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229658229658B001KUQG3OA2X0PMR9XTCZA6S. Terral2351265414400I'm on my second case...doesn't that say it all?What is there not to love? For people like myself that like to eat peanut butter out of the jar, it is a wonderful alternative. Two tablespoons of regular peanut butter have 190 calories and 16 grams of fat! The reduced fat peanut butter still has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat! This product has 100 calories and just 2 grams of fat for the same size serving. Sometimes when we are going for the lower calorie alternative, it can contain alot of chemicals, etc.,and may not be good for you. But this product is healthier than the original! As far as the taste is concerned, Better N Peanut Butter is better if it is mixed with something, such as in a smoothie, or on a PB&J sandwich. But to be quite honest, I now prefer it to regular peanut butter even plain. Maybe because I know that it is better for me. Anyway, for the people that have not tried it, you should definitely give it a chance.
229659229659B001KUQG3OA2YVKCG5K9MG80Matthew J Cross "Matt"2351222214400Not Just Another "Reduced Fat" Peanut ButterI was tired of all of the regular brands of peanut butter offering so called "reduced" fat peanut butters when they are hardly reduced at all. Being on a restrictive diet, I had to find something that actually worked for me. Better'n Peanut Butter is the only TRUE diet Peanut Butter. And when it comes to taste, you hardly sacrifice at all. I love Better'n Peanut Butter and its going to remain a vital part of my diet from here on out.
229660229660B001KUQG3OA3MHZ61QYNRW25L G "Library Gal"2351218240000Try it for yourselfI couldn't disagree more with the negative reviews this has been given. I thought it was very good! It does have a bit of a different taste, slightly like molasses, I thought; but the peanut flavor is there. I didn't find it to be runny at all. Maybe the earlier reviewer hadn't refrigerated it. (It must be refrigerated after opening as there are no added preservatives.) I have stayed away from PB for years because of the fat content and calories- now I can have it again! (And, no, I don't work for the company, either!) I find it to be very satisfying even without the extra calories and fat. So I would urge others to judge for themselves. If you need to limit your calorie and fat intake you just might want to give this a shot. I'm sure glad I did!
229661229661B001KUQG3OA96WGO1UY8H8BJohn Smith0021349395200avoided just on cost basisWas curious about Bell Plantation "PB2" (Bell Plantation PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, 16-Ounce), which is basically what's left after pressing the oil out of peanuts. Seems expensive for repurposed animal feed, so I thought I'd look into less costly alternatives.

A 16oz jar of Better'n at Target (and Target is the only local retailer) costs about as much as a 40oz jar of the regional grocery chain's house brand of full-fat PB. I didn't even buy it - because hey, if I'm feeling fat I'll just save a few bucks and use less regular peanut butter. I didn't even think to look at ingredients, glad I didn't end up with an inedible jar of emulsified soy/peanut flour.
229662229662B001KUQG3OAYHSUUTCGD266Chris0051343606400Love itPeople knocking this stuff are crazy.
This is seriously one of the best "cut corner" ingredients out there.
We make peanut sauces for thai cooking night. Spread on bananas for breakfast. Or even just dip pretzels or crackers in it.
Love the taste. It's almost sweeter than the real thing. Obviously, it's not exactly the same consistency of real peanut butter, but for 1/5 of the fat per serving, it's worth checking out.

give it a try. good stuff!
229663229663B001KUQG3OA3C7CL7DIA3H9UPamF0051309305600If you're trying to watch your fat intake but still want flavor!This stuff is pretty darn good. It's not cheap but it tastes delicious. And for peanut butter you need to store in the fridge, it doesn't destroy the bread as it stays pretty spreadable.

