'n around in there!

UPDATE 11/13/2011: I just received my 2nd bottle of this really nice oil and I have upgraded it to 5 stars because this one has a nice pleasant "olive taste" to it. Also, I like how the glass bottle is made to minimize light getting to the oil.

UPDATE 04/22/2012: I just read the other reviewer's comments about the "unfiltered" being suspect. Actually, I had reordered another bottle of "unfiltered" recently, and guess what!!, they actually sent me a bottle that was not marked "unfiltered". So, I can see how the reviewer received a bottle that is filtered. I contacted Amazon and they gave me a full refund and I was allowed to keep the one they sent me. I will not order olive oil from Amazon again.
229640229640B004L6WYASA3P0UPCQC7BR0Rcesaric3311333497600Unfiltered?I picked Delallo because it was offered on Amazon Prime, had one good comment and was comparatively inexpensive. I'm a bit disappointment because based off of the other comment and product description, I was expecting this olive oil to be noticeably unfiltered. I have reservations if this is even unfiltered olive oil and just a false description by the seller.

I've posted a couple pics but I can't see a single spec of anything in it (yes, I shook the heck out of it). Nor does Delallo's website make any suggestion that this bottle of olive oil is unfiltered.
229641229641B001KUQG3OA328W1PDVFMI10Angela Fenske232411210636800Low calorie/low fat because it's unbearable to eatBetter'n Peanut Butter is one of the foulest things I have ever eaten. It has a runny, sticky consistency that tries to replicate the real thing, but more effectively replicates a dirty diaper. If you ignore its slightly (oddly) medicinal smell and actually consume this product, you'll wish you hadn't. The taste? Think less peanut butter, more roasted peanut-flavored glue. Low calorie/low fat? Absolutely; especially since I couldn't stand to choke down more than a few bites. In the end, I opted to go without lunch rather than eat my Better'n Peanut Butter sandwich.

As a vegetarian who commonly shops at natural food stores/in natural food sections and who is always looking for low calorie foods, I can generally handle "alternative" flavors. I drink rice milk. I eat imitation chicken (soy based). I use whole wheat items whenever possible. So while I was not at all expecting Better'n Peanut Butter to fully live up to it's name, I at least thought it may come close to matching the taste of the real thing (I've eaten the low fat versions of Jif and Skippy peanut butter for years and actually prefer them over their full-fat predecessors). I couldn't have been more wrong.
229642229642B001KUQG3OA14G19CEDCKJZIJill Dolan6611212883200GROSSI tried to give this this 0 stars but I had to give it at least one. This stuff is so nasty. It tastes nothing like peanut butter but a bit like soy sauce. Three of us tried it numerous ways, on toast and crackers, with jam, etc, and couldn't get over how awful it was. Anyone who says something good about this product probably works for the company. I'll take a jog and eat real peanut butter before I save a few calories or fat grams and eat this stuff.
229643229643B001KUQG3OA25HPS5V09SXREJosephine N. Mirro "online customer"3331198972800Better'n Peanut Butter - my opinionBetter'n Peanut Butter is way too sweet. Not good for diabetics or hypoglycemics. I am hypoglycemic. Not good for people on Nardil meds because of soy flour ingredient which is a high tyramine and I am on Nardil. I had a bad reaction just tasting a tip of teaspoon. It has a nice taste if you like real sweet, but it's a mouth full of sugar. I bought it for low fat but I'll stick with my Smart Balance Omega peanutbutter. If you took out all that sweetness and soy flour I would definitely be your permanent customer. Very rare to find low fat peanutbutter which we all need, but there is always a setback somewhere. I also took a chance buying it being it didn't show any ingredient label.
229644229644B001KUQG3OA37V043HUJSKJRPJ2211250726400Very Peculiar Taste - a definite yuckI LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter and eat it straight from the jar, and also love powdered PB 2, so thought I'd like Better'n Peanut Butter. It was disgusting. I couldn't even keep the spoonful in my mouth or swallow it - had to put it into a napkin and the trash - and I rarely do that with anything. It has a very peculiar sweetish taste and odd texture. Obviously a lot of people like it, but all I can say is Blechhhhh.
229645229645B001KUQG3OAI0X4T8C63J2K. Swanson2211231286400Definitely NOT worth itThis was one of the most foul tasting products I have ever tried. I first tasted it plain (the many positive reviews tricked me into thinking it would be edible) and I had to spit it out. I gave it a fair try- I put in on a sandwich, on celery, crackers, everything I could think of. I even mixed it with real peanut butter, and the taste was still unbearable. Nobody in my family liked it either, so into the trash can it went! For everyone who loves peanut butter but doesn't want all the calories and fat, PB2 is a much better alternative to peanut butter.
229646229646B001KUQG3OAI0X4T8C63J2K. Swanson2221228608000Gross, but it depends on how you eat it...When eaten plain, this stuff is absolutely awful, inedible even. I nearly threw it away. It almost has a bit of a coffee flavor, but in a very bad way, and the aftertaste is even worse. However, if you eat this on a sandwich with jam, it isn't too bad. You can tell it isn't real peanut butter, and it doesn't taste good, but it's at least tolerable. I've been mixing it with reduced fat peanut butter- it's cheaper that way, plus it tastes MUCH better, and I'm still saving on fat and calories. Overall, I would only recommend this if you have money to spare and you find yourself unable to eat regular peanut butter as moderately as you would like.
229647229647B001KUQG3OA2SPYGGMJ6J0GJenelle1111340668800Horrible tasteThis product tastes horrible. Nothing like peanut butter....running consistency.....odd after taste and smell. It's definitely not an alternative to peanut butter. My whole family tried it and it one person likedit.
229648229648B001KUQG3OA1T5B8V8QKBDDPmcsmirky1111340236800Literally made me gagI rarely write reviews, but this product is so revolting that I had to warn my fellow consumers against it. Let me preface this by saying that I am a very adventurous and multicultural eater, was a vegetarian for a while, and enjoy many vegan, soy, and natural foods. There are very few foods and textures that I do not like. I usually respect the fact that everyone has different tastes, but I am sorry to say that I cannot imagine how anyone would enjoy this product. Hoping for a lower-calorie alternative to peanut butter, I spent $6 for a small jar of this product at Target. I drove home, tasted it, and immediately gagged. Although the smell is actually not bad, the flavor and texture are disgusting. It is sticky, mealy, and tastes somewhat like a sweet peanut-flavored syrup. Despite my gag reflex, I wanted to give it a fair shot, so I tasted it a few times, including pairing it with an apple. I tried to ignore the cloying sweetness and gag-inducing texture, and once the stuff got to the back of my tongue, I was able to taste a little bit of peanut flavor. However, it was not enough to allow me to choke this product down. I was so grossed out by this product that I immediately got back in the car and drove back to the store for a refund. If you want to be adventurous and try this stuff yourself, be my guest, but don't say the other reviewers and I didn't warn you!
229649229649B001KUQG3OA1IZWH5UWS33B5scooby snacker1151312416000My new favorite product.I am shocked that so many people dislike the taste of this. I am vegetarian and health conscious which led me to this product and after reading so many terrible reviews expected very little. I have now been eating this for about 6 months with sugar free jelly to give me my near daily pbj fix and I love, love, love it. I made my husband and parents try it too in case my taste buds are a little too healthy/boring but they liked it as well. If you are into watching your waiste size but love peanut butter it's definitely worth a try.
229650229650B001KUQG3OA623P4VMDWAF1Jon1151302220800Love it.I'm not sure why this item has such terrible reviews. I LOVE this stuff. The texture is very sticky and it can be hard to spread, but it tastes great and you can't beat the low-fat, low-cal benefits. It tastes more like a roasted peanut spread than the usual peanut butter, but it's still completely sweet and yummy. It's like a mix between natural peanut butter and the real stuff. Just as sweet, but more peanut-y and without the gross oily stuff that's in the top of the jar on natural peanut butter. It makes great sauces and is only 2 WW points for 2 Tbs

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