I highly recommend this product. Especially if you are a Weight Watcher!!
229664229664B001KUQG3OA3GUJ82L0MW5Z9AZ0011309219200not worth the moneyThis peanut butter isn't cheap and it's awful! I normally eat natural peanut butter (just peanuts and some salt) or specialty peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co. I'm health conscious and decided to give Better'n PB a try since it's less calories and fat. OMG-- the consistency is gluey and the taste is awful. I had to spit it out. It tastes nothing like peanut butter. It tastes rancid and medicinal. Don't buy this! The fat and calories from pure peanut butter are much more worth it and are healthier for you than a nasty PB with a long list of ingredients.
229665229665B001KUQG3OA19X7JLPZRYDI7:) "Mom of toddlr boy & baby grl"0021298592000hmmm... It has a weird taste...It is creamy, like natural peanut butter, but the taste is weird, very sweet. It is not a very good peanut butter substitute. The best way I have found to eat it is as a dessert topping. I spread some of this on a Kim's magic pop topped with cool whip and was a good low cal snack.
229666229666B001KUQG3OA1EPNZZURBPSA8Diane3551216080000Delicious AlternativeI'm not sure why it is receiving bad marks, because I love this peanut butter. And I do NOT work for the company. My Trader Joe's no longer carries it, so I'm buying it online. It reminds me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. If you're expecting it to taste like Skippy, you will be disappointed. It's just different. But, it is very good. Peanuty. And I don't feel like I can tell it's low fat at all. My husband is not a big fan of it, but I had my mother try it and she loves it too. We are both life long peanut butter fanatics. So, I hope this helps.
229667229667B001KUQG3OA2D2OYN5SXA0NZKevin Collins1211279324800Nasty nasty nasty!Saw this in Trader Joe's, I was looking for a something that didn't need to be refrigerated. Nowhere on the label did it say to do so, so I thought I would take a chance on it. (I hate natural PB that sits in the fridge and gets the consistency of a tub of 5 year old spackle left in the garage.) Took a small teaspoon of it, tasted half of that- then spit it up into the sink and tossed the rest in the trash. What a waste of $3. It was the weirdest flavor; someone here likened it to peanut butter flavored glue. I can't think of much better than that.
229668229668B001KUQG3OAVPJHHQJM3PLQGail from The Heights1251220140800I love this stuff!I only wish I could buy it locally so I didn't have to pay shipping. I buy 4 jars at the same time as the shipping is the same then as for one. it is better than peanut butter and not nearly as fattening and just as good.
229669229669B001KUQG3OA2UA40MOK4LIB6Vincent Geary "Lucky lefty"1251213574400It's GREAT!What could be bad? I was raised on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and this is the perfect way to have my cake and eat it, too! 85% less fat (2 grams total fat!); Low Sodium (95 mg- 4%) and 40% less calories! I use it on sandwiches, on fruit and on flaxseed bars. It's so nice to have a peanut butter that is all natural and with no trans fat.
229670229670B001KUQG3OA1NRI9HV95CAC8SpinMomma1251199664000Delcious, Amazing, Tastes Better than the Real Thing!!!!I love it!!! I follow a low carb, low fat diet. I have a sweet tooth and this is just the thing for it.
229671229671B001KUQG3OA2F86QF9NKYZOHgrrldgr0311318204800WEIGHT GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOKING TO GAIN WEIGHT? I wasn't. My favorite smoothie to order is the PB and Strawberry, but they use this product. After 2 smoothies 2x week for two weeks, that's what 4 cups total. My weight has gone up! I'm a size 4, 5'6, 119 lbs. I'm a fitness, health freak, so when my weight goes up, something is wrong! What is it, then? SOY. Anytime I have eaten soy, my tush, thighs, and hips grow rapidly. Soy is a phytoestrogen, a plant estrogen. Women, like me, will put on pounds (around the ovaries: hips, thighs, tush) when consumed. Clifbars are a no no for me, too. This 'magic' low-cal low-fat 'peanut butter' is half soy! I am taking my organic PB to the smoothie shop, so I can have the real deal. The fat in the peanut is good unsaturated fats, why would you want less? Also, a tip. If you would like to feel great, and lose weight fast, try eating according to blood type! I went from 132 to 119 in two weeks! Google it!

229672229672B004V0D3DQAB7757THEUJ95J. Wain3351326326400Totally Worth It!I have a husband and three little boys - all of whom would eat brown gravy with every meal. However, my family only prescribes to McCormick's brown gravy, so I was spending *lots* of money on individual packs... until I found this 21 oz. container. This is definitely a staple in my household and I hope they never stop selling this product... unless, of course, they start producing an even bigger one.
229673229673B004V0D3DQA26X9MU3DBG9XLinmyownpriv8idaho "mjohns25"1151343260800Glad I gave it a try.This is a pleasant tasting product, especially for an instant gravy. I also use it to thicken certain recipes with great results.
229674229674B004V0D3DQA3HON67T38XCB5willy0051346457600gravylove gravy on my bread or corn bread. tastes great with a variety of food. i do a lot of sunday afternoon cookouts and this stuff comes in handy on my mashed potatoes. easy to fix. no time at all.
229675229675B004V0D3DQA3MNXNRPJ6VZARGreenpi0151342569600GreatThis was great and it came fast! Everything was perfect! This was great and it came fast! Everything was perfect!
229676229676B004V0D3DQA2A349KXZQ2Z6grant9908 "Grant G."1351326326400the guy who gave this product 1 star is an as~s h~ole.This is a great product *and* if you do a cost analysis of the 10 pack combo to this 21oz one, then you will see that you are getting hundreds of percents back in profit by, buying this over the individual packs. Trust me, I did calculations before attempting to buy food over the internet O.o

By the way...... This is my second purchase of this product. I waited until the first bottle was empty before writing a review.
229677229677B004V0D3DQA2LJMEZ6B6KPPNLaura K. Key "Animalaura"41511303948800Mccormick Brown Gravy --too pricey!This item is over sixteen dollars on Amazon,
.... and only $3.90 at Cosco! Why is Amazon charging so darn much?
229678229678B007PUYUG8A3CPMZ791CV2IUCorey2251334016000Mood Enhancing Lemonade!The Lemon Lotus is a wonderful product. Absolutely delicious, it's like drinking a glass of sweet lemonade with an ever so slight hint of the x50 Blue Lotus extract flavor (which I also love).

I like how they switched from the shots to the powder. It dissolves easily when steeped and stirred into hot water (or when funneled into a water bottle and shook). I prefer this for 2 reasons.
One, the shots where just that, shots. As a powder I can enjoy a whole glass of it!
Two, I can more easily control the dose -- stronger when I'm in a bad mood, or weaker if I just want a nice refreshing drink.

As for its effects, I would say overall, it subtly puts me into a calmer, more talkative and generally happier mood.

Overall, I really love this product and will definitely buy more as needed. Was shipped and arrived very quickly and Mood & Mind have always been more than happy to answer any questions I have about their products.
Highly recommended, 5/5!!!
229679229679B007PUYUG8A266DMKJMCM6Y8Joshua E "-qlilyp"3451317340800Great for anxiety!I got one of these as a free sample from ordering Kratom from their company, and I absolutely love it. It tasted good, and immediately calmed me down. I will definitely be ordering this, and it works so well, I might consider it as an alternative to my prescribed anxiety medications as it takes effect faster and works about just as well.

Thanks MoodAndMind! You guys sell high-quality products that work better than the medications I'm on. I was and still am surprised at how well your products work. I would recommend the site to anyone, and already have recommended the Lotus shots to 4 people after just my one use.

Oh, and it tastes great lol. 5/5
229680229680B007PUYUG8A2TVVWBUPANI40Heather Leonardi2351317427200pleasantly surprisedI tried the lemon lotus shot because of some friends who used it and spoke very highly of it. Took a shot, had some wine, and had a great evening! A smooth, mellow, pleasant feel with no side effects. I enjoyed the shot so much I ended up ordering the lotus powder (20:1) as well. Now I'm a repeat customer. This company has always had super fast delivery and has answered any questions I've had quickly and thoroughly. Couldn't be happier (and that's not just the lotus talking) :)
229651229651B001KUQG3OAX94TRHQ899V4Trisha1151297987200AAMZING!This is my favorite peanut butter EVER. Most will not like it because it isn't full of artificial things and oil. Its REAL PURE peanut butter.
229652229652B001KUQG3OA2YU4ENROIVC91Shelley1141288310400Tastes just like a Bit 'O Honey!I'm surprised by all the negative reviews. Of course it doesn't taste exactly like regular peanut butter, but it's still delicious. It tastes exactly like those Bit 'O Honey candies which I happen to be a huge fan of. The texture is a little odd- does have a bit of elasticity to it as I read in another review. But that doesn't bother me. I eat it every morning on a toasted English muffin- yum! And sometimes at night if I'm craving something sweet I'll have a spoonful of it. I guess the taste is hit or miss, but it's definitely worth a try! I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't cost $4 a jar.
229653229653B001KUQG3OA3HQYQA96164SJJworley1111286150400Really horrible stuff!Like others I was desperate to find a lower calorie alternative to peanut butter and made a special trip to a store to purchase this jar. I wish I had come here first and read the reviews!!

Horrible! Utterly nasty. It tasted way too sweet and nothing like peanut, the texture didn't make it either and it left the most disgusting aftertaste in my mouth. This jar is going in the garbage sadly.. an appalling waste of money and food. Mine was Wonder, the jar should say, 'Wonder you don't spit it out if you eat it' butter.

I can't possibly give this even a single star but it is making me so reluctantly one because there wasn't a minus!! And my advice? Give it a miss.
229654229654B001KUQG3OAAJ361GDDI06DLucky7771111274313600Better than peanut butter? lolWhoever titled this product has a lot of nerve. It tastes like tapioca, which is exactly what's in it.
229655229655B001KUQG3OA2F5TEGJR94DUWElizabeth J. Brown1121214697600Better'n NotYou could tell this pb had most of the fat taken out that makes pb so good. Probably will not order the original again. Might try the chocolate. Haven't decided yet.
229656229656B001KUQG3OA3J4TA5EGN0DOFNavDad853441267920000An Adult's PerspectiveBetter 'n Peanut Butter states clearly on the label that it has 85% less fat and 40% fewer calories. It's pretty easy to deduce that they mean "better" for you as opposed to "better" tasting. I am nearly through my first jar and I am quite impressed. PB is my dieting nemesis and this product allows me to approximate PB without destroying my diet. I imagine that all the critics of this product actually prefer the name brand PB of their childhood that contains peanuts, sugar, molasses, salt and FULLY HYDROGENATED oils. Incidentally, my favorite adult PB is Smuckers Natural which has 2 ingredients (peanuts and salt), but this Better 'n Peanut Butter will fill the dieting PB void.
229657229657B001KUQG3OAJB66TSX1E6CJArtar13451256947200Great Taste and Low FatPlease ignore the negative reviews. They are way overdone to the point of hyperbole.

If you can eat real, unadulterated peanut butter, then do it. But if you are like me and must be on a low-fat diet due to health reasons, then Better 'n' Peanut Butter is certainly worth a try. It has a unique taste but it still carries most of the flavor of real peanut butter with a significant reduction in calories and fat. Try it; you just might like it.

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